Banking Chaos Continues: Credit Suisse Buyout | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #81

Join Molly, Zakk, and Dave for this weeks ramblings. Topics this week include: Bitcoin price, a $1M price prediction, UBS buy Credit Suisse, Signature executive says closure was strong anti-crypto message, 186 banks found to have similar risks to SVB, YouTubers promoting FTX sued for $1B, Tari Labs wins restraining order against Lightning Labs, Praia Bitcoin responded to us, Nomura is first bank to call for 25bps rate cut, Meta drop NFTs, and Binance to lose GBP on and off-ramp in 9 weeks. Our Merchant of the Month is Herts Hemp ( A video version of this episode is available on our YouTube channel: This episode is sponsored by CoinCorner ( - A global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services.

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whoa [Music] then a jack all right let's get going Monday no Danny Danny's not here do you want to see where he is hey we've got rid of him he's gone yeah this is the moment apparently I interrupted him 88 times or something ridiculous last pod not just Danny everyone else included that's I was like that was that every joke I've given you about your own medicine yeah Mikey I was ruthlessly brutal but I call that I saw a dude yeah it's like two a minute nearly yeah well part of them were just discussing yeah anyway I'm gonna be careful this time around try not to do it no one likes being shown a mirror do they in terms of this is you this is how you speak to people constantly interrupting people you're really annoying when you listen back do you hear yourself like interrupting no but when I listen back I go good point Dave they should let you speak more good point sometimes interrupting right he goes on I think this podcast is going to be straight to the point this episode yeah it might be a turbo party 20 minutes right should we do the agenda well you can crack on your agenda if you want to keep that I feel like original are all going I don't want to so it'll be like so triggered if we don't do it yeah true okay bitcoin price um I've numbered them all in different different parts right obviously you've tried to organize the agenda and made it destroyed it okay okay all right UBS buys credit Swiss um someone on Twitter has made a huge bitcoin price prediction bet fueled by the bank crisis and Hyper inflation uh number three where are we YouTubers promoting FTX student class action lawsuit claiming a billion dollars in Damages um a bit of drama which will we kind of alluded to it last week but there was a lot of people saying that the banks thing was a strong anti-crypto message so developments on that uh 186 Banks found to have similar risks a Silicon Valley Bank this is like a DOT uh blockchain startup Tara Labs winter restraining order against lightning Labs over tarot protocol I can't wait to hear your opinion it was it so so back in the agenda so far I didn't realize it was such high priority you should have jumped in the first bank to call for a 25 BPS rate cup uh meta takedown nft support on Facebook and Instagram and finances to lose its British pound off or pound on and off ramp in nine weeks class thank you Molly thank you thank you that's the best people are gonna love it yeah how was your Mother's Day that wasn't on the agenda on the agenda of Life yeah uh paid for half my flowers and chocolates no did you really did you do anything nice did you go out breakfast in bed no no I mean Charlie Charlie forgot to give me my card that you made at school until about lunch time I was like where's that card you made me he's like oh yeah yeah um I'm I'm low-key when it comes to Mother's Day my wife caught breakfast in bed all the kids made a card and then they took a vars out into the garden to fill with flowers yeah and it was just like mud leaves right you know still I was like that's funny putting that on the tray for the breakfast massive Twigs in it oh my god there you go love watch out for them like a pond water fast yeah I kind of prefer my one for getting a paying for your own flowers yeah that's funny that's much better right but yeah thanks for asking okay agenda let's go on the agenda uh price Bitcoin price I don't let this fall apart what is the price the price is 28 246 that is nice 30k by the end of the week yeah I've just smashed some bits and pieces into my kids stacking accounts on the all coin Corner second accounts is the boy by the way yeah but I don't know what it is psychologically but not having it all in one pool in one place I know people say no keep it on don't keep on no exchange or whatever but I you know I do use it for stacking accounts um but it's because you have it's like you have your like a current account and a savings account and you don't touch the saving account bit you just use your current account bit and you can build up so my kids yeah slowly creeping up to that goal so I did that earlier put it in randomly or you don't have recurring yourself because I just do random yeah it's not your level yeah no my level is less than your level because it means I don't have to do anything yeah no no I still like smash buying stuff that's that high but anyway yeah because we're all getting a bit bullish on the price yeah but not as bullish as the guy with the big bat but we'll come back to him hey you might as well talk about him now well he's number two on the edge well we've changed him he's now in the world what did he say and who is he okay so no idea right let me find everyone's listen I've got a lot of notes yeah so he is do you think by him making this bet has made people more bullish so they've bought Bitcoin and the prize has actually gone up off the back of the self-fulfilling prophecy yeah no I don't think he's got that much influence I think there's a few people on Twitter that have gone home and it's good content isn't it because he said a million within 90 days but if if that was really to happen that would be an awful lot of capital moving out of well-established institutions into Bitcoin yeah of course chaos wouldn't it right so he is bearish um he is a technology investor and former coinbase Chief Tech officer he's called no I'm gonna mess up this name but ballad Balaji Serenity which is called Balaji so he's warned that the latest banking crisis could spark hyperinflation in the U.S and has advised people to buy Bitcoin now and get your coined off exchanges yep yep and he said he's made a million dollar bet that the Bitcoin price will be over a million dollars in just 90 days which is a 3 600 bitcoin price increase by June 16th so he's coming from a well a good base then isn't it he's not some random uh so he said this is funny when you've not seen it so he said why will it be so fast uh will hyperinflation happens fast uh we've seen digital pandemics for example covered due to riots black lives matter and digital Bank runs so the svb everything will happen very fast once people check in yeah digital backgrounds are a quite a new phenomenon really I was reading about this the other day because of um the growth in every like everyone's online banking your background isn't a lot quicker yeah it's no longer a big cue back to the bank so it's a lot easier yeah so you basically you go on social media you get a lot of influence that way and then within you know moments you can literally withdraw a bank you can open up an account somewhere else or move it straight to bitcoin yeah as people might be doing or is that even 10 years ago I don't think well back in your day no back in my day yeah yeah I mean back in my head I can remember taking a little pain in book to a bank and they could at least take you know all that you'd have to plan it right have to all get together and plan a bank and just tweet it out yeah exactly so it'll be a lot quicker so it's a lot more fluid yeah yeah that was probably why I was we've seen these last few weeks how quickly it happened yeah from like initial ear Kings of a problem to uh the banks shutting down is quite rapid yeah so this guy might have a good point it might be rapid is it do you think it likes you're the numbers guy in this world do you think it's realistic no no I'm on the train let's go like the the FED response to yourself um you're like there's a I think there's a a rates there's actually a um this week you're gonna see the FED adjust the rates um but I don't know which way they'll go I think it's a good one to watch by the time this is out we'll already know but so basically if you've got an inflation issue you need your hike the rates up but that's killing the banks at the moment all these banking problems are caused by the rates going up and the the bond issue so they're not as liquid anymore so but then they're saying they'll back it all up which kind of means I can bail out right but then that causes an inflation reissue because it's more money freely available so you like fighting fire by chucking more money on the fire so it could get worse because it's a cycle there's no I don't understand the other control mechanisms um but then so yeah it's it's all a bit differently no isn't you're bringing no it's just like this is what it is it's amazing isn't it they've got these countermeasures in place but now that there's a problem with them all the time I mean you don't think they should this winners have a big reset button start over um Bitcoin is the reset no because literally I Tweet now and get two views so I just feel like this is completely waste of time it's a bad Market anyway numbers are all down yeah so it gets us onto that you like UBS buyers Credit Suisse right you can't do anything with a bank on on a Sunday or a Saturday these guys have Bloody bought one yep they managed to push that through didn't they I know they had to do it before the market but like oh Bank oh no because we always say Bitcoins 24 7. yeah well when a bank wants it just showcase right things are probably that they're up working on weekends God imagine that the stress of that one yeah another cold but these guys yeah I'm working Sunday push it through before the Market opens still Carnage when all the prices open by the way all the European banks are way down so UBS they are the largest Swiss bank there will be now yeah they're too big for Switzerland right yeah you've now got like how can you be too big because Switzerland's quite a small country yeah and that they literally one big bank now so you just have like okay so all the deposits all the savings all this Swiss banking is through centralized into this one Bank um so you're trusting them to okay this happened at Credit Suisse it won't happen um UBS you don't know so it's a all the rags are literally in one big old banking basket and for a country that's supposed to be known for its um banking as well as for this Fortune's built on right yeah and so it's probably a bit of a worry for them so how much did they acquire them for two billion two billion way below the share price at the time on Friday so there's also huge banks that lost a lot of money because they're you know people invest in Banks right this theme is quite a stable investment and the King going quite heavy on them yeah so if you're now then an aftermarket trade where your share price was like on a Sunday on a Friday thinking okay credit suite's not that bad it's gonna get bailed out a bit too big to fail by Sunday it's been sold for half the market price and your investments just got absolutely crushed if you're another bank with liquidity problems who's just been further crushed because your investment's gone yeah but I did see UBS share prices down as well today yeah of course because it's just inherited huge liability yeah but with a lot of customers they'll be all right but all the central banks in Europe have now said that we're going to just bail out all depositors will be safe but again that's just okay that just that was kind of like solving it short terms inflation recyclers yeah okay you've got banking inflationary problem now you're just saying everyone's going to be bailed out so when will this ever end like this is what I don't understand yeah this is um the thing isn't it need more liquidity more money into the system but it's because of inflationary problems which then is Bond issuements and all everything becomes more expensive and then oh you got I don't know what the exit is but that does it does it is it does it Get Better by having more less fractional Reserve more these Banks holding more of their customers deposits as a percentage like a shift towards that yeah but then I think a fiat currency needs like we talked about last week there needs to be demand for bonds yeah um so that can create another issue um it's one for the economists to sort out but then so far not doing a very good job hmm right so like but I'm putting more and more savings into Bitcoin yeah but Bitcoin won't be unaffected right no no because like even those was it Signature Bank bloke I think you've got it on your thing said that their closure some directorate Signature Bank said that because you was a direct a strong anti-crypto message yeah I'm not sure we kind of like think I don't know if Danny alluded to that last week that people were saying that but I think since then people have come out and said these other factors oh yeah it's definitely the bond thing like like you said you mentioned hundreds of banks will be affected by the same same issue um do you ever think that like I mean this probably Bitcoin Maxes are coming going to come and get me for this but do you ever think of sometimes that I know controversial [Laughter] um had me really into Doge at the moment yeah do you ever think that sometimes because not that there's an attack on bitcoin yeah sometimes everyone's hyping each other it's like it's a Counter Culture isn't it in a sense so there's a lot of I guess I was speaking to someone right and they so in the Isle of Man we you there's a lot of investment firms in the portfolio holders there's a lot of wealth management going on so you end up this is a girls football my kid playing football training on Friday and he yeah it all kicks off yeah so I was like oh how are you because I knew what line of work he's in so I was like no how are you affected by the Credit Suisse thing and he's like oh yeah I had to send emails around to the portfolio and saying if they're worried get out you know just take out positions and I was like oh right we're seeing a lot of people getting into Bitcoin like I said you know safety mechanism almost because it should be largely unaffected by this the same mechanism that's crushing these Banks and all he said to me and this is quite he's like oh Bitcoin they call that digital gold I thought we were I was ready for a little a little bit Yeah I suppose you're right but it's just like wanted more yeah I was just wondering if they had any and if that's where he was at I was like oh so it might be a long way back still still early still early still that doesn't what's that mean how long do we have to wait around well you don't want to tap into too fast well everyone eventually pumping that guy says one million and 90 days so there's a lot of people do you want to tell them that fast right this is still early sometimes like like to just bask in the feeling that you have like the secret that no one else has still clicked on to you then no no but events like this for the banking collapse kind of hopefully helps kick it in gear a bit bit quicker then yeah it opens more people's eyes hopefully it's what Bitcoin is is there any more Banks big banks that we know of that are going to struggle I know the the report that says the 186 Banks is found to have similar risks but how many more do you want 1869 but no but like I feel like it's got to credit Swiss and then for a while it was like this bank this one's next this one's next probably in the background you just don't know until until it gets published published I do with a lot of downtime anyway because it's been a wild couple of weeks hasn't it yeah but like they strengthened a lot of banking rules in 2008 so like fraction Reserve they shouldn't be as big a gamblers as they once were so I'm hoping it didn't buy it and say Trump got rid of loads of those rules I did yeah has to blame someone though yeah they always do that oh yeah yeah yeah anyway banking another day uh YouTube promoters who were promoting FDX have been sued in a class action lawsuit claiming a billion dollars in Damages I mean it's that one's pretty much what it is but I thought it's quite a bit Deja Vu I don't ever watch any other YouTube like crypto I've never seen it before but they're because it's because they're crypto answer there's only one guy I'm interested now yeah oh [Laughter] someone asked me if my beard was a charity he was like he was like can you do that for charity did you look amazing and I was like no that's a very impossible reason wow you must be doing that for Jerry no he's like because I've not had a haircut either and it's kind of like I've gone extreme with cutting my costs and probably my health is suffering because of it I mean you always ill so now the haircut was one I just thought I think if people like you don't when's that time you had a haircut five five years five years ago if I feel like Zach [Laughter] Zach's beard is a lot better than my beard the problem man yours seems to go like that yeah gotta shape it right it's on a single thing yeah you're one of those like you're like the male version of girls that just got good hair naturally yeah maybe fancy naturally yeah I'm going for the homeless ZZ Top me at mine very hard it was easy top look that's what it is wow seriously it is isn't it like okay yeah I could do couldn't I or just wear a hat all the time or just what did you say did you just concede and go yeah no I was like no it's not for charity how dare you yeah anyway wow I would take that as a hint too I kind of have yeah I've got grain but I'm doing great because you can't I gotta just trim my own beard right the bad thing's just laziness you know I've never paid anyone to trim a beard yeah I know yeah it's just getting lazy it's all that beard oil you know I'm not that guy yeah I love that guy right back to the agenda sorry yep agenda not getting distracted um yeah okay so the FDX defendants uh they're apparently were promoting FTX but who was who there's like eight of them but one of them was bit boy crypto he's the only one lying I don't know much about bit boy crypto no I don't know much about them I just see them we've got a popular YouTube channel is it yeah he's got like the biggest Community crypto oh wow okay um but they didn't the problem is that they didn't disclose that they were being paid oh okay this is where the problem is you never really see anything like we always see um these class actions come up come up well then you never see them resolved or what actually happens the only one that I remember getting resolved was Kim Kardashian and she paid 120. oh she got banned from advertising for like two years did she as well yeah I don't know ethereum Max oh [ __ ] yeah um but yeah anyway yeah bit boy said he's got a countless soup coming okay he's never had any contact with anyone at FTX and never even had a referral link so I don't know how if he if that's true so maybe he didn't even get paid to plug it it's weird oh he just deleted his emails deleted those videos um they might not have just chucked his name in just to troll him because he flies off the handle on his videos I've never seen any of his videos yeah yeah oh yeah he's a little bit spicy it goes a bit mental yeah from time to time yeah right um a little bit spicy a little bit spicy blockchain startup Tara Labs wins restraining order against lightning lights over therapeutical um to you first of all I didn't know you could um get restraining order on another company yeah what does that mean that threw me off the headline like they can't go within anything no yeah so it's nothing like this like a cease and desist right uh yeah so tarrylabs t-a-r-i labs um one restraining order against Taro t-a-r-o which is the lightning Labs tarot Network to build assets on the lightning Network um which stops them from providing any more code developments or updates on Tarot right because the names are too similar and they do so sorry they're doing the same thing online Terry's not doing online and but it's doing digital assets essentially Oh Oh I thought it was like a functional I thought they were doing the same thing if it's just a name thing I think we might need they're doing similar things but not exact but landing Labs could just change the name of what I think that's probably what they'll do okay I mean I think it's who is Terry Labs yeah I think they're backed by some fairly famous [ __ ] coin VCS right so some people like like you're saying lately about Bitcoin Maxis thinking everything's an attack yeah they're thinking it's an attack on yeah I mean that wasn't a massive fan of the name Taro anyway if I'm honest all right okay so I can change it for a while I don't mind how do you feel about it I don't yeah we just change your name crack on yeah well unless I really let's come up with some names for them then go on live on there live on the podcast so tarot I think it stood for obviously something Taproot something I can't remember what it is to me it's got connotations of like card reading right yeah like tarot cards yeah um seriously now you're talking what tarot card right in Molly's wheelhouse yeah well that's why I was just like a bit like put off by the name think of a name for them then okay um so you kind of go down the swap street but that's very much tainted isn't it yeah it can so any line in that work assets lightning Network assets so what you call it lma's l a i don't know there we go done yeah I think they've got a bit of a rebranding issue though because everyone knows Taro right yeah in the community yeah okay it's very hard to then Rebrand but I'm very surprised they um got it approved or whatever happened yeah yeah that does seem strange isn't it it's only temporary as well I think I think that is such a non-issue though for me I think I'll just get sorted straight away yeah it's not going to put a halt to what tarot is and do it's quite a comical room yeah it's a bit it's very Petty I saw that at Brazilian School came back to us with her oh because we were saying yeah how many things because we were like oh let's see a video I wasn't I was more than happy that they got that world record a lot of things wrong I said they were using bulk cards there was no bolt card usage whatsoever what were they doing I even said you can tell they're using bolt cards because the time they did it [Laughter] sending that person so imagine if they did use ball cards they would be faster ball cards right so everyone queuing up uh but but they're they were trying to make payments to these kids so I suppose um so in that way every kid would have to have a POS one or a phone yeah yeah so they've an economical way of doing it oh yeah yeah yeah we I think we can get more transactions in that in that time it's not taking them on it's like okay that's right yeah well played they did what a 70 odd 72. brilliant yeah it is how it's done but like both of us are proving good concept points that's true we do need a new video as well as to go viral right let's do that and they even showed the proof I think it was from a telegram of all the transactions yeah cool so if we just probably record it I think it was a Brazilian that works at lightning lab so he was like the auditor that was making sure right I mean if I apply to him I mean we mentioned that we were dubious and they've absolutely smashed it yeah so now I think they've laid down the gauntlet right let's take them on see you next week what are you doing this week sort that out clear your schedule okay cool yeah let's do it are you gonna do are you going to do is that confirmation locked in yeah okay yes there we go come back next week for that mm-hmm oh God I feel so much faster we'll Premiere it live also what if we'd really try and like we don't beat it we can always just edit this bit out how do you think you would do it pop one bolt card one piece yeah they're doing multiple at the same time so we could do the same thing oh so we could do fat say five poses five bolt cards ah easy you can do the same setup with this ball cards you know don't we need to find 72 people and [Laughter] that'd be cool of which they then have to pay to this POS sible we'll figure out yeah we'll figure it out okay bye next week yeah okay cool um numura is that how you say it no more I don't know I only had I highlighted this because it's a basically it's basically the butthole bank issue again but they're asking for uh rates to decrease yeah and this is the whole thing like kind of like their name no more so obviously they've got exposure to the bond market and there's getting devalued as rates increase and now bonds are asking it banks are asking it to be so they decrease so the secondary Market but obviously that means yeah if you've it's our only mechanism to decrease inflation is to increase interest rates yeah um then banks are already asking for interest rates to be decreased yeah yeah you can't have everything right yeah do you think there is going to be a rates increase or rates decrease well I I would think they have to carry on the course right um they'll be more Bank issues and Banks bandage around and they'll have to there might be liquidity problems but inflation is fundamentally the problem because like salaries can't possibly keep up with it the cost of living crisis is absolutely horrendous and that's the that's the bigger issue right now oh diesel prices dropped 3p earlier over the week last few days what do you feel about every week yeah how are they not accepting Bitcoin yet I know it sounds annoying we're literally lacking a petrol station yeah because we've got a lot of merchants that accept Bitcoin around here but petrol station we use it all the time yeah style as well if you don't even have to go in it's not a thing over here though no petrol station I use all the time they were getting new pumps put in I was like are they going to be pay the pump because then I don't have to make this walk to talk to you and always buy a sandwich yeah the petrol station is so they'll literally tease you everything yeah no so so I'm you know famished and they end up getting a sandwich and it cost me about four quid for a sandwich or whatever like just make it pay a pump I wouldn't have to come in here yeah they've already got them around they're not fighting with all the petrol stations right there's a bit of a monopoly on petrol stations over here yeah so they put in new pumps and they won't pay a pump and they won't accept Bitcoin yeah and I'm still buying sandwiches I know here we go yeah you know Bitcoin translator save them money yeah I can't even go out my way to a different petrol station this is the thing where I think we have to make make one we have to make one you know like a ESP NFC project yeah yeah yeah maybe petrol pump let's get in the petroleum business see it was interesting because I was listening to One of uh there's deaf guys they've been doing phone calls checking in on our Merchants the other day and um they called a garage that we've got on board and it was you know I was asking about Bitcoin payments and how's it going and stuff and the guy was like oh you know we haven't we haven't really had many sales apart from kind of like your team at coin corner but the business cards kind of made it the point like I was one of those customers and I wouldn't have gone yeah they didn't accept Bitcoin you wouldn't have gone there yeah so they wouldn't have had that business yeah a couple hundred quid as well but like even little things like that does help I know I think it helps more on a small island like this where yeah yeah there's not as many people 12 years Services too like I genuinely if a petrol station at the top of the island accepted Bitcoin I'd drive there would you yeah I mean probably not I wouldn't go out of my way I think it has to be integrated into exactly what my life is and they didn't do sandwiches to get that far south right but yeah anyway I'm very last minute with petrol I'll literally wait till there's a mile left so I can't then be going right I need petrol now run out on the way you're lucky you have a mile account with me no no I don't have a petrol Gage have you heard his method of like he has to shake the car to find out how much petrol no one should be living like that 2023 and you've run out on the way to work once yeah once so it doesn't which actually I thought initially I'd ran out it was actually a different issue had diesel okay but you obviously so you're just not worried about this sort of thing mate these are the kind of Thrills I like I don't mind getting it right down to a single figure but you know you're relying on the comfort of you know how much imagine if you didn't have that yeah it's just all in your head I'm calculating daily my miles in my head I know why give yourself that extra burden that's it's exciting okay that's what you live for right next on the agenda right okay um meta to take down nft support on Facebook and Instagram yeah it didn't take long did it no it's kind of funny um yeah they tweeted I can't remember it was too tweeted their head of Commerce and commerce Commerce and financial Technologies said they're winding down nfts because they're gonna be focusing on metapay well the urban Libra was one wasn't it they want to do payments they just can't I just want to figure it out so hard they'll get there but yeah so the nft thing there's closed down less than a year of its launch and what what is what even was that was that you just could have an nft as your Instagram yeah true because I think Apple put restrictions into what you could and couldn't do um but yeah so I look forward to seeing metapay yeah I never saw that anywhere to be honest I'm not a big did you ever have an nft no no because Twitter has it as well yeah they did I don't know I've not seen it for a while yeah you could have an nft profile picture boom yeah you still see the other one I think profile picture my uh three-year-old was on the Oculus Prime through the day it's very funny have you ever see a three-year-old on yeah no hilarious they don't know they think it's real they don't know what's real so she was flying a plane they were all sharing right right it's not a violent game it's just like Drive fire around um and um if you ever had given her a go and I didn't realize that giving her a go and she was just like so almost petrified to move she probably shouldn't be on that anyway you can put the headset fits so they're just getting into the mat yeah I think it's good for them yeah I like Marvel Kid watch zombie programs at the moment uh right last one yeah so binance is to lose its British pound on an off-ramp provider in nine weeks nine weeks yeah I thought it'd just be good one to talk about this because we get we've been we just show off that we saw that um who was banking them it was a scribble yeah and they just stayed complicated regulatory Frameworks I presume they're just gonna find replacement banking I think they're gonna struggle so basically no one's touch Finance yeah I think that regulatory there are a bit of a pirate aren't they in terms of they just seem to move head offices all the time well no one knows but it says here so this isn't the first from the service provider drama that they've had to deal with so they've lost they've lost the primary ranking partner which was reportedly silvergate no signature sorry oh okay um and then they also announced that Finance uses from 143 countries would no longer have access to Swift US Dollar Bank deposit and Malice yeah also this was this is a side note but I want to hear your your opinions on it so they emailed to on March the 13th to financians that's what they call their customers I think you're thinking we don't have anything like that oh you you have the molecules yeah I know but that's just a personal thing I don't think we need anything because I was looking like cracking the I think it's cracking up no they don't they do no one knows yeah I thought they were self-protein lunatics no that's Luna uh yeah yeah no no internally the businesses are calling their clients yeah and but known and publicly on the websites are they any emails and stuff any emails like it's and what's up is there any form that might annoy me if I go anymore I don't like it okay if I'm honest scrap I know you're trying to think of one for us right there corners no no no it doesn't work like a hole we kind of turn it into a gang thing right but it's all about career Community yeah but it's also about openness well if anyone's got any suggestions as to what we could call I welcome suggestions no no we'll take them don't like it you're not I'm with you I don't like it I know I'm not marking yeah so to be individual not the collective yeah exactly yeah uh cool that's all the interesting news we've got a question of the week in The Merchant of the month yeah and we actually have coincidence whoa I know okay where should I start click on our news um quite a news we've got some new companies on board except in Bitcoin um some cool companies we've got straight bowling that looked very cool by the way I saw some stuff on Independent Victorian style bowling alley well they're based in London yeah Victorian is a mass in a massive on the 10 pinball yeah you couldn't get a great pass time they also they also have Victorian days where I was having a look at their website they also duck Pin bowling have you ever heard of that the the first duck Pin bowling what's duck Pinball it's like a different shape of pin pin like a shorter a bag of duck yeah basically which makes it hotter I think same size bowling balls well I didn't get that paint whatever wouldn't approve of this yeah he wouldn't approve of this Pete Weber you don't know Pete Weber the name I recognized but yeah you know if you know anything about the temp in Bowling worlds it's a professional ball yeah don't ask me how I know yeah he argues with the crowd every time he like bowls to get to rile himself like and then he shouts like who am I yeah is that why you show it when you walk in the office I just forgot just the old age um yeah so straight bowling they are temper bowling smart darts and more they do food and drink where is it nice in London uh 74 Wandsworth High Street very good okay that is a good Merchant so there's them then we've got dough from dough pizza no this sounds like we don't have new Merchants every week because we know normally to be honest I genuinely I forget about them yeah um but I might start doing this yeah yeah so we're do from dough pizza is a family-run pizza place in gloucestersh Gloucester I'm gonna say Koster share then um they accept Bitcoin uh 43 West Gate Street I don't know what's this I don't know where that is but Bitcoin Pizza day every day yeah they were doing an introductory offer as well last week on do they deliver May 22nd right so we've got a few pizza places now we can coordinate something get a pizza delivery from Monopoly actually I didn't I don't know if you can remember remember last week we did the quiz on the local Merchants off the top that was a great quiz jeez because he literally were like sign he knows every detail of every merch well I thought it was like and then one of the questions which I nailed what's wrong what's wrong on the quiz yeah yeah no there was some technical difficulties and it was a didn't we but yeah but no I thought maybe we should do more than because you do them at Christmas right yeah and then yeah hotly contested a Christmas one there's about five days yeah that was me that came third last week no it was good actually I did I did enjoy it um I don't know if you can remember any stats off the top if not I'll bring them for next week will you bring them in I'll bring them for next week but it was looking at all um uh Isle of Man merchants and volumes and how [Music] but it was good weekend still blown away it's absolutely Blown Away how do you sleep at night such a good quiz I love a quiz Blown Away by it right last business accepting Bitcoin this week is spitting feathers Brewery yep cool guys they're a cool little brand yeah Craft brewery still a big market for that there seems to be a lot of them apparently so so they do cakes castle and bottled beers can you get cakes delivered uh you always know you're a good do if someone's got a keg in yeah right they do pass it doesn't happen in the UK too often they mainly buy cans don't they yeah if you're stuck in your own bar yeah but you know you're a good do they've got a keg am I right what would you do with that and he said I'll recreate the pev behind a pool table just want to actually Recreation of his local I kind of like that yeah well we can get our kegs from these guys I don't want a bar in the office do you know no I don't think that's it doesn't scream productivity what are you on um I've well I saw Barstool had like a stress room we could just bar stool sports but they've definitely got a bar you know probably they do actually yeah lowering the bar don't they but they had a stressery range like bats and you just hit stuff I would love that that'd be great let's go for one off just like without even for like a Christmas do event wouldn't it that's a thing like yeah yeah but it'd be very easy to do right and like for once at like one time use people to do it yeah just to do something different over here yeah I think we should have that in the new office that'd be great yeah so you pick up your bat take you downstairs Smash and shut up come back it doesn't make me sound like a psycho though it's industry gets to you sometimes it's a bit strong no it's not it's fine he went out for a run last week dead Tuesday's run today now yeah that's it you're a running guy yeah and now look at me so I'm not doing that again with your lesson right um yeah so spitting feathers they now accept Bitcoin online for their little online shop that they've got of course so uh stripe bowling strike and doe from dough which is do from nice picks last picks of new Merchants huh right so that's quinco Island and use um merch of the month oh I was on that this weekend how's it going are you ill but do you feel less stressed I don't really stress anyway um seriously no what's that like oh even the bloody bumped a Tesla that was a slightly stressful yeah car park yeah it wasn't stressed so maybe that's it maybe that's why maybe you should give it a break go and bump another Tesla and see if you're more stressed so I put my I keep offering it to my wife she will not do it she won't do it she's a problem what is it it's like it's not true yeah yeah no it's not drugs it's like why was that stigma isn't it yeah that is they they have a problem they have a worse problem than we do in Bitcoin they probably have a similar one yeah which probably there's a correlation between the businesses we know what they're going through yeah they're gonna help themselves maybe with how they Market it would you never even mention don't mention it yeah whereas the product derived from you would just say this is what it is but do you not have pictures I don't know how you could though now yeah it's interesting yeah I I think I think stuff like this is great I'm all for the holistic Miracles is natural right yeah yeah I prefer so what's the difference between that and a herbal tea my wife she'll literally turn herself into a police station [Laughter] well report back on your progress I could also bring it back because I want it soon I do yeah for Bitcoin her attempt it's like you spray it on yeah there's not there's no like aftertaste or a taste whatsoever it's just like dissolves pretty much instantly put into your tongue yeah okay because I'm I'm notoriously highly more highly wound than you oh maybe yeah you'd be a Mars bacon you pick than I am yeah but I'm outwardly highly wound what do you mean what does that mean like just visibly highly World very hyperactive like that's what that's literally why I have to run every day because I have so much like what happens if you don't stress and anxiety Then I just get a bit more stressed and anxious people are weird aren't they yeah well okay well people are different yeah wait I'm gonna talk for both of them I'm not like that yeah this is when I don't have Danny here who is literally a male version of me yeah I feel very chilling field chill around us because we're just both like kind of saw it I don't know honestly don't know how you guys get through life yeah all right well okay cool there we go merch of the month yeah I can't remember the boom nice right question time yep question every Thursday evening what there's a TV program called question time that's like a bad dad joke that one yeah I called it because I'm a dad is that right what day is it oh this is a nice question right do you have any advice for school leave as University grads and or experienced Professionals in the UK on how to get involved and pursue a career in the digital assets industry hmm depends what sector right well the part of it okay well let's talk about different sectors then Tech wise I'll just build something I'd do that pleblabs course and just build the Lightning wallet it's all new dummy 20 quid as in a Gateway yeah it's gonna get you in well if you went to interview anywhere right and you've done some computer science degree and they needed devs and then you've wanted to get into that sector and then you've done that course that you've where you developed some round or like quite good knowledge on a lightning wallet I'm very employable at that point right yeah absolutely um I'll do that for an attack guy well what do you look for in a tech guy Tech league right yeah Finance is pretty different it doesn't really matter in terms of you just need experience um but do you want you want someone who's been to bitcoin no it's always a massive advantage of the tons well I almost think we've had a lot of people come through the door where because Bitcoin could take a while to understand but just have an open mind enough to to like you can kind of gauge whether someone will be receptive to the idea of Bitcoin before actually knowing about Bitcoin so someone with an open mind is you know doing a lot of self-education I think is quite important yes yeah like other interests have for me a huge yeah in terms of what you're doing Outsider work like you because everyone tick tick box on the base education in gccs a levels or maybe maybe even degrees and then you're just like okay but what do you do outside of that because that's a that's a path that a lot of people just go along with yeah everyone mates are doing it but then if you learn someone's done like start their own business or something like that because I look for like a mini hat mentality in terms of what we do because get involved with all sorts and I like people to introduce outside influences into coin corn Corner yeah and I think that's very important so it's always about extracurricular me and Danny always Grill people about what books they read and then I'll have read because you can tell I don't understand people that don't read all the time but that's good I see reading is a bit of a life hack yeah it's like everyone was like someone's taking the time to condense all that Knowledge from what their business or personal life into a book you can digest in one week then you've got that knowledge yourself why would you not try and do as much as that as possible in terms of ingesting it yeah um so read read and do stuff outside of what you would normally normally the educational path I think as well previously we look for people who they don't necessarily always fit the qualifications but they have the enthusiasm and the drive to want to work yeah um we've hired people who are less experienced to pick them out interview there in terms of yeah hard work because Alyssa had quite hard to qualify like CV is you need to have that discussion don't you really um yeah but you don't necessarily have to be a full-blown pleb do you I would say it's a Bitcoin but I think it does help I think it does help well that helps to have some conversation about Bitcoin we'll just write a Bitcoin book yeah I think as well working in this industry at peace to be so I'm just going to reread the question make sure we're answering it it appears to be um are we what yeah imagine if that's just Professionals in the UK sort of specified UK in particular okay digital asset industry yeah not just Bitcoin I think yeah I think what I was going to say is this industry is 24 7 so it's not necessarily a go home and switch off not that we don't you know we obviously encourage a good work-life balance but I think you have to be keeping up with what's going on it pays to keep up do you think you've got a good work life balance absolutely not no um well you text me at 6 30 in the morning the other day yeah so I did it did you reply of course I did oh jumped on it just go embrace the ground I think it's I think it's hard like this industry does call for you to be paying attention on the ball all the time especially depending on what role you're in um how does you have a work-life balance when work is life that is a bit different isn't it because we're like I would say we're a missionary so like like compared to a mercenary type business so that in that sense we don't but by choice yeah it was all involved with it yeah see I have this conversation with a lot of people in the sense that when people weren't like what were you saying before about like what hobbies do I have I don't have that many hobbies because my outside of work I am still reading about Bitcoin pay attention to what's going on and although but then that looks like I'm working from outside like to outside people and then people like why don't you switch off but like I'm like no that's why I enjoy I'm not going to try and force a hobby that I don't have yeah but it's kind of how people don't understand that because I think a lot of people have that work is work and life is life but when they're too when they're meshed it's hard yeah I got deep okay well everyone's situation hmm yeah yeah okay did we answer the question I hope so I think so if we didn't answer it how to get involved and pursue a career get involved go to meet ups I'm sure there's people that work in the industry go to these local meetups as well so in terms of networking my telegram as well right telegram chats yeah yeah to start networking within the industry as well telegram or I've never been to a Meetup yeah but you're not school either in the UK looking to get in a career in digital assets yeah true I think as well it depends what you want to do if you want to work for like a Bitcoin business then you've got to get in the face you gotta I think Bitcoin Twitter is a great place to kind of make an impact to people always come out of people who've hired from their Twitter yeah what do you think in demand right in demand roles would be devs and compliance I think as well compliance will just keep growing forever yeah also the case with every single industry unfortunately and you always need devs to build stuff yeah even though you can replace them 90 of what they do with Chachi Beauty replace 100 of what accountants do but I think there's a are you guys done yeah completely completely Molly but then I think there's a um there's a doesn't matter really what you do whether it's accounts whether it's compliance whether it's Tech whether it's legal there's all those roles available in the Bitcoin industry anyway you just gotta have passion passion and drive very important to work harder you know this work culture don't know what hard work is anymore it's okay right I think that's answered that isn't it let's not get started cheer a few people okay okay do you see JCB made a hydrogen engine who'd they yeah well they've been doing that on the background so I was gonna bring up earlier I didn't know they made yeah they spent two years developing a hydrogen engine that they're now rolling out to all their agricultural things you know why hydrogen as engines might work better than electric because it's a similar style pumping in terms of you're just replacing yeah with another yeah so it's instant you don't have to wait for charging yeah because if you've seen those photos recently about test the charging points and the queues yeah yeah the negates because it's all very similar yeah look into it am I the last person who made a hydrogen engine not mysteriously disappear oh no [Music] should we leave this episode no I'm gonna have to read about that yeah it's cool okay all right I think he must have made that phone didn't they the JCB phone yeah yeah so you know they make all sorts of stuff I love that yeah they're very diverse right I think we did well without Danny yeah let's leave it there then cool okay all right thanks guys all right Cheerio peace foreign