Biggest Bitcoin Fee Ever Recorded | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #102

Join Molly, Zakk, Dave and Henry for industry-led opinions on important Bitcoin stories from the week. Topics this week include: The Bitcoin meetup scene, Bitcoin Price, Ripple acquires Fortress Trust, AWS managed Bitcoin nodes, Vitalik Buterin's X account hacked via SIM swap, Pierre Rochard's comparison between Drivechains and utilities token, France launches certificates for "finfluencers", A 19.8 BTC fee on a 0.074 BTC transfer, Swan statement on Fortress Trust, Franklin Templeton joins ETF race, Brian Armstrong confirms Coinbase is integrating Lightning and says "Bitcoin is the most important asset in crypto", UK economy shrinks 0.5% in biggest dip since December, HeatBit Bitcoin miners/heaters and raw Manx honey bought with Bitcoin. Merchant of the Month is Satoshi's Wardrobe. Use code "BRITCOINERS" for 10% off your order, valid until the end of September. Britcoiners is a Bitcoin podcast by CoinCorner ( - a global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services. #coincorner #britcoiners #bitcoin #bitcoinpodcast #bitcoinnews

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foreign [Music] okay agenda uh Ripple acquires for just trust uh AWS managed Bitcoin nodes with Amazon managed blockchain access Bitcoin don't know what that means uh vitalik buterin's ex account us hacked by a Sim swap uh France launches a certificate for Finn influences we had a time saying that including crypto uh Bitcoin use pays a 19 Bitcoin fee on a 0.07 Bitcoin transfer which cost them over half a million dollars I wish I'd been mine in that part um swan uh 1.5 trillion AUM what's the AUM assets under management yeah Franklin Templeton joins Bitcoin ETF race uh Brian Armstrong is confirming coinbase will iterate lightning and the UK economy shrinks 0.5 and we got some lovely emails from listeners didn't we no some nice feedback that's how you read out on agenda isn't it boom done okay nice one we're gonna address the fact that Danny's not here but Henry Henry and everyone knows Henry do they not from the socials the sock guy yeah so many socks yeah like on all the UK meetup groups and stuff um our marketing budget yeah okay I found a new one today there's also some more sorts going on today oh yeah slinging socks there's about 300 people they just keep on going to the same meet up so then they say you're justifying the same group of people to soccer that's what it looks like there's a little bit of overlap but it's not too much there'll be people out there who will literally just the whole wardrobes our socks oh yeah do you get some nice feedback on it uh yeah always they're always like surprised how high quality it is which is good feedback actually yeah I mean they are good socks yeah okay it's good to support the local Bitcoin Meetup scene as well is that what what do you what does that mean what do you mean well it's good to support the local songs because they're really short of socks we've also been giving them SATs haven't we for oh yeah three rounds yeah so are we just trying to encourage more meetups what's the aim it's to get like coin corner products with like the people who organized the meetups show off the corner products and those square corners you know associate Brands to people in the Grassroots supporting grassroot adoption everybody loves socks everybody loves every drinks is it where Grassroots adoption's growing is that via meals absolutely have you not seen any amount of meetups in the UK at the moment the amount of meetups is growing but does that is that really well should I why I'm not having to go without being back so that she prevented yeah no I knew that because I've seen the map I think Dave why are you hating I'm not hating on me I'm not hating me ups but I think it's quite cool there's yeah I would say the UK's probably got some of the probably has got the most meetups the most meetups I'm not sure I would say Germany Germany's full of them and there's lots of people that go there yeah I mean America she's probably big about you but no I've done Twitter the side by side of the map was cool though of like couch yeah which was the first Meetup there's a record if he was which was the first one the world's longest running Meetup there wasn't ever one us for a long time ago I think would you cluster and be up streets meet up as the very first no you didn't know like no like actual Bitcoin so Bitcoins established and they're all getting together rather than that cyberpunks one okay I just think it's just nice isn't it you know we're all online talking to each we get to meet them in real life yeah if I think I've I've been to one or two in the other man okay yeah that's the thing I mean the ones Molly's all you know yeah literally a minute away from where we used to work literally yeah like okay it happened to be there I don't think maybe you were there so yeah maybe it's just nice because we didn't if you're not working in this environment to go to a meal I suppose I think there's a good variety of them in the UK there's like the more casual ones which it seems like more just Bitcoin of friends being up and then there's some like down London but like Alex Waltz who's like giving technical presentations to people um which is cool is there a place where people can just find their nearest me open where would you go Bitcoin yeah I think it is yeah that's the place where the map is okay you've got a list like the day the new group sort of thing in the list okay yeah Mike is just shown as an adult map meet your map that doesn't look a little it looks like chickenpox all over the UK yes okay that's cool then and we're giving out socks and we're giving ourselves just so keeping the people happy okay you wouldn't so you wouldn't be disappointed with the Free Press socks would you do um no no let's just okay this is fine no I'd be happy just what you're counting home a little bit yeah okay well that's fine let's leave it welcome Henry welcome thank you that was the tldr of that conversation welcome let's get back to the agenda right so I'm gonna like Danny I know yeah I'm trying to take control of this notifications I know well I'm slightly I am slightly concerned about some of the points that have been highlighted I'm like okay okay okay I'm okay let's start with the price do we know the price sorry I just want also addressing the fact that uh someone tweeted us and said can you stop your foot twitching under the table and I'm really sorry but it's nervous it's a nervous twitch so is that your nervous twitch it's like nervous energy is that what you do so it's it's not good anywhere I can put a blur over it no it sounds like a them problem I really don't think anyone else said that now if you were watching it and you caught your eye it would be annoying yeah not just an event problem well mm-hmm last week's price was 25.7 so we're below them okay but very same old stable yeah okay really not much reporting the price no right straight into the gender then uh Ripple acquires for trust trust which is uh Swan's Bitcoin custodian mm-hmm better I would say that's been the biggest news yeah seven days hasn't it no disclosed amount yet as though how much they bought it for yeah but the disclosure was that they was their app Fortress had been hacked was it not uh or previously a third-party cloud provider they use has been was compromised um thus there was some kind of way into the Fortress uh but within purchases Ripple or sorry Ripple's purchase of it that they're just going to cover that hole Yeah part of the Acquisitions to to make those customers who lost one tall but they haven't announced like how big that loss was right who was it who lost that yeah it's more of a reputational thing surely for swan yeah well potentially because of their infrastructure is currently owned by I'm being run by Ripple yeah yeah I'd say that's pretty bad recognition that's probably not on Corey's road map when it rains it pours as well obviously because I've just moved away from Prime trusts yeah and then who also had a similar problem yeah oh and there's not that many options in the user sworn an unlucky thing Swan had significance in something unpredictable so like but I know this one aren't a Black Swan but it's just a bit unpredictable and rare event this is associated yeah so it's not good for them they're getting a bit backlash on Twitter yeah there's not many other options in the US I think for these kind of custodians that have all the licenses in each state um they did kind of tease some kind of announcement regarding this I thought there was like for their own infrastructure or something whether they just said there'll be news on this in the next few days or Wednesday trying to spin it so it's a good thing building your own infrastructure is a good thing you know one loads are centralizing Imagine loads of exchanges they're using Fortress would be a usual um obviously strike recently moved from Prime trust to their own infrastructure this is it everyone was using prime trust only so maybe it's just a good thing that that's forcing their hand they're going to make their own bits and pieces bits and pieces is what I call infrastructure bits and pieces bits and pieces they're cool no not really no see how it plays out um and Danny be having kittens if we talk too much about yeah that's true um okay AWS manage Bitcoin nodes with Amazon manage blockchain access Bitcoin who took that motels man yeah do people live in H or Henry every Henry I know is called H how many uh three to be honest there's many mums that call me H I made his mom's got me H yeah maybe maybe yeah yeah I get called that a lot I mean it's longer than Henry to be fair I know it's just someone hennas would be the worst Dave just because Hannah's just because you can't you can't have a nickname there's literally nothing that you could turn Dave into a native you know what she says Dave you know Dave standard hey David yeah well this is official no anyway or even better when people mistake you and call you Zach because and something a few times but happened in a really annoying situation where people couldn't see it was me and I'd made such a belterer point on a call it became this was an article it became the subject of a next thing the next action point or whatever it was all and you were given all the credit and I was like he wasn't even on the call the Justice you know what I'm lying for my ego just can't take that it's Furious anyway how did you get into Bitcoin uh uh honestly I probably I traded stock since I was like 18. what I'm not like you Toro uh it was trading 212 I think okay so Toyota stocks on the mega leverage no never taught us leverage the hell out of me I've seen it go wrong too many times and it always goes wrong over long enough it always goes wrong like 10 years I've seen it so you do a little bit of stock picking stock picking yeah I mean it was a very easy time uh you basically just picked everything that wasn't like to math Sparks do you know who chemath is you know this guy who pulls companies together puts us puts us back and it basically just drops like 99 everything yeah about it yeah yeah but you can invest in those before he does this back and you know so I'll do that that was my investing strategy for like a year or two uh so I did that for a while okay are you already aware of Bitcoin at the time oh I had heard of Bitcoin when I was 15 or 16 and I thought oh that's really cool I should get some Christmas or something and then I didn't the fact about the Christmas uh that's cute yes yeah yeah um didn't get any what should it um and then so I think it was started last ball run more or less it was January 2021 was when I first started getting into crypto and I realized that it was like an unregulated stock what it was to me anyway and on unregulated Stock Exchange and that's kind of perfect for making lots of money as long as you don't lose it all uh yeah yeah uh I kind of I looked at all all of these uh I actually I've tried almost all of like the top 20 or 30 protocols gone through all the D5 dapps and stuff like that uh I quickly realized that like nothing there was real um but what was real was the sentiment so you could trade the sentiment and I kind of just found different ways to measure sentiment and bought those tokens depending on the sentiment and then sold them and just kept on going in and out of these different tokens mm-hmm made quite a bit of money on a dog on a dog coin uh I didn't cash out till way too late uh uh do you still make money sorry did you I did I still made I still made a decent return it just wasn't a lot more than I put out at the time you know uh which is a shame but uh I always thought Bitcoin was this big slow you know whatever you get told by everyone else being so you know old piece of [ __ ] pretty much yeah uh and I came in for a job interview at coin Corner um because I was looking for a job in the crypto industry uh so you were still a [ __ ] Corner no oh well I thought you were already a convert no yeah I've been interviewed twice and he says this was the first time around yeah yeah yeah so first time around new one Danny kind of throttle move it uh yeah and you did he did and I'm actually extremely grateful for it but I need it why did he give you the job at first I was this it's so been in you didn't get a just time around you just got a telling off come back and come back when you're a bit quieter you'd already filled the job we'd already filled the position so you wanted to be me yeah so okay man we saw that there was hope that yeah it's all the glimmer of her then he just found because he'd given hand me a hard time that yeah it's like oh bring him in got some frustrations I think yeah man I I told him that Bitcoin was slow and Solana was quick oh and he said you're wrong I went home uh and sort of divine research goes down he pissed me off I don't think I'm gonna figured out I was wrong no uh here we go and that I kept on going deeper and deeper into it uh and then I applied for a job like six months later I think uh right the rest is yeah probably similar to most apart from the job interviews here quite unless people's Journeys isn't it yeah yeah all kinds lead to bitcoin yeah not everyone gets a hard time in their job interview from Danny no no did you did you even did you happen to me yeah he just pulls off the street yeah uh yeah I saw it as an interview it was very weird it was because it was when they were in the warehouse right um and it was just a very because you're one of the first employees on you you're one of the first yeah yeah it was very odd yeah but I don't know still here hanging on for dear life correcting sorry I didn't realize we were taking a trip down there really everyone's story that was nice yeah okay if you're on the pot honey keep talking about what the Amazon managed blockchain uh so do you want me to talk past you sure because I don't know anything about it uh I look at it basically Amazon's using their web servers uh to do sort of blockchain analysis when they were nude just general hosting I think well I can say uh and it was just interesting that they have all this here there's a lot of buzzwords that are unnecessary if you read this uh article but it's interesting that they are uh looking at it and especially the fact that they mentioned Bitcoin more than crypto uh is interesting as well um why would you want to run your node via Amazon web services well I think it's uh I think a Microsoft where there's your platformer doing similar things um it's essentially just integrating a little bit better into the hosting a lot of people have nodes on AWS at the moment right well there'll be a lot of manual configuration using like virtual machines and that kind of thing so it just probably just helps streamline that process for AWS customers I want to spit on bitcoin nodes would you not funnily not a few money's hosted on AWS would you no that's the whole like if you look at Bitcoin SVS nodes all eight of them or whatever talk later on AWS so many Bitcoin nodes it's kind of okay right but uh funnily enough Microsoft I think they do something similar I'm not sure if they've fully released it yet but me and Danny had probably two two to three years ago we had two people come in from Microsoft and this was our idea with them and we tried to work with them to build this in to Microsoft Azure um but I think we're just too early for them they didn't quite we weren't quite aligned on they were all like oh we want to do blockchain kind of web apps and stuff um so I know it's been on their radar for years as well um it's similar to like you see voltage the company in our industry they kind of do that what this is essentially so they have like Cloud node management where you just sign up and spin up a node so it's kind of like a competitor to that eventually do you own the node technically because they don't know with AWS how they're doing like the whole Key Management stuff um I know if voltage is like technically they can't see anything supposedly but I'm not sure on this one boy it's very much an indication of um like institutional infrastructure is kind of coming here like aws's you know massive and and can like host massive businesses and scale pretty well so it's kind of an indication of um the preparation for for that kind of stuff between AWS and Microsoft Azure is a gold yeah it has a few more okay so those two haven't got Monopoly on or duopoly on posting I think AWS probably the biggest definitely like if AWS go down you'll see like many websites go down it's simple like the likes of cloudflare if they have like an outage half the internet goes down so there's a bit of issues surrounding internet centralization there um bought what companies should be doing is having you know multiple hosting their own using these hosting providers that kind of thing I plug my node back in the other day okay let that sink on the hard drive maybe you don't know I'll give you an update in a few few weeks when it's there it won't back you need to get an SST okay I will I need to do that for ages the blocks come into circulation faster than your hard drive can like download them and no it synced before like it's like it took ages yeah it's not quite at that point but so AWS have 18.11 of the market share of web hosting yeah oh yeah compared to Google who are very lucky cool right right next one um vitalik's X account was hacked by a swimsuit uh swim swim swim swim swap over uh 691 000 was drained from the victims once this was me I put in this this in here just to highlight how everyone kind of thinks SMS two-factor authentication is secure enough but it's really not in this kind of modern world of firm certainly since crypto has come come into the the Forefront um so he got his so he's T-Mobile so yeah someone's Social engineered a T-Mobile worker to basically swap his number to their Sim so we hit they would receive text messages that were meant for his number so it's not even social engineering vitalac it's actually the the Telecommunications Company yeah I got socially engineered to do that um and then they can just ask you just reset the password then because when you go to reset you'll say oh do you two a favor with SMS we've sent you a code and they would have got the text that's crazy so SMS 2fa isn't secure at all because of this reason so do you prefer like authenticate apps those ones yeah any kind of yeah because you have to have the physical phone yeah yeah you're kind of in charge and like you know there's no Reliance there on a underlying company at this point sorry so this happened and then what and then the person tweeted like a crypto scam like send your ethereum here and everyone trusted anyone I'll send you to you back yeah pretty much yeah and so there's rinse people with loads of money wow so yeah it's just a highlight SMS 2fa isn't that secure it always I think this will sorry about to cut you off I think what we might see from this is like telecommunications company should offer packages as well like it's locked down security wise so in order to like swap Sims and that kind of thing there's a better process there for right now it's just you ring them up and if you can persuade them I'll do it over the phone a thing at like a big thing outside of the crypto industry or is it um I don't really hear it not a big thing but I think it's Crypt has made it easier to kind of like compromise someone's account and then get loads of money because obviously you do this with your bank accounts and gets access to your bank account yeah and starts sending money out that'll get caught by you know your bank's fraud team and that kind of thing whereas cost crypto and Bitcoin is so you know um so liquid and um in your own control essentially it's very easy to get compromising and lose it man come reverse a Bitcoin transaction no that's true interesting yeah same swapping pretty [ __ ] bringing that fall out there yeah don't use Sim that's nice there we go does everyone just Chuck the phone against the wall do you post didn't you post another chat the other day you still got your Nokia 3310 yeah that's and it still had charge well it said battery low but I literally found it in a Cupboard battery low that better be low I haven't seen you for about 15 years that's crazy that's something that's pretty cool yeah sorry side note um okay uh pierrot card makes comparison between Drive chains and Solana he said the utility token of a theory of value that underpins the push for Drive change has been repeatedly debunked by The Market Solana is down 26.41 this month despite big news about Visa launching cross-border payments with Solana right here you take that that was me icon uh yeah I mean just highlighting I think I think there's there's a few bips at the moment one of them was talking about dry change the other ones about something else you can't remember um but I think he's just talking like all these all coins are do the same things as Drive Chains would and if you go onto any of these things you go into ethereum you're going to Solana all the D5 all it is is whoever gets and last loses their money uh it's the same thing repeated and there's no actual product being sold at any of these points and even nfts it's not there's no real it's not really verified um so I think he's kind of highlighting that yeah he's pointing out the downtrend in the market for all these coins kind of highlights that there's no value or utility with them which is interesting what's saying uh what's a high level explanation of Drive jeans where I saw a good video Someone explain it it might have been on the Baltic honey badger no on their forum one of them there so I'd direct you there I can't remember it I can't remember but I remember thinking oh that's it yeah yeah bip 300 is basically to allow side chains slash Drive chains on top of Bitcoin right what that means is you can basically create altcoins on bitcoin dead easy yeah um so there's people for it and then people against it that's pretty much it okay cool well we'll link that video if you can remember where it was certainly can't remember anybody somewhere and then you know like the four hour or five or live stream that they did on YouTube yeah it was somewhere that they had the panel in there talking about it yeah because somewhere in there just going back to the Tweet though I don't know if I agree with what he says in terms of like the markets decided I don't think the market has any of this kind of priced in it's I think it's still very Niche kind of but so he's saying that because even with Visa launching across border payment system using Salon the salata's prices yeah it's still down so that I don't even know if people trade in Salon or yeah paying attention to that well there's also the FDX there's an FTX is getting liquidated on yeah the 13th I think they have assets so they'll be all 13 September Mark yeah well I think so I agree with like his intentions but I don't think the point of like the markets decided um tribe chains are useless yeah because the price is down but it's like I don't think because we think it like glows and globally in Bitcoin could disrupt the current exchange Market which is worth billions and billions and yet the price of Bitcoin is still only yeah 26. so yeah it doesn't really yeah like to correlate and yeah hmm and try anyway let's move on okay um France they have launched a certificate now I'm just waiting for this yeah influences yeah including crypto right so yeah that was just certificate something it's a little test you can do like an appropriateness test types yeah been around a while I think since 2021 but they've just added crypto to it do you know what I kind of like that though that's quite yeah I think you should do it yeah and you can officially call yourself a influencer I mean would you put it on your on your ex buyer which you call yourself oh yeah I assume I don't know this is all someone that's just influencing in France yeah yeah certified friend to bring one known or something why is influencer so much harder to say than influences I'm not sure it is sort of influencer Beauty no I think that's good I think I think that everywhere no see the essentials see governments trying to do something about the issue of yeah for influencers right now I mean as long as you just can't Google the answers next to it while you're filling it in because yeah but pointless I don't know how how do you how do you even obtain a certificate there's a little special course of the Euro handing them out 25 multiple choice questions uh so we give it a go and then up people update people next week no you can I'm busy you can do it see how you go on is I mean it's the the quiz in French because I can't speak French did you ever do the same of course did you you never did that yeah you've been in the industry a long enough don't need to do that oh wow like that yeah wow that's fine I can't believe it yeah no I think it's good friends are quite proactive with stuff like this I don't know they've always I was sitting they've been quite ahead of the game when it comes to enforcing um no that's cool influencer if influences hashtag for Monsters okay um a Bitcoin user paid 19.8 Bitcoin fee on a 0.07 Bitcoin transfer which cost them half a million dollars over half a million dollars it's a chunk imagine the feeling how does that happen realize you've done that you can accidentally do it again this one kind of I think this one actually points to maybe a bit of bad code I think someone's kind of analyzed and it looks like it's a fairly new address from a few months ago and it was kind of maybe doing some automated transactions so maybe some bug in some code someone's written that kind of automates uh sending Bitcoin actually who does it go to F2 F2 pool mine and nurse they mind luckily I went to a you know a friendly minor and they just like claim they'll put it on hold for three days for the person because have anyone come forward I think it's probably been three days yeah and so I'm thinking but if no one comes forward they're gonna distribute it to the mining plan now um but yeah that's a that's a painful lesson to learn right yeah I haven't seen many people do that for a while though this is the largest one in dollar value yeah but it's it's 500 000 it's kind of hot it's not a great look for Bitcoin is it that can happen uh maybe you could just they'll be your own bank you're in charge of but yeah I mean there's drawbacks have been your own bank yeah and this is yeah yeah but surely surely it's the same it's like it's not the same like you could send money to the wrong bank account and if you didn't go back and claim it I couldn't live with myself if someone did that to me I'd have to give it back okay there's plenty of people that could live with themselves how bad would you not feel huh how bad would you feel like oh it depends who the the center is yeah but you're never gonna know are you because it's Bitcoin they'd have to come forward maybe get laughs anyway yeah see if they can see if they end up coming forward for that hmm yeah I think it has been three days so maybe today we might see some movement on them we could have been there with the breaking news right okay um swan are so kind of ties into the other one so I don't know if we've covered it but Swan statement uh Swan client cleanser in in short cold while it's at Baker I did not move during the reported incident of Fortress the coins are protected by video calls and physical access and are not subject to any instance of Fortress right that's just what they said yeah any comments on that what does protected by video calls mean I think that means if Swan want to move any of the custody Bitcoin a bit go they have to provide a video so they couldn't be I've been one of a certain member of Staff saying like please move these coins with the fake fashion yeah I assume they have like keywords they have to say and stuff I assume I have no idea that's what I do yeah because loads of people get caught out with the fake videos don't they yeah yeah not on calls though I'm on a call call number and they've got the video how would you do that no I don't know if it's a what does it say it does say a video call doesn't it yeah so it's live yeah the technology is definitely coming to do all other okay scary world um okay uh Franklin Templeton joins the Bitcoin EFT race we got 1.5 trillion assets under management yeah my night everyone wants a piece I wonder but will they be behind everyone else now everyone else yeah they should join the back of the queue from your submission date I think that's yeah set up days isn't it I think they might all get verified at the same time even the ones joining now if they follow the same kind of otherwise it's I mean we're closing yeah yeah because a lot of them just took black rocks copy pasted yeah because you know black rocks presume percentage of success rate yeah so you just call me theirs but it's just like that there are still a few months behind but maybe if it's done maybe they've heard that the SEC would have to just foreign oh nice I'm crazy cool tune in next week to see you who else joins the FD race yeah and the latest like kind of approval date for that is like next Feb March is it does anyone know something uh I think January's first and then it's March okay yeah that's the order of some months January and then it's February and March I've been meaning to print out that little table of those dates the calendar um it's the ETFs it's a little team yeah I've been meaning for now but I haven't I haven't thought about doing that last night okay now I'll put my own screen still haven't done it imagine the Traders out there will know and they'll be yeah and showing off the back of it all what's that say Mikey one why is it terrible uh it's Max from the SEC could theoretically delay the final response until uh January 10th for 2024 for the arc application and all the others March 2024. yeah which is um Kayla Long's uh yeah um she changed hers to match black rocks I think but theirs was already submitted oh that's why they're first in the list um probably really interesting actually because I don't know if BlackRock would be allowed first then or not yeah that kind of answers our question we've just asked them if you submit now do you get approved on the same date but that would say no um yeah unless I think so they have like they have a different so uh or is it uh uh so March is the is blackrock's final one but January I think is the second one I hope so I think they might be the same dates because I know all the others will have their second one in January so they might actually get approved in January this looks like which would be that's my table I'm talking about yeah oh Mikey was on there can you just snip that and send that to me so yeah bad job I can't read any of that yeah yeah I've parted your eyes but it's still [ __ ] goals over the past four years and I haven't developed her eyes that's what happens isn't it yeah okay yeah okay maybe just link to that table yeah I'll put it in because if I I think I'll be useful for everyone everyone can print off yeah not in color though because I'll be laminated yeah do we know what we used to we used to not anymore didn't all happen to cult say yep seriously I did that lemonade should get rid of Eliminator right uh uh oh it's good job daddy's not here for this one uh Brian Armstrong confirms Chloe Bates will integrate lightning and says Bitcoin is the most important asset in crypto Danny's quite a big fan of Brian Armstrong I'm always like I'm not a big fan of Brian but he's always like I love Ryan it kind of follows everything he does he's not here to defend himself the other day was just telling me how great Brian Armstrong was really it's about an hour and I was like I don't know it's like Danny shut up Brian's not that great uh yeah Army is positive news for can I talk about is this tweet annoyed me on two fronts the comments annoying me on this tweets like oh well done Brian yeah the point the team did a great job digging into this so he's talking about lightning yeah what does that that just annoyed me what does he mean it's like it's so late to lightning the team did a great job yeah this is Victor is the guy who's doing the development or leading the development I look at all stems from Jack yeah yeah and so that annoyed me and then we put something like Bitcoin is the something is the most important asset in crypto and like well I'm very much about taking Bitcoin out of crypto and then he's directly putting it in crypto so I was just like Brian align yourself such a good opportunity in the early days and he's ruined it I don't love the fan he said it'll take some time to integrate as well so please be patient I'm pretty sure they've got a big enough team they could educate overnight if they wanted yeah tweets on this Mikey the Victor guy quote it I think but they're like that tweet yeah quoted that one quite this one uh anyway the Specter guy's the one heading up the development yeah okay what do we think overall that was good for yeah it's possible it's positive great for lining personal beef lots of people got coinbase accounts and now they can all have access to lightning that's good better late than never I imagine they've got a node going already and they're beefing it up with the quitty um I imagine it's going to be one of the biggest nodes on the network so we'll probably see a lot of liquidity being added to the network as they build their integration yeah how much you can they charge for withdrawals no we don't but if coinbase are doing it maybe we should jump on board with these boys uh yeah so they I would envisage them charging for it that would be annoying because then the ones that I send you every single day would cost me a thousand ones that's it for me that is true actually it doesn't help small recurring pain in Thailand does it no one said that I send you two sets that I stopped in mind he hasn't even noticed no I noticed okay I'm still angry of human to another colleague how to get my revenge every day for over a year now and I saw the Tweet when I first started it thank you see you have 365 stats from Mega you're welcome mm-hmm how many years until you can buy lunch can we have a fair few yeah um well how many years since we can buy it on Fiddler draw Max honey oh I really like dance talk about son I'll be talking about it now Jonathan until the ends wrap up listen yeah yeah okay Brian Brian that's good I assume that it'll be a few months just because of how big they are as a company I'm not expecting next week for them to go like it's taken them years to dig into it yeah give her a couple years number there so yeah interesting to keep track of especially when the node pops up well it's nice to have Brian on board with the future do you think I do like a node and call it coinbase node and take the pr from it or like distribute it and kind of like that's of course I take the pr I mean was there any benefit in having a really a dull again really big notes these things yeah yeah they'll have several big nodes okay just for redundancy and stuff um okay cool last talking point then uh was how long we've been going Mikey 32 minutes at 42. oh God so like some I guess and sometimes I'm bang on but when I publicly at the bottom just behind the laptop for Mario right uh UK economy shrinks 0.5 biggest dip since December 2022. what does that mean for the people uh they well probably as a reaction lower interest rates because when you have increased interest rates you get recessions if you get enough cores where they've declined then that instigates recession and recession equals job loss and the shrinking of an economy which is bad if a political party wants to get power pretty soon or there's an election coming up so there will probably as a reaction Bob up the rates forget about inflation for a bit and get the economy moving again bad news though Germany they don't really want to finish something I'm not bad news now if you brought it up someone started I may have ticked it okay just to make sure that people are aware of the situation in the UK and in the rest of Europe cool doing more around no it's real I don't think there's anything it's not been any good economy news for ages I thought I read something about it don't solve at all not UK but surprising that's fair um best place to live at the moment and be lovely um I always think it's dangerous to go somewhere there's like an authoritarian leader even if he's a good one though just seems like all the smartest thing to do yeah we've had those arguments running next year uh not definitely happening I haven't heard anything because he's my shouldn't be his last term shouldn't it yeah he shouldn't be allowed to rerun what they're going to change the the law so he can yeah that's always a big red flag of mine is yeah because you guys are also pessimistic I know I was trying to let's end it on a positive thing I was trying to be more energetic today I'm going to end on a positive note with news because we had some we had two things let's do G up a bit right okay so what's a mining news sure snipe snaps I took a minor apart right this is a project actually people have been getting in touch about the mining thing one person yeah so anyway it's snap mining of the weekend didn't go that well actually because I didn't mind for very long I didn't win any blocks so it was pure pure costs wasted electricity yeah pure pure [ __ ] but I was involved I was at the you know I was playing the game yeah doing our Network they've seen an impact on your electricity bill yet like your wife's no concerned about no okay you gotta think s9s are running like they're not like 1500 watts it's a you know getting down to four or five um so it's not that noticeable actually so everyone should be doing it um better take one apart right and I wanted people's opinions on whether this would work because I'm nowhere near right I'm very much a have a go this is either gonna come across your your junior or an app so this guy's an idiot no absolutely I've already told you about it yeah yeah right if you have a heatsink big enough and I can put a hashboard on a heatsink we're talking a meter right would that have the cooling power of a fan now the problem with using s9s as heat is that I've found is they're quite still quite noisy even if you modify them so if you get rid of the fan and just get pure heatsink and just use one hashboard would that work so I'm in the midst of creating myself a massive piece you're basically trying to glue a one meter piece of aluminum into a tiny no um and you're either a genius or an idiot and I don't know which one I don't know but that's my current project and I was thinking people must have already thought about just heatsinking it like instead of using it because Google how large like yeah no of course I did but so heatsink is basically at most electronic components have heatsinks in them so it takes heat away from the chips right and you see them they've got a big surface area normally made a value menu okay and it's just like just use convectional I think it's conventional I don't like those yeah on top of computer chips so yeah they're both basically metal just disperses heat so across its surface so you can move it make it more in line with the ambient temperature so imagine a one meter version of that yeah so I thought most you most would use like airflow to cool them you might be a genius but if you have like you could use it as a giant radiator and it should theoretically be silent because it hasn't got fat right so if I'm just wondering but you'd still need cool cold enough ambient temperatures to make sure the heatsink is cooling yeah that's where you haven't even fan or there you go ambient let's see yeah is this this Linus tactics and he did one with a computer and that's the world's biggest heatsink see it's like that yeah essentially that's the project yeah yeah so is this the project to eat the office or not um this is just me with the office you eliminate noise from my mind yeah the problem with the office one it was even with modified story and it was still one feeling that we're all excited for the heating system that's gonna go it means I can still work on the system and it might be that I said 24. I know it's Danny that's put the limit on it the fact is we might just there is who is it he he bit he bit that bit have got what looks like and they're these they've changed a lot since really changed but it looks really good now I think we're getting some at least yeah so they've abandoned it yesterday in the shower and it used to be just like an S9 in a case oh that looks so sweet but now they've changed it to be a custom Miner which is interesting I want to know more about that if I can and they've added an air purifier so in hopes that you kind of just keep it running all the time so yeah rather than me and Zach make one we could just use it yeah um no because if someone's made a better product with me because don't get me wrong I love making stuff myself but we'll still be able to carry on the heatsink it might be good to heat our office and support a Bitcoin company and have a better product than one that means that can make everyone's still cold but I have to look at how much how efficient that heater is in terms of what sort of space yeah because our space upstairs so these they used to it looks like they used to use just an off-the-shelf Miner but now they're using a custom they talk about custom mining Hardware so they might have actually gone and done the r d on something here I mean that's a good looking thing you just have to how how what was that decibels how quiet was that there's a cow there's two dogs below 40. yeah below four-way so you need one of those decimal apps so you can see how well he's quite quiet what is for you Google the decibel ring no comparable of four yeah whilst four yeah a whisper I'd say but no no louder than that you have both 50s talking isn't it I don't know a whispering oh no yeah it was crazy that wasn't that far wrong yeah it's four he said he's Whispering quiet library see that's really specific right so quiet stream refrigerator humming uh stream streams streams it's quite Arbors I want a better way than these comparisons that are also really variable stream yeah okay okay so they look like they've nailed it by the way okay maybe get one yeah my only issue is that it is still more bourbon area at night exactly from one again so four is the same as a suburban area at night suburban area the quiet library it's a bit more suburban area of a huge it's not about dust bowls anywhere now it's all about Lofts isn't it I don't know what a love is it's like loudness units yeah loudness unit fullness scale says that notches okay right okay where's all my undone yeah bring it back guys yeah but anyway I still think he should be personal rather than trying to hit the whole Space okay so we might have to if it could have an attachment that just like directs it more at an individual and be better cool okay okay people care someone okay I'm just gonna say I'll start doing my data a bit better okay because I should record it a bit better because in terms of snipe mine and that's like mining to be fair I do love the smile mining up there because Mike is made of graphic now he mentioned it anyway right uh okay should we do this the feedback we got we got so this is what is this a methodology to try and improve this port other than just improving General content on it is this what how we're doing no it's just like less from letters from I think you're going to get a song about Regal if you yeah we only really encourage bad bad hate do we not yeah this was this so this guy I'm not gonna actually name him but uh he was the one if you recall emailed in a couple of weeks back and had had a few to drink and and said something about you guys being redneck ah perfect yeah I like him I don't think he likes me I like it no no wait wait oh yeah we'll wait and see it okay so this letter this week from the fan um he said in regards to episode 101 I noticed that Twitter if you don't have an account and sign in so he can't do that he sympathizes with sympathizes um Dave is right about adapting mining machines to he indoors in Winter or mobile Vans Caravans or campervans you could start with the coin clone office space all right okay brilliant try yeah brilliant uh he said I gave more impact more input in that episode Charming in almost every topic which was nice and refreshing because it's like she's one of the guys now okay one of the words I mean you've been doing this for years I mean it should be 101 episodes of Indian one episode it's very hard sometimes especially when you and Danny Gotham wanted it all get a word in edgewave yeah yeah okay uh even Zach was good this episode yeah I'll absolutely tonight feels like a really fat candy I'll take it yeah uh Danny and Dave have this respectful brother rivalry thing going on where they have different ideas but that's the mother of event of invention guys I'd agree with that by the way I think you need to be able to argue with people all the time at work like we've me and Danny are in a lot of meetings together yeah we also two guys are never conceded in the argument no no we know when we're wrong yeah you will conceived what did he send me a text the other day that was gonna make a point that he'd add one that argument to you guys yeah okay but I didn't because I just thought I've never seen it either yeah I think he's gonna snip it and just send it another win for me but that we've been in meetings and we do end up arguing whilst the person's been at meeting and they we have had comments on it that people say that's it's a good thing to have in a business it's the fact that yeah you're having a business just not live on a podcast yeah maybe we'll probably do it slightly unprofessional manner because it's very public behind me we are a loggerheads a lot okay um yes that was that and then he just finished it by saying I wrote this whole sober which was nice really nice so that's very nice uh it's a nice review even coming yeah there was another one if he sends one in every episode we'll worried out I'll review it yeah that's the review of the previous episode yeah so what can we learn from that maybe but Molly like we need like where do we improve just let me speak even I was good okay um I'll try to find the other one because isn't someone coming on YouTube as well yeah the accents oh yeah I said they had a problem with was it all accents or Danny's accent I'm assuming it's Danny's accent I'm gonna assume it's Danny that as well said we need subtitles okay I mean that's fair Danny's accent oh the top isn't it I don't know okay thanks for the timeline your accents are a bit difficult for me to understand but I could read the timeline headlines so could better keep track of what you might be saying yeah is that because you time some of the videos like yeah so yeah see yeah yeah so these guys are talking about this because I can read it but I can't understand them maybe we need to pronunciate a bit better um we could try okay right anyway Auto generated captions as well yeah but are they often wrong if well yeah people can't understand us I don't think yeah yeah I can either okay yeah um so yeah we always appreciate feedback good and bad yeah we like the bad feedback better well I love the bad feedback but wait that one was nice okay um and then yeah the other cool thing this week was that we we bought eight jars of Honey was it right can I just clarify were there only eight available no there was loads but because I missed it and then saw that people get the like dished up did I give a 24 hour warning how I put it in the chat you've got 24 hours to no say you want honey or not I put it in the chat right you know what do you want do I need to see when you saw my message see when I saw it I can see when you read my message red and red and scorpions you were saying I'll take a job what time was it it was probably some ungodly hour a lamb anyway I would have taken a jar of honey thanks honey local or monks and he's selling it in Bitcoin uh he was given a heavy discount if you paid Insight with it right I saw the label and said like even the label said anything about 25 000. if you're gonna label something it's a big win for me 11 24. on what day he saw it I'm 25. Sunday we saw it at 11 31. okay right right and then the guys read it is not the same thing the guy delivered them at 12 30. you mean I accelerated the scroll past and then I said on Monday morning good all right anyone who's ordered honey sent me the money and everyone's going to send sense and and you still didn't pitch here okay it was still your chance there so well when's the next Honey delivery uh when is bees make it okay I've been having a spoonful of the honey every day it's delicious or something how big is April apery b b City yeah I didn't know I asked him how many beers and he had did he have and he said more than 100 but less than a million I don't want to go for a tour but I don't think is it doesn't sound like it's a big enough operation too I don't know go for a talk drop them a message you know is he selling me please don't help because we can't be put in public information stay on the it says it did I buy it out on the instant no it's on the label no yep I mean kind of on your label probably anyway sorry apologies this pod is descended into our suit no but it's cool so uh so yeah we bought eight jars of honey 25 000 stats each just over a fiver which is great and it's delicious okay right love that and that was icon kind of news yeah supporting local Merchants yeah Danny's got some on his desk on a bike as well he delivered it on a bicycle why are you laughing how does that make it better and what yeah I don't okay class yeah guys got a bike as well no but like when I was onto the trailer on the back a trailer on the train okay different story yeah it's class okay fine yeah great might well you know I'll tag you next time yeah you can have some of my mind mate grandma Yeah I should try it on toaster though it's finger in it that several people put their fingers I mean Connie's antibacterial in it yeah yeah that's it and that just makes it more appealing because now it's worth like 35 000 sounds Zach's put his finger in this honey yummy I think we'll end okay you're enjoying this too much right thanks guys all right cheerio peace [Music] thank you [Music]