Bitcoin Awards 2023 | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #108

Join Danny, Zakk, Dave and Henry for industry-led opinions on important Bitcoin stories from the week. Topics this week include: Bitcoin price, FASB Fair Value Accounting for Bitcoin, Ledger Connect Kit vulnerability, River Link, VanEck CEO on Bitcoin, BitWise Bitcoin advert, Grayscale CEO on ETFs, Court approves Binance settlements, Danny's CEO tweets, and the Britcoiners 2023 wrap-up. Britcoiners is a Bitcoin podcast by CoinCorner ( - a global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services. #coincorner #britcoiners #bitcoin #bitcoinpodcast #bitcoinnews

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this I'm gonna say is some of the biggest news of the [Music] Year welcome back lot of energy going MH we wait for you to read right okay agenda energy can you add to just the word welcome back I don't know welcome back always interrupt standing right okay agenda FMA is that how you say it doesn't matter okay fper Ledger issues uh River announcing River link uh vanck CEO they've got some stuff to say uh ETF applicant bitwise they've uh released a Bitcoin ad grale Grace scale CEO says ETF approval would unlock I started going along with that one because I thought about it too much CEO uh US court approves settlements uh binance stuff Black Rock stuff and Danny's tweet and oh the biggest the biggest probably going to take most of the podcast the Bitcoin is Bitcoin 2023 wrap-up 2023 wrap up so the fans have been waiting for we last did it did you do your Spotify rap r no I I was no no one do that no think did it last year didn't they time and then no one cares okay year as well it's quite interesting probably is yeah yeah right no one else my Taylor Swift songs and just Dan told me about try and keep this on all right sorry bitcoin price uh $ 43,6 oh back up about 43,000 this morning yeah last episode it was 42 779 and the highest hoping that's just taking a bit to load there always catches me out that was like why is that what it's a slow reaction yeah and then the high since last episode is 4334 so back up with 43 we're back baby yeah it was a weird dip there was like there was no it looks like nothing came of it as in like no one said okay it's dipped because of x y and Zed it just kind of theory it's confidence in interest rates that's why I thought it was purely macro because it looked like the FED are we going to slash interests maybe we maybe they're not going to be cut and now everyone's like they're definitely get cut money for everyone they were not cut that's what I think it is we had this conversation last week yeah and I'm right I S you the charts remember the no you didn't Matrix let's not go it not go it no you said you were going to send Matrix do that I've sent you the Matrix I'll send you it again anyway nope there's no Matrix sorry mik I just punched the microphone um right first point FBA or fasb has officially adopted the fair value accounting for Bitcoin for fiscal years beginning after December 15th 2024 this I'm going to say is some of the biggest news of the Year putting it out there as an account if the was it Stan Pras Financial accountings fair value F it's just the it's the UK accounting body Financial accoun Bo himself an account it's that's the sorry that's the American it's the US one yeah it's the usuk sorry that's what that's what I meant did think about that's what I me great look for account no there's a few what means like what does it mean CU it's not the one we use like Financial Accounting Standards Board people listen we yeah there's a few different standards but we use UK Gap and there's different ones for different countries but they're all pretty much the same okay so anyway before acronym I'm sorry for it's just like it do acronyms don't they they love acronyms where the real world real people real actual living adults don't bother with them I don't know what most of the acronyms stand for I'm the human to spre yeah acronyms anyway so this is massive be right so if the if the ETFs are like a a doorway to corporate um involvement with Bitcoin this is the key that's how big it is I'm I'm going to throw no wait me let me finish this is the key in a minute I didn't say in a minute in the US so in the in the corporate world in us at the moment um Bitcoin is treated as an intangible asset and in the US they don't have the same they don't have the same fair market value that we could apply in the UK so in the US if an intangible asset if I'm right and thinking you would have to Value the value you bought it at or revalue it at its lower value at that time so it would always be it would never go up basically so even if Bitcoin was valued at 40K if you bought it at 20 and it went down at one point to 15 you'd have to have it at 15 so on a balance sheet basis it's not that great to have it on your balance sheet because you you're literally like oh can go what you bought you don't have any of the upside so any any currency you normally revalue it your balance sheet looks better because any most assets you revalue MH and you put any profit or loss on the p&l right but in the US they couldn't do that until now it's basically adding common adding common sense to the accounting practices of America you already had it in the UK in intangible assets if there was enough of an active market for an intangible asset which Bitcoin definitely qualifies for so you could already revalue and put in the benefit of it but OB in the corporate world this is massive for America this is great but my curveball I think still stand it's not curveball it will be you just said that it helps with the ETF and stuff but actually not not no it's the case of the doorway no no no the the ETF is is a gateway right but this is for people mainly self cusing or holding their own this the ETF is like Expo this is what Bitcoin could be okay but actually if you're holding your own this is the way to do it anybody buying the ETF this wouldn't even matter to them no no no because they would just buy it as a it be a share within a fund so it would you are completely right and you would be able to revaluate it separately any but this so that would make this is that's like a little no it's not redundant at all if you're s cosing Bitcoin you don't go self custody I said if you're buying if you're buying the Bitcoin ETF let's say Black Rock example company this would be redundant in that sense this no but if you're like Tesla who are holding I know yeah I know that but it is cuz you said before it changes the ETF but it doesn't all right that's you did call it the key to the ETF doorway no the all right that's the door all right I was trying to think of an analogy like do different direction it's an analogy for like opening a door a bit exposure I get your point on the EPF but for self cussing American companies which might be a better way than the ETFs anyway this now allows you toly in it's common sense it's good news more people companies corporations that have been holding back buying Bitcoin due to this yeah yeah because why would plus it looks bad on the yeah exactly there the only downside of holding Bitcoin on your balance sheet like only only until you until you sell cuz once you realize the gain point you have to S this means you don't have to sell yeah no so You' have to be timing issues but not everyone's Michael sailor in micro strategy so not everyone's going to now they can be whole no but the previously people we know ourselves people companies buy Bitcoin for the balance sheet we have companies that buy Bitcoin for the balance sheet at all different levels one's fine but in America I appr you this would be offputting and not I don't think any of them have ever thought in in a sense of like oh it looks bad on the balance sheet they'll just set they just sell it when they need to when Cas you know that what are you basing that on well when they come and sell it randomly because they need cash so we've never had it we don't serve any Americans no no UK talking UK is different this is America not listen I'm talking about people in companies in general they they wouldn't necessarily be thinking it looks bad on the balance sheet they're thinking about the actual money they don't care what looks like kind of report realistic if you surveyed Public public company might be different smaller companies that don't need to report anyone with investors that has to report a balance sheet your balance sheet is not going to look as good now to an investor you just explain the TR they don't understand it's not something that exp yeah but you'd have a note on the accounts now it makes notes on our accounts to explain certain things don't we I don't see are you not seeing this as a positive I I am seeing as a positive I don't think it's as big as like I don't think it's will change it I don't think it's going to create a of businesses from the US or putting Bitcoin in the balance sheet there I don't think it will do that I just don't think it will I think it will it's got accountants in the title though isn't it really you're getting a bit excited I think the ETF will be more there'll be more people putting it on Via the ETF than they will from doing it themselves yeah probably because it might be slightly easier yeah and have we agreed to disagree then yeah dise why why do you think why do you think it's taking this long for them to do it just takes a long just takes a long time takes a long time to changeing codes he's still not going to be done till December okay but you can you can start reporting it now yeah kicks in December 15th yeah anyway great news it's good posi news maybe maybe I'll I'll pack the fireworks away I'll tell the parade Stand Down guys doesn't think as big it's not the key it's not the keyy to maybe the door key to the ETF door doesn't work an analogy I was envisaging some sort of opening up to corporate world this is like a separate door yeah they're in this is different door entirely it's a there's two separate routes one's door and this is a separ corporate America separate buildings they're not even in the same C wow all right they're in the same country Amica have to think about something one does it's completely separate all anyway it's move in the right direction the and the ETF it's completely unrelated it's a posit so it's not a door at all it's a positive good point thanks okay done okay uh ledger issu so Ledger identified and remove malicious version of The Ledger connect Kate cool next one not really that b well you start did you start it yeah but it's just one of them just highlight everyone if you've got and just be careful there's yeah anyone using daps on Ledger especially it was just daps wasn't it that the end yeah for people that not understanding what that care mean though decentralized I want to explain decentralized apps you beat me to it he's going to explain going explain he's one today for them that don't understand what DS are decentralized apps the point is like you're using your kind of wallet effectively to log in and to do things on certain daps um so it might be a website that uses something but you're using your wallet to effectively log in that had like a malicious bit of code that got pushed and submitted by a ledger employee but The Ledger employee left but he still had access to um confirm it was him no no they're saying it wasn't him and he's he's he'd been fished and his account had been compromised and then they' done what they'd done watch this bit it was only bit of JavaScript was it I think as well yeah it's a yeah it was a JavaScript package is it worri I think that can happen well it spread to all of all the apps and everything it wasn't issue it was an issue like like etherum what everything I think the issue we can kind of tie this back to last week's pod where it was an issue because all these the app the apps staps uh blind sign so you don't have to look at the screen to confirm the address these staps actually just blind sign if your ledg is plugged in or whatever this is like what we're talking about with Jack DW's the not having a screen the great looking yeah so actually Ledger were pushing everyone to make sure you clear sign everything which is why you check it against the screen because it was basically just injecting a new page where the like changing the address you sending I see a bigger problem as ledes corporate governance have allowing an ex employee there was loads of problems with this whole thing it was was a big thing that yeah didn't take his access away when he left the company um and they admitted that and they said oh yeah sorry better and stuff but yeah that's that's a really bad one something like that um but then there was throughout it like he had full access to change something in GitHub push it straight to live which rolled it out to every dap out there and all the other and Ledger uh connect M I think it was live for five hours was it it was live for many hours basically the whole industry was just saying if you used apps for anything just don't use them just until this is resolved don't use anything and it's like okay well that means I can't do things I can't transact and do stuff they did say that ledger live wasn't an issue and you could still transact and send think what that their message was just don't do things yeah the whole industry just saying that touch it just don't do anything do anything until it's resolved as people were saying leave it like 24 hours just to be sure and things and stuff and it's like yeah but that's because of the the smart contract world that it's created and they've all used the same library or a lot of them have used the same Library so it was a a cautious don't do anything because you don't know if the apps you do use use that Library if few misplaced steps in 2023 for Ledger that's not great it's not been good um yeah just be careful tldr be careful y okay uh River they announced River link to allow for sending Bitcoin links VI a text message is this another Mega product is this another coin sweeping episode what a great new product by river so it's not as bad as coin bases put that out there um so nice fancy ad has it it is a nice quite yeah it's quite a nice ad um actually it has a use it is useful um and I think it has got a good use case um I think that because we did that so you know got to give ourselves credit for that we how many years ago did we do we give Charlie credit for that um we did it back in it was 2014 uh 2014 2015 um and we actually built a whole product around it for people that don't know called bit greet um which you can Google and still find a little bit on out there qu Telegraph got an article haven't they they got a lovely article and a nice image of you dressed in a Santa suit um but we did it slightly different but the the processes the same but it's good so for people that don't know uh River created something so you can log into your River account um basically get a URL that say you want to send $50 worth of bitcoin to somebody um that URL you can then share with anyone so you can they're saying about texting to people you can WhatsApp it some it's basically just any communication you can send to somebody um once they receive that they just click that link and that will take them to River's website and a page and they can either log into their River account and get that Bitcoin send straight to their River account go by Mike there's a picture of or they you is probably a picture or you can actually the better bit of this is you can send it to an external wallet I'm trying to explain to listeners like you guys tripping in laughing at things on the screen or you can send so the good bit about River Rivers side is you can actually send to an external wallet from there so you would click land on the river web page put your Bitcoin address in or lightning address whatever and then click redeem that $50 um so it's not like coinbase but you have to be a coinbase customers yeah you know do you see Jam's message that that's how Brian got with the $100 yeah yeah so got the lightning thing yeah yeah um so it's a good I think it is it has a quite a handy little use case so if you don't know someone's lightning address or Bitcoin address you can just if it had a good use case why did we stop doing it so we did it we did it different so what I'm explain there they've they've done it so you can just share a link and some with someone we did it from um kind of like doing the same thing and you shared a link in the same way but you give them it was like a birthday card or a Christmas card and we did like full Christmas cards so in an email and then they' just get the Christmas card and say happy Christmas to whoever name on click the link take you to the bitre website and you'd be able to redeem whatever Bitcoin was in there um so it's the same technical process but we tried to wrap we wrapped it up into more of a gift exercise which is something we might bring back at some point and something we had conversations on the honest answer we got rid because there was no traction MH so I think timing is you think the name was terrible as well no this is a good lesson for timing I'll come back to the name in a second this is a good lesson for timing um we did it coinbase already did this so so we did it back in 20145 coinbase already did the send uh to your friend via text and like this thing they've Reed launched again they'd already done this um and it's not something new in the industry and a lot of people have done this in the past it's never stuck because people have never used it people then pushed for the affiliate side so it's basically affiliate link and you get money from the affiliate link so of course everyone used affiliate links instead of using this now affiliate links are starting to be clamped down on then you can't like for example in the UK you're not allowed to do that anymore people are going to use this method to be able to just send money to people do it that way and it's a way to refer people back and forwards um so I still don't know if it's easier than just asking someone for their Bitcoin address or let lightning address I think it is I always quite liked it you could just send one like that you wouldn't but you still have to go get your Bitcoin address and put it in there yeah you still have to go and get your address yeah so why don't I just say give it's how gifts work isn't it like no I get like that's what made sense when it coin do yeah yeah yeah River and coinbase like I owe this gu this guy $20 send them this link and they can go and claim it back when they feel like it um which is fine it's kind of they do it in their own time at that point can't they yeah yeah yeah it does have a use case and I agree with that yeah yeah but I think the the gift side is something that we might look to bring back again it' be the third time we'll bring it back if it back Facebook trying to launch this is a thing like we always mock him and let's Rebrand and launch again this is like the second time it might be the third time going Bas have tried to bring this back I'm not sure um but they they've done this before River are a newer company so they've not never done it before but there's other companies out there that have already been doing this for years and they've done it it definitely seems like a play for an affiliate kind of get signups isn't it cuz even in rivers like you can go to external wallet but at the top is like River no feet there's nothing wrong with that no you can send that to people that don't have any Bitcoin right exactly let's let's explore this cuz I've got exactly the bit G process the problem back then we didn't have lightning back then so that kind ofed it didn't because it was cheap on chain it cost next to nothing um but the we also we launched it in sort of it was Christmas 2014 was it so it was like bare Market kicking in 2015 was like one of the worst bare markets you've ever been through when I joined um yeah that's probably about it's the worst bare market fatory and then uh two we launched it relaunched it in 200 18 was it 2018 19 I think which was also bare Market time didn't we watch it within the co Corner website as well it was sear yeah we had it as a separate one the originally and then in the coin Corner website second so it never got used so we got rid of it because we were maintaining looking after something that never really got used just dust off the old code put it back in well that's the scenario the minute we have all the old designs and we've got all the things it's kind of the process is there the code's already there it's just kind of like should we bring it back it we don't know like it's great everyone jumped on coinbase River and said oh this is amazing how many people use it is a different question I think that's that's what we're suppose this time it be lightning enabled yeah mhm which I don't know I think for the card the gift thing I think is we've done that with at what point do you go right this isn't going to work is it is it after two or is it after three that's what we did it's a question for you isn't it but maybe timing is everything and this time I'm trying to think how many people actually send e cards anyway well that was the thing we found we were looking like competitors we ecard companies that send like an e-card and put gift they put gift cards in for an Amazon gift card and things yeah um and there was some quite big or lot big companies out there doing it but none of them like I could think of one now no physical simps are still always win people like the physical which works well with the bolt card yeah the bolt cards are a better gift giving thing yeah um so yeah it was just I don't know maybe we bring it back and try again maybe we just watch how coin Bas and rivers goes and we'll see how popular that is I don't know I it'd be kind of depressing to bring it back again but would it would have been more depressing to watch them succeed and us be like that's our place look forward guys not back um right yeah we'll keep an eye on see how it goes it's better than coin bases yeah it's better than coin bases just for that we we still ha com yeah right next one uh vanck CEO Jan van he's got a company named after himself sorry I didn't say the name was Charlie So you you're abusing Charlie that's s say I knew it was Charlie what what name would you come that was better just some along the lines of what coinbase and River have used oh coin Corner coin Corner link yeah coin cor link is fine bit Greek just sounds like that was Charlie's Best that's one of Charlie's proudest things I know he still do I think last time we spoke to him he he brought that up the greatest contribution he says when we bringing it back every time yeah right uh yeah vanck vanck CEO John Jan vanck says it's impossible for me to imagine some other internet store of value will Leap Frog Bitcoin who's this guy the vanet CEO you just read it yeah I know but what's vanck what's vanck Van's one of the guys in one of the ETFs okay uh it's always just like okay same it's like we've known that they have to say this as well Yeahs I think they're more coming out bullish though the way they are and obviously we'll come to the the advert in a minute as well of bitwise we got get through this faster well actually but people is still like a question that newbies would ask uh like BD team they would say you know the next Bitcoin could be like missed about with this Bitcoin but the next Bitcoin and the FL answer is there is no other Bitcoin there never will be um and I suppose when more people say that especially in people are respected position to say it and there's more weight to it I suppose but I'm kind of respected yeah it's like that isn't it or he's a CEO and we all know a lot of CEOs absolute idiots I agree we come to Danny's tweet so I suppose more people say it's it's the right message that I would also agree with but yeah is what it is yeah okay uh ETF applicant bitwise they released a Bitcoin ad featuring The most interesting man in the world who's that I like this I also very much like this advert yeah I'm not against it either there's been some class adverts recently this is better than coin bases coin bases coin no coin Bas was brilliant this is also brilliant and you know why this is better than coin bases and I'll talk to you that in a minute look for sound we're all watching a video are you are you going to play the sound cool um so legendary nice and sure I think he's better coin basic because it is it is short but me and Dave have had this conversation with people in the past and Dave you actually said this yesterday as well you know we' had firsthand experience with this is very very applicable um so people have said to us so wealthy people going to like you know going to tennis club and all this and hanging out with all your wealthy mates and they want something cool to talk about so they want to be involved in Bitcoin so they'll want to buy a little bit of Bitcoin be involved in just so they can say to the mat oh yeah I've got some Bitcoin and they kind of use it as a talking point and a bragging point and this is exactly that I get it no it's not because it's like these there's some we were I don't know who we was speak some wealthy individuals or friends of wealthy individuals who like right they've got a vanilla portfolio that they can just have a lot of their port a lot of wealth in boring there nothing to talk about and it is when you WR these social things oh I've got a bit of bit it's like that it comes talking point at a social event where these wealthy people are and this is this hasn't happened just once this has happened multiple times in the last four months of us having conversations with this sort of crowd they're just bored something a bit edgy but I suppose it's still got that VI I know we've been in it a long time and like but it is still new to a lot of people and if the more these people learn about it I suppose they can carry quite interesting conversations about why they're into Bitcoin so saying perfect exactly that this tvert scream is exactly them conversations we mean they we've had with these people I think this advert is great as well is because it's it's a that guy is a meme and mes are like that generation is he is he I didn't know that I'm not even aware of the guy yeah is he is he a actually here was from an old campaign for like beer back in the day so this is next level this is next level so yeah most interest so that's the [Music] point I recognize him now yeah it's that guy and he's called the most interesting man in the world yeah he's like I you can type in it's like I don't always do this but Al it's more of a Me Maybe we completely missed we miss that but our point is probably still I don't always do commercials when I get no but people AR get it's multi layered I'm not I'm worried that's why it attracts the wealthy people from generational point of view like we look like Boomers there for not picking up with that Mike you just pull up okay Boomer mean you'll probably see that guys FS yeah how did you not recognize that they literally said the Tweet I'm not a meme guy I I really recognize the Tweet the meme to be honest either I didn't recognize him but I knew it must have been a meme based on oh the most interesting man you're so intelligent that you s it must well no it was I just admit i' recognized it I'm being truthful God this is embarrassing for all of you it was always surrounded by like so he's done models and stuff yeah it's like a whole um whole range of them imagine being that guy M it's just okay but it does fit perfectly like the setting they've put him in at like a what looks like a fancy restaurant club sort of thing and the yeah I mean they how they're dressed and everything it's like a yeah bitcoin's interesting and it's like that's a it's a talking topic for the wealthy that's honestly in my opinion a brilliant ad yeah so simply so sure I know it's so many messages two Brillion ads in a month way better than Co bases are we're going to see similar things from all the ETF applicants do you think are they is it now a marketing campaign each other that's what's part of the strength of the ETF they have to get volume through to make it successful to get their fees in have you ever seen an advert for an ETF have you ever kept your eye on one no but that's what I've never SE I never heard of a company doing ETF YouTube ETF advert see what comes up see what the ETF adverts is is it this the first time they've ever done something like this I don't know say must like I'm not sure how they would advertise normally though it's normally is it not like investor brochures like given to comp csps in bits and pieces is it wouldn't be a YouTube ad would it there's a van one W Mo ETF that's just about van isn't it so they put them on is that like an airport screen one yeah that's where they put it where'd you get that from right I'll take him on you so this is from seven years this is from seven years ago it's only got 214 views yeah but look at it's not an interesting why would why would want do this but if you like yeah but it's highlighting to me that's where they advertise at airports you kind of Mak sense but that's exactly my point there the Bitcoin one is like everyone's all over it yeah on bitcoin Twitter so so they never really done new but being on bitcoin Twitter isn't an ETF Market really is it Bitcoin Twitter's follow Maxi buying Bitcoin exchange on bitcoin Twitter he's a CEO of a multi-billion dollar public company I know it's you're on yeah right come on hurry up cuz I'm starving right just starving well I know cuz I'm know we got the pot look so you know I'm really excited about I'm not um right well problem none of us are are you not what I'm not excited about the little we're having a Jacob's join for the listeners where everyone brings in a dish but I think I just got Rost to buy some kishes yesterday but the spread looks amazing I know someone's made a Christmas tree out little picky B oh that thingy looks really good the ulog oh yeah think that that looks amazing that tastes good as well cuz she's a very good Baker yes I've got issues with the Christmas tree Dave Janet asked me to bring in crud and then she has just brought in her own plate of crudes which is the Christmas tree so I spent 12 on celery sweet cor can Peppers all s yesterday and she's just brought it in anyway okay soike I'll I'll support you dip still well we can all refuse to hard bring our own it what did you cont Italian and Spanish meat oh you did go yeah I was just offering out I was the want to join D was my backup key I if you want to join C I've already done it you br C I got made made he said about car like why would I do that he wouldn't never be as good as it why would people do it sure I don't even like K okay got sorry yeah right Danny wouldn't have let that happen What like that absolute what seg seg seg Beyond The Script yeah he would have been toting by now okay right back on script then uh gray scale CEO says e approval would unlock about 30 trillion worth of advised wealth for Bitcoin yeah what's advised wealth saw that last night I think this one's a bit fund it's what it's the people's funds isn't it advised wealth and this one's a bit similar to what we said before right why are we starring them if we're not no yeah I know but as in the sense of like the grayscale CEO right course is going to say that and I also don't carry much credibility with them that makes sense it's funny to watch them all come out and say all these lines it just Creo because you need more volume for his fun they all just are to gain the news themselves to push their own company you I might just say that as well put it out there why don't you make could be in next I'm not allowed okay but there's I think you're going to get more and more of it it's always going to be like you're seeing some people say oh yeah it's going to be a million dollar Bitcoin next year it's like they're just saying it at the minute because they want to get in the news and get their company in the news and do that and it's like we could all do that and say that but then hindsight for me it's one of them I think historically you look back and you can see all these other people that are saying oh yeah it's going to be a million dollars next year look back at all their previous predictions and they're all just as whacky and ridiculous and stupid and they're all just saying it just to get themselves in the media okay well moving on don't believe what you he mediate right US court approved settlements against binance paying 2.7 billion to the cfdc mhm so this one quiet didn't they yesterday yeah well I missed this nobody really said anything um I've not read the full thing has anyone else read no what the CF the CF uh it's just one of the Departments there but the um so this isn't on top of his other fine is is this just we've approved the fine that he's already getting yeah I think so so because I think people were worried that um that's the the pre find the $4 billion one that okay that's what they've kind of pre-agreed then they're going into the detail of sorting that out now it might turn around say actually we don't agree with this we're going to do you for more things or do you for X Y and Z but they've agreed this it's kind of like okay that's a start anyway doj and other ones I think other departments have still got their their pieces to come right um but the plea deal has been agreed by um cftc okay so it's just a bit of detail on that then just a little update is that it has gone ahead I guess is is the main thing as well and it's not they're going to start coming down and trying to get more or trying to like okay um Su for different things okay next one black crck f third amendment to a cftd application quite a few of them do that yesterday quite a few amendments shooting in yeah there was a few what are they amending uh this was to do with the cash um I don't know the detail there was something to do with the cash but I mean it's irrelevant at the minute they're little tweaks are these tweaks off the back of their meetings with the SEC I assume yeah just so every time they're going in having a meeting they're coming out the tweaking something I I always see it's quite a good sign if you if you want the ETF to and the fact that they're still tweaking and modifying them and stillings still taking the meetings still GL of communication still trying to get it open the line I suppose and the the stuff they're tweaking is a little insignificant things for the most part so it's kind it's always like it's more and more likely to happen almost there's nothing major to kick him back on any this is just getting everything lined up they working with the SEC yeah Converse if you think about it if they weren't having any conversations with the SEC for the last six months and they weren't doing any tweaks you'd be like oh this has gone cold and there's there's a big roadblock yeah so yeah very positive I think for uh a positive outcome for them being approved I think yeah okay cool uh all right last point in the agenda before we go on to the wrap up is your your Tweet what tweet tweet Dan's tweet I didn't see it last night you stopped retweeting mine I'll stop retweeting yours I've I've screen you feel the you've not retweeted any of my these I have you go on my feed and check I I screenshot it see a pin tweet sorry I've got it I've got it right ddy last night audience won't huh no one will see it we can I'll share with M it's it's not that exciting anyway no it's not that exciting it's just Danny being a drama queen I've decided due to restrict want me to read it sorry explain Danny Scott last night bck seeing inspirational tweets from people that have clearly never walked the walk I think I'm going to Tweet what it's like to really really like to be a CEO and bootstrap a business from hund uh sorry to hundreds of millions not going to lie it's going to be a rude awakening I know I did see that actually you didn't like it did I not I would meant to I didn't mean to right I I hadn't seen it and and then he came over this morning and said oh no you sent me an email about it reminded me and then you came here talking about it this morning should we talk about what's on your list of things you're going to Tweet about so I've good well we can do actually like the idea he actually asked so Dave's going to do a counter one to me and know about me as a exactly do that so he's going to do that I might follow that one my point I'm sick of seeing like inspirational social influences should we call them or whatever they want to call themselves where they're tweeting about this is how to run a business this is how to make 100K in in a month's time this is how to become an expert in this field it's like these people are not any of they've never done any of them things they're tweeting and pushing out and they're just their influen is trying to get people to their engagement yeah but it's your counter argument is going to anti almost anti- engagement farming yeah so I'm going to go at the approach of I'm going to actually tweet on a try and do it on a daily basis while we're in the office and stuff of things that I actually have to do in a day that people would maybe not expect to see to do and maybe think a CEO just sits in his big office all day telling everyone what to do and in reality do you think you have to make your I don't know if you're atypical because you you do do stuff I'm like what what are you doing granular stuff potentially I'm not does he does it and then he meanss about it because because we have to do it because nobody else is doing it but that's the sort of things as a CEO you do these things throughout the lifespan of a business because you have to if you don't do if somebody else is not doing it it ends up falling onto you and you have to do it but I'm not I'm not going to say I'm going to be complaining about that I'm going to be showing people look this is this you don't um it's not always sunshine and rainbows and if you try as hard as you can it's not always going to succeed things fail things go wrong that that's life [ __ ] happens it's not like all the tweets you see is like the one from last side that showed you it was you know oh yeah if you try really hard it becomes easy and it's it's dead easy then to succeed all you've got to do is hire lots of people and scale you basically saying it never becomes easy it never becomes easy and maybe maybe that's my experience and other people but I don't think it ever should because it means that you're not you know if it's easy it's not worth doing I agree and that's the problem but then people saying like oh yeah like if you're interested in it and you try hard you'll succeed and it's like [ __ ] m you will not 99.9% of people will not like anti- inspirational kind it's reality it's reality it's like we know that I know that from startups and things like maybe other people don't realize that but like you know now is it it's usually like a one in feces vure Capital companies when they're investing they're looking at maybe a one in 10 actually succeed in the ones they invest in and and return something valuable to them maybe three out of 10 will return something that's okay there's a little bit of a return and the rest of them will pretty much either fail or you might be lucky to get your money back um so talking like one in 10 actually succeeds and does what they're doing and the one in 10's actually probably quite fav yeah but they're also talking about like moonshot unicorn type things they succeed within months but that's also only companies yeah and that's also only companies that have gained vure Capital Money there's hundreds and millions of companies out there that never get Venture Capital money that already fail before they even get that stage and we talked about last last week in terms of like Nintendo and the pivots the great pivots the companies have made to become successful and there's no overnight is really like historically people might say like VC unicorns in terms of like the Facebooks of the world but even that was a long SLO to get to where it was it was so there's no basic it's just all a SLO isn't it it's hard work never gets easy and there's always little bits that you'd be surprised the CEO is doing and then people will get a rude awakening when they TR think oh you know I'm going to run me own company and do this and then they go and try and do it and they hit the first barrier of this is hard it's like and then that's why you find out what kind of person they are at that point but I also think you can never lose focus on the small things either like the small things do like you like the stuff you're talking about doing is people might consider the small things but it sets a precedent to everyone else in terms of what they see you if you care about that small tiny thing everyone else should yeah really always always sweat the small stuff I ever see you Benjamin Franklin benjam you know look after penes P look after themselves so you're a different quote you well I'm going to I'll quote Sean b whatever yeah um but yeah no that is I agree yeah um and that is my mentality I know a lot everyone's that's one of the other things as well it's like there's no like easy There's No One path to anything and everybody's journey is completely different in many different ways and things like even the team you know you read these books we've done this in the past but you've read books leadership books and things like that and I've read so many now that I've realized over time that they've a lot of them contradict each other so they might be leaders and like some of these are you know billionaire CEOs of successful global companies and they're all contradicting each other because their experience this is what works and the other guys experience this is what works because they both had completely different businesses and different Industries and different teams different people around them so different things worked in different ways so there's no one way to do it so when you're looking for inspirational social influencers and they're tweeting posting whatever on Instagram um it's it's it's just fake it's made up it's it's aimed to try and I guess inspire you and encourage you to go and do these things but then the reality hits when you actually try and do if you try and do them things so I'm going to go at the reality straight from the off look forward to the content this is what well I took one this morning which was the that pissed me off though to Dave come in uh this was bad I mean it's like me and you both sweating the small stuff on different scales though you you what did you do put the heating on his here so Dave came and said did you leave the hea the boardroom last night for one why would it be my job turn the off in be the minions it was left on this is my point this is reality I have to do this how's about I fum at someone for leaving it on yeah so then I said to him no I came in this morning and turned it on because nobody's coming into morning to PR the boardroom for meetings the first meeting in the morning and some for you no but that annoyed wel I was like why no one's in it I warmed it up for the for you planet is that an important thing like because I spend most of my day in here which is a painful thing I was wearing a hat and jacket not take my just go put some layers on um but that that's my yeah one of my things this morning and Dave commented on it and I've got a picture of me turning it on this morning so that's what you're going to Tweet so your Tweet will be I'm I pre-warm the boardroom my comment's going to be why are we why you heating an empty room to Dave you moaned later on yeah okay um anyway yeah so I'm reality I get your point follow me now for reality or realistic CEO tweet okay followers just Happ the graphic of that there'll be Bitcoin in there a little bit every now you has to make my own I'm that was another one this morning actually I was going to you have to make your own coffee I know it's terrible KCK off the worst part I made more coffees for other people I don't remember the last time you made us one Dave anyway should oh right okay right this time for the Bitcoin is Bitcoin 23 23 wrap up flash graphic explosion explosion shows his skill like just leave it as that don't put anything on me me and do the sound here come the lasers explosion right that's good enough an intro M Jesus um yeah last year we did we did this didn't we for the first time seem to go down well we changed the categories yeah profession I haven't got the more right do you want to run through the categories we'll just and I'll have my problems afterwards all right uh most influential bitcoiner uh best book best podcast unsung hero and best coin the moment go from it let's go around the room okay most influential Bitcoin you can go first or you the last yes I don't have one brilliant mine was I do have one my most influential Bitcoin for 2023 was Daniel baton I'm enjoying his ESG U newsletters and it's good content people should sign up yeah basically I said that last week but I'm enjoying it so I have one he's mine do you guys have him as well I have like I put black rock down as the most influential Bitcoin I mean Larry in terms of influence in the industry getting an ETF approved oh I just realized my one some hero Sor off that one just completely talking over me sorry about sorry about it perect I'm going to do a category swap on my one if you're talking about actual influence in the industry I think black Brock a ANS okay I think that's a fair point yeah it's fair it's not an individual I don't like it but it's it's fair yeah um mine was going to be uh mine kind of crosses over I'm hoping mine's not the same as yours I've not looked at that but Joe nakam did you do that I you did that last year I've G for another category uh wonder which one I one song that was mine so I would have him as um unsung hero slash most influential because I think the content he's doing and going out there actually physically going to a lot of these countries and talking to people and and being actively involved in um the local communities that's content and information that you just don't get to see and it's showing the real adoption in these countries or lack of adoption how do you like his videos I think like travel Vlog type thing he's doing stuff that not many other people and he does it with uh P Paco Paco yeah he must be the most friendliest approachable person cuz he just gets strangers just to talk andaction yeah it's not so much like is it confidence or is it willingness some level I think it's both confidence as well yeah I mean I I wouldn't be do that yeah I suppose it part of me thinks I would just be like if it was me trying to do those videos I'd be like that' be not it be like it' come across more aggressive you know what I mean like the police you know like angry about being approachable very I'll give you 10 you give me 20 back it look like I found a mug B of Bitcoin certainly with but yeah I agree I had him as my unsung hero um cuz he's been yeah was it he's done Central America South America Africa Caribbean he's been persistent years bare Market has been a bad bare Market he's been very persistent in doing that and doing it like not for himself as well this is yeah also like he gets you know when he's been on panels or presenting on some of his conferences and people give him stick for being working for coin Telegraph like the guy personally he principled I mean like cuz I think I saw was it Stacy something yeah give him a hard time but it's just like are they yeah I don't probably I think that was this year where she was giv conference and I was like think I break look at content I think he just brings in more realism of like you always say oh yeah bitcoin's been adopted in this African country and like you don't really know but he's actually been there gone to the meetups seeing how they're using it if they even are using it show the realistic side of it and then you can improve on that you just showing the the sunshine rainbows all the time you think there's nothing to improve to do same as the CEO social influencers being idiots and talk about sunshine rainbows it's not real m so he's your he's your most influential and he was your un he's my un he was going to be both of mine for that so I've kind of gotten okay going to be both of yours de to give him most influential and untung hero you couldn't think of two different people I didn't want to quiet you yeah I didn't want to I think Z probably go better with the black rock side for the influential naed it that that has been the biggest influence to the industry this year probably without doubt okay that's all M was better but myong hero was Bitcoin Palace in UK for the work oh yeah H so was mine Freddy and you yeah well one single person yeah head of policy no but head Bitcoin policy you say who's the head of policy Freddy knew he wins I've just made it a bit clearer if you one medal to award One Medal to award it goes to Freddy surely I put Heroes okay for the team of yeah all right so yeah we're we're the same on that I kind of agree with that one as well yeah yeah okay okay all right I disagree so is that those two categories done yeah best book do that one this is the Freddy been doing nobody if people don't know who he is I'm trying to explain what he's been doing just tweeting loads of content well well I you know haven't they yeah so I subscribed to bitcoin policy UK the newsletter I'm I'm on a newsletter signing Endeavor and I think people should CU that that gives you updates in terms of what they've been doing so what is the Bitcoin poliy UK it's a lobbying group really to make sure that the interests of Bitcoin are at the Forefront of political decisions UK could be a hub of Bitcoin and Bitcoin adoption if it's the agendas are put to the Forefront of the right people I suppose they're also looking at mining sustainability products and policy in general yeah so I think one of the big positives for me is they're trying to do it from Bitcoin not crypto so that they doing it as a Bitcoin focus and trying to help we are seeing the other uh policy with crypto policy UK right Bri Brian Armstrong's new one of arm donate a million dollars this this not as easy as that Brian just yeah it's not just about throwing dollar things you should learn that we learned that from SPF didn't we yeah you know it's about people putting in the leg works because the right people making sure people got understanding like Freddy new mhm and the team but Brian needs to push it through crypto because they need crypto sure not bit not just Bitcoin that's right okay yeah so it's good that's why I do like about the difference them putting the effort and time into do that right best book let's hear it if you've picked 50 Cent now and leav I'll let you guys go through the book first why do you want to do your book at the end first you I have one just to wind you up but I'm wind me up mine is hidden repression Alex gladstein I be on board with that that was a brilliant book back to back gladstein books for me back yeah I was trying to think what my best Bookers and then this was like the one of the only ones I just kind of read he WR within day or so such easy read such an approachable way for what could be considered quite a difficult subject I think it's quite you know shocking and a really good Insight remember afterwards we were on such a hate for the IM yeah we just wanted to bring massive insight into the IMF and the World Bank and how they kind of are exploiting these um lesser off countries with with getting them into you know massive Lodge of debt and then enforcing certain policies which are only there to kind of help the IMF and keep them inspiraling if you read that and then see what's happening in Argentina it's sheds a different light on it yeah so that's my book of the year yeah agree with that the cover it's not no cover of the year I like that cover I thought Mike had accidentally zoomed in iiz like from a do you not like that triggering yeah but it's Tri that's good though you don't want to cover this blend how close the text is to the Ed yeah no I love that cover when I saw it is it on Audible I haven't actually seen hopefully it might be it is very good you with the stuff in Argentina lately you kind of make the pathways of like oh yeah I even think it did I not lend you this someone's got my copy no I don't read physical books no but I even think you could read this read this yeah too busy turning hire someone to read to you I know yeah that's what do if it's not audible I think audible is yeah literally doesn't look look I think he did like a threep part pod with Peter on it giving you all the highlights there's lots of graphs on it so yeah good book everyone should read that I would like to yeah need that on Audible right mly what was your book quite a lot long my book so not bit my book and my podcast are not Bitcoin related but they kind of are I don't think they have to be okay that's good but no I feel like kind of want them to be just say that I feel like they are related because it's it's kind of I think fits him with the bitcoiner mindset uh so my best book I read this year was a book called Ultra processed people by Chris B tolken he's UK TV Doctor well he's a real doctor but he's a TV doctor as well you guys he's a twin twin doctor twin doctor twin doctor um but yeah it was basically um a book that looked at the way like big food big food industry and the fact that everything that people are eating these days is process it's a lot to blame for health conditions and like people people's mental health physical health um it looks into like it's not just about the food though it's about economics and like the history of food and the science of food and basically how the the big organizations are manipulating everything so it's kind of like got that conspiracy mindset that as Bitcoin is love but this is about big food instead of big Banks yeah they you look like I'm not a conspiracy guy there's there's no conspiracy in this this is science and facts well I just had a conspiracy mindset disagreeing with oh some of the some I think some of the industry of are like but it's it's the kind of like oh it's not the mainstream conspirac is it something else for me to worry about if I read that book about what I eat cuz I don't need that yeah yeah I've read that one as well and a good book change the way you look at everything it's a very good book have I got time to in my life to start worried about the bread I'm eating I mean should da otherwise your life's going to be shortened a lot and you won't have that much time there's loads of variables short of my life the the worst the worst one if you want into to talk about worrying I don't was uh which one was it I want to go the other way me and Z very much the hands off approach fatal conveniences that's not my favorite book of the year but fatal follows on it would be good so that one is like convenience food that's unhealthy yeah but not just Foods it's like everything like microplastics like like stuff you wash your clothes with and things like that and Fab and how the Fabrics it's all soci a which is very in line with a lot of on feel like it doesn't apply to me un manipul read it and find out you i' say put you in there okay good pick if it's your book of the Year I'll read it I'll read it yeah it came out this year enough I think we should all commit to read each other's did you read last year was comic habit oh I read that before you yeah we need to commit to read me and Danny both read it I can't really I can't dismiss it until I've read it like the Wim Hoff book it's actually a very no is a very good book that one and it's a good insight into processed food and things okay I commit to reading that same okay and then if we hate it it might be our book of the year next we'll bring it up here okay jump to mine now no you can have mine first there's only one book this year I read that is absolutely harrowing and I try to read on it's not harrowing book of the year no but it's told Mikey what this is so you can get on the screen sorry it's called let's not go to the dogs tonight by Alexandra Fuller and I couldn't yeah you saw you saw me trying to read it on the plane oh it's oh my God you finished it I finished it and then I tried to get so I've never met anyone else that read it um it's harrowing and I was literally I this chapter six I kept having to take a break from on the way to Dubai and from Dubai I Ste having to go right I need to breather I need a rest kept putting the book down on the flight to Dubai so it's about a her family growing up in rodesia as it changes to um Zimbabwe so this is what you was doing where we was on our way to Dubai to go meet with the regulators and the banks I need I need our what list people someone contacted me that's also read it so I can PR this thing I've had this thing in me like no I can't tell anyone because no one else has read it so it's this small African Child in you for a while oh my God I was literally having like flashbacks it's so cuz I've got I've got small childhood no but it's true story it's true story her real life growing up in that environment and I was just like Jesus so that was mine still gives me nightmares and I it took me absolutely just to read it because I kept on I put it down and and anyone on YouTube just put in the comments that they've read it I'll DM you because I we can talk about it sounds like a great read I try to get my to read and what you going to say 50 cent no I don't know how I follow that now cuz I feel like that's a bit like a hard made to reading it so said down are you going to read it yeah yeah they said there crying while I've never cried but you liar you told me you you about to I was about to cry cuz I was I was literally getting a bit like and you had to stop yeah that's how bad I didn't know you had emotion no it's like I only I was looking at Zimbabwe and the afcan culture anyway so I bought a few bugs in Africa and this one just snuck in there cuz I didn't like our family's experience growing up in Africa perfect like to see what the culture is like and it was just like hit me I came from nowhere there's no chance I'm going to be isn't art on some hero Freddy new from Zimbabwe I don't know is he is he he might maybe he's read that book yeah aot it was just really interesting what it's just his story is actually yeah his story is me it's just crazy what becomes important to people anyway uh well I I actually don't know how to follow that just say I've had quite a few this year but the the the 50 Cent hustle harder hustle smar ridiculous because D hates that but that that's not my choice but I just wanted to throw that in there that is a good book what's the word they always he always says hustle hustle you said you would stop saying I I also read it because I I like to like read books that you say good and then I was like Danny how when does he stop saying calling people Hustlers he was like oh soon and I was like I'm halfway through it he's saying every other word but it is a good book though the lesson we talked about already on here I don't agree it's a good book the lessons to be learned from that are actually incredibly good you learned some lessons other people won't learn lessons no that's what I said about the CEO thing earlier there no conflict with what you're saying about the CEO stuff some of the stuff does but it's that's the different opinion that's what I'm saying some no there's no right WR way and the way he says like he always like for the meetings and stuff like that where he goes dressed and everything smart and thing it's like but reality is you know sometimes people go you can go the complete opposite way you can turn up in flip-flops and shorts and people take a step back and think oh what the [ __ ] this guy doing and then they start talking they know what they're talking about and it changes but you've caught them off guard and he does it in a different way in a different approach to it but it's then catching the person off guard that he got into Bezos was on um Freedman recently he's talking about meetings what he likes and that kind of thing he's like he likes a messy meeting yeah I saw that yeah what is what does a messy meeting like no kind of like agenda no kind of agenda just everyone in the room kind of exploring the idea to come to a conclusion because he's copied our messy meetings well yeah everyone does it differently don't they and you just take little bits from okay everyone what was your other book then so M actual book so this is obiously a joke annoyingly this has nothing to do with Bitcoin and I don't know if I can really tie it in but um and it's going to be very controversial considering his current um Will Smith oh he serious ah look at it how face serious that was that that was that good book Will Smith very good book you want us to read that book yeah I would I'll read it if it's your book of the year the E self-titled will so he actually said this exactly self-titled before he slapped um Chris Rock that's not in here is it no it's because he wrote this before Oh this is free this is the buildup this is pre but if you read this and then you kind of understand why he's gone and done that in some way and you realize what he's kind of like and different very open if he's being honest which I think he is cuz I mean he absolutely abuses himself in some areas of the book um but it just it's like one of them again don't believe what you see in the media and all them sort of things from we know that from the Bitcoin side and that side of the world with this the the stuff that I guess he's gone through like in D morang he's like a you know one of the most famous movie stars of all time and very weth guy and he is completely but he is the stuff he goes through behind the scenes is the stuff that you don't really see you see him in the films and doing that but the reality of him being in that position having to do them films the behind the scenes stuff is all the hard work and the hard reality that people don't see and people think it's all sunshines and rainbows so that's why I've used it today from a right CEO is not always of sunshines and rainbows most actually it's 99% of the time not sunshin and R so you've given and some of the stuff he goes through like with him with his wife and Jer and all that sort of stuff and that he goes into all that detail and it tells you about in the book about how they've been split up for like years but they're not divorcing and things like that but they are still they live completely separately Separate Lives everything they go off and do things don't even talk to each other in that respect but they're still married and they'll still always come back to each other and then like well he explain seems quite toxic relationship it's yeah it massively is yeah when you listen to it he goes into the detail of it and it is it's crazy okay but the way he is and that's like he believes that he uh it's not like does he say soulmate or whatever it is but like he believes that he is with her if that makes sense but then recently in the news you see things about oh they've been split up they've split up and they've not lived together for six years and it's like this is groundbreaking news like no he said this in a book two years ago why you just reading his book yeah it's crazy I'm annoyed that we committed to reading these now no no so we got to read that it's a long one that one to be fair but it's it's just a journey just to add on it g me a huge chore the journey is I think be interesting there stuff in it that you just you didn't you don't know you don't realize and it's more about the fact of like what underneath what's behind the scenes that you don't see it's nothing to do with like Will Smith in general it's more that message behind you see things that you don't normally see um and it's a very good insight to someone that is so famous okay I'll read it brilliant nice you're welcome I'm not going to read yours I'm not going to commit to that I'm sorry oh I thought we were all I can't read that Danny willry I sit like I sit that crying when I'm somewhere get it on audio 10 XP you won't be crying watching I'm a celebrity jungle start crying at that I can't do that book as well I'll be a nightmare all right F I'm just trying to what order I should read this these about two awful books yours last maybe no do mine first then we get start talking about it right cool hopefully next time we can do more Bitcoin Focus but yeah wait to save that for I don't think they have to be Bitcoin Rel I think as long as they good life lessons with them yeah right that's podcast uh has the one I listened to was the Walker the Bitcoin podcast can I say did you have any to add to this list sorry Mikey yeah not particularly I thought I thought most influential Bitcoin i' would probably put down like genender or something like that CU I think he is a Bitcoin and he is swinging his influence around so I'd probably put him up there I I was almost saying uh CZ as well at one point he's almost showed that actually yeah the shitcoin casino of what it is behind the scenes he's now highlighted that and now he's cleared the way singly cleaned up the crypto industry just resigning what spin that is I know yeah absolutely spin that way did you have a book or anything uh because I will read your book as well hopefully it's better than you've already read my favorite book of the year is probably Animal Farm to be fair right read that you read that this year yeah oh I didn't even I'm working my way through the O Series oh nice have you done D Dan out in Paris London brilliant I that's when you recommended i' go ah head off instead of 19 okay yeah it's my favorite one road to wig and Pier up there as well yeah good things about that what was I going to say oh didn't even mention broken money that's probably the most seminal Bitcoin Booker the year I've started it I've not again it's another one of them that I was bang on about where bitcoiners love it because they understand a lot of the information in it and and newbie picking that up is just going to not for the Newbie no not at all but it's a good allrounder it's good I started to have stops at the moment but yeah it's a tough read SL I'm listening to that's why yeah there is a whole chapter just about Double Entry Bookkeeping on Bank transactions that they at the start of the chapter she even says you don't have to read this chapter you can still the book without reading this chapter she just knows that's a boring chap I'm on the last chapter now skipped everyone right come on right best Parker oh me I already did mine the walk Walker the Bitcoin Bitcoin podcast uh I didn't have one no not industry related anyway and not like I can even try TI okay okay uh mine is yours has got to be the one you went to that's no abely to live version of a podcast like a week ago not theou yeah Chris and Rosie Ry my wife loves that I'll say shag married annoy is on is a top well is my favorite podcast but not deleted okay do do they not speak to each other during the working during the week so they've got more content to talk about on the point I heard that they did that they make notes fundamentally affecting their marriage play with marriage they making millions from it so save it for the Pod yeah I went to the live show is it is it funny oh great okay yeah uh no my my podcast is uh modern wisdom by Chris Williamson you might know him he was from previously on love Island but he's not a podcast who who Chris Chris williamss but H yeah anyways his podcast is a it's more like H you might do he doesn't look like that now got but it's all is he trying to recognize him from some some you sh this with us M yeah Dave will probably hate it it's all life lessons and but it is controversial top uh topics but again very along the kind of Bitcoin of mindset like um life lessons from someone that was on love Island I don't want to prejudge but I'm not taking any life lessons from that guy uh okay but no it's it's all about human psychology brain hacks um like again mental health diet exercise he also just talk about investing has had people have talked about Bitcoin on the podcast as well been good interesting um so it does have a and it's also good because he's briish which makes a change although he does live in the US yeah but I really enjoy it it's got face on yeah where's the smile kind of like controversial topics like modern day feminism is yeah not that extreme but not but on bordering on yeah where have all the real men gone blah blah blah like that and you like that yeah where have the real men gone I don't know they so insulted right now does that even mean like that's it's interesting okay show old enough now what time is it 7 past yeah J W past tap watch waiting she's hold right what about best coin moment my podcast podc podcast I I didn't really unfortunately I wanted a Bitcoin one and I wanted to include that but I've not listened to that many this year to be brutally honest and I think that's just a combination of bare Market the conversations that's been had on these podcasts I don't think are in terms of the Bitcoin side I don't think I feel like it's a repeat of of years previously and I don't think Den knew that I could listen to maybe other people would but I think because we've been in the industry so long you kind of feel like it's on repeat um in some ways no offense to them um but I think there needs to be new shaken up topics um so yeah I've not really listened to any unfortunately from a Bitcoin perspective um smartless was one I was going to say is anyone's ever seen that Jason bitman will onet um it's like a us one nothing to a bit Yeah but they do they do a live it's just because you said about live podcasts as well like they do live podcast and they do tour oh well I that will aren that as well yeah it's very good there so there's a one it's hilarious they do a there's a six six part Series so they do the podcast but they've actually done a TV show on it of them are filming behind the scenes of the podcast so it's them traveling around doing it and they go on stage and it shows them but what they do is every episode which could be an interesting one for us but I don't think we could really do that in a great sense but the producer Mikey would oh no actually the only producer sorry it's every between the three of them every episode they one person pulls on a random guest so the guest the other two have no idea who the guest is but the guest doesn't have to necessarily always be like a famous person is quite a lot of the time like some celebrity and famous person but sometimes it's like an expert in a science field or something like that and they come on and talk about like Quantum Computing or whatever and talk about random things um so there's no prep for the other two no nothing just go and it's quite it's quite funny um but it's good to get some interesting topics that way then because it's like you're not prepared you just ask him whatever comes to your head yeah yeah um and obviously them three are both all funny guys it's quite Gooding but I've not seen Bitcoin on it I would like to get Bitcoin on it uh yeah my favorite podcast is probably the overlap uh stick to football one with Gary nille key in the right they've been killing recently there's been so many good Ms from that this year already so that would be mine not Bitcoin related whatsoever we need to get Bitcoin on these podcast that's our 20244 a yeah get Bitcoin conversations on these podcasts okay right last category then food turn best Quin qu M from 2023 I'll I'll jump in first because then they've moaned that we didn't couldn't think of one them we've done so much this year with everything Regulatory and um I think the big thing for me has probably been uh combination that we've moved to a much larger office um which is more of our own office rather than being in a big building with things we our own space um which we can de what we want with which I think is quite a big achievement in some ways for the company I think as a whole um and the team size has grown substantially very um so I think as weird as so I'm sorry as weird as uh their the big moments of the year I think this year has been a like a grinding out building things sorting things in the background um and I think a big part of that has been expanding the team expanding the the offices and doing what we've needed to do ready for the next ball market so it's not exciting but it's it's all part of the behind the scenes stuff that people won't see and it's a it's a hard uh hard a lot of hard work okay fa mm all right did you have that I'll take that one new team team I had exactly what Danny said they didn't have anything and had nothing all um any other Co cor of 223 minuts mine was just getting the final sign off from Alex saying yeah finally something can stop redesigning the same page over and over again yeah I think yeah regulations have squeezed a lot of things unfortunately in the UK perspective um from publicly what we can advertise and do and say and things so yeah everyone asking on social is where we've CL that's probably why yeah um which is yeah unfortunately just the way it's going to be going forwards for a lot of places um sorry you just had best coin moments would have been in between the last podcast but chrisin uh Christmas play oh we got totally busted in the end oh yeah we need a story story so if you watched the last podcast me and Zach thought we were playing 4D chess against the guys that were organized we weren't even playing jackers we wer yeah so we Snakes and Ladders yeah we encrypted some footage blackmailed them essentially thought we got away with it Scot 3 called ourselves the bandits and all sorts we were on you know on top of the mountain we're on a high yeah the day was here where giddy little girls waiting for them yeah we just thought right we busted it but in the end it turns out they did have footage of us um creeping in and messing around with it and they publicly shamed us in front of the Hall of the staff and then Danny provided further evidence that we sneak snook it and his retribution when we thought like Zach said we thought we were playing 40 chess we were playing the same game they they actually stole our what did they steal our dust C from and ended up blackmailing us for the night so ultimately it ended in humiliation didn't it it did yeah I think it just says crime doesn't pay crime stronger we've kind of committed between the three of us we will embarrass them next year well we've vowed to exact a painful revenge on pain that's why I said to them we get you back for this so yeah we won't stop until we do so that's it now vend no more games no more games so when are you going to next Christmas part it's going to be next Christmas part you're going to do something to get them just them three back that have nothing to do with organizing no this is personal the next the next 12 months will be spent you know plan at work and in their home we will ruin as much of their lives as possible and then reveal it on the next Christmas you know you need to do you need to get their Partners involved and help out in doing this that may already be in processed and their family like that you we've already tried to kidnap their pets we're talking this get serious even the mafia leaves the family out serious they they humiliated us they've got the one one upon us we're going to get them back they and AG great Christmas party was had by it was good fun yeah but the most of the Christmas party was spent by me worrying about next year's Christmas party because so every year we have three people that are two or three people that organize the Christmas party as the team's getting bigger we need more people so the three they all get volunteered at every Christmas party you volunteer the next three people to organize the the event and this one unfortunately rather than the organizers who embarrassed these guys picking the next three they decided to let the team pick and mass weible head in that group three are probably the three wild cards I'm with you in the company that will yeah it's going to be an interesting bu that Chris but could just be here with a packet of crisps well the first thing one of them said is we'll go to I be I'll tell you to I be no budry consequences whatsoever let down one of them is in accounts as well yeah I'll keep my ey it don't worry yeah anyway it's going to be interesting cool best wrap up yeah one that I think the heat is have arrived so we can do that next week no we can't next week we're not here it's Christmas we'll do that we'll do that in the next podcast then in the new year year right y last one for the you thank you guys Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody cheer and Year guys thank you bye [Music] right [Music]