Bitcoin Halving 2024 | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #124

Join Danny, Molly, Zakk and Dave for industry-led opinions on important Bitcoin stories from the week. Topics this week include: Bank of England Instagram, Bitcoin price drops following tensions in the Middle East, Coinbase ad, Kraken ad, UK inflation drops, X to start charging new users a small fee, Google opens new office in El Salvador, Bitcoin Halving "Epic sat", our halving predictions, thank you for 900 subscribers, and Dear Dave's. Have your say in the conversation by joining our Telegram group - Britcoiners is a Bitcoin podcast by CoinCorner ( - a global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services. #coincorner #britcoiners #bitcoin #bitcoinpodcast #bitcoinnews

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has there ever been a precedent where someone's actually cleared their IMF de don't know they just borrow more to pay off the old [Music] debt let's go we are a go we right guys go Molly well I wasn't even ready we're in a mega Rush Molly okay turbo pod we're just going to go for it then the fastest thing ever no dlyan you really need you really needed your Hammer today cuz we have to crack on of this where is it yeah right uh agenda the bank of England Instagram account um I'm sorry NOP top of the issue okay okay but who the hell's take just to hold that thought D um theit coin price uh down following the uh Middle East drama um coinbase Bitcoin Haring commercial Krakens Bitcoin Haring commercial UK inflation uh Google's new office in El Salvador Twitter SLX to be charging uses a small fee uh I don't know how to cut this one down Foundry Services I'm just going to leave it like that um and Bitcoin mechanic um back him and having PR predictions and a load of G nice nice well let's quickly address the shirt and then we'll move on uh oh that's not only agenda I'm an important guy important places this morning Shir shirt was on P places as well P places really y important places was Danny with you cuz he's not wearing a Shir I was he was yeah get a bit too big time for us they've dressed up I just went like this trained up with trainers and that think you sound like a child well you are yeah had to hold your hand in the place yeah people are see this morning um J Nakamoto is a very good looking fellow isn't he this is this is turn of weird in this way Bo shirt today might P back in late I need to level up yeah just didn't look sharp enough I'll I'll tell him he needs to pop back in before he disappears great hair great dress sents come and give Dave a cuddle big fan agenda well we'll come back on to j a bit um right price bitcoin price currently 62,000 down roller coaster of the minute yeah uh last episode's price was 68700 and the height last episode was 71 200 down consider absolute roller coaster but there's reasons Reas there's two reasons there's a reason that's not on that list but I'll come to it in a minute it wasn't on the agenda okay do you want to talk about the reason that is on this list then well let's just work through the agenda okay we're face we we don't do any like you know we got time for this part go God all time video from the bank of England of I hope everyone's watched it let's watch it actually still haven't there you go live react let's go this is the this is it yeah they made an announcement say they're bringing up video video watch it and enjoy hi I'm Andrew baile and I'm the governor of the bank of England and I'm here to launch our new Instagram Channel we're going to use it to tell you some of the things that go on in the Bank of England that you may not know about what we get up to and some things about the bank's history but I've got one good bit of news you're not going to be seeing a lot of me on this it's all about the bank which is more important I've Fant things that happen in the bank I've heard they get free breakfast on Friday mornings really really oh yeah where where's our free breakfast on Friday morning free delmos please free English English breakfast fry up on a Friday mornings that's what they're doing without money so the more approachable now no everything about that I felt was cringe um he looks uncomfortable so you're on your Central Bank having an Instagram page do you want that first post I don't have an Instagram page myself so I don't know I don't really know what they're what they're trying to do then down with the kids well they're a bit like 10 years too late for that and they for Instagram some art photos that's very nice yeah can't be there it says they've already got 27,000 post yeah oh May they've been busy since last week can't them they got pictures that gold oh that's smoke she is it's all fake uh I guess I don't really have anything to say I'm going to be honest no no yeah it's just a bit of a bit of a pivot they're going to be more approachable more digital more in with the times they trying to be more more down with the kids the great trying to build that trust right and lovely marble corridors yeah okay not much to say on that great work Bank of England been working hard there haven't they I you imagine how much time went into that the me meeting to s that one out how many takes do you think his shirt is better than yours fuming is that what you wearing are we launching offs today you wearing yours the we should we should do I could par that should we do that he'll parody It parody it I could do that right let's do that okay um bitcoin price so Bitcoin nose Dives um as political tensions escalate in the Middle East so this was Saturday night wasn't it two reasons yeah so as there was confirmation that Iran was sending drones and cruise missiles towards Israel the Bitcoin price the really the only live tradable commodity with a accessible 24/7 365 Market um was a lipus test really was was a was a indicator of global events um I should add as well I think we we've had seen a few questions recently about price and price speculation of things but uh people saying oh there's going to there needs to be a correction and all these sort of things and it's like this we've seen a price drop don't get me wrong it's not a correction I would say argue it's because there's a real world event happening the black one event in some respect any of was open at that time they would have also dropped everything would have crashed it's not a correction on the Bitcoin side it's oh no we might be at War yeah globally so I think there's people now be claiming this is the correction and this is ETC I don't even think there needs to be a correction um but that's what people would be claiming so I think it's just to I want to clarify that and just break that up a little bit the normal markets were down on Monday yeah but not as impactful maybe as Bitcoin did at the weekend because we were still on certainty of the weekend by the time Monday had tension to slight there negotiations in place so it's a bit like Warren buff describes the market as a manic depressive so it overreacts everything instantly so and where it can and this Bitcoin was really the only place that it could I like that I like the both for reference you can quote that and get that in the newspaper I'll try I'll see it's my saying I made this like you Mark Twain the Mark Twain yeah don't know who he is never heard of the guy um does it raise questions about a safe haven for Bitcoin when a big extreme event like that happens a safe haven you'd normally expect no F to move into because I think it's the same way as what you've just said there um because it's trading 2 47 365 it can go down and it react the market reacts accordingly instantly with scare so they are scared so they they just react um same way as gold as well I think did gold go down as well gold had gone down in anticipation I think actually um so it's it's just a natural reaction almost um and then it recovers over yeah you have that shortterm reaction right and then longterm if these tensions are still there yeah I do agree to see the uptick um but also the price coming down only went from like the 70k to the 63 to 5 region or something and then we did dip uh yesterday was it down to about 59 just around 59k yeah 59,000 but also that was also not I don't believe due to any news or anything uh well I think it is I know why it is but well I know why it is I also know why it is right so if we have three different reasons why do that before um the FED have gone a bit cold about cutting the rate because the inflation in America's not no is still on the rise no these are things that have happened so you can't really say no I can I can I can you can keep saying no but happened almost gu the global markets are a bit like we might have to cut our own rates before the FED which was do with the Bitcoin price so we spotted yesterday uh means that we're watching that and the the the dep they sorry the volume jumped up quite intensely was it half 4ish in the afternoon which um markets already open everything and we couldn't find anything in the news there was nothing and then binance announced uh this morning I think was it they sold a billion dollars of Bitcoin for usdc so so um when did they do that taking a guess uh yesterday but both these things combine really you said there's a lot of moving Parts there's never really one but the volume just cropped up out of nowhere all of a sudden I'll give you that that might be a fact the FED might be a factor the tensions in the world are a factor they wanted to move the no but the the price there was no fact the factor had already happened but no because the FED piece had already been announced and it had already happened the reaction had already happened then r ly when there was no news out for anything that we could find a half four its volume spiked and the price dropped to 59k which is what we believe is is that um okay I would believe was that plethora of factors contribut to the decline in price yeah so again it was my def differentiation between it's not a correction as such there's a reasons as to why that price has gone down not because sentiment has changed there's been reasons to it which is the the scare of the reaction to the Israel and Iran and the binance deciding to dump a billion dollars on the market mhm and okay yeah fair enough sentiment doesn't seem to have changed good one uh coin base really stand bit so cra both watch them so Co I watched this without sound and thought what is I did not get it at all but I realized I've seen let's see it over time your money gets you less does Bitcoin well in 2012 one Bitcoin bought you this much pizza in 2016 this much pizza in 2020 this much pizza and in 2024 well you get the gist roughly every 4 years future supply of Bitcoin is reduced so historically you get more not less that is pretty good from coinbase now without sound it was terrible without sound it was terrible but with sound it makes more sense good little render nice physic a good render where was your render uh I actually did a very similar render four years ago but I piled pizza boxes from the globe up to the sun in terms of how many pizzas it would buy you so I I'm four years ahe of coin Bas so they've copyed you basically we should have got our I might republish my Haring render from four years ago with old man chopping a Bitcoin yeah I won't no i' decided I've I've got so much better since and then I've retired from rendering retired AI killed it long career I killed it got out while you're at the top yeah I just thought I can't get better than it but in all fairness it's it's a short advert and it makes it does get the message across of inflation um so and bitcoin price going up so it is interesting uh I'd love to like put someone see someone's reaction that's not in the industry cuz it's very short so it's saying a lot and it might be hard to process all that as quickly as we can because we already know the fact yes I think the one Bitcoin bought you this this year this year this year I think that comparison yeah we've done we've used recently Mar with some stuff MH but then they''re just kind of jammed in there trying to explain the harving yeah maybe didn't need yeah didn't need the har didn't need the Haring in there they could use that any any time of you so let's just do the same but cut Haring piece out Mike get that and we'll publish that good we won't use pizza boxes and pets we'll use something if you need me to do a physics render just shout we'll do I probably really need you to do one Dave so oh wow one last render way it go it' be an honor to work on that what you're doing what was the craen one no they've released them at exactly the same time I was and the Krakens got lost I think because coin Bas yeah it was I like krens 500 P p.m. I know 3 p.m. was God that was even earlier then completely missed it so what is money and how does it get value paper money has value because someone says so Bitcoin is different it's like digital gold it has value for many of the reasons gold does but that's only the start gold originally had value because it was scarce but no one knows how much is left to dig up Bitcoin on the other hand has a limited Supply 21 million and it can never be counterfeited every day more people are buying it making it more scarce making it more valuable but you can also split it up because every Bitcoin is divisible by a lot each Bitcoin can be split into 100 million smaller units so if one Bitcoin was worth $1 million the smallest unit called a Satoshi would be worth 1 penny so you can send whatever amount you want and no one can stop you because no Central Authority controls it so unlike with banks and credit card companies you don't need a prove to use it and no one can decide to just print more or shut it down it puts the power back in all our hands Bitcoin lets you control your finances Kraken let you buy Bitcoin Kraken see what crypto can be I like that one yeah bit long I didn't like it as much it was a bit information over the load yeah if you're trying I feel like if you're trying to appeal to K it wasn't really a Haring one I know it does mention yeah yeah it wasn't but it's very good which is yours favorite Mikey from artistic point of view from artistic point of view the coin based one was better but the information in that was again same with this one see someone outside of the industry watched this see what game it's a minute long as opposed to like 30 seconds 30 seconds and then is it there's a lot of information maybe lot going on there's a lot ofes I didn't didn't like there was much pause for breath I think coinbase win that yeah I didn't know coinbase sorry maybe for you we made it no coinbase the enemy credit to you you could be the enemy and make good adverts yeah that's why I'm I would I do krens personally okay normally slide coinbase off but coinbase is I like to simple and easy to understand in I think for mainstream um but yeah Krakens was maybe a little bit too noisy for me yeah we need more content in some respect just looking forward to the coin Corner one I've got PL I've got big plans I've just ched that down big plans big plans for that you're going to try and get it you're going to try and get it in before they hav it well no that's like in day you're a bit late to the old it's nothing to do you're a bit late to it no no no it's nothing to do with har this this is this is bigger do you get worried when he's J down a big plant got good yeah I'm exhausted by by the big to get dropped without consultation I did that this week actually yeah twice just do what you want it was good though it was a good idea wasn't it and we now might be going with it so you know everyone bought into it it was good fun anyway we've just absolutely teased there as well by the what we were talking about nobody has a clue Mikey and think they weren't in that a top secret I'll tell you after Mikey right you can't oh yeah that so you US inflation had gone up um but UK actually yesterday have announced gone down from 3.4% to 3.2% in March um so good direction I think obviously that gives good precedent potentially for um interest rates to be lowered at some point um but I think people are still now expecting maybe only one maybe two drops of interest rates this year still uh by the sounds of it no and I think it's a demonstration of the catian effect America printing the money every once they dominate the mon monetary agenda and that it will trickle down to the UK and the UK's inflation will go back up in a few month's time well are we tailing that is a interesting point good what were you saying earlier a tailing are we just sort of trailing behind so the US actually they were on the way down but they just gone back up are we on our way down at the minute but actually in a month or two we go back up once the American money only the other week where they they borrowed printed invented 1.2 trillion for the for the def for the you know for their own budget cuz it didn't have enough and now you know their inflation goes up it's not why is that a surpris to anyone and it'll just take time to drip down into the UK and European economies so would be my guess couple of months we might see it go the other way yeah the 3.2 is not bad though now in terms of well it's not good but no it's not the Target that they want um but the US did the US come that low I can't remember what the US was at us is 3.5 at the minute so did they get down to 3.4 and then went back up to 3.5 so they didn't actually get as low as 3.2 yeah when are we all just going to agree three is fine four I told you the new Target four be fine 3.5 up from 3.2 okay so they got three okay that'll be interesting then see if UK goes up we see I did I share I swear saw a Bloomberg article I think in Bloomberg this no this is a different one I think Bloom someone had written that and maybe one of the banks had said that um inflation isn't that important for interest rates so like almost to start whitewashing it a bit and saying they shouldn't be targeted like this anymore this was a US Bank was it not the US Banks there's also been an article about how they record um uh inflation uh inflationary rates um and that they should be changed slightly because they're not really like they should be be average so they try and get them lower it looks better really yeah so there's a bit of mainstream media articles about s kind of yeah changing the agenda a little bit yeah just the slightly yeah so thises actually yeah free is not bad everyone wants cheaper morgage so let's get the interest rates down sad really anyway why you laughing at that what you laughing at you can't yeah it's just sad really everyone goes yeah everyone that is sad that take your take your take action yeah who's with me I'm I'm with you I forgot about those rules thanks Dave sorry Mikey doesn't have time as it is bleep it just bleep it Mikey apologies I forgot so that to get carried away don't you okay um El must conserve excellent charge mus a small fee for post marks a new yeah yeah it's new users so I think so existing users they'll already be like slowly clamping down and they'll dwindle away the Bots that I think this is the counter the Bots isn't it and it'll slowly dwindle them away over time but then new people coming in will have to pay I assume I read it as they'd pay like say they pay a pound or dollar or something and then once you pay the dollar you can like and you can post it's not like a dollar per like a dollar per post or anything um but I think it's just to protect from the Bots but I it's potentially going to strangle it a little bit it's becoming the all encompassing app though isn't it the AI thing's been jobs listings are on there now there a little job section they're trying to do everything I think that's going to be a big problem is though they're trying to do everything that's going to spread tooth in it's going to be stuff I think they're going to do that and then potentially see what maybe sticks and then turn a focus to that and scrap things off we've seen big companies do this all the time Google Apple everything they do all these things try to do and be everything how many know payments will be on there soon in some capacity we don't know what it looks like still I don't think it's good I'm just I was flagging this one just cuz I think it's still going in a very bad Direction unfortunately it's clearly no longer Free Speech everybody has to pay now small fee speech small fee speech yeah so he bought this platform to keep it a free speech platform was his original comments it's weird right because they are but like on the account of that they are funding like lawyers fees against fighting free speech in like Brazil and stuff he's funding people to fight cases there that's only because they got kicked out of Brazil but he's funding like individual People's Court cases not like yeah but that's a drop in the ocean against Revenue they'll make from charging people isn't it yeah yeah yeah but I'm just saying it's it's great PR but this but it's also because wasn't it because they were told by the courts in Brazil to shut down a load of social influencers and they've refused to so they by them refusing to they need to get fight the courts but they doing it in Brazil they're doing it as a conduit almost to pay these Court things with court case and then they can carry on as normal in there so I think it's for their own purposes well yeah I'm sure all good in the above board right cracking but I mean I don't pay for Twitter so I'm fighting it well you might not call you guys have to give it a time you might have to you will have to no W I bet I never have to I'm paying for T BL guys like me and you have to you know yeah you find system if join the system oh not for a few months still paying for it you got to fight against the things you don't believe in I know but or just go along with it yeah but is moving to nostro and stuff like that where people our industry is quite a lot of them have moved there in some respects but it's hard to when the rest of the world is still on keep getting new followers though I that 2000 have to go a long way to find some person anyway we don't got time for this Mike's the next point right Point uh Google asending new yeah I like this one as well um it did a little bit um I thought it was a fake building when I sry oh they haven't opened one they're planning on opening one is a fake building oh right okay so it was a fake building guessing so um but yeah I thought it was quite cool um El Salvador doing what they're doing over these last two years um having then Google come and set up a office there is is pretty big for them uh we know the Allen man have many times tried to entice Google and other companies to come and sell up here and do that and countries are always but why would Google like go there go where Salvador well they're not just opening an office they're like actively uh investing in schools like building a curriculum around like digital products and that kind of thing pretty sure they also recently removed all capital gains on tech companies so there you go so the tax incen well they could have had that here why didn't they help here there's no Corporation no capital gain tax here so they could but they've been incentivized to go to our Salvador instead for whatever reason they see us it's worthwhile the um yeah income tax what do we think the longterm I was reading something obviously El Salvador is still in negotiations with the IMF for like a 1.5 billion thing which is a stall due to they want them to remove the Bitcoin policy um but they kind of need the money to pay off their current debts um so I also read that they're going to plan on offering a$1 billion B bond which is going to be tied to their IMF rting or tied to the IMF deal so if they don't get the deal the percentage will go up so if they don't get the deal this Bond's available but if they do get the deal it's available anyway but if they don't get the deal you get the percentage increases massively on the bond cuz they need the money right so they need people to buy that b also there's a risk has changed fundamentally there's a riskier bond at that point so it's very interesting what's going on really there at the moment obviously they don't want to sell Bitcoin to pay off the INF I don't think they have enough to what they owe to be honest they've got like a couple hundred million dollars with yeah um but they are like yeah sure we we read a thing the other week which was if they sold all their Bitcoin they could pay off but why would they yeah sure someone was saying they have they have like might not anymore yeah I thought it was about 150 200 million I think they ow over a billion in debt oh it was because he put the address the address any but we don't know if that was that all of their funds or whether that's just some I think it was like 150 million or something in that but they're still falling into if they need this IMF deal it's like falling into the imf's traps of they're just taking the deal to pay off their old deal a shame that yeah but carries I was going to ask is there any has there ever been a precedent where someone's actually cleared their IMF yeah I don't know they just borrow more to pay off the old debt but this they Hing Bitcoin goes up so much they can just clear it the first to actually get out from under the IMF this is why I wanted to touch on this as well like they've obviously attracted Google they've done they made Bitcoin legal tender they've moved in lots of different ways that is unseen in the world at the minute so they are doing incredibly Brave things I think and obviously at the minute working out quite a B for them yeah um I mean it's not all paradise and goal is it to like he has changed the law so he could have another term yeah yeah it's done it's very dictatorship in that respect um what what he's done for the country though in that and then the other side of it is I Chang it from number one murder capital in the world to an actual safe place and it has been extreme the way he's done that don't yeah yeah I mean how he did that he he done that and he yes brave but his approval ratings through the roof as well yeah so he's done something right and it is dict it's like it's a really difficult question it's always that it should be his political party yeah not just him right is it a dictatorship over um yeah Democrat to say it's interesting so yeah interested to see if they get the IMF deal or not okay okay uh P services will isolate the Bitcoin har they'll keep it forsel it's just the first found already calling that they they'll win that no they're they they're going to give it out to their pool operators they said they're going to share the profits if they yeah if they get I mean they are they're most likely to get it aren't they but okay but we'll see what they sell it for yeah but ocean but this just yeah yeah I mean ocean are not going to do that ocean it just goes to whoever mined the most whoever had the most hashing power for that block in their pool right so that's the proper way of doing it right which should be interesting yeah it's like an ordinals a change in the game of adding value to the SATs right so it's kind of like I read a good statement is basically a attack on bitcoin's fungibility about say fungibility yeah interestingly what you just said like cuz at first I'm thinking okay that's ocean that's good they're not pushing or doing anything but actually if we cuz we mine at Ocean if we've got less of a h we know we're not going to be the biggest hash rate for that block would it make more sense for us to move that hash rate to Foundry in the hope that they find it and then that gets distributed to all the hash rate in the block should we do that could do Al massive hash rate could move it move it to Ocean just to try and be the one that grabs it um so they don't share with other people well this is what ordinals have kind of introduced right like like say it's incentivizing different it's a different model it's interesting and then I wonder how many real attempts on the Haring block there's going to be yeah cuz all the miners will want it right taking that rare size is going to be worth you know a million dollars it's worth trying to reorg waste a bit hash rate do it but do they think they'll definitely be that that sort of value in a market for that rare set it's once every four years skeptical one every four years there's only been three of them so far M so that that's all way they're looking at it um I'm thinking this will be the four yeah I don't know if yeah someone if there's I assume one hasn't sold from the other years already I don't really know the ordinals marketplace and if there's volume if there's don't really know what's going on but if you think this if you think of it like that in terms of a collectible style thing if you cared about that there's four there's three of them in circulation there's going to be a fourth one coming in yeah but is it just is there enough people that care about that see personally you know it's like people that collect Rare Coins to me they're still pound with a different spelling of something on it it's apparently worth more but you give it you still pound in the shop isn't it exactly yeah but some people are willing to pay I guess so that's what they're gambling on I don't know what that price will be yeah oh yeah so are we moving our our hash rate of Foundry is that what we're saying so just call that now and just do it no no no all right no found if Foundry win it there's got to be some sort of for you fine all right fine don't know what that'll do I'll take any suggestions what that'll be on the on the on here you have to remember going going to Foundry you might even if the the rest that they did find it they sold it for you know even $10 million our hashing PO is so small you might get you know 100 quid off it or something it's probably not worth no bothering with this guy doesn't bother with 100 $100 anymore that's Big Time Charlie isn't it $200 not worth bothering no when you got a $1.2 million Miner sat down there think you can't do anything with it's bad than the pet rock point that one at Foundry be like no thanks just reject it yeah yeah just interesting to see obviously the fundability of Bitcoin slightly change and incentives changed because of it right but it's not fully it's not destroying the fundability of Bitcoin which is like core monetary you know principle Divergence of fungibility for me which is like collecting rare coins and stuff interesting it's noise it's distraction in some way my i' just rather not be distracted that I think okay focus on money MH just remember to report who wins it though just so I can get Zach back yeah could go pivot to solo mine and see if we just get it by the way we I kind think should just if if we got absolutely SP can we spin up a website where we just solo mine with our hash rate right and then it you a pool what no no just so it's more visible to everyone yeah our own pool all that anyone else point to except just inv only just so people could see like our contribution how much are up and then just to make it more public and then they can see how many stats we actually earn by solo mining well it'll be zero instead of tweeting every time we M A Blog we'll tweet every time we didn't m a block yeah close this time guys yeah every time we didn't win it just just a goes out on its own Twitter that I am Happ I know who's got time to do that honestly for that what we could do it is only make a pool that only allows Bitcoin mining heaters to Jo po so it's the heating pool literally valid Ling Earth with his pool I'm in for that one man yeah I'm in it'll mainly be like UK he join how would you prove it send a photo of your heater we need a picture of the heater before we give access to the pool picture of any old heater right anyway let's move on to something sensible right Mikey was right move on Mikey absolutely failed it Mikey no come on credit word credit is you I have nailed it Mikey's nailed so when was it Mikey January or something I said it'll be 20th of April we hav it hasn't happened it might it might end up being quicker because people just coming up to it might turn it on for the last couple of blocks and like start nailing it it's he'll be turning off you now surely that we can call sure you call me being right now Mike Bitcoin hash no no no I know you don't want to I know you don't want to I'll be gloating about it for ages but I'm right uh use maybe use someone else's cuz here we go uh coin Wars will be fine this will be a really rough use of data to try and prove that there might be some movement in it let's do that with three months it's not increased no it's not so it's a slow and steady upwards Trend there but there's not an massive influx at the minute so what we're saying is it's very highly likely now to be the 20th of April which I said a couple of months ago y that's fair take you haven't won yet I'm well done guys 400 a.m. UTC time isn't it as well so we're only four hours away being 19th Dave I we are but I think I think I'll I'll win that I think Mike's going to nail it ridiculous I I think I think you'll have it Dave I think I'll it personally but what what did you say 16th Molly and he said sometime in March 10th no didn't say March 10th I expected more hash rate to increase coming up to it which is why I thought it would have sped it up um yeah uh anyway happy having guys really uh Subs I told you to leave it until they're on podcast oh I literally no idea what you said what you on about that subing you out out time you replace me yeah well we've hit 900 subscribers on the YouTube channel so well done thanks for following like And subscribe helps the algorithms that's it next 100 is the big one isn't it next give away a thousand get a com in there can we do it oh yeah do give away well why don't we give away one of the minor Years big giveaway does someone want a g an incinerator give away a man here for the thousandth subscriber oh my god let's do that do that no no what you do you not being in charge of any of it well randomly out of the Thousand you randomly pick one so existing subscribers can still win can't exclude I tell you what any any anyone that comments on the video when we hit a thousand subscribers and this guys are pro comments getting some engagement with the comments I didn't even think of that but that's good one I meant just so it's easy for us to know I think it'll be a long way off still take months this is assulting you what we should have said is every comment up until then we'll count as an entry and that would have really got the engagement there we go that's the new one someone's got to go through and check those C that's how you do it comment from now until 1,000 subscribers when we hit 1,000 we'll pick one of the comments and that comment will win a Bitcoin mining here right official that's it done you go that's what we're doing class like that nice one dny must be from a place we can ship to yeah it must be from a place we can ship to yeah yeah yeah fine there's the teas and SE just dox yourself in the comments full address yeah actually te and please don't put your address in the all right okay fine just in time for to they'll get it yeah M you put a b at the end of this video kind to say what teas and C is yeah all right fine fine sound well talk about J do you want to talk about I think Dave does who wrote that down tall guy all right tall guy handsome guy great guy funny guy Charming guy have you got a chance to meet him talk to him he's a great guy he is yeah I'm not going as far as DAV I love Joe but yeah he's he's exploring the island today with hopefully I'm waiting for a selfie to come in from him with with some characters yeah oh not not with Henry oh he's with Henry but self is Wai for that the self is with a surprise character character well we'll post it no it's up to him to post it we can't anyway okay don't I asked him for yeah right guys Max me yeah D is from onam chat uh what will the Haring gen for you guys in terms of office eating by them run'll get half of our will we'll get the half half the reward but we always it with that we would be running electrical heers anyway that is the crucial point that I have to reiterate to everyone over and over again we have to run electric heers now you might as well be earning Bitcoin if you're doing it yeah and the power outage the power usage is on par if not sometimes actually slightly less with the the miners so cold countryes you're going to have to heat the place anyway mhm May so y uh do you want to sear on the ra Bedford investment thing that been called by congrats to Peter and ra Bedford team and all the team there on winning the league and investment yeah it's exciting for English football I think as well it is a nice little project that is the was it the largest investment for an non Le Club yeah class yeah yeah um it's the plan of attack for that as well um I think it's going to be good it's a good little business model I would love it if they just blew it and just bought one player for like 4 million clearly not read the plan of attack has he clearly not read the plan of attack right Bitcoin if they just went think Bitcoin right think what the conference was called yeah and that's what is yeah it's true now so what the plan is buy Bitcoin not to buy one player no buy Bitcoin was whole Bitcoin oh is that the plan that's the plan so buy and whole Bitcoin buy and buy and whole Bitcoin and let that accumulate over the next 10 years as they do they put in for Ronaldo then get promoted into all the leagues Ronaldo will be retired by the time they' care okay okay um well maybe not's he's still going comes yeah great plan of attack I think um yeah I'm excited for him yeah congrats congrats I did see them celebrating by CH chanting Winkle Us in the changing rooms which was a bit weird yeah Mars Junction Mars Junction I mean this does open up a Mars Junction concert at the ground yeah I mean how many does that ground hold though they had a thousand M Junction yeah they had over a thousand the other day surely they don't get that many they're not that popular in our industry but I don't think outside anyone knows out the Winkle boss's band is called Mars Junction yeah class it's not a popular band is it as far as I'm all like newly formed Hard hard-hitting Rock Band no I think it's just like they cover band yeah I haven't heard an original yet is cool everything's 2 21 yeah that's funny everything is T all of it was they're not doing it for making they just like to do it yeah no it's cool still a shitcoin casino Gemini let's l well we were don't off that yeah let's be honest we were talking around that really we were but last I'm just just clarifying they are still a [ __ ] you know if we're all brutally honest they know that themselves here in Bedford yeah all good and Mos can do what they want they they're pushing Bitcoin Happy Days um all the Americans love Bashford is yeah surprisingly yeah it reminded me a little bit of of Home in some areas I would say but it's it's a little bit more like um some yeah some of it is very nice actually some of it is nice which is the bits you would have seen from Twitter I think and the Little River average UK yeah well there's a website that ranks all UK cities oh what do you think Bedford is is is Bedford the city no idea well London's number one that's actual website he won't be in the top 10 Mikey was like the crafty website they used to car out oh yes I remember them yeah I can't remember what called then we'll try and drop in the notes brilant highlight the negative thing but it's just a guy doing it it's not like official thing it's like yeah fair enough right anyway next question SK uh UFC winner using uh UFC when using after flight talk to promote austri did see I watched it live about two in the morning I was like this guy is just dropping a economic what did did he tell everyone to read something yeah read the and it wasn't ha no no it was Ludwick B his what can't been the most downloaded it's been like down yeah they saw massive buming download was that UFC fighter not promoting his own was he his own podcast he just started a podcast yeah on money yeah class see that's the way to do it when you start yeah get a UFC belt well me fighting that guy I mean if he's up for it I'm not going to last long won't be very good when you're you're unconscious with it maybe just prick you'd see it a lot with the like not UFC fighters but like it all tends to be like the Brazilian ones or the ones from kind of Latin America that seem to get it more they're always the ones talking about it which is quite interesting yeah he was moments away from losing as well so was he yeah right that makes it better he then went the day after he went on like the the biggest MMA show MMA podcast and talked about it in depth more than just the is it worth to listen haven't listened to it all yet but interesting yeah cool it's good it's good to exposure I think for Mony monetary policy side of things and educating people the wider audience where how do you get out to them people he's not got a massive platform him has he he blew up more in our industry than anything else but um at least he's got an audience outside of this sector it's good cool all right sound that another question oh there was about on YouTube that said we need to bring more energy yeah no the answer is no but next question never going to happen yeah another question the energy this is this is the British energy I think we're not going to pretend to be something we're not how we are what was the next there was another question followed on with what's the future corner what's on the cooker how are you going to develop a company will you expand your Bitcoin Financial product b as a poor I like that one yes to all the above what yeah yes of course we're going to keep expanding we've got new things coming out throughout the year um as we've teased with I think already um but never I know well we're meant to be you are meant to be announcing half of one today or tomorrow and then next week we be announcing some as well but um they just keep getting pushed back for various reasons but yeah there's two new products is coming to be shouted about there'll be more in the next 3 to six months as well so yes lots of new exciting things no to energy yes to new excitement yeah right cool cheers Che this one Mikey cheers guys good luck M peace [Music]