Bitcoin Hits $60,000 LIVE | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #117

Join Danny, Molly, Zakk and Dave for industry-led opinions on important Bitcoin stories from the week. Topics this week include: Bitcoin Price, Nigeria blocks access to exchanges, Marathon announces new mempool service for non-standard TXs, Satoshi Nakamato emails entered into court records, Reddit invested excess cash into Bitcoin, Elizabeth Warren hypocritical tweet, LukeDashjr seeking volunteers, El Salvador increasing KYC and AML, BlackRock recommends 28% Bitcoin allocation, and Forecasting on Bitcoin Britcoiners is a Bitcoin podcast by CoinCorner ( - a global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services. #coincorner #britcoiners #bitcoin #bitcoinpodcast #bitcoinnews

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so it'll play out how it plays out really the network will decide what's valuable and what's [Music] not welcome back guys Molly give us a rundown am I doing this agenda really quickly you can have to watching we're going watch the prize yeah almost hit before I get we opening it live live on the Pod break 60 60k that'll be a mega event until it bounces hard off 60 go okay can you read it before it hit 6 to go well shut up yes okay welcome back like And subscribe agenda time uh Nigeria blocking access to exchanges um a marathon mystery uh Adam backs email history with sat Nakamoto Reddit but what I feel I feel under so much pressure right now it's weird that you've changed your voice to like a robot just feel pressure I know so much pressure you see me nervously playing with his pen on the table um Reddit they uh bought Bitcoin their excess cash uh Elizabeth Warren uh Luke Dash Jr seeking volunteers uh El Salvador kycn Ms Black Rock uh and forecasting on bitcoin or for catting on bitcoin Junior accountants on bitcoin Junior accountant Junior accountants on bitcoin okay yeah well done Molly the price is still below 60 okay so I really could have gone in oh I know what we should do this pod this podcast should only last as long as it's below 60 so Mike Mike could put a live price on I can't see that $30 off oh my gosh we're about to H when was it last at 60k that would be awesome years ago now no is it this one here you looking at yeah you got overlay an explosion okay off as soon as it touches it oh you know what this is terrible $4 do that touch it very clut now oh okay this is terrible podcast content with a I'm not showing this we don't care you have to show something I can show them that oh that looks nice still okay let's on you should be more Blas about the price by the way I say we don't care about but this we don't care about it but with all they're watching going yeah that that was the joke okay well onto I suppose price price last episode's price was 51k live price nearly 60k High since last price since last episode is this current price so we're a good week 60k at the minute M mhm up nearly 10K great nice to be back at that price cool cool moving on okay we just are we just going to let the screen oh you got my Hammer as well I got told off by the guys upstairs what was it called again gav gav yeah no that's the hammer the gav's the thing you hit isn't it Jesus we about this for 10 I think gav is a type of hammer no no I just said can I borrow the hammer and they turned at me like gavl gavl a small Hammer I thought it was the thing you hit no hit surface you ow everyone gble and Hammer right sh moving on no enough of this conversation small than fine I said move on I'll let's spend the whole part talking about the G and the price someone said in the Twitter comments that I read that you do need to update your gavl up because yeah people said it you need a new one it's not loud enough okay okay we could get Bitcoin gav get big one big orange caval I expect next week to have a better caval please okay right it is pathetic isn't it right let's go this uh Nigeria they blocked access to coinbase Kraken and binance as the Nara Falls to low to record lows okay yeah okay so we're trying to trying to stop the outflow of their own currency right the outflow and just a like a secondary currency speculation Market isn't it which mhm they're very much has been traditionally in Nigeria you've got like the the Government rate and then the the free market rate essentially call the black market rate I think as well which is like it's like I think it's a government driven thing though isn't it make it sound like it's dodgy what's Nigerian inflation been like is everyone getting seriously devalued well they just halfed it didn't they for the second time in yeah eight months last about that we talked about that last week we yesterday again yeah I saw something on I don't know I saw something on Twitter okay take Twitter as they definitely did it like two weeks ago SCE so everyone's Savings in Nigeria being eroded and the government will let people find an alternative and they're not seem fair does it it's it doesn't um the government are obviously doing it to try and protect their own currency and it's like it's not an attack on bitcoin necessarily as it this this is an attack on um or it's a defensive move should we call it yeah on an attack I think m um but that has obviously implications of negative to trying to eradicate this speculative yeah black market rate and then yeah kind of um encourage um foreign money into the country rather than out of the country so IMF forecast a possible 35% depreciation of Nara in 24 so that's significant so everyone's savings I presume no one's saving in it like um that's why they all want access to tether for example yeah you read a lot in terms of um economies where there is huge inflation of currencies where they you can pick other strategies you might buy a lot of people buy bricks for houses you might see a lot partially built buildings in a lot of countries with high inflation because actually it's they work as a store of value you better to buy a brick today than saving up to try and buy a whole house so they that's why you see like steady work CLS yeah but with the emergence of like crypto and tether it's never been easier to access that kind US dollar which obviously the government not happy about yeah I don't I don't even know what to comment on it around so what do they do just lock an IP like what how do they do yeah they talk to the the Nigerian isps or whatever and told them to block the websites but vpns I assume we'll be able to get around that anyway if needed so I'm sure'll be ways around that obviously n custodial is also way around it so you physically people have already got access to it from bpn or for whatever it's no custodial there's been a few like P PTP offerings that have kind of refused and kind of seen inflow of that which no ones which is cool yeah no ones no ones with Ray Yousef watching that right um he's standing strongly against it is good um okay yeah new and on uh okay mystery solved Marathon were just testing their new private mle service for non-standard transactions what was the initial mystery I don't know I was just about what was the mystery oh the mystery was um Zach did share this in the main but you know well we share a lot in the there was that's just the frame what the mystery was there was these non-standard transactions being included in blocks um mined by Marathon um by non-standard I mean yeah if you look at the screen there they were load of outputs for for just one satosi oh and there were 9,990 outputs um so it was mystery solved it was marathon's new kind of product where they are offering kind of off offchain transaction submission service for these not very much aimed at these non-standard transactions to essentially get around policy rules so Bitcoin has policy rules and consensus rules so policy rules is where the NOS abide by it so if I create a transaction if it's if it fails the policy rules my node won't give it to other nodes so then it won't end up in a block so non-standard transactions like this one so very large ones violate policy rules so someone's tried to submit that transaction just through through their node it' never get broadcast mhm but to go around that they're offering this service because it doesn't break consensus rules it's still a valid Bitcoin transaction so they're offering this service very much aimed at these non nonstandard transactions um to get them included I mean it must be the fact that much will be like kind of your ordinal minting and all that kind of stuff and that's preparation for Bull Run ordinals yeah it kind of is a complete um pie in the face to like Luke Dash and that who want to introduce this filtering kind of thing on the on in into Bitcoin this bypasses it entirely and just goes straight to the mining pool what what's it do for the block itself is the is is it fill the block with stuff with a like a a low transaction reward or anything so is it just the payout for the minor is that in any way diminished uh yeah both that doesn't do the point is it's like it's getting uh unconventional transactions big or small this one you'll see massive transactions included in the blocks which is what the mystery was initially so if you go back to the first tweet miky you can see like a visual representation there of the block go back yeah that's the block and each square is a transaction so you see the size of some of those are very much non-standard and this this the one there was like one with the one set transactions so load of them um which obviously won't be able to be spent again so they and lost effectively UNS spendable but they're taking up block space and traditionally they would have been able to get in a block due to the node the policy rules I was talking about but now they can by going straight to Marathon CU they don't they still abide by consensus rules what do you mean as unpend when that's the minimum spend on uh even in what is it now is it like yeah I don't know if the top of my head it was like 100 was it 140 SATs or what it was it's like a there's a figure basically that Co wallet for example wouldn't necessarily be able to spend from anything below a certain threshold they're UND spendable because of that and because they haven't locked them up to an spendable address I think they've just basically burned them essentially that's why it says unknown next to each other them rather than like an actual address so is this not if if you scale that then and there becomes a lot of transactions like that is that not slightly deflationary for Bitcoin itself cuz you're basically B increasing the amount mhm on bu couple of SATs scale the scale would necessarily do it they're doing it to show it's an unconventional trans yeah yeah exactly yeah yeah so ever so controversial obviously whether you consider these kind of transactions spam and kind of bypassing the policy rules where are you sitting on that um yeah I probably see them as spam I'm not not a fan of them but I'm I'm very much aware it's Bitcoin people can do what they want I can't stop them from doing this um M so it'll play out how it plays out really the network will decide what's valuable and what's not yeah I that's the agree the you know it's the point of Bitcoin is you can't stop people what they're doing so you just let them crack on and eventually the market will decide in the direction or order from the free market very Heek perfectly so move on we could have gone on Australian economics trying now we're Reading Road to Surf them if anyone wants to join us we read the Genesis Book which is very focused there's a lot of haek in it so we're going down the haek hole I heard about that you started the book club but not invited anybody we because we it's kind of an underground underground book club this book club we went to be starting again could be because you all right you limited it too much by just do I didn't limit it a no I think we did I mean I know who's told you about the secret um book club started with without one you but there's only two people in it four four there's four four have you actually all read the Genesis book as well well the boy here hasn't read the it's a book that no one's actually start we're starting with ro to Sur for basically I'm just telling people what I'm reading yeah okay yeah but Ro to Sur him at the moment anyway right sorry come on sorry we're $30 away from 60k I'm paying attention next right Adam back's complete email history was to Nako has been entered into court records this is cool just cost so Adam B and Marty um I'm gone $20 $1 was there the Pod finishes at 60 see you later you see the wall disappear see you later it's crazy did it get eaten the wall just vanished yeah oh someone just pulled we don't care about the price anyway oh okay ad Adam yeah so this is Adam back and Marty I always forget yeah I always forget his second name both of their emails with satosi have kind of been how many emails we talking released 100 plus from Marty I think is this what Rizzo just keeps tweeting a handful that is his tweet um to me it's more interesting though because it's just more insight into satosi and his communication and kind of yeah me me and You' been talked about the fact that these like the Cyber Punk stuff and it's from this Genesis Book where my knowledge comes from not necessarily these emails but the fact that they come up with such like groundbreaking stuff like hash cash and back emailed out to the emailing list and the cyberp punks emailing list and was largely ignored back to him means that talking I was like What He just done he's given like [ __ ] people don't realize it I think no excitement and no realization means outc about with the sad tash's emails to Adam and Adam's basically saying was it about four emails deep or something Adam's replying sorry still got around to ground things hash cashes and all the hashing bit there's no one's he just what that means is just ABS completely even on Adam's point he then just ignored it for years after that sorry not the left for three years and then came back and but the ones from Marty were interesting cuz that was uh so those that don't know the Marty guy was actually the second the first guy apart from satosi to write code but is there anything we don't know in terms of this from these emails like one thing we don't know is that they had a donor to that satosi knew and organized so there there's talks about satosi getting a $3,600 donation sent to Marty um they put cash in his bank account didn't they I think was the thing I think they mailed him cash it didn't really say it just it said about poting cash in the at the bank I think oh satachi asked Marty for his postal address to to send cash cash it said about someone about maybe be fair I'm kind of with Jack males on all of this do you see his tweet the other day no we saw about a million others saying the same thing before that yeah I agree catch up there three days four days later like he was just saying discouraging any sort of witch hunting to try and B I think it was Jameson was pushing heavy for that when it was all first coming out as well I think there's a couple of them saying yeah just just stop make this a thing never going get I said about the documentary on Netflix recently know with uh the DB Cooper and like still people looking for DB Cooper and it's like mystery in America of who who is DB Cooper and he is it's like from the DB Cooper is some that's one of the best heist things ever yeah because I don't think anyone else got hurt forget me if I'm wrong but well they don't know if he got hurt CU they just know is he alive or not nobody knows listeners you've got to give us a summary of what DB Cooper is DB Cooper for me you've got to give us you know have you heard the story DB he he he pops up in films and TV series and like prism break if you have watched that character and stuff um he basically imagine if satosi and DBQ the same guy I think he'd be be a challenge DB Cooper must be about 90 if he's still alive now um so he basically um hijacked a plane back in the was it the' 60s or1 71 uh hijacked an airplane but he did it in a nonviolent way should we say got on the plane um wrote a note to the air housee test she sat down with him they landed the plane got everybody off the plane and then the FBI brought him is it is it like $400,000 he landed a plane they oh okay he got everybody off except the two pilots himself and the air host Des then they took off again with the money that the FBI had give him went off with the money in the four or five parachutes I think y for M um went off and then he jumped out of the plane with a parachute at um kind of above California way for people he specifically hijacked a plane that had a rear opening so that he just happened in the 70s they did have those and they asked the pilots just to open it and then wouldn't didn't like no one saw when he jumped so he has a huge search area of like when he might have exited the plane and everyone said he might have perished on the fall but no one knows they had the cash some of the cash was then later years later at River Bank sort of thingone was buried wasn't it I think it was buried in the sand that they found yeah yeah been buried by time wouldn't it the tide would have buried it yeah probably um but yeah there's a lot of the money obviously not been found just some a small amount of it was and the rest of it never been found it's like he never actually spent the money in theory um but yeah or it maybe he did and he just got lost in the midst of things but um everybody still they have a meet up in it's in is it uh what's the state like isn't it just below Seattle both to they have in the area yeah they have a yearly DBQ per day and they go to do it and they still try and figure out who he is and stuff DB Mary um W I think it's the same day every year at this place but privac s the point is the point is they're still like what was that 60 years ago now what is 50 years ago 50 years ago still searching for this guy it's a mystery people love a mystery it's the Intrigue is the Intrigue like you say so you think that could become the SAT satosi Intrigue people like these emails it's just like an extra a new clue that people can get excited about y yeah I think definitely there's um but yeah from my point VI it was cool to see they had a donor back then that actually helped them out hosting you know paying for hosting and stuff without that it could have not have taken off as as much as it has I also would debate it was it actually a donor well yeah I said that to Dave his own but he just said it's a donor just in case they try and Trace the money back in or anything so you would say it's a donor yeah yeah cuz otherwise he's just withdrawn that cash out of the bank and send the cash you would have a withdrawal statement from that particular date in time so um yeah I would imagine you never know I think I had lots to talk about on that as well I thought we time restricted on this podcast yeah we are right 60 what's that now right 61,000 it went to though did it yeah oh my gosh that's a 60,000 what 200ish this gets to my last Point very hly well do you want to leave that as your last point or do you want to okay right redit invested excess cash into Bitcoin yeah I only flagged this cuz I realized how underpaid I am as a CEO of what's that CEO is it $195 Million last year was you only be 190 for a company that doesn't make profit and had to ask for donations to the site and he's paying himself with check how much it is Mike while you're there just check how much head of marketing is getting paid yeah but profit Revenue took completely different Mark um I mean I would walk at your 10 million a year D can suck that uh it's just it was not the more thing was just it's crazy that they doing IPO obviously information's coming out now 193 million yeah but I mean that's they were asking for donations like that same time he was getting paid that I I'm sure there were people to donate cuz they were struggling to fund it it's crazy is it is is it paid in stock options or anything like what is it it won't be possibly could be be catch bit package still a package I'll tell you that yeah but you know the company kind of is not Inseparable from that CEO is he not the the founder no no he's not the founder no he's a new from on exactly there you go say it all runs itself doesn't it it's like all the the people that run Reddit as well like the moderators for the Reddit forums they're the real all keeps it alive the real guys yeah right they keep it ruin yeah that does seem a bit High a little bit High yeah but you know these are things they want probably wanted to keep hidden in now IO is showing but is it is a CEO to bring to get the IPO over the line you know like one of those special don't know the main thing of this topic anyway was that they put that you paid they bought no they bought Bitcoin did they say how much sorry I didn't see this yeah I think it did actually yeah um it didn't in this statement I think that was out here they just said they were putting excess reserves into Bitcoin and ether yeah was it not dated back for they've been doing it a few years no it was November I think or December just gone yeah was it yeah it November December year ended December 22 as of December 31st we did not hold digital assets other than Bitcoin and ether here for treasury purposes they s the sell of they sorry they accepted it as donations did the but didn't yeah buy it for the balance sheet until 2023 okay nice yeah big company buying Bitcoin private company sorry quickly private company buying Bitcoin which you will not know a lot of I was about to say that this is only public because the IPO CU they are becoming public wonder who how but we know there's lots of other private companies that may or may not be our customers that buy Bitcoin for their balance sheet americ ones that intrigue me well some of ours are big UK ones private M that hold Bitcoin on their balance sheet um it happens in the background people just not aware of it so we name one no I imagine would be cool not allow to it would been a wheel have to very cool right it wouldn't be cool no it wouldn't be cool um Elizabeth War tweets about big Banks disproportionately closing Muslim bank accounts okay well so Elizabeth Elizabeth Warren and her crypto what was it her crypto army or something like that she had crypto Army I think she had a cryp crypto anti crypto Army she's very against Bitcoin and crypto which obviously helps people with uh moving money around and not having accounts closed and not having well not having accounts closed and yeah hypocritically now saying stop doing that even though we've been moaning about that for the our industry has been pushing back on that for decades it's the Bitcoin will solve this issue when you know when politic politicians like that anti anti- Bitcoin positions which you can see from the comments bitcoiners I think as well it's not just like Bitcoin soles this it's like hang on our industry has been and other Industries as well out there have been dealing with that for for years and she's just ignored it and doesn't care why all of a sudden is she saying it for this particular it was it I don't know it was was it uh Muslim Muslim Americans and other communities just touched on why all of a sudden is that on now her agenda so is there a bigger for me there's a bigger agenda here there's something going on she's doing it to drum up support they all playing in the political game liberal policy isn't it I think it's just [ __ ] she's only saying it to Dr support for herself um for a a community and a group of people um she doesn't care M chop that one up Mikey Elizabeth Warren doesn't care about the people yeah on the subject that you saw your clip got clipped up and put on Twitter you were slag off was it Queen base it was Dave I just the enemy I like the Spanish dub that was very s a Spanish dub version I didn't actually see that it's good who was in Spanish you all of everyone nice all of us it was quite good Danny s it better in Spanish it wasn't my voice so of course it sounded better yeah more understandable I don't even speak Spanish right um luk D Jor is seeking volunteers to help with 133 pull requests right is that a lot of full requests Dave didn't I tag you on this I'm stepping up I'm I'm willing to help as a non-ev this should be more of a shout out to anyone else that wants to help wants to get involved in Bitcoin Dave's doing it join Dave um help come in help with some of the poor requests just just reviewing did did our mat put in how you can help in terms of Bitcoin C did he do a howto guide got a couple of howto guides so we have got a howto can we link to howto guide so that people can that was like to a proper po made changes yet this is for yeah this is for the bit prepo so Bitcoin Improvement proposals right um so when anyone wants to make a change um a big change they submit a bip to go through and then um there's just loads of those pending that need need reviewing essentially okay but there's a certain format bips have to be in so Luke Dash is saying like even if you can just go in and make sure they're in this certain format um so I just screams a how-to guide would be useful for people but do you need how to guide is separate for that bit yeah but I think there was talk that you don't need I think even doesn't even require developer skills it's like Luke J says do you think that's can someone that only knows small small amount actually enter that world and help out someone with a small amount maybe you no I thought that's where it was going I'm not having that um it's you don't he's right and like yeah you don't need to be a developer or such but you will need at least like GitHub knowledge and how to edit and do things so there's a little bit to learn mhm could you could potentially do more damage than good or is it 100% take on the Bitcoin wait in there and go made some progress Matt did exactly that didn't he first one a few years back and his first PLL request on bitcoin he it was rebasing wasn't it and it was he was up a documentation on how to tell people how to rebase properly he then subsequently failed to rebase properly when he tried to to submit it get someone to step in iric it was very ironic IR yeah see that's a sort of mistake I don't want but you can't mess just it was funny though right but yeah that's a shout out I guess to help Luke help Bitcoin core devs and everybody out there just if people do want to help out there's a way there to go and help out you'll have to go and do a little bit of reading but um yeah where would you start it's a thanless task is where did you even start that's you go to the B the bit repo on GitHub so I could go I mean going there would be hard enough I think for me J myself there okay let's experiment what would you joh TR there be there let's do a test what would you what would your first step be to do what go to the GitHub for the bits I'll literally be Googling GitHub to get onto GitHub yeah then what would you do Google Google first opens Internet Explorer go what do you want then I'm in I'm in GitHub go redo what he's saying here and see we get yeah just do it get this is the problem this isting the problem you as devs are all like highlighting the problem it's like I don't right so GI isn't my world is it right so go to GitHub yeah you want to click on GitHub right right run GitHub right searge or jump to see I'm already I'd have to have a play around here basally it's not obvious to me you need to create a GI account yeah I think I've got about five the amount of times I've played around with honestly it doesn't know how they work yeah passw instead of GitHub ux isn't easy if if you're a non Gil user like all you Des I know You' use it a lot you're like this is brilliant the same as any kind skill set isn't using Excel no ux is easy until you use it I guess you've got to learn it every time so so my first point of call probably a new Demi course on Demi how Ed and then hopefully you go from there go slabs out open damage it would be like that I don't know you don't know the Bitcoin price you that page you're just like all why you're doing this day the poor requests keep going up just and then SE actually i' heard surge by jeus he's a junior accountant by price but this is what have to do get a boot camp i' start there that' be my first boy call should should we Mo on M all right so we've help no one help help please there's no chance we're going to get through before the end of we need to be out in 10 minutes oh do we yeah okay okay um El Salvador apparently ramping up their kycn AML laws yeah this is an interesting one only corupted up yesterday so this come from John attack what was what were the kyc amls before nothing I don't know I think it could have been nothing yeah I'm not sure myself now any John attack's personal experience like any kind of payments over $200 requiring uh ID and then yeah he's found the actual um legislation that came in any purchases it over $200 sorry interacting with like a vasp then yeah yeah basically P kyc onto with limits onto basps which is what is doing but because they've been like Bitcoin country and place to go they've attracted lots of bitcoiners who've gone as an easy they slight blinded to think that K kyc and AML never catch them up anywhere world I think so um which does why a lot of them have gone there I think and that's why they're all annoyed now cuz they introduced kyc and they're like oh we're not going to do this we're going to leave and go somewhere else but I presume for El Salvador to interact with anyone in the rest of the world that would have to have that imately pressure from IMF and so on which will probably force that Max Kaiser on this because he's living over there loads of people he's Pro very Pro with Kelly isn't he right I think they were saying as well it's not necessarily like belli that's maybe we don't know still yet who's done what here but it doesn't have to be belli that's pushed this it could be the financial regulator that is theoretically independent to belli in that sense and they have decided to push this because they're getting pressure from elsewhere and so it could be literally you know beell might not won that but it has to happen um from because of pressures from elsewhere one hour ago he's still Tweeting about El Salvador Max not commenting on ites his artwork doesn't even look like AI it looks like someone's done think that could be goles Gemini yeah he does it himself that's a white woman there it's not going to be Gemini good point um yeah interest to see how it plays out yeah okay Black Rock calls for 28% Bitcoin allocation in portfolios was it Black Rock where they they haven't released anything like this have they there was an analyst it was an analyst at a black rock conference he was a Black Rock analyst Quant black Quant yeah he's from the the big short film uses a Quant quantitative um your Quant so yeah it was one of the that Dave S uh it was a conservative uh figure as well he said they moved from 1% to 28% they moved yeah it went it was 1% a couple years ago then it was like a was it two to 3% or then went to 4% and then all of a sudden we jumped to 20 I love to see the mass involved in 28% of like why is it not 100 what the Quant maths is just put yeah he's just throwing a a d d board and didn't want to go 30 too high didn't want to go below 25 28 where and Eric seems I like all those are saying it appears the Quan's math was off by 72% um but yeah is what it is is it um interesting though they pushing that number I mean yeah they want it high because they want people to buy their ETF now they have an ETF product self isn't it next year they'll bring out a higher number yeah just don't believe anyone J you've got to do what's right for you for your own portfolio and your own agre I agree mhm why would you listen to anyone do your own research yeah why would you listen to 28% from Black Rock why wouldn't you have 100% why wouldn't you have 0% it's up to you do you right Dave Junior account forecasting on bitcoin yeah uh brought this up because you've just been promoted to Junior accountant haven't you so congratulations to me uh yeah I was just highlighting the fact that some of the troubles that you have sometimes cash flow forecasting when there's an awful lot of um your balance sheets in Bitcoin and it's doing moving so rapidly upward so it kind of I'm trying to think of a similar synonym but like um so you do a bit of work and then obviously if you balance You' got a revalue balance sheet to like to see what positions you're into but then Bitcoin can do this to you so basically I busy forecasting a lot of my work just gets rubbed out for a bit and we make new plans and this is really an excuse for you not doing buting no I just wonder if anyone else's anyone else is in the same boat I was trying to do but it's it happens doesn't it it's quite a nice problem to have right now any other Junior account and that same oh the other Juniors came with it but really just a moan from you isn't it no it's yeah but your job so hard I don't know it's called that it's just like if you we we're advocating people putting Bitcoin in the balance sheet right but they people haven't seen such gains on their balance sheet if you are new to bitcoin and you are putting Bitcoin in your balance sheet you you're revaluing every month you so your balance sheet looks very different when this sort of thing happens which in a nice way at time periods it looks different we go through particularly you know period right now with the ETFs and so is unique to this time period and that for the last 12 months has been pretty you know steady way for Bitcoin really hasn't it but um it's just interesting a problem for you then it brings in extra you got to be dynamic you got to be slightly more you know they call Dynamic Dave yeah they should do but um who they I don't know a lot of people do heard it before Dynamic Dave and you've got to be dynamic now I like it yeah oh reminds me actually of talking to Dave's did the Dave get in touch Dave who paron I no he didn't oh probably end of day I'll message him again he's doing too many Pizza reviews yeah yeah he got look at the price since last well he's messed up already yeah no he didn't get touch you could have been there advising him and helping um that's it that's all the agenda cool turbo pod nice nice nothing else that think there was nothing else to add any Min updates no cracky um oh off the top of my head I think there's been a few blocks since so we got a bit blaz by it now too many blocks yeah great yeah yeah very poor ending to a pod as always stay there didn't even do peace oh I cheers guys [Music] peace