Bitcoin in El Salvador Schools by 2024 | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #101

Join Danny, Molly, Zakk, and Dave for industry-led opinions on important Bitcoin stories from the week. Topics this week include: Bitcoin Price, BlackRock has invested in 4/5 of the largest Bitcoin miners, Dave's Snipe Mining update, Iris Energy intermittent mining at scale, Forbes: Time to start dollar-cost averaging Bitcoin, Bloomberg analysts: 75% odds for spot Bitcoin ETF this year and 95% by end of 2024, Teachers being told to "get into AI", SWIFT: Blockchain integration "more plausible" than unifying CBDCs, Bloomberg: Bitcoin mining in Iceland using renewables, Bitcoin on exchanges hits 5-year low, Former SEC Chair says spot Bitcoin ETF approval is "inevitable", BSP approves Pouch as an operator of payment systems, El Salvador to bring Bitcoin education to every public school in 2024, Longest bear market ever, Birmingham City Council effectively declares bankruptcy, and CoinCorner partners with Great North Air Ambulance Service to allow Bitcoin donations. Merchant of the Month is Satoshi's Wardrobe. Use code "BRITCOINERS" for 10% off your order, valid until the end of September. Britcoiners is a Bitcoin podcast by CoinCorner ( - a global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services. #coincorner #britcoiners #bitcoin #bitcoinpodcast #bitcoinnews

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[Music] y'all can't see ourselves this week although oh that feels weird in it oh yeah so let's wear a shirt for 101. Alice the make an effort do you mean we finished talking about you dude no okay if I met agenda agenda agendas first you know gender episode 101 price BlackRock investing in Bitcoin miners Forbes uh dollar cost averaging ETFs Bloomberg Babel fillers in all the Bloomberg data uh Swift the same blockchain Integrations more plausible than cbdc's more Bloomberg stuff with Bitcoin mining in Iceland Bitcoin uh Bitcoin on exchanges in Lowe's I didn't mark that one down and no one did four I mean I was gonna mark it on but then it was just like well move on yeah we've done that one there yeah uh uh former SEC chairman Jay Clayton uh saying that an ETF will be approved pouch and some news from their side El Salvador and some news from Bitcoin education there uh Birmingham city Council not birminghamshire Football Club and the longest ever bear Market I always say not got not a lot happens at the moment like during these bear market in terms of news but when we go through the agenda there's quite a lot isn't there this is in a week yeah yeah there is a lot there's a lot of repetitive stuff ETF yeah it feels like it's been done any kind of movement on the ETF front is yeah a full-blown headline they've done this price 25 728 dollars last episodes twenty seven thousand three hundred and one dollars so it's pretty much hovering against stablecoin territory again it's down a little bit and thanks Ryan's talking about Dave you look like you're about to fall asleep I'm honest you were just wondering if I could just nod off price Whole World's all good to be fair that's a general comment on everything like what well you've mentioned there one of the subjects is the whole council is bankrupt one of the biggest housing suppliers the second biggest how they build it in China yeah absolutely on the ropes that's this week yeah they never need your paid like they're the most in-depth country company in the world and they're struggling to pay their debt this isn't ever ever no I think they're called Countrywide something it's a Evergreen the biggest ones already um gun bust destroyed share price shot S P 500 shot everything's gone Europe's now we're taking more recession targets Germany's quarters are down gross down did I see my car unless you want to kill myself right I'm not kill yourself practice slices [Laughter] but it's just like right okay the Bitcoin price in tiny microcosm is doing pretty well to say one of the things as well because you're paying attention to it but you live in and breathe it every day for all the sort of financial economy and everything what's going on most people out there just oblivious to it and I think historically when you linger I think it's becoming another Focus for more and more people the cost of living crisis and really brought it cost cost of living crisis is there because it costs it directly impacts them people have seen it but people surely okay if you're oblivious to everything else yeah I'm sure people are just going why is it costing me that much more for a potato if the word of Libby is still they'd be buying Bitcoin or would be doing something or you think they'd be doing something about it that they're not interested they're interested in what celebrities done X Y and Z this week that's all well it should be a majority of the world how do we get more interested yeah this morning I said good good morning to three people wow I was I was one of them you wrecked me and that's pretty cheaper for saying good morning to everyone because you're like why are you saying good morning and every like I got in so early yesterday before you you normally always in early I didn't realize that's what you did everyone that walks in stuff it's like morning's nice morning and I was like what would you do they can't even heat half the people that even acknowledge it's Barry the old office because it means that could sat right yeah okay and so every first day and sat there and never would be mourning to every single one yeah but they can't avoid you because they have to walk right past you sit here it's a bit bigger I only say it like which I walked past you didn't I otherwise it's rude but you are just like yeah keep doing it we've done really well so if I've keep it on track haven't we for the time because we're very all right the price is doing all right was 25 and a half um coming to an end but it's all good let's move on BlackRock has invested in four out of five of the largest biggest Bitcoin miners in the world um so black girl putting their ETF forward uh in the background they've been buying up Bitcoin mining stock which have public some of the public Bitcoin miners would you prefer if they invested in some of the smaller boys so we didn't get some so much centralization in mining company it would help but they're also nice BlackRock well they're not public are they only the smaller boys yeah you can still take investment yeah but the blackout don't do that they're not like that yeah but I'm sure literally go right for Stuff they're on my word on hopefully too and it's just not in the news it's not maybe you're right we're aware of arms of these sort of companies doing our army so it's yeah Henry pointed out the other day said that sounds impressive Until you realize BlackRock invest in literally everything so it's not that impressive I like this Henry Henry chap a real estate this is Henry we should bring Henry when are you away you're away next pod your way next part on you I'm missing it's mad and then on the way part after and then we'll bring it I was going to bring Henry in when you were off I didn't we didn't get around because 100th episode of terrible places when we didn't get around to doing it in the end because we thought we'd hold off right into a very replaceable you try and replace it very replaceable replicate that misery dude [Laughter] he's actually a really happy guy yes Dave will soon yeah we're going out there looking for Henry now who's Henry um I mean it's I think people are trying to make the angle and the point that it they're expecting the ETF to be approved they're only ETF to be approved so in anticipation for that they're buying up as much Bitcoin exposure as they can get I think yeah it's a key point for that um but I've also not seen the stats of when did the actual invest yeah I'd like to see if it was pre yeah I thought it was like a year or so ago I've seen these it looks like 20 yeah it's 0.35 of the assets I suppose as of 2022. but it's still interesting that it's not just an ETF in isolation um which really a lot of people are doing but that's like what Molly says they're invested in everything they have any public company they almost have some exposure to in some capacity I say that I've been likely to start on that and someone proved me completely wrong that I'd be interested okay someone get a start on that I don't think anyone has ever written to prove you wrong lately yeah there's someone wrote it didn't matter about your soul of Mining and you said you wanted to hear from anybody else oh yeah yeah which is nice did ask you a question other they say do they want some stats no they just they just said that in mind last night one left was involved in a block when you need to stand closed in a block win mate you showed me your payouts the other day total mining payouts and he's a long way from the minimum withdrawal oh whoa whoa it wasn't that far off but lightning yeah we were having an interesting discussion maybe Daniel know the answer of mining pool you're expecting your payouts to be the the Mind Bitcoin so yeah yeah I said I only buying an exchange and send a new Bitcoin yeah they'll keep all the the premium I kind of thought that's why people were getting involved that you'd get clean I call it clean Bitcoin you can see that already because they'll go into like a a pooled and Chung wallet if that's what she would say so don't be at mine and go into a wallet and then it'll get distributed but that accordingly if that pool is just not a particular warm milk because that'll be mudded in with all sorts of things yeah not even that I'm wondering if the pause but just buying from exchange and paying out with that well something to keep in the front yeah supposedly premium on them I'm sure there's a listener out there that's got to pay out from brains that can that's the threshold for payout because there's meat swimming and fresh off for sure we should talk to Brandon actually and to see if they want to then use us for the lightning payouts yeah because if anyone wants to mind like you're doing with lightning with a small Miner that's only getting tiny amounts but wants to get paid out who are way too minimize words just to like really take me down wasn't it okay we're small tiny yeah micro but people should right that's a very good point because the payout if it's on chain I'll be absolutely smashed for for feet you'll lose money yeah no I'm already LinkedIn don't you worry about that however I think people should get more into Mining and without the thought of the profit side of it as it it's kind the contribution yeah I think people should be my known yeah did you setting up little systems get more involved with it because if you want Bitcoin to grow you can't rely on huge money corporations and then be upset about it these like the lack of decentralization and Mining yeah if you're not involved with mining I always dislike just like I fall off fire historically Dave maybe he gave up I was minded her first mining one remember what happened you were still at work I'm still wielded in the sword mate I was mining my slush pool with edging towards 51 ashro and then we had to they told everyone to get out the pool and exit Okay because it was too baby yeah too big huh yeah good fun bucket can you work out what percentage of the hash rate you you yeah alone of course I could can you work that out for me let me know okay just want to see how many earrings the actual numbers I mean yeah absolutely I know I know this won't be profitable but intermittent mining is interesting if you're interested in Bitcoin game over there well it's foreign doesn't that's a long-term Lawson you're like it's a nice holiday yeah because I'd say I've been taking one apart taking fans off and trying to put heatsinks on it a big ones make them silent turn them into proper radiators that's interesting yeah smoking Boards out realizing are you a Molly you're like I find that self-interest yeah it depends who you are like when you're interested yeah let's just take him on a partly of a week and it's just like this is interesting stuff I find that interesting how it works did you see Iris energy talking vintage mining at the scale so they effectively were doing intimate mining um but in Texas and they they turn off when they need to they've just turned off again I think there's a summit this morning um something about turning off um but they actually were being paid by the Texas literacy grid also nine a lot as well I was yeah so they made like seven million profit was it yeah they're either negative electricity rates and per Bitcoin they were getting 28 000 when the grid does need it you can just keep looking back and forth to see which most powerful I am very confused of why they were being paid to use it though yeah a significant amount as well as I'm saying 28 000 a bit there's a Twitter on it and then they get the Bitcoin on top of that so they were getting they'll sort of make so much money there's a tweet on it Mikey if the grid want to pay me to my big time out didn't it uh we're able to access it because yeah it's changed our tour works oh Elon what what do you mean by that you can't be tweeting you've got to be logged into an actual Twitter account oh yeah anybody I did read something this morning that where Texas had asked mine is to shut off or something because they don't have enough power for their Ingrid so they mask them to shut down so they can try and Supply I've seen that out even four but I haven't seen the opposite well then no they're paying them to run yeah yeah that's if it doesn't make sense to me paying them to shut down works for me yeah yeah I think that's something you can understand that one I just realized Irish energy follows me I've fallen back I didn't realize did they follow me how's it going yeah 56k profit per Bitcoin mind wow um so they were 28k per Bitcoin in negative electricity costs plus the 28k per Bitcoin they sold 100K when did you read that to remember those numbers this last night last night okay all right not like we've got them right on his hand no no um but they've got a full update there 11.5 million Revenue um for August um I think seven they said I saw some about seven million profit of that wow because they've been paid to mine which is just crazy so you need to get yourself a Texas mate yeah negative yeah negative eight Senate power okay okay so I'm still no clearer really as to why I thought they would pay them to use it as a full article you can go read properly all right I'll link that below and maybe I'll explain it um but yeah it's quite crazy Mikey I'm just watching Twitter absolutely dominate you he's trying lots of me oh yeah I found out there you go so you can still get on the tweets if you actually like type in the content of the tweet and find the actual link on Google but you can't thank you it's an old IELTS it's the shutdown this was in 2022. I'm bringing the other side of the story Dave yeah that's good the old side of the story I mean maybe it is I don't know because then if they shut down they're not using anything and are they being paid what they would normally use eight Cent a kilowattoever and they've been paid that to shut off so Texas has got more money than electricity essentially they're happy to pay not use it to save electricity because they need to use electricity for the right yeah so they're happy for people to turn off is it something like that I don't know if there's I think they've got money to pay people to not mine and have money to improve the infrastructure so you don't have that technology makes a lot longer though doesn't it I suppose because you've got all those UK renewable energy projects that can't actually get on the grid um they're way behind there like Dave Solomon my my Solomon will never be on the grid never fighting the man on behalf of you guys who have given up I haven't give up just haven't started someone started fighting a man you I'm on my mission this runs in your life this doesn't it thankless tasks yeah yeah with me all over I don't worry I'll do it right someone's got it um right Forbes moved on Forbes uh did not go on dollar cost averaging Bitcoin um which is quite interesting from Forbes now this was an opinion piece or was it actually I was about to ask yeah I skimmed it um was it an opinion piece I'm gonna say it's probably an opinion piece I think so yeah so it's not as exciting as that just buy it also that previously written on bitcoin four Forbes I think oh it's a concert continue a contributor okay so for the sweep in this week so as well sweet battle Yeah super scarves not Forbes it's a contributor that is not click on his name I think he's done all the Bitcoin articles what is that a lie next to contribute made there he is clamp oh mate Clem what need um yeah I'd be a client lost me yeah let's move on then come on Bloomberg Dave can you throw me under the bus with any Bloomberg well you're the Bloomberg asphalt I know we just said we just see pay Walmart so yeah listen down and just consider that I would have read it I mean just because I've got this subscription I mean what are you paying for if you're not reading every article I do read a lot of them though what's the headline uh spot Bitcoin ETFs over 75 odd of launching this year 95 by the end of 2024. this should make the deal Bloomberg analysts how did you rule their numbers together he's an analyst don't he yeah yeah analyze risen to from 75 from 65 following grayscale's calling one surely with these sort of things you can only make percentages based off how many bets are being made by the yeah sorry probably it's just a yes by the end of 2024 and the next year you think yes I mean that's it's like I'd say 96. is it going to be a spot ETF next year yeah yes but there's a Time percentage of ETFs to get through I feel like this is another part of the episode of me sweeping up and just doing some crap in the market all right see you soon so what do you what okay have you gone to your head what percentage would you give it for an ETA I think you should say how can I give it a percentage [Laughter] the same I I think there's a good chance how could she say you're willing to buy a good example no well what's a good chance I think a chance can probably Define as a percentage exactly 75 or more there's this there's an exact time scale and roadmap for these approvals so there's another one in is it end of October beginning November or something and then the final one is like end of Feb begin to marches it for some of the first ones so but they're all in 2024. yeah well they could get approved this year still uh decision making dates in time and they're spread between like two months each whatever they are so they've got to like March basically next year when is the next final fourth quarter four fifth or whatever is caught off point and that'd be the point when they've got to make a real argument they assume it'd take go to court at that point and they'll probably get overruled the same way if you were trading inclined you would be have those in your calendar wouldn't you because there'll be price action on there all decision which there is yeah yeah one thing we've seen that pretty much every time last two released um so yeah but it's you're saying the odds well if I mean I don't know I just feel like it's such a stupid thing to talk I'd like to say yeah if you can give me something about this yeah I want to see how they're running so they tell you how they run the numbers and their articles uh no that their analyst not jealous it's normally just the article saying the percentage Okay so so we swaps that up are you still playing on that this week this week or news we're gonna get rid of it the fake news and the over hyped news we're gonna come in and bring back down to earth no realistic um I could go on Mid Journey take a photo of you and literally make it look like you're a Dustbin man that's why I would love to see that yeah I might do that for tomorrow yeah um just type it in and see what it comes up you know the teachers have gone back this is tangent but the teachers have gone back this year and the head the head teachers all told them we've got to get into AI I said my wife is not that techie all right I'm the tech leader in my household a few seconds yeah um as she came in and says right we've got to get into AI just sat next to me when so what are we doing that but I was like you use chat gbt yeah she's like no they was talking about that we can do a lot of reports on it apparently I was like bloody hell can you yeah so but they gave her a couple hours session on AI I suppose but it ended in making that uh people party invites on mid-journey my kids coming on the party bus classes um I suppose if someone's like the internet so you get like schools back in the day would have been like right we need to get into this internet thing um it's pretty funny just imagining all the teachers goes around that is exactly what's happening now but there's some brilliant for Consultants because the head teacher looks like but we've done something to just hire a consultant yeah I've done a new Demi course in AI but really knows about it you actually Consultants so it's just like okay they've come in this is how you can use it yeah so we should go and miracles right now I'll be absolutely making but there's no such thing as one of them of course there is you're looking at one what did I do last time Consultants are working for Google and IBM and the likes are creating stuff you like to think would you see the concept the one that raised all the money would they raise like 120 million or something with just an idea of an AI concept raised all that from VCS through money Adam they had no clue what they were doing okay they just didn't they've never even done AI it was just like what you do what's going on there guys it's also also a lot of vulnerable BCS that you could just give right we have got the world's greatest AI web3 project would they check all the passwords and they'd be like I'm in I feel that is what is fraud isn't I guess because that's what thing is getting done with isn't it um says again thanks Elizabeth holmesis I swear it was somewhere I am slightly dyslexic so because we'll have to work backwards sometimes just memory prompts some words wrong so it's just like that's how it comes out sometimes so that just sounded theatrical Swift so Swift is saying blockchain integration is more plausible than unifying cbdc's Central Bank digital currencies um I just marked this one because this is an interesting Dynamic playing out which but I think we're going to see more of going forwards where the likes of Swift will become redundant if Central Bank digital currencies um have their way we've seen it with which is what we talked about once we go with uh bricks and their process and effectively starts to cut Swift out because there's replicating Swift with a uh my interoperable layer that can communicate between the cbdcs which is what we already have with Bitcoin and lightning so it's already there people are just not using it um for reason of control I think is the main thing or if they're switched on a place for Bitcoin are they so like add this between the rock and a hard place so there there's one further down because then they've announced they are doing something basically using blockchain to try and create themselves again uh the new Swift they just sound like Boomer trying to keep up with me it's Blockbuster yeah they've got to aren't they yeah they'll die you've got to keep going switch can't just go right that's this we did the Swift network but no doubt but now it's becoming Swift versus central banks and it's becoming Banks versus central banks because banks are going to get started to be caught out of this this piece as well of the distribution of money hive mind video and it's you know because we've spoken to a few times haven't we yeah and the essence on Twitter the other day and he was talking about this same policy in terms of how things are changing he was saying that in in the future maybe nation states themselves would be seemed as quite a ridiculous thing as even after the notion of there being separate countries it was just like the Swift network isn't only really works for agreement through other nations doesn't it but if you if you took like remote constructed Bitcoin right out said took it all the way to planetary level and this is is a silly concept the fact that it's that's it's you know politicians have brought drawn these arbitrary borders that you can't send money from that place to that place even though geographically they could be yards away is it it's never gonna happen though no because there's too many more politicians jobs online yeah yeah it's an interesting video I'd love to watch it and not seeing it but we've talked before about cbdc's and even their threat to the uh normal retail Banks of like well you don't need a retail bank really yeah that's why like the bank of England with the cbdc they always they're like trying to limit what can go through it so you still use your normal bank and let's kind of handle it but there's an economy at risk yeah banks are incredibly big yeah exactly operations if you were Swift what would you be doing you'd be doing that blockchain thing we were talking about Banks but thanks for bringing us back no I'm sorry but yeah crossword yeah yeah well I'd already be in my head I would hope I'd be ahead of the game years before yeah you liked it'd be out of the game yeah we would the ego on you well anymore you'd be scrambling you'll be scrambling like switched on that would you would you not say that yourself would anyone else I'd like to think you'd be like everybody would say they'd like to think they won't put themselves is there really a future for Swift as a payment rail uh in my head given a long enough time span now I agree I think it's golf I think they're gonna have to I mean Bitcoin is already there and doing exactly that so we don't need that middle company and then with central banks coming along and saying we're going to create our own version yeah Swift is going to become redundant yeah my head well your son the death sentence they'd know us as Swift as an entity is is it is there is there a company called Swift yeah and then they must have a really diverse organization chart or terms of the different subsidiaries I reckon they've already involved in all sorts they probably will be it's like Mass Garden visa and stuff isn't it where they've got I'd never really thought about Swift uh just being an entity over three thousand employees yeah in Belgium based is it I did 1973 yeah living at large since 1973. three thousand employees basically they're doing what Bitcoin does on a daily basis in interestingly look at this is Swift um Bloomberg yeah I think that's interesting it's a weird statement to make because it's like you just it's so part of people's it's like Visa mascara this is like part of everyday life you don't even think it was as an organization you should making profit you know I mean it's like a little bit easier to be fair but I get you yeah it's just the background most people yeah you don't think it's you know they can just caught on everything you do it's like UK faster payments and backs so that's something oh yeah debits company yeah I think I'd drop this a while button oh maybe I was just in a [ __ ] all these years that's just not fourth in this all right go to UK wow let's just becoming normally everybody's a direct debit it's just what it's called these days but that's because the name of the company yeah well played sir yeah yes slightly of course it's a company yeah when I was thinking what else the banks communicate between themselves they wouldn't yeah I'm just thinking a different way of thinking about things it becomes a thing that you just think it's a feature but you don't realize it's a government yeah of course it's a company and it's closer well yes let's leave that place yeah show us how [ __ ] I am more Bitcoin mining because you know they want to talk about Bitcoin mining and Iceland using geothermal and hydropowered electricity I've lost out because I assume you've read it and looked on the video we're watching all right of course I've read that wow I haven't yeah actual hotbed I'd love to go to Iceland I do yeah I think it's a cool place too it's no summer holiday but if you're going to go for the for the season there's always something where they don't have many trees because they chopped them all down to build everything oh I do barely remember yeah it's somewhere like that is it not the future climate thing they've started planning them is it Iceland there's somewhere where it doesn't have many trees I do remember that we've spoke about that in the office before okay I'm sorry that was side time yeah tidbit for everyone anything to bring into this article before removal no I think Bloomberg did a great job all right fully extensive article that [ __ ] everyone should read thanks so that was a literal pointless topic there thanks I think so I didn't take it my multitask I thought it's Bloomberg you must have read it no or at least watch this I I have read it they've got loads of renewable energy resources which is perfect for mining so what are they going to do they're going to start Bitcoin mining what mod you want Iceland I wish though like is there a private company and I have a company oh private company help me build them okay [Laughter] no idea Bitcoin mining in the land of Fire and Ice that's cool I'm gonna tagline in it yeah uh Bitcoin on exchanges hits a five year low so I was gonna kind of do this as a little bit of sweeping up but the concepts around it um so I think years ago it was quite it was a previous bull market was kind of more followed in some ways and you can kind of see obviously as the concepts of the idea of what people are trying to make the point of as Bitcoin on exchanges is shrinking then depth is obviously shrinking which means price movement will fluctuate more quicker and uh on the uptrend it would obviously go quicker um so um I think what what you've got now the tracking the exchanges hitting the five year low blah blah based off um the wallets and chain answers side of things where they're looking at um wallets and find out who owns Which wallet and then track an army Bitcoin they're having that so they're doing that behind the scenes trying to track that however I think there's too many for that everyone looks at gets excited about that and thinks like yeah there's a liquidity crunch as such on the um on the exchanges which will force prices to move um but I think what you've you're kind of forgetting in some ways is the data is not always fair and accurate and so from data from five years ago and ten years ago and things like that 10 years ago binance one around and there's extra the data wasn't as accurate wasn't as good 10 years ago wasn't as good five years ago it's better now and thought it's still not necessarily better now when you know things like where one of these feature analysis style companies that are doing this and trying to track this they're tracking the wallets but if they miss a wallet and it looks like it's gone to somewhere else then there could be like Michael Saleen or microstrategy is storing theirs at coinbase will be custody I think um is that Marta's coinbase or is that marked as microstrategy's own personal wallets yeah um and I have no idea I don't actually know what they've mastered that as and if they've even been able to differentiate between them they might just see you know a cold water that's not necessarily coinbase and microstrategy sending you know 100 Bitcoins at a time to this this wallet that's actually kind of message as well and it just sits there in custody and there's a separate entity but it's not marked as coinbase but technically it's ongoing-based exchange and they're custody so I think there's too many moving parts to really take that with any sort of credibility I would say but if they've kept consistent though in their type the way they're recorded Sailors they wouldn't if there wouldn't be that wouldn't have called it I don't know Sam the museum as an example just to show but I mean my point is if they've consistently said right that is it an exchange wallet that is a non-custodial nobody move things move quickly he can move we can move our wallet I don't think our wallet is labeled on that right so they're already wrong but the sample size big enough if the samples it's a sample size yeah that's another thing it's you're looking at samples it's gonna you might have a few that are wrong but the overall trend would be have you got you don't think that's a trend that's happening I think the trending maybe but I also think um the the trend like it's being taken off binance and coinbase and the likes of flat but is it going to well we know we've had customers that have sent from binance to us because they don't trust binance and they've come back to us and we're holding their Bitcoin so does that that doesn't reflect our data does it I don't know does it Bitcoin on our um probably not that sort of trend at that level um if a percentage drop in terms of customers withdraw it we are a different company to binance and coinbase let's say because they're more Trader Focus um but again that's the point they're more Trader focused the people that are moving trading [ __ ] coins back and forwards quickly um so yeah I think there's too many moving Parts it's a very high level this is good for Bitcoin price should we call it angle or good for Bitcoin non-custodial side um yeah I presume that's how it's been targeted as being good news because people are taking off exchanges and self-custody Bitcoin which is what everyone says is but there's no evidence to say they are you're saying it might not be that no that could be going to a bitco wallet for all you know under some other companies and to like could be going to wallet satoshi's which is custodial um and a while that's Satoshi label on there no idea where they've got a couple of million customers now that are all Bitcoin is that all could have Bitcoin sat on there I don't know how much they hold um it's you know there's yeah it's far far too hard to be accurate isn't it there's far too many variables it drives me just as a thing someone's been tracking so when this day hits they can write a news article about it whichever it just seems a bit less sweet yeah I mean well no like it's just a metric someone's tracking to and the exchange has changed each time as well yeah I think so back from five years ago the different exchanges in comparison to what we've got now they are different in Australians done well for Content though hasn't it oh it's abuse oh it always does this sort of um statistic always gets good interaction which is why someone's posted it yeah um I'm trying to highlight and that's I'm not saying anything about that I'm trying to highlight that it's don't take that with like um credibility that that's a really positive thing in some way because you can't rely on that data and the accuracy of all that yeah he's amazing um non-custodial retailer would you say like the amount of Jade sold would be an indicator of so there'll be growth in that market so we said about this the other day earlier the week um in one of our chats some were saying because I think Ledger sold three million isn't it uh call card or a couple hundred thousand uh Jade are going to be even less than that yeah Legends definitely the most gonna be less than way less than nine thousands movie times um so yeah I think the ledgers you're looking at maybe three and a half four million Max of cold devices out there maybe that's not people that's just devices exactly um you know you end up with people that will like ourselves you'll have multiple devices yeah um that you play around with and some of them they're not even used some of them are just playing around with for like you're saying tinkering with your minor and stuff um and you're not really using it either you know it's just tinkering sneaker tiny my mind is getting used there's a bookshelf on last line right away so yeah you're right maybe three uh that's what I would say maybe one to two million people are probably genuinely self-custody and with cold storage devices will be my guess and are them one to two million people making up that what's that nearly a million Bitcoin oh since the previous High all people with Bitcoin on exchanges are you know getting more involved in education and realizing that it might be a good thing to move there Bitcoin to uh self-custody what is it self-crusting so that could be an education chart they're not doing it on a cold water though is what I'm saying because there's a million Bitcoin drop there is it from the peak to where we're at now you can overload this around Hardware wallet sales I'd be interesting yeah that's my point yeah but I don't think it's good it might not it might not be a correlation no the correlation will end up being the spike actually it probably will go up with it and the sales will come down with it yeah you want is in relationship because it would have Spike to the bull period and shrunken and bad period okay so so you're just raising it's just a really hard metric to track yeah it's probably you know you're not I'm not accomplished Bitcoin it's pseudo Anonymous it's yeah I know it makes things like this hard to track it's a yeah it makes it hard track is to make it clear that it's not an indicator to be used for any sort of use yeah sentiment towards anything I think it's a meaningless one for sentiment how this is okay sweeping up yeah because can you send that he tweeted that it's loads of people they're gonna use that particular one because I've tweeted years ago when the first initial run the sort of data started kicking out okay sort of thing but it starts to learn yeah it's just not give it back if you find that old tweet if you're here and quote it's a meaningless you live and learn yeah can you learn who's this guy call himself a sweeper paddling all sorts another ETF on former SEC chairman Jay Clayton says spotcoin ETF approval is inevitable see that's about that's about a night inevitable 1995 somewhere around there let's say 100 if it's lovable it's 100 at some point in the future now so you didn't he didn't give it a year he just said inevitable didn't say yeah it didn't say a percentage that's how you doing it's a clever guy the word inevitable you as you've been used quite a lot in Bitcoin and slung around a lot it was Elon wasn't it um what did he say in retrospection hey now look at him hate him ever since you died you come up how can you hate someone you don't know I haven't what no I haven't I'm just making up um I just dislike him his his approach to things uh you do become the richest man in the world bye you know not taking a few risks of being about there but it's not about taking risks and being out there there's nothing to do with it it's the decisions he's making and the then that's not the risk taking if the decisions he's making and what he does no more so impacting your engagement on Twitter is it it's destroying everything yes just disrupting things all over the place all the negativity is done to bitcoin I don't know how a bitcoiner can be pro-in these days I promise don't dislike it don't hate him as much as you do you're getting a cold morning I'd follow occulty hoping aisle sort it out on the partner sound fresh to see him tweet at that picture the day of himself as dressed as a shake yeah that wasn't that was amazing that wasn't him the party account oh that party account does keep getting catching me out I've got to go and share stuff before and I'm like oh [ __ ] when it pulls into your house um pouch uh one of our partners there in the Philippines uh they've been approved as a payment system operator congrats pouch yes that's nice um what does that mean for them that they can operate a payment system uh I have no idea because I've not looked into detail but I think that's their version of like a crypto register as such okay lace good job guys yeah only Bitcoin Bitcoin only company of course the main guy called the pouch who do you know about the whole team who's here we have a slack Channel communication directory they've just not involved in any of this this is a technical for you yeah it's fine even I'm in it oh yeah I don't think she really off that's all we do often talk about you in there of course you do no no good thing to be here yeah nice guys constant with the more our partners okay that's what we do though this this happy crowd do that yeah how many of God someone's doing it good I'm glad the right people are doing it uh El Salvador people are going to be wondering where they're listening to us to go for is how much we're taking the person how much to see it oh you could yeah clarified was serious about pouch we do like oh yeah yeah and you are a slack chat with them which I'm not yeah that is because I realized yeah it can even works I wouldn't be surprised if you've been invited you just can't start and and join the group I feel like we're just telegram I've got you know what's up how many methods of communication do we need you know can we just pick one the if you want to yeah but that's like saying well Bitcoin just pick one just use Bitcoin put all these other all coins come around people want choices that's not really a comparison that was a terrible example not a good comparison you want to use one form of money you like one form of communication use Bitcoin but people use all sorts of former money no that's a perfect correlation all these channels are great though there's something else surely got a favorite no I don't have a favorite okay oh my favorite is the P2P line in chat you should have said letter writing I would prefer people to write me letter thing I purchased talking person it's easier yeah I do as well um anyway let's get on the El Salvador uh Implement in Bitcoin education to every Public School in 2024 yeah that's awesome association with either as well with uh I read this yeah it's my first Bitcoin said it's a trial with I think they're training 150 teachers and then those 150 teachers are going to go back to 75 schools and start teaching the curriculum and if it goes well then it'll go into all schools that's that's pretty cool and then my first Bitcoin also like I think they're branching out to other countries as well um so Cuba just announced they're kind of doing something with them I don't think there's another country I wonder what sort of depth it goes into because you do I even around our office we go like there's always people raise the point that you're not taught about it at school in terms of Finance bits and pieces basically how it all works like none of that's touched upon whatsoever we'll be able to get one we'll get one of the workbooks okay should we do that that'll be interesting I've already got it we've got that we got one here we go yeah I think throws a bone therefore yeah where is it yeah I mean like the physical one oh no I've got the copy before yeah physical scope it out yeah another thing nice small idea 60-day streak what you are Molly I'm not I'm sorry hmm yeah right longer study sorry sorry I'm just conscious of time yeah yeah uh longest bear Market ever um fails up yeah again that was stats based off some percentage movements of price and rather than send them and I I sent them as a bear is there actual definition for Bear Market just in general not just our industry uh I think there is a trading one is it Summit with some session yeah like a certain amount of certain periods prolonged to drop an investment process because he dies big hits 20 percent so this we're in the longest bear Market ever that much most recently that was classified though under the percentage movement from a 12 months prior is it or so not usually in the graph of this okay uh it wasn't interested in using this that official definitely have to stay 12 20 below the for me it would be until we hit the next time all time previous all time I think it's an enjoyable bear Market we all enjoyed it I think it's coming to an end so I've also have enjoyed it it's been quite brutal great full-on huh pretty full on we've been busy there's been a lot of we might look like angry people about look back at this bear Mac and go yeah that's not bad gets over the building I think we've built a lot we've built a lot it's been brutal it's been the worst longest one it was like I enjoyed it no it has been Brew it's been the first one out of the three we've experienced I think um so definitely the worst one um 20 the 2018-19 well I didn't think was too bad um it was that the previous one was pretty bad the 20 sort of 14 15 16 time period because that was like yeah that's when you hired me yeah that was why congratulations was just beginning at that point and it was like if banks would just close our accounts now people like it was all of a sudden it was like this all negative they thought Bitcoin would go away this one is more like they're expecting Bitcoin then they know bitcoin's not going away now so all of the banks all of these big corporations there were like the BlackRock ETF they're wanting to find their way into how do they fit in the Bitcoin ecosystem so it's a different type of bear market and from back then you couldn't see the cyclical patterns I supposed to be harming and you know it's just this is what it does yeah we had no idea you you were thinking this could this could be the end yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so that would be more worry yeah and we're a very small team very small company at that point it was like we were still starting on very fresh yeah um so yeah it was it was scarier back then I think than it is these days and it's incredibly bullish news I agree it's massively bullish needed in this bad marketer so it's been a positive in that sense from a sentiment weird okay Birmingham city council declares bankruptcy actually declare bankruptly region headline though somewhere he's a sweet assault for me I don't know someone who's no one sweeps up with the sweep for sure how is that possible how can a council declare bankruptcy is that just a company it's still good we've still got budgets he's absolutely smashed it yeah the government allowed to just come in and bail them out this would be my people actually won't be able to balance the balance sheet or the books it does say bankrupt everything is saying bankrupt isn't it so it declares itself bankrupt is that the First Council on us to do that I would say you know no I don't know maybe a lot you see like uh American state government shutdown quite a lot don't you but I've never seen it in the UK then see look at that effectively declares itself bankrupt no not effectively yes we need government help oh so they had like an unexpected bill came through unexpected it was like 250 mil but they didn't have any liquid assets okay that is a bill enough in it not full how do you know that's that unexpected I think you must know that it's gone out somewhere well supposedly talked about a large amount I mean the point of this one was just to highlight yeah the what you touched on the UK earlier and um yeah and we are seeing more and more of this yeah hmm well it's 760 mil not 260. three sizes as big I think it was like equal pay or something like that some equal pay bills feeling okay selling equal equal pay grade what day for the lady yeah so they wanted me to be in here back as well actually um destroy the world well I mean they should be on the car it's gonna must have known about it also they have like resilience going into pensions and stuff like that the stocking was in a neuropathy and pensions but net liability underfund benefit pensions 2.7 bill people are living too long it's tied up into thinking that and the was the real estate on that as well the property thing it was tied up in that baroness oh yeah you said something at the top here seven billion in property okay right one-time day three percentages if ever you think you're having a bad day conscience and mortgages I mean but this would be the first the money yeah but what's the consequence really like Council pay Rises have a decrease but like overall they they ran it like they knew they're getting better so you'd just be like oh okay this is a problem for the taxpayer will end up having a foot the bill welcome to the world no one's going to get too much in trouble yeah there's not gonna be in trouble I'm single yeah I mean they'll cut back on Council work like services in Birmingham will be shocking for the next five years shocking more than enough closing libraries which is always sad because it's left yeah it's just all like all the services that people rely on it's all because people all these videos people rely on libraries it's a local library my kids all the time it's brilliant service where's the local library we go on I'm not surprised you don't know where your local library is it's not my local library though I'm not surprised that you don't know that's the location really yeah I'm filming for kids yeah really good resources oh great you might be able to read some of these books anyway yeah so so people are Birmingham will lose out for yeah bad management at that Council and that is always a sad bit and it's repeated it all the time bad management happens because they know they're going to get bailed out so it's kind of like um yeah yeah and there'll be one or two unforeseen things yeah of course yeah okay yeah let's quickly move one minute serving and we're sorry two minutes last section quick couldn't use uh we're partnered with the great North air ambulance service to bring Bitcoin donations to the website yay my mother is a volunteer for the organization in Yorkshire wow she used to have to go around stand next to the helicopter and race at Country Fairs that's cool did you get on the helicopters at all don't let everyone a big advocate of theirs he's one of the patrons I think there's a lot of people they do a lot of good work yeah it's a nice jet pack suits which are really cool yeah they do watch the jetpack suits like the First Responders like if it takes too long to get a helicopter out they just have like a guy in a jet pack go up and like give first Australia it's on the website I'm sorry but what what you don't read our chat that's amazing this was mentioned like last night because they kind of really like Cumbria Isle of Man all the kind of like Highlands and Islands so they needed to be able to get to like remove situations that guy's turning up when I've hurt myself you've twisted very Cubs would you think yeah at least I didn't think they had range how close does the guy has to be I suppose you get up the hill quickly and get yeah it's getting up right we need to be watching this video with the audience you're gonna put this clip in yeah we're all sat inside look at that I always think it's just flying there do you need a lot of core strengths to do that because basically getting lifted up it'd be like an in a hoverboard you know see the hoverboards we like that but I quite like training I think to do that yeah yeah I've seen them have like military applications but I've never seen them used how cool would you feel about doing it inside oh no it's not it's the latest Roots it just said is it yeah sorry which which ambient service is this great North very North so they cover like distributors or yeah yeah but yeah very cool very cool so yeah so they're pretty they're pretty uh on board with Innovative stuff so that'll blow your mind yeah it's like whoa what an age to be living in a genuine superheroes right that's 25 I passed away I was gonna watch this video yeah right correct so yeah took a couple of sites to support that surface awesome thanks guys thank you guys cheers guys Cheerio peace all right [Music]