Bitcoin Now Uses 55% Sustainable Energy? | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #116

Join Danny, Molly, Zakk and Dave for industry-led opinions on important Bitcoin stories from the week. This weeks topics include: Bitcoin price, Boris Johnson wanted $1M BTC for Tucker Carlson interview, Elizabeth Warren honours Satoshi Nakamoto, Coinbase and Circle call for Congress to crack down on Tether, MicroStrategy approaching eligibility for S&P 500 inclusion, Dave Portnoy laments not buying Bitcoin, Coinbase drops native BTC payments for merchants, Bitcoin now uses 55% sustainable electricity, Coinbase Liquid Death advert, Circle to cease minting USDC on Tron, Braiins announces Lightning payouts with no minimums or fees, and BlackRock Institutional Digital Assets Summit Britcoiners is a Bitcoin podcast by CoinCorner ( - a global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services. #coincorner #britcoiners #bitcoin #bitcoinpodcast #bitcoinnews

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possibly one of the worst companies we've ever seen in this industry the amount of money they've raised and they wasted over the years they just got Pure lucky like absolutely lucky it's kind of ruined it hasn't it and I feel like I got it's so unimpressive it is incredibly in the world all right come on then right welcome back good to be back episode 117 one six oh is it God damn it oh yeah one more six um yeah house R before we get started remember to like And subscribe subscribe to our content please helps the show grow you guys you got no input on this whatsoever subscribe the hammer is intimidating oh you don't like this without M it's a g yeah come on on the gble right come on CRA on this is absolutely terrible I'm being quiet because I want we we're in a rush this now we that time so I'm trying to yeah let it speed up okay agenda um Elizabeth Warren she's honoring Satoshi Nakamoto uh coinbase and circle are trying to take down some competitors uh gold ETFs are bleeding Millions micro strategy uh could be on the S&P 500 Index soon uh Dave poroy is back what are you gonna say if take a breath I was looking this is a big agenda I go quicker uh coinbase is dropping Bitcoin payments from the merchant platform uh Bitcoin and sustainability uh coinbase and liquid death oh God this is big circle uh to se minting USD C sorry rins and lightning payouts and black rock and their digital assets salot can I can I add one more just Johnson on there as well believe I miss you got start with the price we'll do bars after price what is the price I've don't looked 515 at the moment L did we [ __ ] back up to 52 again then and then yeah 528 since the last episode oh how's this morning we're back there you go cool right by Boris so Tucker Carlson as requested an interview from Boris Johnson and Boris Johnson's team or him replied with um it'll cost you a million dollars or a million dollars worth of gold or a million dollars worth of bitcoin even Boris doesn't want pounds I mean really I think that's incredible what have we when was this how have we missed this two days ago his teams come out and said it's not true but took a I believe either the one as much as the other ones Mikey doing the sweeping it could go either way but it came from TU Carlson saying he offered why would Carson say that why would he make that op you can't have the former prime minister of the yeah I get why his team said it's not true that's ridiculous yeah say one pound bit quite is dead anyway short one short one yeah M moving on is that a thing I don't know we it's actually it's really satisfied to keep us moving on to the next topic okay so when Connor will be proud yeah for anybody just listening I've got a what do you call it like one of them judges gav a what a gavl a gabble it's a hammer let's move on judges hammer to move these guys on right boom bis done Bish bash BOS uh P are you GNA say that every time Jesus uh okay Elizabeth Warren assigns a certificate to honor Satoshi Nakamoto with a ceremonial flying a flag flying okay so she was just tricked into doing that I presume not trick she signed it you can anyone can get one and you just pay is it like $65 or something it was barely any yeah that's about right I think yeah and you can put the content of what you want this obviously they've just filled that in with the content they've put which is honoring stash and Elizabeth Warren just signs it they sell sorry they sell the flags every day yeah commercialized that less than $30 it says on this okay that's cool $ 22880 right so she's obviously very negative in Bitcoin so for her to then sign something she 100% hasn't signed them she doesn't go through every day and just sign that does she someone's just copy and pasted that on Doc commercial Enterprise for the White House in a nice thing I imagine she signed once it's a digital signature after that yeah so yeah but it's she's give permission to sign then which shows they shouldn't do that it's putting your name to yeah but the breaking Elizabeth Warren signs a certificate to honor Bitcoin Creator that's right really it's just a bit that's that's it's funny but it's okay it's not it's it's real and it's funny funny real but not news really it's not any her endorsement in anyway whatsoever yeah right moving on oh I love it love it fish bash B fish bash B right coinbase and circle call for Congress to crack down and issue enforcements AC actions on their competitors yeah I think this was just dirty it was dirty tactics dir tactics um B they don't name anyone to the but they're basically just saying tether um oh is that who it is that's yeah it's SP the usdc it I think um so they're basically just saying because they saying offshore companies and Etc it's like they're basically pointing the finger at relationship between coinbase and circle they've partnered up partnered up yeah to do the usdc stuff it's C's also looking Topo IPO is so there's a lot of other stuff undercovering everything Circle are the possibly one of the worst companies we've ever seen in this industry the amount of money they've raised and they wasted over the years they just got Pure lucky like absolutely lucky with everything they did along the way they just bumbled the way along because they had so much what are they used to be called they were never originally Circle were they uh they possibly cuz they bought didn't they um I can't what they were before they like 75 mil funding like back in 2015 was it um and they they did know they did the whole re because they originally they were going to be a competitor to coinbase and they started off they were a money app and then they pivoted to bitcoin and then they ended up kind of being compared to coinbase didn't get traction pivoted to they pivoted to something else a blockchain thing at some point then they because when they got the funding I think they just bought a lot of Bitcoin so they ended up with a big bank balance and they then acquired pollinex they didn't they and then for like 450 million then they sold it 450 million uh because that also went to [ __ ] then what after that is did they do stable coin next or did they pivot again to something I can't remember and they pivoted again to some sort of payments thing and then eventually to stable coin and they're in bed now with coinbase and coinbase are pushing them what Circle pay they did as well current market share for stable coins Mikey obviously we know tether dominates but where are usdc on that it's single figure percentages isn't it what in terms of coin market cap you should be able dollar stable coins 7 billion no 28 billion and 100 billion for Te okay so soly PayPal is one they try to get dent on that as well they're all well they're all saying well tethers they just trying to replicate and how much money tether now make it's crazy um but that coinbase partnership's clever that's that's done well yeah again it's not them Circle that's done anything it's coinbase yeah but if like if they're in bed together and coinbase are pushing it yeah well it's similar to is it now Kraken and PayPal one isn't it they're officially in bed with each other so cracking and pushing PayPal stable yeah it's just incredible if you look back at the Circle journey of a company it's just crazy it's like try something fail to be fair they've persisted did but they persisted cuz I think they raced so much at the beginning just sat there on it in Bitcoin so what are they trying to do with competive sorry oh yeah the original topic back they they're basically calling like the US uh is it was it in the front of the Senate the other day I'm not sure what it's from but basically saying go and clam down on offshore companies so but they didn't name any but they're basically saying tther uh which I thought was a little bit dirty tactics like they're saying they doing wrong and they're not doing right and but not giving evidence or examples as to what they're doing wrong or what it's just sort of like going Shout with them guys cuz it's an anticompetitive move to try they're trying to Market they trying to it the US is totally against what bitcoin's all about yeah that's why we don't like it the free market spoken and said tether is is the current winner I guess in some respects and hting like yeah companies with this kind of offshore Target it always kind of it seems very negative when really actually it's they're just somewhere else but here the world or the US yeah see white that America be would be against it America dollar yeah a big PA as we spoke about sorry move on this is fish bash no you can keep keep hammering away right it's almost quiet enough to ignore I didn't realize yeah uh right m is slowly cing towards being eligible for inclusion on the S&P 500 Index I thought it already was so may so I thought it was within the top 500 they're still quite a lot they're not yeah they're still about the Bitcoin price7 Bill oh they could get there no but they're only about 12 billion is it 8 billion total or something the market rice at the minute market cap that 12 bill this is it's a big percentage off so why is this just 40% to get in or 30% what it works at yeah easy for Bitcoin they need at least a comfortable fit no they need 40% on their share price not on the Bitcoin price I know but their share price and the Bitcoin price highly correlated closer correlated now but not exactly are I guess so you need at least another 40% to comfortably get into that I imagine yeah I thought it was a lot closer but okay then I just headline read that one I think they'll be in there by the end of this year okay how about Nvidia seen their share price the whole American econom is propped up on the Nvidia yeah share price s and it's got no oh is it pre no after it closed last night that's why it's premarket some after yeah what the CEO reference the Insurgent the surgence of AI no yeah they're just selling more graphics card Quin cor is now doing AI yeah so everybody's just doing move on move on I'm going to next week car come on okay Dave por uh vastel should have owned more Bitcoin was a video that he posted on Twitter earlier earlier in the week he does blame himself doesn't he I know he looked like a broken man he had it he had it all as well he had the perfect opportunity he had a lot of available cash he had the advice from the Winkle VI and he thought he thought he was holding a lot of Bitcoin and then for what accid said he accidentally sold it no he I thought he sold it cuz he panicked off the FTX and he tried to he thought he'd bought it back so he left it like a year I think or something and thought he'd bought it back and then he logged into his account's check and he hadn't actually bought it back he said he sold it with the FTX thing he was worried yeah sold it around that time but who's his money guy why is he not loging into like why is it think he's his own money guy he needs money you need him you need me I'll sort you out Dave needs Dave needs Dave let's team up I might actually do that I'll see what I'll reply see what he said comes back to me with I mean he's a good example of why not to get educated by crypto people I think in some way what did he lose a lot on Luna was it or Lun safe Moon safe Moon and he got wiped out and yeah he lost on all that all stuff as well but he admit that he was tall bitcoin's the play and that he should have just it is in the noise of the the crypto side and you've got Winkle Viro tur up at his house trying to educate him but they were telling him to buy ethereum and all these other coins I think as well responds to his tweet everyone gets Bitcoin at the price they deserve it's a bit of a dagger isn't it it's true it's true though isn't that they deserve Michael sat there with his 190,000 Bitcoins just lost millions and he's throw in shade probably one of the most accurate quotes though I mean true you get it and you deserve when you put the effort in to learn you like with anything in life you put the effort in okay do you disagree no I was going to bring up Paris Hilton and yes she on the agenda I just didn't long come back we'll come back to that in a couple of weeks when we're more more prepared yeah as we have had Furious engagement in the office debates anyway right uh coinbase drop native Bitcoin payments from the merchants platform so sweeping uh SC sweeping sweeping so this one I tagged because there's a lot of back I'm not going to defend coinbase here cuz you know my hatred for them however um they've done something in certain ways clever and in certain ways obviously it's terrible what they're trying to do but I think nobody's really I don't feel like anyone would losing all the tweets and the comments and stuff around it I don't think anyone's actually took the time to read and understand what they've actually done and why they've done it um and what they've done is so they've took they've removed Bitcoin payment so you can pay coinbase commercial on the website you want to pay with crypto you have to log in now with or you have to connect your coinbase wallet effectively so if you want to pay Bitcoin you have to have a coinbase account with Bitcoin in it and it just pulls it just like bance pay PayPal yeah binance pay do the same and I've done for years so it's like PayPal basically uh so you're paying coinbase account to coinbase account the currencies are relevant in it the only ones you can pay with is base which is their own is that the code no if they're in Virtual machines uh uh so so then they're saying it from a again that's a lie you can pay with ethereum so we'll come back to Lauren Dowling said EVN yeah she also said all sorts of things oh the custom the merchants are worrying about volatility well that's why you convert the currency straight away to the Fe currency they want which is what everyone's been doing for years she also said the merchants are worried about limited asset support like they want all the assets like people are paying honk yeah this is so stupid I've PID honk times you look at any sort of volume it's just stupid man so they you can pay from an external wallet in on base which is coinbase's little Layer Two or layer I don't know what it is um ethereum and Su rc20 and polygon and polygon's token ecosystem as well so but they've only got three live that you can actually pay from external on however that's not external wallets that's external it is external wallets but it's external wallets in the sense of of when you go to pay at the checkout you still have say use a metamask for example as your external wallet you still have to connect to your metamask to coinbase and the payment is then pulled by coinbase so it's initiated and pulled by coinbase rather than with crypto you would do a push payment where you'd send the payment to some address they're doing it so you tie the wallet in and give them permission to pull the correct amount from the wallet effectively so why that's clever one it's very bad because obviously they're centralizing moting it as you like to say Dave um and creating a moat so from a business perspective it's clever obviously from their perspective because they're making sure everyone's forced towards coinbase and they more control of everything um the clever piece I guess is they're trying to that what they're trying to do any erc20 token in theory you can go and you can pay with and it all converts to usdc which is going to pump usdc so it's a big push for usdc um as well I think um but you could then say like you're saying Bonk or honk whatever the whatever random coin is is the popular mean coin at the time if you've got that you would theoretically from your metam mask Wallet be able to pay from your metam mask wallet to coinbase in any and it'll Auto it's in coinbase's request it's effectively saying right I've got Bonk and I'm going to pay with Bonk I want to pay with usdc really but it's going to do a dyes style trade for Bonk to usdc on on yeah RC 20 whatever it's on um and then using that usdc sending that over as an erc20 token still to the merchant who then receives usdc and whether they convert that to a local fee or whether they just hold dollar as usdc is on them but it means that coinbase are always theoretically receiving usdc and the merchant can then do what they want um so coinbase only have to ever receive that they're just telling the metamask wallet itself to actually go and do the trade for whatever shitcoin to usdc and then send the usdc equivalent so it means well it means coin technically yes it's a bit of a mess and a bit complicated but it's it means coinbase don't have to deal with all the other shitcoins it automatically will convert whatever the shitcoin is to usdc and send it to them yeah um so from a coinbase perspective it's kind of clever in that sense of what they're doing there because it means that anyone can pay with any shitcoin and it doesn't matter because it always comes back however theoretically they're just using defi to to allow that in some way and we know they're ined with circle yeah so it's just like they're getting see that they're in bed with that the tra pump and they have semic control over all [ __ ] coins that get paid with actually just get turned into usdc which PP the demand for usdc and push it and they'll be blaming Bitcoin volatility for this move and the underpayment problems they've said all sort merg demand just garbage my curiosity then becomes if they from a compliance perspective have they thought about which you've got imagine they have being coinbase but have they thought about okay that bunk token gets turned into usdc via some sort of swap um the usdc goes over are they only checking on the usdc transaction Source One hop source of how high risk that transaction is or do they go back and see and have visibility of the bankk to usdc one which point they should if they're checking they should be checking that from a compliance perspective and if they're not and they're then high risk they're almost trying to push that uh compliance risk onto the customer in some way and trying to mask it so it looks like it's not a highish transaction that's then come through to them and they don't have to bother with it so I don't know don't know what their behind the scenes processes are there and I don't if we'll ever know but it it creates a new problem in some way um because you've happen to trade on a D5 platform that you've no idea what that usdc that's coming in also could be hus um so it's a bit of a weird one um lots of moving parts to it um and I think the whole point is they just want to try and move towards something where they don't have to support all these tokens they just support the base layers of the I just hate the way they they've masked it as like simplifying things rather than like the difficult blame enormous Bitcoin layer twos and I'm interest see because Brian in his tweet said we are integrating lightning so then what they're going to do that was a year ago now but they originally said that been scrapped but no he in this tweet in response to this he said we're integrating lightning yeah not for not not for coinbase Commerce no no yeah but I'm going say how yeah if you've got lightning integrated then why wouldn't you add it to coinbase Commerce but no but they won't will initially they'll do it that way because they want to push people to watch this and doing the usdc stuff yeah um so it's definitely a a commercial play um weirdly clever from them in some respects I can see why the like the merchants might find it easy as well because of the Clos Loop nature of it there's no would that they probably getting rid of the it's too confusing for the merchants it's just like the merchant just wants whatever pounds dollar they just want that in their account don't they I don't believe there's mer all these there isn't all the noise around it is just crazy but it's it's taking that complexity and putting it on to the end user then at that point which is the worst way of doing it the end user paying for things to be the easiest flow they're hoping that they need to keep that in some respect for like cuz their business model is based off speculation of the meme tokens all the token so they need to keep that Dem going and driving so if they add that it means oh you can pay in in b b's price goes up and speculation it gives them additional functionality it gives them something that whether it's used or not it it's perceived as this other random meme coin has some extra functionality that should make it more valuable which pushes the price which pushes speculators And Trades up yeah to me it just adds more barriers to the end user of like if I'm on a website checking out for something the beauty of crypto or Bitcoin is like it's it's me I'm I'm initiating the payment just scanning a QR code and sending it it's a push payment now poll as well yeah if I have to connect my coinbase wallet and do all that I'm as just paying debit card you can't also if you're doing that as well if you on multiple devices and as well and you can pay from different things it's yeah it doesn't you've got to be on the device with the metam mask to be able to then connect it and pay and stuff so um it's also probably quite insecure in that respect you got your metam mask attached to something which I think people already do in a lot of scenarios but m um it's just another additional one we're probably waiting for a cuz even like sorry tax implications of me as a user it's doing then a swap to usdc and then I'm paying it by that is that on me is that on coinbase it's like yeah they're an enemy of Bitcoin I think yeah driving got the final word in yeah a Bitcoin I like it we can snip that up and play that one out to to people on Twitter right uh Bitcoin now uses 55% of sustainable energy energy which is up 0.5% from last month due to new hash rate from Ethiopia which is all renewable energy there's a lot we were at a conference over weekend there's a lot of miners talking about moving through Ethiopia Big Damn incoming yeah huge amount of renewable and power output in that country and people are utilizing it it's actually made it more commercially viable for Ethiopians to have this renewable energy resource because miners can a liquid can move around and just utilize it so a lot of Chinese miners are mooving to Ethiopia and this is I think this was from Daniel batton's news yes is yeah just to update on that CH was confused though I think he's because you're used to a different data source maybe I think he uses another one both show the renewable what is on the up I think it quotes it I no it's using W yeah it's Willy Woos is it not or whatever the thing that's not what do you have it as what do you think it is I need to know the the source of that oh okay where that comes from but the bit isn't it it's on the up yeah it's to I was just curious cuz I'm I didn't know there was a separate number going around and where's the source of that i' be interesting to know um cuz the one that we all see normally is the mining Council mining Council yeah um which is at about I thought it's like 59 yeah 59.5 there okay um so we 5% or 4% difference so they getting the data from different areas or someone thought well if you get it from a chunk here and a chunk here can you put them together and get better accurate I don't you will never be entirely accurate there's based on just huge assumptions well it's based off 40 is it like 40% of the hash rate right that these guys where where those they then just average it out I think yeah yeah anyway data no oh no no no no G it I it what you say I was I don't know that I was really distracted Ethiopia Ethiopia we were talking yesterday was it just about Ethiopia um they're building this big Dam I don't know if it's built yet I think it's built I thought it was still being built all right this big Dam on the Nile which basically is going to generate as much electricity as they're consuming now for the whole country this one Dam can generate so that's why we're seeing it they're doing it in conjunction with um China so yeah basically China are kind of paying for it by the sounds of it so this is why maybe we're seeing a massive influx in Chinese miners kind of yeah I reckon if you look at Ethiopian mining hash rate localization they'll be on the up the next over the next few months is it built right mcky or is it not you said the second phase is about to start in 2021 I'm just wondering if I've got the right one here second phase of filling was complet in 21 oh cool third filling complet for 23 there well yeah you'd like that Daniel baton us because he he he he gets the latest articles and sweeps them himself sweeper is it yeah he use a sweeper a l you should you should connect cuz he always points out where the where the Articles have fundamentally reported wrong so you get a lot of um people citing experts in Bitcoin that and then literally points out that they aren't experts in history and you also there's lots of conflating so where miners are always said to use a lot of energy right but that and that's deemed as the bad thing rather than being environmentally harmful and using a lot of energy are completely different things if you're in Ethiopia where they've got renewable of 95% mining isn't mining power doesn't matter it's genius bring money into the into the country so it uses a lot of energy in Ethiopia that is not does not equal half to the environment so just people need to be clear on that cool fellow sweeper yeah he is um okay coinbase have spent $500,000 on liquid death advertising I well it's it's very American but they do have it here can the other day they they're on every podcast literally there' be can not the podcast I'm listening to yeah well a different podcast Yeah so basically what was this an eBay adver so liquid death put an advertising basically the ability to bid on and advertise on their boxes in store on space on the side of the box and they put it on eBay so anyone can bid for it and then you think about it's quite good actually and like they use the space themselves normally if you got it in boxes and boxes in the store you would see you'd see what they're selling this is an ad in itself yeah brilliant we should have done this I don't know how but we don't have any physical no we should have bid oh we should have bid yeah and said we're bidding you just joining the bid to get into the race you don't want to win the bid America there's any there's be lots of other products that could you could do the same with so like I'm trying to think of Anam man products yeah General feedback is like they got quite cheap for what it was out for a dollar for every case they haven't even printed one yet and look at all the media yeah that's why it is good but so we need to usdc as well so they get to shill usdc a bit more as well yeah they said they paid in it coin B coin B I feel like coinbase are winning at the moment leave this with us there's a little battle leave this with us basically we've got we're shooting a little BB gun at someone with a tank basically What's happen yeah it just feels like they just going get roll over like everyone once we penetrate that tank then it's but if you won't be able to take a tank down with a BB gun spend get millions of people firing BBS and blocks the tracks and just I'll take the tanks keep the pan that's my note for later literally divided utility so that no one can use either you've taken a paper give me the pen I just wor the note for later just oh I just wanted to highlight everyone noticed the um the explosions on the the advert there this is what I tried to bring to cop from our viral video there I think it's funny we're trying to add explosions to it's taking the piss out of advertising in itself isn't it yeah I'd be curious to see what coin actually use that space to AV yeah I mean there have been some interesting suggestions in the car please not nfts oh they sorry they take they're taking suggestions of what to put on the box yeah yeah see that's great engagement again a wey Bitcoin should have done put Bitcoin logo there black Sailor should have jumped in there I didn't see the bids going on last happened there's American in it so I guess we've missed a lot of that yeah yeah um we're asleep anyway okay literally um Circle sees minting usdc on Tron Network effective immediately s it's the attack the coinbase again it was this is very coinbase heavy this podcast just cuz they they've had they've had a mint week really good curious to what that is about um they've said it's due to did they say to decentral like the centralization aspect of it yeah yeah what if it's about nothing what if it's about like obviously Tron is a competitor Essen kind of not to where is there any market share that coinbase could that Tron has of but Tron is like the preferred network for stable coins like over half of tether is on Tron yeah and that's widely used in the sort of um what we know from the Middle East of the conversations we had a couple of weeks ago so as it you see that so where they where they me in usdc on instead of Tron then uh EOS ethereum do does it not fit into the wallet thing like fits into the ethereum agenda and does it not Al also undermine a competitor tether by literally placing a seed of Doubt on something I think it could be before the theorum ETF was my thought process on that I think it's due to them say so the SEC I think have kicked back with etherum ETF saying that it's too centralized and controlled so there I'm wondering if they've done this as a play as a move to say that actually know tron's more centralized and we're not going to use that so we're going to use ethereum because they've also just on yesterday put back into the SEC coinbase's comments on why they should do an ethereum ETF because of course it works great for coinbase because they get to custody all and make a chunk from the custody so and the purchases so I think it's potentially they're win an ETF play if this if this Wason as a result of Enterprise wide approach that involed the business organization compliance and other functions across our to say right we're going to focus on ethereum approve this ETF if this was a Rocky film right this would be the moment in the ring where we're getting battered by do Lon yeah like this is it with wait w we're already we're already on Rocky 4 we're not yeah this is a long we should be on like maybe one still or maybe two maybe two we're chasing a chicken yeah champions of the world anyway in a different playing part that we're not in the same playing field though it's like they're playing I know shitcoin Casino we're not playing it's really annoying CU you can see what they're doing oh yeah we can because we're so focused on the industry to be self like aware but they're not we're not aware what Bitcoin could be and what they're doing in terms of moting B out rubbish yeah they they've held bitcoin's progression back so far so far they're the enemy people need to see it if they you know we're talking about a stateless money it gives freedom of people and they're talking about moting all this crap they're talking about nfts and and everything else on yeah you're right guys move on Let It Go no we no this is the Eternal fight let it we will never let that go okay um brains announced lightning payouts with no minimums or fees that's really good there you go I'm trying to lot of solo miners would be strongly get payouts yeah like when I was doing my snipe mining I was with brains and I was like I'm never going to get payout cuz it's just going to take forever but now I'm going to go get it so that's good news I think all SN mining is coming back I think all miners should be first mining pool I think the first I've heard of it's a great move I can't believe suing this brain not just brains I mean any man in pool like why that just seems crazy yeah to see my basic stuff Common Sense approach the only way I see in terms of a corporate cash flow that's that's say busal yeah cuz they'll hold and I don't know the benit of really because it's still unless he ring their terms it says if you've not withdrawn it for like two years they sweep it or something so there'll be loads that they'll just slowly sweep um would be my guess potentially I wonder how they're doing it I wonder if they're like supporting lightning addresses out the box so you can just put your lightning address in I'll log in and find out that be the easiest kind of route for me yeah you need to request access by support desk well see that's a private why would you on what it's private beer yeah that's already annoying isn't it well it's a private beer all right I'll wait for it to not be private beer okay where I don't have to request access to a feature by want of know so can you request access all right thank you you might as well just be D just tag you I will be that guy right um Black Rock are hos the institutional dig digital assets Summit I think this is big news but I don't understand why um because I've not hated attention to black rocks historical Summits they do they're not advertising because they not just get more people on board yeah but I think they they do this don't they for as my understanding very little understanding I think they do this in other Industries and other things but for Black Rock to do one on it I think is quite big because I think they'll get a lot they get a lot of people a lot of people listening from different places so yes it's the pump their ETF but it's obviously great for for Bitcoin in that sense um I think people are seeing it as a big news thing because it's Black Rock now hosting a summit around why they've called it uh digital what they called it institutional disal I think the hope is that they're just working as the Bitcoin marketing department should have done it as Bitcoin but because they've got the ethereum you have to push in they probably digital assets of yeah we like them now when it's just a Bitcoin ETF but wait until all the others come pay for it gives got maybe we do that it has to be that brutal but I will be taking I'm going to take that hammer off you there's like a silence I'm like right okay and then you okay you chat on you not allowed to think in this podcast blurt it out and move on realize we've only been recording for 20 minutes uh that was the last one