Bitcoin Ordinals Censored Already | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #75

Join Danny, Molly, Zakk, and Dave for this weeks ramblings. Topics this week include: Twitter moving into payments, Filter Ordinals Patch, censored, MicroStrategy Lightning conference, UK CBDC by 2030, FTX reclaiming donations, Lightning Network ATH, Coinbase USDT to USDC, and CoinCorner at ICE London 2023. Our Merchant of the Month is Tea & Tonic. Use code "20Bitcoin" for 20% off through February. ( Subscribe to our new Britcoiners YouTube channel: A video version of this episode is also available on our YouTube channel: This episode is sponsored by CoinCorner ( - A global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services.

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this week Dave no sniffing okay full of a cold being Davey's still ill it's not just ill this is this is more than flu now this is next stage of course they're not stage two flu Oh men don't go to the doctors near me whining that's the problem right right agenda this week agenda uh you don't go to the doctors only because you just feel like you're wasting their time well let's just you know with sniffles yeah I've got a really sore throat and runny nose mate I mean you had to take a day off last week because that should have been yeah and did we hear about it [Laughter] I mean I got some vile abuse on that chat unless you said Ryan threatening him to go off work so you can go off work I know Ryan has also got the flu and he's not had a day off work and I've had a day off work so obviously I he looks better than me so yeah I'm gonna force him out he didn't have a day off in the end yeah but he will no he's back to full health and you're struggling anyway the agenda apologies agenda bitcoin price 22 825 steady should we talk about the agenda first no I'm gonna take this back off you no I don't like saying stuff and then coming back and just be going yeah bitcoin price just get that out of the way and then move on to the real stuff okay okay no price you do you think you do I mean you're messing up the agenda but yeah right price done we haven't even talked about the price yet what's that to say about it it's come down a little bit we hit over 24K last week we did so I didn't see it over 24 was it there for a brief a little bit was it uh half a day or something I think yeah 12 hours ish eight hours maybe yeah yeah four hours yeah anyway there's a bounce back off it yep had done a little dip I think we had um what was it last week there was load of some bullish news about macro stuff and reports UK UK economy might be growing a steady Pace than they thought there won't be a bigger recession as people would predicting that was it last week because all the inflation stuff wasn't it yeah so inflation coming back down which for the UK and the US I think yeah U.S rates increase wasn't as big as people thought it might be Etc all quite nice economic news granted we are listening to some idiots that messed it all up anyway that are saying oh yeah the inflation has come down inflation's come down but reality has it I don't know okay okay well that's price then anything else to add to that no let's move on cool right interesting this is a weird one why is there a Vibe you don't know it's just I don't know you're creating a weird vibe what have I created this out me and Zach I don't know how to do what to do yeah really weird pod interesting news right we've got Twitter applying for regulatory licenses to enter payments business we've got Luke Dodge Junior and this filter coordinos patch this is All Tech talk so I don't know what any of this means but let's go back uh the first censoring on microstrategies holding a Bitcoin lightning conference uh the bank of England believes UK will have a seed be DC by 2030. FTX sends confidential letters to politicians demanding they return millions of dollars SBF donated by the end of the month uh Bitcoin lightning network capacity breaks all-time high and coinbase usdt to usdc cool right let's bring let's bring oh God Dave I'm trying sniffing the weird vibe is the illness oh is it yeah you're the weird advice maybe you should leave maybe I'll Soldier on but if I'm coughing too much I might have to all right kick off Twitter Twitter applying for regulatory licenses to enter payments business I always thought they would yeah well we said always said he would yeah do you think you just can't let go of PayPal and the other one what's the other one do you have another payment I think he just got you just can't let go of them and you just I think he understands what a social payment platform would be absolutely huge potentially if you put payments on Twitter and their own uses it for payments I mean it's just among the main massive Industries isn't it I think he's a little bit butt hurt from PayPal but yeah I think he's his Paypal exit wasn't as big as obviously [Music] he's done subsequently but pales overshadowed yeah overshadows what Peter thiel's done clearly clearly doesn't in elon's head though if he's going off and doing this well maybe he's just that's the sort of guy he is because ego driven he sold PayPal only made what they made 70 mil and now it's worth how many billions is the CEO out there that isn't ego driven everyone I met I never worked with is a massive massively oh my God the ego on this guy I think this is a thing of an exception there's a fine back there's a fine balance in that between just the way he's approaching everything I think he is an eccentric a bit wacky person anyway his name what he does um but he's he comes across and tries to push the agenda of like he's doing this for the good of mankind all the time which you can understand with the rockets and things that only push the electric vehicles being that even though they're worse um God let it go man and yeah the paper the Twitter thing he originally went at you know wanted to save free speech and stuff and then now he's like oh well then I can use this for payments and make more money it's his agenda is doesn't always line up with his action actions is he also now going to pass on ad Revenue to creators yeah as well if you've got a Blue Tick that's the thing which means or whatever and then the ad Revenue no one's going to break even off that I can't imagine unless you like one oh the big guys or the big ones I'm sure yeah um but that'll be yeah it's what it's how does he force people to pay for this platform that apparently was free speech it's no longer free speech he's killed it killed it in that side and then he did tweet as well I don't know if you saw it that they're trending to break even so I think it's just yeah to push to either facing bankruptcy yeah they're no longer an open open public company that can sell some shares on the market and they have to do something but like this should be everyone should be striving to that right yeah should they not I kind of have got away with it for years in terms of just relying on VC VC VC cycle after cycle never running any profitability or ever thinking about getting Break Even yeah and now he's coming in and gonna get it breaking quite quickly so fair play swim on that and yeah but it's at the detriment to what free speech um the Bots are still as bad as ever the Bots are worse if anything oh really oh God what was that one the other day it's like 12 of them in within three seconds yeah they're all replying to each other they replied one replies to me and then they reply to each other so you can't you can't get rid of them because you're just muting it's just an ongoing is he gonna make the API paid for sooner yeah I saw that so that should shut it down right that kills no well no because they'll one of them will pay for it and they'll spam it out right so it'll be like the services at first scheduling tweets and stuff like I'll just have to pay and they'll have to pass on to the customer right so it's just against increasing revenues is it pushing a lot of people to Nostra because you see a lot of talk about that I've not tried it out yet I don't know if that if that's just a Bitcoin Twitter thing that damage had over 100k downloads which blew my mind so I didn't think five top ten of app downloads for that week four social media platforms no it's so unawful that was an awful lot yeah has anyone downloaded it yeah a long time ago but um right now yeah yeah okay the apps are a bit easier um but they were only iPhone for a while weren't they so we had it on like desktop and everything and tried to play around with it months a few months back now was it um but yeah it's it was a struggle with relays and stuff like that how does it differ at Twitter then is it what do you mean it's a bit tacky like uh where's its problem if I just go on it with the scaling isn't always the problem isn't it of any decentralized network so in terms of Nostra I just sign up with a public key how does it work do I then do I get a name tag or what like well you can set your name to what you want but your identification is your public key right and then I just follow other people yeah the the so damage is built to be like using Nostra as a Twitter alternative right so it's just a protocol it doesn't have to be used for a social media yeah okay it's been it's been used for that at the minute because that was this use case that people jumped on in Jack Dorsey jumped on I think a little bit um and it was pushed as that so if you're trying to compare Twitter to Nostra of what that a Twitter equivalent on Nostra then that's what Zach saying their scalability is the issue with that of whether it can scale and how that can work as the relays the way they work Twitter stores how much data how many terabytes of data is it a day to a store can't remember um but then obviously that's got to be passed around all the relays that you then have got to be connected to and it's Twitter could use an Austra if they wanted to yeah that would be a it's a protocol yeah but then they're still they still sent the idea of nostril ends up being like the censorship resistantness yeah but then at that some points you're going to end up with censorships because you have Twitter using austro instead of connecting to their relay so which they can they're still in charge of Center and ship yeah censorship do you have to pay to tweet is it like it's not a Bitcoin thing we have to like use no well you could you could build one now where you make people to tweet it's just a protocol so we're trying to bring light into it wouldn't need to have certain things I think so they were saying I think that's awesome talk about the Bots and trying to get rid of the Bots and using lightning to go to the box but then the Bots will just pay a sap a tweet whatever yeah they'll do it until it's no longer feasibly viable but at some point it still will be um so yeah that's why then you need a I guess the Twitter centralization comes in as an advantager because they can censor even though they're not doing very good job of it and block Bots um so yeah I don't know still up in the air for me on that one I'm not I'm not sold on it on a social media alternative I'd like to see some other applications use it you could do like chat little chat rooms or just anything where you're kind of sharing data right but on mass it doesn't kind of scale no and then you've got key already which is kind of doing yeah yeah so that's then if you have a little side private chat rooms then key kind of already is doing that so yeah supports the benefits and difference between them yeah there's trade-offs isn't it yeah okay it's cool though so I won't open account just yet then that's up to you can't play around have one as I play around but that's the part of it on there okay is it go grab some handles can you no so what anyone can call themselves coincon a day on it yeah I'm cold calling Corner yeah that's your identification so you would tell a lot of people tweet out their Pub Key saying this is me that must be ux ID associated with that because I'm not going to recognize the public key am I it's like 20. you're not allowed on Australia if you can't recognize them thank you ordinals with a conversation on them last week didn't we uh so Luke Luke that's Junior uh he proposed didn't need to filter them out as well I think he's pushing for that um it was released it and he yeah the proposal for that which is those releases actual actual code yeah yeah it was a meme I've seen it doesn't work as well it's saying it's not working yeah the conversation we had last week about ordinals this week I've barely seen anybody talking about it no I feel like it's died off already I mean that was like towards the end of last week but yeah which was nope sure so Luke asked Junior made something that you can filter them out it doesn't work what does a filter map mean you could just search or what does it mean and it's fill them out from adding them to the blockchain so to filter them so they might what was it the minds on the nose didn't pass it around I can't remember what yeah I'm not sure I thought it was just like a Bitcoin core Bitcoin nuts patch where you just run it and it doesn't download that and in theory if everyone's running it then it's filtering out on oh everybody's I see um but I think the point of it again you know bitcoin's uncensorable and everything so you can put what you want on it which is fair enough um the although we did see so we it was coincidental that's why this is noted down we were talking about it in the office with me and saying let's just wait until um something goes on there because which is I forget his name what's it called uh Casey he's running that and get trying to get people to put images and things like that in there and we said as soon as something goes on there that's like borderline either it's illegal or it's borderline dodgy you can't really display it on there it's his website at the end of the day and he will censor them things and he did exactly that already last week and censored some of the content that was getting added to the ordinals on the so it already starts to defeat the point of um yeah he's hosting this image yeah I presume it's just a I can't remember what the image was yeah it was like I dread to think what it was to be fair but like yeah and energy right okay I'd like to think yeah um but that's the point it all of a sudden it has to be censored for stuff like that so so he just didn't will that make it viewable like yeah accessible to view on his way yeah it's a bit because not been sent at all it's just no well he's choosing a show from the blockchain his website displaying this information he censored it on his website even though he's obviously pushing for put what you want on there how long did it take him to get it down I mean the panic when he's had his little Lord knows I've not paid enough attention to it to be honest to know uh what happened yeah I mean he surely must have known that was going to happen make a yeah he must have had in his head it's gonna happen but it just contradicts what he's obviously tried to drive a little bit there um but yeah interesting to see so we we need to still review the SATs that I'm holding anywhere wants to sell yeah I saw someone tweeting I don't know if this was in the agenda but like they would pay like 10 million starts for one one yeah very rare I forget the Criterion the rare and the legendary or something you have some legendary just a you know a wallet full of legendary sets so what's that for 10 million sounds like a good deal it sounds like a scam doesn't it you send me one side I'll send you 10 million and I still need to find time to do that I think it'll be quite funny especially if you can find like your name or something theoretically you could yeah hmm anyway I'm just not that interested in them yes in a minute to be honest oh yeah I just I have not paid attention to it too much because it just doesn't interest me we are the other things to fix I think it's just I think it's gonna be a fad well it was nfts and that were gone past everything's viewed as a fad first time round and then eventually it soaks in doesn't it to the social Norm I mean everyone thought Pokemon cards were a fat whoa whoa look at them nobody thought they were in fact football cards everything's a little fatty things and never but they were fads weren't they exactly Pokemon everything is a fad if it's niche enough it's described as a fad so like yoga remember when yoga was used to came to the UK probably about yeah 10 15 years ago but so much of it so much yeah but a bit of it sticks and then that's where you then work out the size of the market of what sticks I guess isn't it whereas um Theory outside the internet the internet didn't have a marketable addressable Market in some it did in terms of yeah right really um I think it was just more the technology and built now but that addressable Market is the whole globe of the internet eventually yoga is not necessarily the whole globe is it so I don't know it should be there's so many alternatives to yoga what you could do like replies and then just general access I started to put my socks on standing up now it's such a different ball game yeah it's so much harder Mikey it's easy why are people making it to themselves out so I don't know we will probably come out that we had a discussion about how you put socks on yeah and I think it was on the part was it no no but in terms of I always sit down and put them on and I just thought everyone did that because it saves you wobbling around and it's easier to do but now but it's easy to do standing yeah no no now it's one of my core exercises but it's counting it as working out it is it's good to go exercise the balance at the next level up is putting tights on standing up that's a whole you guys will never I've never thought science on sitting down yeah do you count as an exercise that you do every day is putting your tights on I mean yeah I do it's time to do that with socks going forward have you worked out today yeah but I still don't put my socks on yeah it's good exercise takes a couple of minutes so if you're coming without any socks yeah the rest of the week no sucks I was talking to you about how I use pedometers wasn't it and I was like like I use pedometers to try and take a few steps as possible during the day to cut down on wastage basically people try and get a loads of steps you've got to do 10 000 steps I was like oh I park really near 300. tell them I mean I got yeah got my got my steps out of 300 efficiency because I was telling you about that that press-up app that I got to do some press-ups every day and then you have to touch your nose when you do a pressure and I was just like banging out 10. 10 in three seconds [Laughter] holding a Bitcoin lightning conference um I don't know anything when where why uh May did that coincide with me it's about a week or two before Miami I think uh which is an interesting time it's in Flight it's in Miami isn't it I think as well the week before Miami or Martin it's in Miami he's a bit of a weird one though um that means if we went you'd have to go to in front of both you know it's been a long time though over two weeks ago um so yeah I mean it's good he's trying to do institutional level again going it's similar to what we saw with the Bitcoin on the balance sheet two years ago and I was that thing when you did that and the conference for that um did it I can't remember did anything come out of that that's what means I was talking about this morning two years later and nothing you could say the Tesla maybe but Tesla was already in action in play wasn't it by the time actually it doesn't even bought already by that point I don't know I can't remember I remember her because the big thing was oh there's a guy from SpaceX on the court I remember that yeah but I think Tesla already bought at that point then okay I think what you see are you saying that there aren't many companies that have got Bitcoin on the balance sheet as a result of that or there are any anyway do you know any you'd have to look at the balance sheet but yeah but I mean not many public companies probably shout about it there's a website Pierre rock art does it it's got a website that lists all the uh companies we Bitcoin on the balance sheet um yeah and it's got all the public companies yeah so how does he get Delaware companies you just done it from announcements no it's actually it's public companies or if you if you're a private one you've announced 10 20. it's quite a lot I think some of them are like Bitcoin companies though aren't they which just oh yeah you would probably classify exclude that yeah Bitcoin company it'll be great if you just proved Danny wrong hundreds of thousands we were looking at the other day there's not that many um don't know how many how many of them came from the Sailor conference I guess is is we don't the work she's doing is good so yeah yeah anything he's doing but the actual impact of it the reality of the impacts I don't know I don't know of any that ball off the back of that someone brings out an educational book on bitcoin you could never really quantify its effects oh no there's lots of things I think it's a step in the right direction conversations yeah happening so the lighting one is similar so this is basically again same aimed institutional sort of level saying you can use lightning for X Y and Z although it seems to from his interview recently it sounded like he was going heavy at like Bitcoin Rewards anyway yeah so yeah this is very much the Step Beyond just a balance sheet isn't it it's the payment side of it yeah it seem a little weird element to go out in terms of have you speak to him about global send bits and pieces not yet no maybe you need to reach out because of the reward element for me is a tiny element for a company yeah if you're talking about sending a few sets is like a I think he's going at the scheme yeah I think that's more what it sounded like you know in America they have the points on the credit card he was going at that sort of thing I think which is fine but I think the more tangible saving is ethics I also don't think that that idea in itself will ever work what the here's a few sets for because the whole point of with us yeah they they give you the points or whatever so well maybe not points more like the air miles and stuff or whatever it's they might very much give you the point so you spend them with them if you give them stats they can spend them anywhere they that means they all have to play ball in order to do that it's the same stuff we saw with like Starbucks and all them yeah where they were exploring like the rewards scheme on the blockchain all these sort of things and then they all end up realizing but we need to make our own token because otherwise they'll go and spam yeah why would they give you 100 Starbucks points where you have to spend them in Starbucks and at which point they've created additional overhead of Technology instead of just doing what they already do which is the Starbucks business in the UK you get cashback systems don't you it's where you make us like if you use particular XYZ yeah that's an affiliate cash yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so it's like so it's all that then yeah yeah okay that's an affiliate based commission which already exists it exists but the financial costs involved in running that that could be bringing that down I mean the biggest ones in the UK in Fiat World forget Bitcoin is like your top cashback and quidco are you two big ones and they're not worth them to alone pretty much are the market there's a lot of other ones in there as well but they are the market and I don't even imagine that market is even a billion dollar market it's probably less than that I'd imagine um per year so you go in and doing what in that market I also don't know if people make purchasing decisions based on that sort of reward scheme we know that from our customer base they don't it's it's a nice bonus if you can use it every now and then but if people can order from Amazon and it's just quick and easy lazy people are lazy as we always say um they'll go and use Amazon over trying to find another Merchant that sells it fire our cashback scheme that they can get some free SAS part with um yeah we know that yeah convenience definitely trumps anything I think so yeah don't know we'll see see where it goes we'll see what comes out and then yeah a lot of the I only read the text tweet was all about it sounded like like a capture like anti-bot um lightning thing yeah yeah so yeah so that was interesting Google capture for uh where it might force you to send us that in in order Google captures this is a tech question getting harder does it have to get you're getting hold of it it's training so they've always done this so they've trained their own hey I hate Corner AI but they're training like an AI system basically to spot what uh images so they can read an image and see what's in the image and every time you're doing that you're effectively training Google systems I suppose like Duolingo or something like that but because does that work anyway that's separate but um we're trying to um uh re-translate some websites and then kind of use half knowing that that what the answer was in half knowing what the other answer was and the kind of used you willinger to translate websites but on AI like like some traffic lights is it's almost really hard to select the image with a traffic light yeah because it's just you're just like other words but we are just on mass trading yeah self-driving cars eventually because it was all Road stuff so you're quick it was original I think that was originally one of the purpose of yeah I think before I know that already recently yeah it is always Road stuff no recently they've started to Branch out into others so there's kittens every picture is a kitten but some of them are in a teacup that sounds like they've targeted an easy capture companies as well so we use H capture for our apples I think they point you to do small animals yeah oh okay but coming back to this I think maybe the rewards and like the capture so H capture is an example of um per like a million um captures success they give like a certain amount in Fiat back to the business yes it's nothing but I wonder if he's thinking more like that where you get SATs as a business for using his capture and then the world of microwave rewards I do quite like he hasn't he's creating a capture it may sounded like it to me from the text I didn't see the video though because I don't know what microstrate actually do so that's that's where his Advantage might come in for this sort of stuff can they use that data and yeah um use they want to harvest more data and then they'll pay their businesses with SAS yeah yeah so they could be it's hard to know what the exact angle is yes that's very vague that's my guess conference or is it I don't know I didn't even look to be honest don't know cool sorry useful information it'd be interesting to see what comes out of it though it'd be interesting to watch if they do public and we can watch them that'll be interesting um but are we good don't know Delaney um Bank of England believes UK will have a cbdc by 2030. is that being pushed back we were talking about this last week I can't remember saying that it's going to be ages because they're just so slow with everything and then that okay everything is stopping selling cars big year 2030. is it an election year are they just dumping out on someone else 25 is the next one isn't it isn't it it's every five years and then so yeah it would be technical so you're just like oh 2013 then oh we didn't get in power yeah someone else to deal with this yeah kind of if we do get power quick let's change it yeah because it's an awesome like CO2 emission deadline days around there as well where they've got a reduced by certain amounts it's just a nice round year to push things back to once a year we can all remember this time 20 30. yeah yeah um do you think it'll happen yeah my prediction there would be it'd be more like 2035 my which point people are realized it's completely pointless I think well we already have a digital pound we've been through this something and that was the whole thing last week and the job that went out and how that the head of this was getting such a what a theory I think would be a low salary for what guys got seven years ahead of I don't know it's just your job for seven years I didn't hear anything back just give it time Dave yeah maybe they're still working through them um but there you go that's that's yeah what Zach said whoever goes into this job is a seven year plan that's how slow this will be which is just there's a I mean it seems ridiculous it's extremely complex Danny let's face it you're trying to introduce her don't do it don't do it what's the benefit that's still my question well yeah benefit to the public or to the government yeah and even to the government what's the benefit it'll be the question still I know the public there's not very much of a benefit but to the government I'd like to see what are they absolutely someone's spending on imagine the date if people adopt it yeah but okay all being well the UK has a cbdc that everybody adopts everyone and the government can see the data of where people spend they can theoretically already see that if they ask the right questions to the right companies but they don't have the capacity to do anything with that data but it would have to be data you'd have to be fiercely intimate if they did have capacity to use the day imagine if they did right if they did no but it doesn't imagine the scenario where they are yeah organized enough because that's the UK government although we like to bash it you know it does have a lot of data and does that a lot of data so imagine if they had the data on what everyone's spending on and then how they could make sure they get like it'd have to be independent because you could just to get reelected you would know far too much about an individual at one point if it was so centralized data points that's where it becomes very political the problem is 99 of it is noise and you wouldn't want that but you've got to Wade through that to find the one percent that's actually of Interest so because there's so much data it'll end up being counter-intuitive to them I think in my head if that did get to that eventually did realize oh we've got all this data there's too much data I don't know what to do and is that not too much data for like individual but eventually if when efficiency and data processing or even it's how you whoever's looking at that data and they do it properly they'll become extremely powerful yeah this is kind of like the data we have today and like you're saying there the UK government go through it but they go through it because it's like it says terrorists yeah it's a Security based National Defense yeah sort of thing so they go through it for a purpose so they have massive teams and massive things that are going through that because it's critical it's like it is important yeah you buying a coffee at Costa is just not important but no this is what exactly what Snowden was saying why like he said that the security firms and the governments were involved in data that wasn't it moved away from security promptly and it became about individuals and but that would be this even that was like available yeah that was the political that's the political angle that's the bit that's scary that you don't want it to go to that level and you don't want that to happen that's why I'm certainly against Central Bank digital currencies trying to help here talk about the benefit what the benefit would be to the government what I I I'm on your page it's negative don't do it but the benefit that's why you were saying the benefit is they've got loads of data they can see what everyone's doing but actually what is the benefit in that yeah it only becomes a benefit if it's like a political agenda which you shouldn't be in anyways they use the interest rates and stuff to try and get people to spend and all save they can literally just stop you spending which then is a a very uh um what you call it benefit is it actually a good benefit or not because that's pretty oh no it's terrible if they have that availability well yeah the speed of the day and if you're seeing what what people buy or important bits and pieces no no what are they doing with that day that's the point that's what I'm getting well you might see okay everyone's important uh some sort of economic good from a different country yeah could we maybe incentivize that um industry in the UK to help grow that knowing that it will be popular we do already have that oh don't we but you would not have it instantly even the attention and it would potentially yeah create some efficiencies economic decisions based on people's you know wants and needs much quicker but have they I guess have they made them even with that data have they made them decisions today in a decent capacity I I don't know how the evaluation are they right now but so because the data is available how fast you can get our data is Irrelevant for the point of the benefit but if they've got that date already and then they're making decisions the decisions are no good even if you get that data faster they're still going to make the bad decisions so it's no still no benefits like don't get me wrong that depends on who the hell is that's making that decision it could be um boils down to like even if their intentions and will were all for the greater good like the nefarious nature of human beings is that it will boil down to corruption the kind of isn't it which is what you always see so that's what I said the benefit we're trying to talk around the benefit here and we're clutching at straws trying to get benefit which is like faster data and actually the negatives are way way the positives um so it just doesn't doesn't make sense for me but they've never really qualified the benefits really that's what I said yes to sell it to people that's exactly what I've asked I was uh was it on the coin salad I think was reached out some comments on it I said and said like yeah you've gotta have me for comments I'm intrigued to see yeah they did I just stole it yeah uh I'm intrigued to see what bullet points they can give us after they've done their research on it which is why they're hiring this guy for once they can give us then show the public a bullet point list of the benefits to the public and benefits to the government and let's see what they say it wasn't that stage about we're doing something stage so they don't look completely inept yeah what I was going to say what does what impact does a cbdc have to traditional fraction Reserve banking so in my opinion a true one would eliminate all those Banks pretty much that's what it does well they're not going to go down that competition for the banks yes I've had this years ago like this and the whole point is what they don't realize is this is effectively trying to skip out the bands and go straight straight from the bank of England to the customer to the public and it skips out the bank at that point but there's no way that could possibly ever happen no that's right though we won't do a true one like it can though because London theoretically strives on these literally built on these financial services I don't know if they've realized this yet this is biggest lobbying groups to the government that the people that pay the biggest contributions will be all these Financial Services yeah so they can't they'll be you know buying the hand that feeds them and you have to think somebody has thought about that already but at the same time no no surely they have you've got to expect yeah but why they then the higher in this person's come in and effectively do this I think at the minute so when I get the job will his answer be part of that yeah will he go down that route so which countries actually do have a cbdc now just China China was trial I don't think anyone really does they'll just shout but I don't they're saying they've got Summit but they need to be seen to be doing something because the other guys are doing something and they're all just it's the same spot chain stuff again they all had a blockchain agenda five years ago and the always be the center of they all keep coming out saying we're going to be the center of the cryptocurrency Global Hub in this country in this country in this country and they're not none of them are quite mad though because they probably would would they'd definitely probably wouldn't that doesn't even make sense definitely but if it wasn't for Bitcoin this wouldn't be a topic of conversation I wouldn't have thought like would Banks come out with they would be called something different because they wouldn't know it was a digital currency yeah but would they actually ever bring this in yeah it's more control yeah some we already have it that's the one of the big things with it yeah the pound is effectively digital now people don't use cash that much anymore no and so it has gone digital but it's digitally controlled by the Banks I guess rather than the bank of England would be the difference sir um so yeah I don't know um let's wait and see same old latency unfortunately seven years time we just had enough yeah yeah we'll focus on bitcoin and see where they get to in 2030. cool sends confidential letters to politicians demanding the return millions of dollars the FBF donated by the end of the month well they can't have caveats candy for a donation because otherwise that'd be illegal wouldn't it but so it's like bribery which is basically what it was don't get me wrong but um you couldn't put an official document together with caveats I don't think yeah you could no we're donating to you if you continue to do X Y and Z and if after the donation completely continues to do a donation isn't it you're meant to give a donation and yeah but there's no way you could write a letter to someone even a donation to without having any sort of agreement and then yeah handshake of agreement if they're going to do this I think this is why it was a confidential it wasn't a public thing this wasn't a public well I said confidential agreement yeah confidential less that's why I want to know the source obviously it's probably just rubbish right I could be one of the politicians have just pushed it out and discussed yeah quick because this will protects them having to try and hand something back or at least kick off a fuss about it is it part of the liquidation procedures I wonder if that's who sent them uh I could be a liquidator yeah because you would be trying to recall every single everything everything you had some legal access or yeah two in which case that must have been a caveat oh God the finance would be my guess next time why what do violence do they sold their shares in FTX then that was that ftt token that they owned that he started selling that season yeah but it started it was like a billion or two billion dollars worth of ftt token okay so selling your shares in a company like you there's no legal recourse for the company he sold it for ftt token didn't he so CZ talk ATT token and gave the shares back to that yes so to be honestly the younger ones because because they sold them oh no they get out of the shares and got a bit of cash I think from selling ftt um but yeah I imagine they're gonna go after if they're doing that for a donation chasing help they're gonna chase everything aren't they yeah anything and anything they can they're saying at the minute that they're relying on donations to be returned voluntarily but say they reserve the right to commence actions before the bankruptcy court to force funds return yeah because it's someone I saw something within two years is that something you can go and try and if it goes for liquidation bankruptcy you can try and claim from your background okay I think is it two years anything about the time period here but it should be why they're claiming that which is why I'm saying about binance they give them a billion dollars of some asset well they'll go and say can we have that back please even though TT is actually worthless so they're probably gonna go to everybody to now then he donated a lot as well didn't he it was over a billion dollars yeah anyway interesting uh Bitcoin lightning network capacity breaks all-time high thank you I miss that as well I don't know where that came from that was literally it was announced like 10 minutes before oh nice oh breaking news I guess it's always breaking it isn't it yeah every week yeah yeah this is the sort of right last one coinbase usdt to usdc yeah this is interesting oh yeah well I know I didn't know about this it's time to slide off coinbase oh the weekly coinbase Elon and coinbase Brian Armstrong imagine people have anyone ever seen them you know a lot of guys she's all right it does to be fair to him on the podcast if you listen to the one with what's he called Stephen Bartlett yeah um former Charlton Striker yeah Diary of a CEO yeah oh so Brian did an episode on that which is he doesn't yeah he doesn't do podcasts really easy so the guy that's now on Dragon's net yeah and I'm not sure about that guy no I don't think anyone is the I really enjoyed the podcast to begin with I like his voice on the podcast he's got a great voice for podcast um but yeah so he's a anyway it's not to do with Stephen Brian yeah so Brian's on that and uh he does he talks seemingly quite honest I think about it they don't talk about like Bitcoin and all coins it's more about it's been a while back though wasn't it like two years a year two years ago yeah no this was new it was back in when did I listen to that was September time completely different time frames from you both there yeah it was recent I think it was in um which one do you think I think Allison I think I listened to it on the way to Edinburgh until in October so it'll be about September October no faith in Molly yeah two years ago yesterday two years is September October just I might be getting that mixed up with a a different brand he did the Peter one a couple of maybe about a year ago July 2022. the Stephen one coinbase founder are you calling that let's say yeah yeah okay yeah yeah yeah about a year ago no no you said two years roughly well you know um so yeah that um he does seemingly talk obvious uh honestly I think on that and sort of explain stuff um about the history of coinbase and how that came about it doesn't really touch on Bitcoin in the industry as as a whole lot of the political stuff isn't it the company yeah it is it's focused more on the company culture and all that yeah he talks about the culture and the mass Exodus Reserve people kicking out the black lives matter movement and all that jazz and yeah yeah I mean like I listen to it as well and you do you sit there like oh he's a bit human but he doesn't is anyone you listen to stuff like that that you realize because front facing otherwise he's not and that's why he doesn't go on many podcast he does say that doesn't he he's awkward he's an awkward hmm um so more than others so Brian we were talking about before coming back basically they're pushing USD Tec yeah usdc rather than usdt yeah rather than usdt is tether usdc is circle yeah and coin that then became still going I know yeah so coinbase the point being that coinbase are shareholders quite significant shareholders in circle yeah there was there's quite a few and they're pushing that stable quality rather than rather than have the stable chord they're saying if you can you can now come and convert your tether to usdc I don't know if you do the other way fees that are safe when you do that so it seems like it's like it's incentivizing people to use their stable coin yeah rather than I thought is it quite analogous a little bit to like uh introductory Bank offers like come use our bank instead yeah get five pounds yeah it's kind of leave the other one gave me that kind of like but but the token's different isn't it yeah yeah it's not interchangeable yeah I for me it's like um you know when will not use to use this card you've got to use the crypto yeah cro like I don't think exchanges should be pushing their own token that's not sure we should strive for some Independence on it yeah um because I think there's too late yeah like a manipulator oh yeah yeah so that's why I didn't like it when they were done no yeah I didn't like it let's it's showing just competitiveness isn't it whatever dominates the stable coin yeah what's the benefit of the usdc over tether there is zero it's like the only thing is they're going to say I trust us more because we're this big public company and we do things right but you know behind the scenes who knows who's doing it right you've probably got um circles yeah circles quarterly numbers coming out soon and they want to push in volume right in in terms of contention yeah no but sorry Circle not the public yeah but there are there are entity with shareholders right yeah so they'll still have reports yeah so coinbase to push their volumes up they'd just be like oh yeah push the volumes up looks like it's more successful than it is yeah I think they're fundamentally they've been pushing this for a while this is not new then pushing this right this this has been do they do it every quarter when there might be some sort of meeting Circle coming up I think that this is one because they've just said get rid of tether and use this but historically they they um did they remove at one point as well uh markets um on coinbase that were usually Tethered to a token and then they changed it to usdc to the Token I think there was something like that so they like delisted the tether markets and listed in USD like violence are kind of doing the same with their Finance coin aren't they in terms of them the payments Market the encouraging everyone to use that I might have been finance that did that as well actually it's Finance did that didn't move them they delisted a load up with tether so just use this completely centralized coin yeah and I quite like the fact that you know with no involvement with any of that rubbish whatsoever it's like we can just be independent because we're just working with Bitcoin that's where we stand they must be looking at tether though and going because it does dominate The Stables how much interest they're making every year I want a bit of that yeah let's see big markets and stuff and it's still a tiny Market at the minute the market size to grow is is huge um it is a theoretical composition in some respects with the Central Bank digital currency so the dollar do a cbdc and leave it open to be able to access it the same way you can load Saturn and usdc then they become a competitor to tether I guess um only not government controlled controlled by private entity rather than government at that point it's who do you trust more maybe in the UK you might end up trusting the government more but in certain countries you might end up trusting the private entity more well Mark Carney selling his book values that's the the only game they're playing is a trust game it's got to build up trust in the banks so maybe it is that yeah I'm not a mark Carney fan but you know he's wonders [Laughter] that was the most boring book to read ever though don't even think I finished it you got like one it was a good book it was a hard reading it was a harder but it was good I loved everybody on Audible it's just about them just still a work in progress right yeah on Audible it's like 18 hours long ago or something yeah it was long anyway okay yeah sponsor tea and tonic we forgot to make a cup of tea for this oh yeah next time right is one of them honey you can read out this morning but I don't want to read it out Zach was our reader out for this people don't want to hear my voice tea and tonic Merchant of the month teane tonic brings a new approach to de-stress for brighter skin body and mind it's really important with the range of it he was healthiness in the days they're coughing with a range of adaptogen-based products that fit enjoyably and easily into everyday life all 100 natural sustainably made and hand Blended focuses simplify stress less and live well you know is it true that like green tea and tea all come from the same plant does anyone else know that no is it like they're just the same so what's the green tea what happens with green tea I don't think it's as roasted and whereas it's more natural just processed straight from the plant tastes completely different though if you'd have that in comparison too smell like tea green tea oh they they oh they do smell very it's very um tea tree isn't it yeah no thank you yeah so thanks oh that's a nice ASMR there imagine your hands full of motor oil no I don't want it not anymore I can smell it it's actually quite a nice smell though no that was nice actually it's like my hands are wet now though yeah [Laughter] it does smell very nice there is a code Dave 20 Bitcoin and you get 20 off that's good that's 20 Bitcoin in February they're only though what's the website Dave um the website is yeah free UK delivery on orders over 25 pounds and accepting Bitcoin so Bitcoin is to support Merchants accepting Bitcoin and I did get where I was unfortunate this but I went to buy because I said last week on the part I was going to buy some green tea they didn't have green tea oh so I'm touching on the green tea conversation there yeah I was gonna go and buy some for green too soon I'm gonna have to try the I can't wait as the other one they have on there I'm gonna try that at some point uh but it's the common flavor it is now Ginger yeah I thought I keep wanting to say ginger but I don't think it's Ginger whatever it was we'll try that okay nice so yeah please support our merchants and don't be stubborn and spend your Bitcoin feed the Ducks I've heard someone say it as I quite like that yeah until you buy your Bitcoin and introduce other people to it by feeding the dog spending a little bit spend and replace um have you won this ecosystem to grow I think that's a good analogy to use feed the dogs cool cool anything else absolutely I just realized I'm really sniffing on here by the way yeah you're in trouble oh we've got no news have we whatsoever yes we have surely surely we can get some scraps together yeah what have we been all been doing in our spare time I'm doing the python 100 days of coding it's not one corner news let's have a segment a segment for day or a week because people can join me on that day in the life of Dave yeah one thing I think we need to have though which we we did speak about and we've not actually actioned this but getting questions from any lessons yeah please send questions in to us just any old Hal and maybe we'll put something out as well though where people can fire questions and we can talk about them so we just know obviously we talk about what's happening in the news in the week but is there anything other people won't answer or if you've got any questions you want answered directly go to ice is a big gaming conference that's free to attend in the Excel why are you sure because we've got guys going there yeah I don't think it is go find them well no they're busy go tighter go get a photo with them come on that would be quite amusing yeah if anyone is actually going yeah we'll get the photo and prove Danny wrong with a photo with that guy someone there one of our listeners going to ice I reckon millions of people get eyes well they don't that's not true it's big like Miami as a conferences go it is quite big Miami was 25 000 was it last year I expect to be slightly bigger yeah the guys is about 30 000 I think right okay well I think so yeah it's not like a hundred thousand it's not a million that's scraping the barrel call and that coin corn and uses it well we didn't say that you brought that up no we have a three-man team there yeah talk about check out if you want to talk about accepting Bitcoin uh there we go but apparently that's not news no it's not really no I'm just busy busy building away in the background doing things um there'll be more coming in the next couple of months I think but yeah until then what's your main focus of build right now we can't talk about it uh we can't really talk about much open the little door just to see what's inside globally obviously oh really excited in that expand expanding that what do you mean of course no no we're gonna go less countries yes it's our expansions [Music] over MX three to six months probably it's gonna be lots more sun globally stuff yeah uh in short [Music] um yeah other than that I'm thinking I don't know it's always more we can say tickets with the tech guys it's this Tech bottleneck that we keep you keep moaning about Dave true yeah you tried Dave if you really did I do too yeah and there's lots of other stuff but we just can't say about it yet so okay there's no point right tracking but it's all good fun yeah all very positive in the background you don't say that in the background still everything's very positive in terms of we spoke about institutional conversations we've had in the last couple of weeks or this year still very positive all that's still ongoing and still positive um so from a sentiment perspective in a bear market right now it's probably sidewoods still a little bit in some respects in terms of as we've seen with the problem with all the end of the bear but I wouldn't call that yet because I think this is now the time from my experience in the past this is the time where you just there's lots of conversations to be had if this was a bare tunnel are you seeing the lights again yeah I think three quarters through I would I would I would say at the minute so there's a bit of light there yeah I think realistically it's been 15 15 6 15 months since the all-time high but even that was only that we think that was manipulated by FTX don't we anyway now from various bits of data uh so you're probably coming up to at what we 18 19 months realistically since the bear kind of started I would just say and obviously Harvin is only now 12 months away nearly come up to 12 months away for the next halving and generally 12 months before the Harvin you start to see back in the upward Trend which is what we're already starting to see now yeah but we're definitely seeing sentiment positive sentiments for some of the calls we're in yes it's very good which follows on from what we're talking about last week and yeah it's still continue in that direction nothing's changed it's still positive still upwards but yeah just conversations that you can't really talk about so you know what we're meant to do Dave you're right you just can't give this information out we can just say it's positive still yeah just like to occasionally try and throw you under a bus to see see what yeah we'll have to do it one way and we'll just beep it and it sounds like I've slipped up but it was just then hidden just reveal all the secrets yeah but then just hope people can't lip read that's a good point yeah I think they're literally really struggle with Danny yeah what the heck is it yeah can you speak in French you know what it's only become noticeable to me over the years or more recently when I've had a lot more conversations with people like Americans and even people that do speak English as their first language away from the UK that has been mind-blowing for me I think you're the only guy that needs like an interpreter yeah went on in a court with Americans one was speaking about Americans struggle sit next to him and say sorry yeah this is what Danny's saying but it must be hilarious we're based on the Isle of Man it's like what yeah what is that it's all about talking about the location yeah man but yeah there's a lot of that unfortunately and he will explain to someone for ages where the alamans and they go oh the Isle of Wight you mean the Isle of Wight no so many people what I might be wrong but yeah it's just what it is right cool good right all right next week yeah video you're like that's crazy that you're still here you've not clicked the light but yeah or the thumbs down cool all right thank you guys cheers peace [Music] foreign [Music] foreign