China to Remove Bitcoin Ban? | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #95

Join Danny, Molly, Zakk, and Dave for industry-led opinions on important Bitcoin stories from the week. Topics this week include: Bitcoin price, Bitcoin ETFs and Coinbase, Standard Chartered price predictions, The Sovereign Individual, Yale study: ESG investing isn't doing much for the environment, Dave's weekly mining update, Weather causing a drop in hashrate, Toyota solid state battery, Nigel Farage triggers review of bank rules on politicians, Twitter and Threads, BlackRock CEO: "Bitcoin is an international asset", Lightning Labs releases tools letting AI transact and hold Bitcoin, China likely to remove its crypto ban this year, Janet Yellen in China, India not interested in creating currency with BRICS, Zambia renegotiates debt terms with interest only payments, r/Cuba, CoinCorner office move, New hires, CoinCorner at the Island Games, and the question of the week. Britcoiners is a Bitcoin podcast by CoinCorner ( - a global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services. #coincorner #britcoiners #bitcoin #bitcoinpodcast #bitcoinnews

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[Music] oh girl it was loud I was acting yeah the room new building new office looks like that same team yeah same same part gas Center uh room in progress so ignore the paint and cats this week price Fidelity and more Bitcoin ETF talk uh ESG investing not doing well for the environment uh UK ordering review of the banks um Twitter receiving transmission money transmission licenses uh Bitcoin is international assets which is come from BlackRock CEO uh lightning labs are their AI tool 100 binance coming out of Netherlands China removing the Bitcoin ban potentially uh bricks and a major blow to them recently uh Standard Chartered Bank predicting Bitcoin prices as had many other Banks and Cuba and Reddit I've just got next to that because I don't know what that Topic's about it's exact special that's gonna take a side Journey yeah exactly through time and space there's a lot yeah sadly like a lot on that list that's my Boost start lineup I like it let's strap in this can be a long one behind you oh we've got that on camera that's interesting this is like David amra style I don't know where it came from that might be more interesting than the Pod I think it could can we zoom in Danny that's the one he pissed off with your opinion before that's bigger than that it's mid oh it's going up oh it's going back up to the roof oh that's a skinny thing isn't it I thought I'd go all the who all the spiders with the Hoops yeah this place is a lot it's a bit so is it because we're near a river that's just because it's been not used for a while and well yeah spiders like an empty residence taken over I'm not sure about her okay well keep an eye on that one because I don't want them there was a lot of flies that one is only gonna be a lot of spiders that's true you think they're working Harmony together the spiders would I swear come on that's a problem should we redo yeah yeah price 30 425 no it's slightly down on last week's price oh no slightly up sorry yeah slowly last week did we no so we are moving no we didn't um yeah we're busy bouncing between 31 and 30 isn't it pretty consistently yeah without anyone dare to trade it no over 31 last night back down again but yeah something you would do agreed between three three one oh okay because that's pretty pretty strong bands so this is 100 you could make Christmas dinner you spoke to me we've spoken about it you know I'm not a trainer um but yeah obviously price is going to be um I think a a big Focus over this next nine to 12 months with what we're coming on to bitcoin ETFs and harvings uh halving nine months away sentiment in Bitcoin generating somewhere yeah anticipation is building Harvey nine months Bitcoin ETF in five months um December time yeah um that the Judgment happens that right yeah December I think yeah which would be a theoretical go ahead depending if the there might be more delays and all sorts could happen in the meantime of course but uh yeah aiming for December I think um it's always the first point anyway uh Fidelity of now also refiled so there's Fidelity Wisdom Tree Vanek Invesco uh BlackRock um a couple of other the more Bitcoin focused ones have also filed a thing with a similar capacity similar structure to what BlackRock did and they've all now assigned coinbase as their custodian you know I thought some more known I didn't I saw a table where coinbase wasn't on all of them the ones that were known are then slowly filing for using coinbase so because they're just basically copying the white paper that black rock and then they were in that cool hopefully if the Black Rock get approval they'll get approval why did Fidelity have to refile that they get because I think that's um they are a big public company just because it does like make sense yeah I think that it's the um the rules around the custodian through that is and they'll be licenses and all sorts of things but there are public companies so everything's so they couldn't do it with us because we're not a public company no I don't think so no problem uh they'll probably need it yeah I shouldn't be an American I think Caitlyn Long's Bank applied phone as well I wonder if that's coinbase or not yeah because I read an off the cuff off the cuff Twitter comment I don't know if it's right or not of hers should be approved first because they filed first and then they changed Theirs to match black rocks afterwards right but they're at first in line if that's the thing and probably not offenders yeah so I'd be interested to see if they're using coinbase I don't know it's a lot of centralization around coinbase honey pot holding a lot of Bitcoin yep it's not ideal it's big corporate that are jumping on yeah money focused not thinking about the consequence I think in some ways then for me yeah I I agree and I think we should end up with um more of a decentralized custodialities of what they do who else is public uh no one of substance no um there's like Gemini not public no um there's uh what you call cephalo in Sweden um there's a couple of light in the UK there's a couple of mining companies things but there's no like exchange really so fellows the only other one I think I wonder if if the SEC if there's any existing rules in place for like monopolization of custodian custody Just In traditional ETFs um I don't know if anyone knows that'd be interesting yeah listen to this podcast for information it's useless information there because we told everyone that they're all considering at coinbase you think that might be a Honeypot risk but it is yeah there's your takeaway yeah but my thing is it might already be president in traditional ETFs of custody custody and whether it can be monopolized into one entity if we're all about decentralization and you know this isn't that yeah yeah no oh yeah whatever your personal views are on point base I personally hate them I I am interested in the long term low like with the ETF stuff if by the big corporations are going to be buying up buying seeds in the pension pots things that are buying into for example they're expensive pension pot to buy into the ETFs and that's part of the the selling point um and there's trillions of dollars sat there in all sorts of uh markets that offensively can come into this I'm intrigued in like you know 10 20 30 years time why would you buy the ETF over just buying Bitcoin well in terms of what you're a lot what you're you because you're obviously as a regulatory point of view so you're not allowed to just well you are because as a pension Tesla have it no no so it's well yes there's a pension you can as well so no it was a pen like if you're someone managing the pension fund you can't just go buy any old thing where you can we know that we had them conversations no we didn't we did no they but the conversations we had we've got these companies could only invest in a very vanilla list due to their own criteria of the company yeah not the regulatory no they don't necessarily go right now we're pure vanilla let's go Bitcoin self-busted no they are because that was a huge jump so remember the conversation we had and the guy had a white list and stuff that they were allowed to invest in really how do you have Bitcoins is white list and says well we have to run it through our um what did he call it our board committee uh our committee to um a fraternity wasn't it I said who's on the committee yeah yeah the fraternity who's on the committee himself and one of the guys that works at the company so I'm like okay well approve it it's like oh we can't go past the other guy because the other guy yeah we asked him how often that list changes 10 20 30 years and down the line here of by that time people are more comfortable with Bitcoin and how it works and you know even the custody of little improve in the technology will improve along the way say 30 years down the line why would people still opt for an ETF over just actually grabbing it is custody is it not just like well yeah it's like gold for example they're not just buying gold well they could just get a coin yeah yeah because that's effectively all they're doing yeah but via the CTF there's no management fee for every year and a big charge it's like what are you doing guys maybe they should not switched on to that I think it's it's just it's a confidence this guy is fit into ETF rails because that's the way these pensions have to work at the moment yeah it's a regulatory thing with a minute and but it's not even it's a regular we say it's a regular everything I don't know about the us but we know that the UK side and the things with the ones conversation we've had it's not regulation stopping them buying Bitcoin because it's an asset it's it's that they don't understand it you know to jump in and do it but if once they do and you know as I'm saying 10 20 30 years down the line and people understand it more and it's more everyday usage will ETF Bitcoin ETS become a thing of the past because you don't need it and you can just go to coinbase and buy it yeah but like I think there'd be push back against that because if you know there's people making a lot of money from coming up with these yeah yeah getting the system to changes yeah so well there's nothing to change I'll do what they always do like the system doesn't need to change because the system's already there yeah they'll regulate and say that you need to be in this first security reasons which at the minute they don't do because it's the asset and so from uh from the I'm talking from UK perspective and the pension pot side that we've had conversations with us might differ I'm not sure um but they can come along and just buy Bitcoin at coin core and like part of the pension um it's the appetite of the pension manager oh yeah well I'm just interesting it comes the ETF will it short-term you know it makes sense and it allows them to get easy access to bitcoin exposure but over the long term I'm not entirely convinced it's a long-term product are you expecting the price to pump after the ETFs come through already available yeah there's quite a few available already boy this is the big us one where it's the trillion dollar um money managers pushing for it and um the US is a big Market obviously yeah um don't know I think everyone's anticipating I think one part of it as well you're anticipating money movement uh sorry price movement when the ETFs say get approved but also that's in also coming up to the half and it'll be like you know three four months before the halving um and the anticipation for the halving As We Know starts do you think that's deliberate history because probably if it's coincidence they've got time in the mind no chance if you're bringing out an ETF when's the best time to do it when the focus is a little approve you Mario approved it yeah I suppose and you you are right you might be thinking yeah do it time in Wise so you've got the anticipation of the upwards Trend and then you can get more people jumping into ETF because the price is on its way up yeah um so potentially you might see the black rocks and that we're trying to pull up a big benefiting from the fomo when the of the price pumping in people are all right we want uh whatever to get exposure to bitcoin so the pricing wants free approval then and even pre-harvin after approval that's when yeah it wouldn't make sense but I do because that's about the time when anyway we'll see a bit of horizon isn't it yeah and anyway that actually coincides it's pretty hard and normally a year after halving isn't it all-time high but there's a bit of a run to it all-time high after the halving is usually is it 12 to 15 months 12 to 15 months that's it I say 12. I said 18. get out it's always weird we fell in between that I think um was it 12 to 16 whatever that is um oh I don't know no no sorry I'm trusting about through here what are you thinking about everything no it's after the halving it's usually Thrift them all it's a three to is it three to six months after the Harvin to go past the previous all-time high which would be six to nine thousand you know previous all-time high and then I think yeah 12 to 15 months for the new all-time high there you go yeah sort of get your ETF in now but that's history yeah if they've gone off history and use that then it doesn't make a lot of sense IPO was perfectly timed he's like a naive yeah yeah it also does coincide as well with what it would make sense because now you're seeing the banks one of the stories here we've lost in there um yeah yeah Standard Charter Banks saying bitcoin's gonna hit 50K by the end of the year and 120k next year and they're not the only one that I've come out saying BlackRock have said something similar and somebody else as well yes somebody said something similar so the big banks are now I was at Bank of America then could sell it and someone else yeah we're gonna say if they're putting an etfr exactly they're all going to say it so they're creating if they're launching products or anything just Standard Chartered to it well what sorry what what involvement in exposure to standard chart like I've not heard of them involved with Bitcoin they'll probably uh so they're all interrelated some in some way yeah um and all they might have something coming and we don't know about that highly likely uh it's it's a funny one how can they get away with saying stuff like that in terms of regularly true point of view because they are just yeah is that not investment advice it's usually their analysis that say something so they'll have an analyst at the company and it's not well they'll BlackRock to be fair is CEO saying all of this stuff as well which is interesting they just do what they want they do yeah he counts take the fines like he's still a human being I could still arrest him citizens arrest all the security maybe um but yeah yeah he'll get away with more than the average person I'm sure um they have around them for what they are what they can and can't say yeah I'm currently reading sovereign individual and it mentions about political disparity between like money Mark like is it the money markets again I can't remember I was driving in this morning and it mentioned something about political corruption as the money turns bad in terms of them just manipulating markets account really remember it I'd probably have to read that book it takes some concentration Iman money ninja recommended it a sort of an individual okay just 19 hours Audible thanks to her it's a recent what put me off it was this recent mogs I think it's Rhys mocks is it Rhys Mark is that politicians Summit recently Jason I think it's his dad oh it's a lord Reese MOG yeah that pulled me off as well like Jacob you don't know who Jacob Reese markets he wants to do or you do you do okay yeah he's like in bed with Boris Johnson um but you want this by yourself he once walked to number 10 I think in a this suit and a bow tie and he was getting with his son who was dressed exactly the same as him and protesters were given also as a grief as he walked through the crowd no idea he's the guy the meme of laying down element and he's laid down yeah he saw that and all the boxes oh it was that was well probably about two years ago yeah and he was just slouching down as the country's falling apart and they'll position like look at him he just doesn't and he said he was trying to listen to a speaker but anyway uh Sovereign individuals written by his dad so that's initially why I wasn't gonna read it but it's already quite interesting okay yeah how long the book is it 19 hours yeah how he's written that book balls he's 27 years old his son is not kind of Taken on those so it's kind of gone the opposite one yeah opposite yeah this morning stay tuned for coming weeks here a review there yeah in 19 hours it'll take me a while he asked you should we come on too oh I read somewhere in Bloomberg that esg's not working uh just just in case anybody knows Thor doesn't know Dave has a Bloomberg subscription there because I'm better than you yeah subscribe to the Daily News a month I think but it seems straight on lightness it is cheap what are you paying by a card yeah that was card for the loser Paul Paul Bloomberg he's lightning for 199 as well yeah they'll be getting hit with a static yeah plus a percentage I'm pretty sure it's 19.99 never sting that it might be an introduction offer but every every moment I'm waking up five things you need to know for the day Bloomberg articles esgu is one of them so ESG which is actually what this is all about I think anyway he's slightly different more in depth than your little list uh possibly around the Zero Hedge too far from I kind of prefer zero Edge cost of living crisis this guy's subscribe my Twitter account blue ticked I'm doing this 11.99 the last two days recently didn't you a time well did I read that one no no it was after that my pool my brain pool European pool didn't get didn't win a block for two days over the weekend I know wow no one's getting anything and I mined for about four hours and my slight mining time just about 10 o'clock not to give away my secrets and then nothing but there's been nothing for two days and then the other day I did it as ashrae increased and moved what's the percent energize um there was less participants in that pool there's a like 100 US Foundry USA has got the one of the biggest and it's like over a quarter of the hash is through them and there's like three that have got yeah it's called small Rings less than four percent yeah last time it was we're getting hammered by Foundry USA so I was immediately trying to jump ships around yeah it can only see you've got a slight mind in the slight mind in the hunting grounds the profitable areas but uh I didn't end up switching because I think it was more difficult I don't think many people do switch if there's a difficult because it's just like oh I just stick it out like a block eventually yeah and they do it's just not that many which doesn't count it all Eagle itself out anyway it's you're in a bigger share of the hash rate you'll get so even when they're getting more blocks just kind of getting the equal amount yeah but then Foundry just keep expanding Hispanics they're just gonna get in the history historically one of them um some slush pool uh slush pool and somebody else back in the day got like over I think they were getting close to 50 they were like 484 you know improving this brains isn't it yeah so like and now they've now they're about see some five percent so years yeah so exactly some years ago and they actually did then say at that point please leave the pool they were telling the customers to leave because they didn't want the 50 over the 50 oh it's gone too far from now back um this was like 2000 oh yeah 14 yeah Foundry USA is I think it's co-founder USA isn't it um yeah they've got some interesting they do some courses as well they've got a little academy so I was looking at some of those about mining technician type bits and pieces there's been a recent drop in Hatchery isn't it or did you talk about it last week with the heat in Texas um yeah I mean yeah yeah okay and tell us about it I think it was a drop in hash right because pretty much yeah move on yeah yeah very much okay ESG anyway yes GSG uh yep people uh sort of study um is kind of confirming that I think what everyone kind and knew but no one that we needed everyone um that yeah which is ridiculous um that ESG investing for big corporations actually is not really doing anything for the environment and I read that a lot a lot of ESG funds uh almost inadvertently invested in oil companies a lot of fossil fuel companies are getting ESG funding in a roundabout way yeah that was on the Bloomberg article so that's how it affected that's how ineffective it is people are just kind of following the profit because it's still a fund fundamentally and all the fossil fuel companies are making Mega books okay look at Tesla with the credits yeah the carbon credits yeah and you know they were it was money driven but they were just getting high free and they're selling them on yeah um but yeah the ESG investor nothing people are realizing that it's big corporations as well that as there's been a couple I think cropping up now and saying yeah there's no point in US basically virtue signaling for uh ESG like campaigns and things like that because it's just not benefiting the environment and doing nothing so let's stop spending money there but the inside is in the right place surely I haven't got a fundamental problem with ESG uh no like you know we need to look after the environment and normally the muddy talks yeah so you'd still want them to be working towards but for them a way to make it work it was very much a woke mentality oh no but it's people saying they're doing stuff and it's very much the easy way out I'll just pay this company or this thing and then I'm good on ESG yeah it was very much a walk thing and it became a lot of public companies have to have an industry yeah um what's called policy and things don't have to do certain things um so it was pushed on them in some way by regulation regulations as well um but in again it's the world mentality of ticker box not actually care what that yeah give the money but still drive your like petrol guzzling car on all this well no one's perfect it was a process so it could still work I'd still have hope for yesterday and ESG funds and the fact that there is but that's not gonna come from corporations that don't give a crappy about it just feel courageous signaling and taking a regularly it can do because a lot of like Catholic Church huge huge funds pressure from people to say why are you invested but it's not and they move funds out of them yeah but it's not doing is what this study's saying so it's not doing that at a minute so it does need to be changed right people know but then it says why isn't it doing much if the money's still going there where's that money going to oil companies and he has Bloomberg tells um I don't think anybody really knows something a lot of this other than maybe someone out there does um but it is just I think the big one for me or why I wanted to talk about this anyway was just on the um Bitcoin is bad for the environment from the mine inside and they used to push the ESG angle and all this sort of side naturally now this is a complete flip of these big corporations are realizing their ESG campaigns are absolutely pointless and Bitcoin mining is environmentally friendly because it's pushing and driving renewable energy um infrastructure being built out in places um and it is the cleanest renewable energy cleanest um industry in the world um and transparent about it so it's like there's a massive U-turn and a massive flip of sentiment I think maybe I think Black Rock even commented on it did they about it being Bitcoin mining being ESG friendly and it was in Forbes article wasn't it Forbes are now writing about things contributors don't be wrong um but it's on Forge about the Bitcoin line I mean because Bitcoin mining is energy usage is just so transparent and you can see pretty much where it comes from maybe Bitcoin becomes an actual the ESG option of choice so if you've got an ESG fund yeah then and and it's getting a bit murky as to where stuff's getting invested as the Bloomberg articles pointed out and then maybe Bitcoin mining is okay transparent yeah and an ETF could actually only buy Bitcoin that has been mined yeah you could easily just text boxes yeah which can be done the boiling shed is still waiting I got it to um Michelle I will send an email around Mine mine's up and running have you seen the dollars roughly Toyota or have made a a step in Battery Technology step up yeah solid state battery and solid-state batteries are they solid state yeah they thinking are they affordable though yeah they think in like five years time or something maybe you'll let Mikey they'll have a battery they'll be able to go 200 miles in a car and charge in 10 minutes that's simple so it's like and it's significantly smaller and all that compared to Tesla where does what's the battery made of that in that sense it's a solid-state battery which means it's not a it doesn't have like acid in or anything the thing in the middle is solid um I think they are still lithium oh it is still thicker I'm not sure I'm not a battery expert but sorry but yeah at the moment keeping up with the news apparently they'll actually can do 745 miles on a 10 minute charge at the end of this month they're hoping to get them in cars by 2025. yeah what similar to break through there is it is it both capacity and charge time because the attention has not got fast charges now that we're looking to take it out not hours but they can't do 700 miles on a charge coming if you're using completely you've got a Tesla anything else it's completely empty how long does it take to charge if you're using like a supercharger yeah like 20 minutes see it kind of goes seven or two miles per home uh depending on what one you have yeah it's like the it's not the it's the model 3 but it's like the base one not that you can get the long range one which does all the stuff Mike anyway I'm assuming thank you I'm sorry I'm assuming it's my significant breakthrough I'm not that interesting yeah if it's in the news I'm assuming it's a significant breakthrough and there's like 200 maybe manifold charge okay okay okay that is a watch out for Toyota and they're talking about whether they actually not just use it for Toyota cars but um license to purchase all these batteries yeah incredible I just need them for my shed buy a card we get big batteries over here I can't fly man I just saw you um so yeah the ESG thing just what's wrong because it's interesting seeing the sentiment change in two different directions from the the big ESG walk campaign culture of going okay this does not do much for the environment and I'm on the Bitcoin side we've now got a positive push on environmental side um so I'm intrigued to see how the next 12 months go with the black rocks and all these big corporations coming on board are we going to start seeing more and more where the sentiment towards Bitcoin mining changes for actually this is a great way to um create Innovation if we regain the yes environmental policies what they got volatility they'll always go back to I'm sure um because that's going to be a problem for the foreseeable so well let's say it's a problem the problem to them um show them the old 200-day moving average chat exactly yeah it depends what you're doing using it for and everything else in between but um but yeah they'll come back with yeah basic arguments why yeah you're interested over there that Field's getting smaller isn't it scalability coming not really much of an argument they can do now uh we saw Santander tweeting about oh sorry pointing up blog article about that lightning Network um so yeah they're all slowly coming around so you're right I don't know what the name is I couldn't be bothered uh no I did reply I think I did reply to it saying they've got a few things wrong there was quite a few things wrong in it as well it wasn't it was a copying page yeah they tried I know it's trying to correct the internet one uh no it was painful yeah there's too much time on your unmade just move on because at one point as well they called him strike and then he called him stripe and it was like you go right in the place two lines above and then two lines below you've got incorrect yeah that sort of thing and that sort of lack indeed attention makes me if I read that on I didn't understand the topic I would think this guy's jumping all over the place don't know it's talking about do you believe anything else in the article that's always the thing my head goes through with it and I don't trust anything else in the article if they get sorted that's what we talked about well they said Walmart actually do you see someone replied uh there's actually a name for that that yeah that's what I think oh yeah yeah what was I talking about the Sydney Gibbs Mills Indonesia for that as well because you just said that it was in the news so it must be big for that it's literally that before that and it's the what's it something easier yeah um got no signal down here fun outline um ESG that's also proof I wasn't just talking crazy yeah I'm sorry I've got validation that's nice um UK so I'm moving on from ESG UK um regulate our UK government our order have ordered a review of the bank rules for politicians after Nigel farage has come out saying his accounts have all been closed at his bank accounts um and he's been trying to get anything this was a Bloomberg link yeah here's a Bloomberg one was smashed well man we're making the most out of it give us that wasn't you that shared that I was passion I sent you it and then you were like oh my God no he's like oh my the problems are just busy and that's the fact that Nigel farage put out a little video saying that he's been his account's been closed or he wasn't allowed to open one or something like this the Tweet you tweeted about it you've literally snipped a Bloomberg image I possibly didn't yes I don't think it was on Bloomberg it was on that new British I knew it was a website yeah I'm saying but this was I sent it to him and then he's talking about it I know he's done that the link we have here is just a Bloomberg yeah so it's Bloomberg but I'd already I don't internship by Bloomberg too much if you can get in touch with him just I will talk about him he's on a free subscription I want to say that one night United well uh I'll be in touch thanks but yeah it's you know he's he's realizing now so banking will win the Western World we've always um UK and and the US likes we've always took Banking and uh access to it as a granted uh for granted here sorry thank you we've took it for granted um whereas in other countries obviously they've not had access to a lot of the banking systems um it's interesting now that he in someone in his power and position there is finding now they are struggling with banking yeah and the backlash all of a sudden he's jumped on stray away and shouting and singing about it as loud as he can and the government of all of a sudden yeah were they doing it anyway because like it's a pet rule probably because they're like like peps do have a harder time enough to do more due diligence on a pep to get an account but this is not like I someone was telling me that his is probably just a a liquidity issue because he's trying to open cutesy character and they have a lot like a really high thresholds he is it's been closed and then did he just not meet their liquidity requirement which is very very high no he said so he's tried to explain it's a million a million pounds isn't it for is it a million pounds for um to be held in an investment account on your behalf to keep the account open and so on but he there is people like he's getting coming towards to him saying they have a cute scan and they'd never hold them minimums and their accounts still open when everything's fine but um so I think it potentially is a combination of things but also he's now trying to go and get an accountant all the banks and they're all turned him down so and now granted you've got you've got to kind of look at that and say well he's made big Publix on the dance about his account didn't close at this place all the banks are going to look at that and say what was he doing then was he actually doing something wrong would we take him at the minute the client and do that and it's not complaint team went off the field yeah um I'm trying to onboard them before because you'd be thinking why if this other Bank closing down I don't want me wrong it could be exactly what he says um and you know what we've experienced that in the past with the business perspective I've experienced it from personal as it's attacks on these days I thought Dave was going to know yeah we know Dave we're trying not to repeat on this podcast can't be afraid HSBC we hate HSBC here yeah oh it's going to be forever until HSBC are gone that's that's my long-term plan um the um like tens of thousands of unemployed HSBC workers you're just standing on their empty building they'll then work for coin corner fair enough yeah if that's your promise that's the plan and if you work for HSBC and you want to roll here infinite game you'll get them in well at least have a chat with us available definitely um farage I once got a cameo video from do you remember from Thursday maybe it's a proof of fund issue where's your money's come from yeah because well I'm not it's never seen them yes so one of our birthdays three years ago probably more probably about four and it was because I wasn't I'm not I'm not a huge Nigel farage fan you know no I'm Phil knew it so I got a message from him saying happy birthday and thanks for voting for brexit it's a vote for me I don't know if you can find it dude yeah I wonder where that is I'll try and find it and that is well known if you're on Cameo you know that you're struggling a bit is it still a thing yeah I think it's a lot of people I know okay um but anyway I could open a cameo okay your Molly you're probably even come here and get some Cameo users why'd you make it sound weird just because I said you could I'll send people a happy birthday videos oh that's nice um so yeah it's just interesting obviously Bank inside and we've struggled with banking issues in the industry for many years and you know we can just shout and sing about it but no one's ever done anything and as soon as Nigel farage which has a bigger platform then obviously we do and uh the government of stepped in and said right we need to look at the rules whether that's just their way of taking a box and pretending they're looking into something or whether they actually are um I don't know um but it just goes to show and I think it's a an eye-opener for maybe a lot of the UK public as well that do see that and realize your account can be closed at these banks that no notice um effectively and you're not guarantee there's no such thing as you are you have the right to a bank account which I don't think people generally in the UK public realize and understand um and that's where Bitcoins you don't have to have if Bitcoin was wider adopted obviously in the use case um you'll be able to bank yourself it's interesting people probably don't realize it controls some banks have like in terms of where your deposit can go to if some people some banks are restrictive on crypto so yeah and won't let you deposit to an exchange and you just like that's my money yeah yeah why can't I said and I'm free and even if you're saying it yeah I suppose it's the thing of like you don't until you have the problem you don't know it's a problem and that's like him highlighting this problem at the minute is good in some ways because it's showing the general public that I've never had this problem that it can happen these things happen and you know they might brush it aside and think it's because it's a politician and because he's maybe he's done something wrong or I mean I mean yeah some of the allegations are yeah interesting was the Russian money was yeah but he has he has done it he did a little bit tried to explain yeah so let's see all the comments though do you not sell the comments Bitcoin fix this Bitcoin yes I know we'll jump on it but probably piss a lot of people at the same time I mean yeah the surprising thing to me was the replies to your your reply oh mine was nuts here because I replied to him we've reached the outside world our industry and wow everyone think Cotton's a Ponzi so soon audio I reply to him saying HSBC closed my account and Welcome to our will basically um and saying that you know Bank business accounts being shut down personal accounts we shut down and so on and so on um and then on the back of that was just as access there we reached the the out outside our bubble uh Echo chamber yeah they were just all agreeing with you most of words with that actually yeah Airy it's probably good 50 50 split it was interesting what were they mainly saying interesting yeah yeah um they shut your account down if you're in a Bitcoin company and you deserve it yeah it's just it's like my summer guys thanks guys yeah he's probably his fake again um but they were just like it was just pure keyboard Warriors that were just replying like well with very uneducated views of what it was and how Bitcoin works and everything else and and even how the financial system works in terms of why they shoot your accounts and things like did you respond to them all saying our response is Bitcoin fundamentals this is hard money I responded to a lot of them trying to explain and trying to go back so you did oh yeah because this educational sort of thing isn't it for other people as well that reading it and educational for us to realize how ridiculous some of these people's thought processes are and that's what we're up against in terms of educating others um a guy that pulled the Silk Road article up oh it's just ridiculous and Bitcoins used for criminal activity and I think did I reply with the HSBC one yeah is something else about something for six million dollars and I was like well this one's here for like 2.1 billion dollars and it's like they're not the same scale right come on um and it was just like that was because they just have read a couple of headlines in the news that's their perception and then they just run away with that idea and but there was a lot of Bitcoin plebs who'd come on to that and there's chains and chains of replies throughout that message that tweet um with people trying to talk back to people and educate them and stuff but um it's it was painful but it's very educational to read through and see it's probably a good thing of anyone that comes across those threads or a bit more open-minded yeah and it depends how the bitcoiners go at it though like if you go in like ah yeah and like book the world then we come across looking mad you gotta go in calm collected educational but unfortunately come back and Collective respects respect to mutual respect which is very hard when the keyboard workers are just saying like I I've lost my account because of Bitcoin you deserve it yeah it's like what'd you say to them yeah yeah like as soon as both sides results yeah yeah it's just insulting it becomes insult in rather natural conversation it's Karen help everyone no you can't okay do our best you can try yeah but go another read of that if and that thread from the back of my tree there which is just entertaining in some ways um it's where do we care about Twitter at the minute should we just move on because there's like no it's a [ __ ] I'm loving it thread this is the fastest growing platform anyone got a thread take out I did but if you have an Instagram okay on Instagram oh I was confused no followers or spoilers no Bitcoins yeah and the buttons work problem isn't it with every channel like the community is on Twitter like everyone tried to move to not sure that's not happened is everyone going to try and mutual thread like it's just it it takes a long time right threads would be the only one that would be viable short term I think because well like you said like though five million in like almost 100 million extension of your Instagram account so it's so much it's so easy to just claim that yeah 100 million in like a week or whatever it's been it's not impressive Instagram yeah and that you're basically saying okay five percent of our customer base you have to go in and go app store while Play Store and do get the app and then yeah but you do that as an effort required minimize it's not five percent of their customer base have gone and done that and a new product's a new feature-based within the first week but yeah so would you expect a company for five percent of the customer base they're gonna do that yeah we would hope for at least five percent of your customers jump on a new products yeah the most uh the funny thing I saw about it someone like tweeted them with like back in the day when Google Plus launched and they got like 10 million in two days and then like three years later it's shutting down so yeah yeah but I said because it was easy to get a Google Plus because you had a Gmail yeah and it was just like yeah that's about whose team you want like Elon Musk they should fire and lose their shots that's down yeah there should be some on the line for it yeah that would be good yeah that's a good point no it's it's pretty funny but it's yeah I'm an Elon guy if I had to choose oh probably yeah if I had to choose Zuckerberg knows Jujitsu oh Zuckerberg will win an actual fight yeah I don't know elon's just a solid piece of sometimes you see people I might have trained for years but don't even say the good that's true it just means you've trained a lot that's true you've tried yeah I think there's like no 12 chance it might actually have no there's no chance it'll happen they've talked to Dana well I will bet you one pound that'll never happen I have one pound Lancome that's the big bet Zuckerberg you like better me at anything I mean yeah I got himself a Bitcoin the problem is there's no end game is there because I say it'll never ever happen so yeah yeah no you'd have to say if there's nothing by the end of the year forever forever and some point in the future until one of them dies actually yeah when one dies that they're both so they're like that they would have an artificial intelligence version of themselves yeah what's that what's that what's that woman thing that's going on that she's on a plane you may not believe me yeah but that person is not real and then I saw her thingy and that someone had clipped in Zuckerberg sat on the plane that's how I wanted to go out the guy's a robot yeah it is a difference but she was going with yeah she left the point because she thought she was standing still listen I thought she sat next her sheep shifters oh okay apparently absolutely she needs a bit of help I mean I reckon that's a sort of rabbit hole that you'll be thinking they're out there I have 52. oh we need to speed up guys we've got we've not even got halfway through you know we're halfway through and we've got back a bit quicker than Bitcoin uh Bitcoins International asset BlackRock CEO saying that we've kind of covered Black Rock haven't earlier on so we can put anything over that uh lightning Labs um I'm hoping you've read about this sack yeah a little bit cool yeah I think so yeah lion labs for anyone doesn't know I've released an AI um API effectively to allow it sounds so you don't allow AI to transact to a Bitcoin yeah well years ago they released what they called Elsa if you remember which was the the what they call a forgotten HTTP Response Code which was like for taking payments over the 402 402 is it yeah yeah which was built for like making payments over the internet but no one ever uses it right so they like kind of Spawn that into a line in thing years ago where like actually could take a line in payment and it means you could like pay all your API with lightning right but then they kind of like there's no one I don't think much take up years ago so now they've kind of relaunched it with this API changed the name of it obviously l402 now um where you they've released this kind of I think it's a framework or a wrapper you can use if you have an API you can use this to kind of wrap your API under it and then it's kind of monetized for lightning and then the theory with tying AI in is that you can assign AI instances with like they can basically control a lightning node and pay for these AI pay for these API services without the need of it for a human so it opens up this world which um Lalu from lightning Labs talked about years ago of like AI with financing being able to talk to each other and pay for things so it's less than less needed human input even more essentially um so it can make financial decisions and then pay for them right the the what financial decisions yeah I died yeah yeah open to the imagination like yeah it's like here's so tools they may if they could make it finally so they can make whatever generic financial decision whether that be what we cannot just sign for an invoice you could have something that you've written in AI or like consuming an API called honorees that's available or consuming a different API where you've reached your max number of requests and have to pay for more and instead in a human to come in and add more funds to the account or anything like that it could dynamically size up and and make that decision for the human so as you may for without needing you as you read the article the AI can predict uh and is it worth it yeah and they'll pay it yeah okay um at all have you only read half of it you scroll down the page and get all the way in it yeah I know you only read half the difference I won't say it's saving me press making the decision myself yeah the arduous decision whether I wanted to want to pay for this article or not yeah is it not I think that's very yeah high level I think yeah smart people than me might think of better ideas and yeah yeah okay yeah but it's kind of like just the stuff I might read around having finances at this point like if you're not making your own decision I don't know I don't know has an intro into the sovereign individual and he describes him as quite polar opposite in terms of AI and crypto almost so like crypto is kind of kind of like homogenized decision making like almost communist type area and he's like describing crypto as libertarian they are of their ends of the spectrum so whereas we're all you know a beginning personal freedoms outside saying right give a computer to make a decision for you they are opposites yeah the way I see AI as well so I think a lot of people have become scared of it as well in some ways and and a bit of fomo going on in terms of jumping into AI but I think people are thinking that you know it's going to destroy all these jobs and take all these and it's you know that's the industrial industry like all the time that has already happened like software has taken over certain jobs it's a little manufacturing issues yeah cars and stuff yeah it's took over certain jobs and the AI is just another version of that really where it's like a slightly clever clever version of the software or maybe you can then train so yeah it's not really AI it's like it's not true AI in that sense it's still it's still just like a quick look up on the date but yeah it's not going to say no and you go sentient and destroy us all yeah just yeah until it does then that's that's when I believe that we're true Ai and you guys are very idiots that will be the point at some point in the future I'm sure but I don't know if that'll be in our lifetime still like this will be an elimination of like we've seen with the graphic side I'm with Mikey with some of the stuff you were doing and said throw this in edit sped Mike's job up for him so he doesn't speak to Joel it's like saying um email sped up people's jobs because you can email people rather than write them a letter in the post and it's just sped up things it don't get me wrong it has removed job pigeons out of jobs in the street the innovation of that then creates new jobs and creates new Industries and creates new things around it so it's not always something to be feared it's something to be embraced and soon Kumasi we were using end of some novel Excel formulas yesterday nice and they didn't work no yeah yeah they're still a long way there yeah it just happened to a long long way to go this essentially though is just bringing uh the money of the internet lightning to be able to use Within These Services yeah Bridging the Gap I guess doesn't it okay interesting move don't know how much use case initially I've seen a few demos but I haven't looked on properly but yes it's almost made a few demos it's a good tool to be playing around with but I don't see it as a commercial use right now maybe I'm missing something maybe there's something else that we can't tie a donut um David should we just skip that one Finance don't really care about uh China likely to remove its Bitcoin and crypto ban this year cool uh that was a rumor I don't know yeah what's the source on that because I couldn't find it yeah I've not found this yeah I pulled up from what's up there's no sauce no somebody else side the room where we're just we'll help getting a hurricane um they were doing it in Hong Kong is now yeah uh crypto friendly creating regulation I imagine China will follow suit Hong Kong with the stepping stone into it and then China will so I do imagine this will be true anyway whether and then China will ban it again well I at the bricks thing which we'll come on to um will mess up one side now who is it Janet Yellen was in China trying to and they were just like let's oh I saw that Elite embarrassing for economic power did you just get along yeah did you say yeah on the uh on the other side like months before they were like let's limit the amount of chips we sent to China and then China went oh let's limit the amount yeah to make the chips guys we just damaged each year because economy so let's not mess around yeah did you see that video protectorate about everything in the line in terms of economics the Americans another thing because as someone else being able to do it you know following that road map to do it yeah yeah it was a perfect Playbook doing it for years America you can't then someone else is now doing it it was just weird I don't know what you do in China yeah if you've got practice yes there we go we can see everyone's reactions to it live nailed it man too many years that could happen to anyone that could happen it's just awkward yeah but he doesn't do a bow not awkward two three yeah when are you at France right and you meet French people and you do see I know and then but some people go it's like some do two it depends I think it depends where you're from in France actually she didn't she's just normal bowels and he didn't do one yeah because he knows what he's doing maybe she just I don't like it was just like okay no I got it I'll tell her it's like when our politicians meet each other and they do this some funny sort of power walk and show dominance by Leading each other yeah get your arm behind me to his back because I'm in charge it's in Minecraft Donald Trump did it with the queen didn't he that whole thing it was kick off about that and he always do it he meant to walk behind right where Theresa May went over there and she was like like they're all just shepherding trying to Shepherd each other you see in the G7 photos where they're all I'm trying to get a promo position to say I'm number one and putting the chest side it's all just it's what peacocking really yeah sales pathetic it is or um that was funny so China China anyway potentially removing the ban uh bricks which is leads onto anyway with bricks um they've been talking about a gold-backed cryptocurrency um which they were all going to start to use for trade and now India which is the biggest of the brick slot in terms of population and is it not not economy the only one with like a positive economy at the minute I think I think once they they've said no to it they're not willing to do it the goal or India the eye of bricks yes so is it just Brazil absolutely Brazil Russia India China South Africa but with loads of applications going in with a ton of applications coming in yeah did I see was it this week or last week I talked about the chart of population and the bricks of the G7 that's all we're talking about from was it last year last last two weeks ago thank you we don't repeat on this part no yeah um but it is again interesting one that they've all tried to go one way and then one of them said no and kind of destroyed the idea um and I think the whole Bitcoin thing is you know it highlights again the power of what Bitcoin is in decentralized and not controlled by one of these countries will eventually as this as Bitcoin comes more adopted and more widely adopted and create global trade these countries will eventually have no choice but to eventually trade within using Bitcoin in some capacity as all the ones adopt it because the ones that are not in bricks and the ones that are not on the G7 and you know they're they're either trading the dollar which is what a lot of them do now or like you see in the Kenya and the president there and he's pushing for trading in local currencies but you can't trade in local currencies between lots of different countries because you've all got there in lots of different currencies well yeah well that's what the IMF are working on you're of local they're all kinds of just a dollar yeah um it's going to all be back to the dollar in some capacity so you really Bitcoin is your answer there that's screaming and shouting in the face and they're all just trying to ignore it um but I think of the long term that will definitely come around and they'll start to use it but it'll be slow and steady as like El Salvador's and Tonga and the other ones that's starting to adopt in some capacity did you see that Zambia just got an agreement with their debtors no um yeah in terms of their indebtedness they just came through I think China and a lot of private companies they earn a lot of money too for some infrastructure stuff and their imf's involved and that they couldn't afford the repayments so they just agreed to well they just agree to say okay you can have a longer term yeah and some of the payments can be interest only so brilliant kick it down the road kick it down the road someone else's problem that's what they're doing crazy um sorry it just reminded me of the interest-only thing but money ninja he replied to off the back of our pods money Ninja's been mentioned twice sorry thanks to Charlotte um you know with the previous part we talked about mortgages and terms and stuff and he did a thread saying that the interest only thing is going to be an option for UK people oh yeah I was reading this yeah for six months yeah there's another one this exactly same thing kick it down yeah and it's the the pain higher it's still a bigger yeah because they can only afford to do that yeah yeah and then they've just gotta pray and hope that they can kick the can down long enough for them the rates to come out but they still owe more than on the more it's a lot longer scaring beyond the mortgage yeah or owe more with a short period of time um cool uh not cool and dim Gloom just cool cool [Applause] we've talked about that one with the banks um Cuba because we are short timing I'm jumping ahead we don't have to keep Nana because I like the ldr so I was just browsing Reddit as you do that was wrong oh slash Cuba everyone's boycott I don't know why I'm not have you know boycotted it no I watched the API stuff yeah I don't use that anymore that's starting to stop because I don't I used to use like a different uh app for browsing it yeah but they've because they've removed the API you can't on all of these apps work anymore yeah so you have to use the official like Reddit one which is really crappy when last time years year or two ago um so yeah I think a lot of people yeah there's a big boy car for a few months ago yeah when it was coming in anyway browser knife slash Cuba as you do don't know why non-industry just having a read um found this interesting article which is nothing to do with Bitcoin but I think Bitcoin comes in at the end um so they're traditionally communist obviously but the last few years they started bringing in like capitalistic policies allowing private companies again never used to allowed to run a private company so I think last year you're allowed to start a private company and take foreign investment but because so I was reading this story about this guy because most things are imported into the country food resources that kind of thing this guy was building a company to manufacture toilet roll in Cuba for Cuba and they he was going to take 200k investment from a U.S individual but costs are still sanctions on banks there's no way to pay it essentially so they had to go through like five different money remains products in order to get the investment so Bitcoin fixes this send globally there we go sand globally the whole thread was talking about it and nothing about Bitcoin or crypto it's like it was they were not aware in the obviously yeah are we open to Cuba no I think we are are we no but in this potential movement yeah they're as bad as the banker no well there's a few Cuban Bitcoin companies already yeah well there's potential Joe Nakamoto was there recently huh so maybe you could partner with a singular could be in the road map or you never know Dave you never know I might want to invest seems like a good time to strike anything well they're getting loads of us individuals wanting to invest in Cuban private business because it should explode in the next few years yeah okay that is interesting um yeah I thought it was interesting yeah yeah just when you're reading something outside of the industry not even thinking about Bitcoin and then it's just so glaringly obviously more examples of how it works yeah it can be used um cool click on the news office move obviously did it did it buy ourselves didn't we no Dave dominated it yeah that was tiring a long day team effort yeah I just did a 60 Minute makeover job when I came in on like the Friday morning I was like oh floors aren't down it is not done but I mean we'll see move this table down seven points it starts and Adam um it's not quite as good as there are more people because it hits you know I didn't have to work the other three people carrying it but it's heavy you met them down there and I didn't even know it wasn't seven flights because they ended to go to the third so before yeah but you don't let facts ruin a good system did you bro it just looked heavy looked hard for them um it looked really yeah but the whole thing was good yeah yeah we're in uh so yeah it's exciting still a few little things to do in there but it's feeling like home already we've got the white paper up already right in the reception area so anyone who comes in priority number one yeah yeah um Mike he's working on the podcast Studio yep it's gonna be orange can be orange certainly well the Orange is going to be a lot of orange in there I think it's going to be like an orange room I haven't seen it yet yeah with orange you know maybe that's why I thought I would urge accenting with orange it could be white and orange I think mostly white Annoying Orange I [ __ ] dark background we've seen the Bitcoin logo Dave yeah it's white and orange okay I'm open to Orange commercial okay okay we'll see how that goes I'm not seeing it yet but yeah I'm not gonna trust him right what other big coin calling usually gone yeah loads of employees no those are new faces yeah new faces interviews all this week next week as well yeah where did anyone new start uh Victor yeah you start is an electrical and Ireland basketball champion champion league sports game yesterday right currently for the island games of the Ross and they're playing basketball they lost yesterday they did yeah yeah I know I sent him an emotional message last night to motivate him because they've got a minute yeah so he got monoka today I was like quote has anyone seen the Lions why did you put this in the main chat because it's between me and Ross you could have been a motivation foreign we won't take it in basketball no raffle was that Russell's popping the painkillers the week before so I thought okaymen were going to run away with it yeah they'll thrush hour man today absolutely already been yeah um I sent him an emotional quote from a famous video about the Lions tour and the call it's called this is your Everest should check it out yeah anyway Lost Island games is that I think why it's getting older he's injured every time every two weeks yeah they've got older players someone older than this play no no he's called Wolfie really he's really good There's Hope for you yeah guys over there in a minute yeah I've lost the first two might as well go enjoy it yeah Okay cool so office me a friend basketball question question okay quick question it was a very sick you can give it a really simple answer but I'm passionate about tax does Queen Corner offer any help with uh which will help users for sorting out their tax liabilities no no we could do better I think you couldn't we can export all your transactions which you'd need for your capital gains calculation [Music] um but we could probably do that we could probably do that but yeah there's there's other there is there are a couple of services out there that will help so you can export from those and important to them and then it'll help run the time you just need a CSV fan dump it in yeah so there is a few we have spoken to a few in the past about integrating and making a bit more seamless uh it's just not been majorly requested in priority for us there's I think there's there's been maybe two people think that I remember that I've really ever asked for it um so it's just been few and far between in a minute but yes uh something we should and will be doing going forwards so uh what that looks like and how long away that is I don't know peace [Music]