Custodia Bank CEO: "Witch Hunt" to Debank Crypto Companies in US | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #123

Join Danny, Molly, Zakk and Dave for industry-led opinions on important Bitcoin stories from the week. Topics this week include: Bitcoin price, CPI data, Ripple to launch USD stablecoin, Custodia Bank CEO says there is a witch hunt underway to debank crypto in the US, Gold reaches new ATH, Binance ends support for Bitcoin Ordinals, Genesis purchases 32,041 BTC following GBTC sell-off, Odell says Saylor would crush ETFs if they donated to Core Devs, Pomp announces Token Relations, and Bitcoin Archive tweets about retail being here. Britcoiners is a Bitcoin podcast by CoinCorner ( - a global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services. #coincorner #britcoiners #bitcoin #bitcoinpodcast #bitcoinnews

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that have multiple times threatened my life um the that's never [Music] happened hello hello just realized I'm not got my Hammer Hammer just use your fist yeah okay fine uh yeah break coin is episode 1 two 3 I was thinking last night isn't it crazy we've been 12 three episodes mad and we're still this bad at them yeah authentic not bad growing organically okay okay uh yeah cool welcome back uh like And subscribe please guys not really seeing those subscribers going up so maybe subcribe go on you need to be be a bit more enthusiastic no Black And subscribe please guys yeah the show grow like And subscribe please guys why are you being a diva having your mic on the side me and Dave do normally it's just you to down it's just facing your face only 123 all right come on PO start it's not lined up there today keep going keep going keep going uh cool agenda um Ripple is launching a stable coin uh Caitlyn long she says a Witch Hunt is underway to the bank ftech and crypto in the US uh gold reaches a new alltime high binance is ending support for Bitcoin ordinals Genesis purchased uh $2.1 billion worth of bitcoin uh Odell has got beef with sa mean what the hell was that slanderous we'll get it short we'll get to that bit uh pump has announced token relations and what the hell was that last um and Google searches for Bitcoin and crypto are clearly at bull market levels according to bitcoin archive Twitter account that's a sweeping ex size that one let's pull that out there that's not true right now okay to be okay it's not true by any metric uh bitcoin price sh bitcoin price last episode's price was 66 we're currently on 687 just under 69 yeah um we were at 72 yesterday though you had a little bit of a spike a little bit of a DI um CPI information coming out today in America it's not list is it nine days to go nine days to harving oh that's not on the list either who did this list what we're going to say we have another podcast before nine days CPI date is not on there that's happening today in America you what did you put it on the you put in the chat now no I've literally just come to me now was price thinking you just walked in D sat down didn't help us or anything and throwing it around me and Mikey last night trying to get more news to pull in for this sorting it out you know putting tweets out that got interaction I thought your account had been taken over this guy G crazy method to the madness to anyway CPI dat coming out in America but you're very interesting to see if the inflation uh is going to be reduced but I think the markets might be saying that it won't be as going down as much as they think so it's a bit of worry that's what it could be bit of a worry for who just to help clarify a bit of a worry for the general global population because um everyone yeah here guys iiz yeah because if inflation's not com around down the the FED one reduce the rates so interest rates around the world will still maintain because everyone's just waiting for the Fed so there's less money in the market so do you think this is this actually then sorry if um if even on the agenda I know we not even got no this isn't on the agenda but this is an interesting topic because it's CU i't got my hammer we can just go Rogue today guys it will unpa The Wider economy side but the um I guess we've seen because interest rates Rose very quickly because inflation had Rose very quickly and we've tried to counteract that uh with the the levers that they Ed to move the two um that now we're saying that inflation's not necessarily going to come down as much as they want even though the interest rates still high does that mean obviously I was interest rates are going to stay the same or they're going to potentially have to raise them again because they're worried about inflation and if the effectively I guess that's always the point where people always say like you know what point does it become broken it doesn't yeah is it broken if it's not working is it broken if it's not work is still working cuz uh inflation has been coming down due to high interest rates it's worked on a a sliding scale but it was only last week where America said they were essentially borrowing stroke printing 1.2 trillion so that's that is not anti-inflation no so what do they expect you the coin so I think that's just generally the leaves are working just it's taking a long time they're not working inflation's come down be working at the top end of the slide and scale remember where inflation was though they're working at halfway in the slide and scale aren't they they work to an extent I think patients will run out and we'll the interest rates will drop before they hit the 2% Target 4% Target in 10 years time we'll be saying oh it's a 4% when this cycle comes around again it'll be like no they're talking about changing it now they're not have only ever heard 2% targets still at Target they've been talking about change it to 4% it was the UK that I think talking about changing we've talking about it they may be changing the target but I've never heard someone coming out saying that the target might be changed it was UK wasn't it someone respectful please Mikey was the Top's there a tweet from Danny yeah exactly so if you scroll to the about top that was the bank of the bank of England the same inflation and and the 2% Target no that's just a web page that they've had there for the last 30 years just go back to the top again I it's been a consistent Target and there's there was definitely something I don't know if you get away with more than 2% I think it's 2% because there the most you get away with it's 2% because New Zealand made it up and follow 2% talked about it on the I know but if you think about it's 2% anything more than 2% it it's becomes noticeable to the general public and there'll be uo that's probably maybe why New Zealand went with 2% and everyone followed like sheep wow okay but it only becomes Noble because that's what's ingrained in you right 2% okay yeah yeah that's what I'm saying I think uh interest rates will be brought down before the 2% Target of inflation increases is hit because patience is running out didn't it already come down do it come down once this year no um I don't know everyone's wa watching yeah I think some some countries have but it was swi went early yeah probably down day but Europe and America still waiting anyway right surprised that's not on the agenda well it's now okay okay um Ripple uh to lach a stable coin Peg to the US dollar Ripple are on the agenda and CPR see this I F this what I do you know I put in the group the other day saying end of xrp I see that no because basically I saw it I thought so again I've been telling everybody this for a long time with ripple go back to the pet mccm podcast episode where he has uh what's his face on Brad uh who's like CEO founder of Ripple um and he even talks about it and says like they don't necessarily need xrp for ripple to work they're two different things is what they've tried to differentiate xrp is the coin cryptocurrency they made that they hold the majority of that they dump on the public to fund Ripple the company this is all true this is he doesn't even deny this he doesn't necessarily use the word I wouldn't be surprised if he used dump on the public yeah he might use that word through the podcast he needs to change his PR agency he does but he does basically you know yeah he's been signed that Peter does question that this is from like two years ago this podcast um but he then talk Talks by there that you don't necessarily need xrp to to make Ripple work Ripple they're trying to just basically replace Swift if you think of it like that they're just trying to be the next Swift um but still sign Swift there's no difference between them and Swift it's just they're saying they were using cryptocurrency to make it the buzz word to make it do something different or sound different um but now they've realized that they could then just use a stable coin to do this rather than xrp they've now going to use stable coin to make the money movement and use a swift effectively replacement uh that means that all the xrp bag holders I've been buying out for many years XP army or the XP Army that have multiple times threatened my life um the that's shut up never happened I'll share them yeah DMS from xrp like kill me and everything oh well I mean that might be a step too far but part of is like there were probably a 50y old kid in the bedroom to uh I've got a few of them had a few of them over if you are part of that xrp I me please join on new telegram one of a chat yeah um but because the you know the into this idea and they've managed to buy into the the concept of what um Ripple set out to do which was trying to use xrp then to become Swift um and Global money movement and the story that Ripple has sold and Brad has sold and other people within involved in that um obviously they've just been dumping xrp onto the public and then using that to fund uh Ripple but now they've realized okay use a stable coin instead and they can do the exact same thing um and it's stable so they don't need to worry about xrp liquidity in in countries to be able to to sell in each end and movement as well which means xrp now is pointless it has no PR at all I'm not seen uh it's it went down on that announcement yeah are the issuing the stable coin on xrp or have they not St uh that's a good question that be more even more hilarious when they don't choose xrp to issue it yeah if they issue it on something else then maybe I would have assumed they would but again I don't know um so yeah obviously that even in a month there the price is just down just go to like a year in all time and stuff it's like you start to see you've had the spikes in the in the past and it'si Rose a little bit in the last year hasn't it year to two those spikes are when they CAU case I think wasn't it probably the little one there yeah um but and dollar value getting back to $3 is going to be a hell of a challenge uh to something that now even Ripple the company that created as jump ship on um maybe if they do the stable coin on it there'll be a little bit of a a Saving Grace for the xrp holders but then they're still limited to they need everyone to use xot P still yeah for it to actually have a use case in that sense but if nobody's using it for other than the stable coin then yeah it becomes and you're you're already a centralized company at that point why not just do it as a database the same as Swift and you around in circles but yeah do you think they're looking at the likes of tether with the massive stable core in dominance and PayPal trying to get into it and they just want a chunk of that they want a piece of piece of the action yeah um it's probably the case and they've got enough billions I think in the the balance of what they've dumped on xrp guys to um probably fund that for quite some time um does it say about if they doing it on xrp they've got to be surely an etherion for stable coin on xrpl and ethereum yeah they know they can't just do on xrp because no one use it use it yeah so they have to do on ethereum yeah um interesting chose ethereum as everybody else is slowly moving to and salana um okay okay but yeah just again slowly happens over time and these things take many years to um come into fruition as to what's happening but um something that think people have been aware of for a long time but now is is finally coming to to the light okay hit that hammer I know um foundy of custodia Bank Caitlyn long said there is definitely a Witch Hunt underway to De bank fintech and crypto in the US she said us s b didn't she yeah this was just lost some of their some of their corresponding banking well custodia have been having issues for years now haven't they trying to get the banking license I think that she's talking more about like us exchanges and things that starting to get pulled again for some reason but I'm not heard anyone said but obviously they don't a lot of the time and it's kind of it'll happen when it happens um so in the background maybe they they are getting squeezed again um very political but this falls into you know this centralization of American Banking and banking overall because there's less diver Divergence in the market because there's less Banks out there because they're all having their own separate crisises aren they so actually it's a problem in the free market fundamentally because you might or first thought when you see stuff like this is there'll always be another bank that'll service them you know some someone else to willing to take them on but actually that might not be the case for too much longer if there's less and less Banks out there and they're all under umbrella banks anyway um so it's not great news is it it's not I always think because I guess sometimes we get Expos we we always get exposure to things that other people will not have that exposure and that insight to um and I know from and we had this conversation recently actually the UK Banks and the UK side of things and actually um some of the regs coming in are being pushed by the bigger Banks because it helps squeeze on the emis for example like your revolutes and your monzo um and the approach that that's happened with uh some of the uh we've said about before where um banks are in the UK limiting what you can send to crypto exchanges um that is has been driven by regulation not by the Banks appetite for crypto um so it has nothing to do with crypto and Bitcoin in that sense it's more like The Regulators say forcing that in some way but are the banks lobbying and pushing for that regulation to point to play because of it's an anti-competitive move anti-competitive not being against crypto anti-competitive as in my business is losing money in comparison to what it should be making and these other new guys cropping up that our comp competition are starting to take a piece of the pie and they're doing anything they can to prevent that um I think there's I think we've had conversations quite recently about a softening of approaches to crypto and Bitcoin from Banks themselves in terms of what they'll let their corresponding banks have that same conversation the bigger banks are pushing for that Reg for example or we believe they are to make but then if Bank though I can see what they're saying in terms of if they're having to uh abide by the regulatory framework that they've been set out and then you've got someone offering a extremely similar service who might not have to adhere to all those regulatory uh requirements then as a bigger Bank I'd be like well that's it's not a fair it's not fair like you would be saying like it's a different business is a different business model like the bigger Banks can take them deposits in and go and invest them and trade them and do what want the monzo and revolutes and can't do that because they're emis which means the money is held with the bank of England effectively directly and it doesn't get invested and doesn't get you don't get interest on it effec so it's 100% Reserve in that sense so it's like custodia of what Caitlyn longr do 100% Reserve that's effectively what we already are and have in in the UK with the emis did they get turned down because they're all trying to do one-onone yeah that's because the business model is a different it's all is a complete like look at rev a new type Revol been struggling to make any money over the years they've got lots of investment they've got lots of customers but they've struggled to make a profit I don't know if they've still ever made a profit um they've made Revenue but the only reason they ended up Surviving years back was because they added crypto but their business model is just paying 510 for a Visa card in the bank account effectively didn't work it wasn't it you see in that with all the other competitors the monzo and the smaller ones that have all come and gone quickly um because that business model is somewhat flawed in the sense of most of the UK public can go get a free bank account with HSBC or barers why they're going to pay 1010 a month for an account with revolute and that is why you see them all adding like adding on features right like travel insurance and all that kind of stuff all the paid stuff a different business model can revolute can monzo can these other ones survive long ter FR without fractional Reserve because the products they're offering are effective equivalent in some respect to what a bank account would be um but they're having to charge for it because that's the only way they can do it because they can't take that money and operate fractional reserve and invest that somewhere else so that's the I guess and that's similar to what that's why she would have got turned down in the US for custodia because the regulator's argument was it wasn't a solid business model it's it's completely different it's a change yeah it's a change do you think people make the decision on where to deposit based on a fractional Reserve or a onet toone model I don't think they do they don't understand so they saying most of the public in the UK would just go and have the only reason they got a revolute account originally was because it was the FX thing for traveling and then it was a cool thing to get it's kind of cool and but Kaitlyn long long um has made a decision to go oneon-one or is their hands held could they not do any fractional stuff for there because she's you know she's gone out there tried to get a one-onone I think that's for for reason that's why they wanted to yeah yeah but is that to get get more deposits to saying we're we're a different type of Bank model this is how you can run it I potentially well but you're saying that actually Banks can't Bank Emi revolutes can't really run they they can't not saying they can't um they haven't been able to become a profitable business model at the minute a sustainable profitable business model every single one of them ones emis out there that like the revolu monzo and that they've raised lots of VC money and that's how they've survived and they've started to make Revenue don't get me wrong but now they're trying to figure out how you make revenue and then turn that into a profit and none of them have really nailed that business model yet the only way revolute have grown the way they have is had in crypto that I think what was there was it like 60% of their revenue was crypto or something and that last report we saw I can't remember what the number was exactly but it was a lot portion yeah um and we know rev themselves they went for a full banking license in the UK remember about a year ago they were saying they're going to get it weren't it's still still on go like they know themselves they probably have to go fractional which they need that for they'll wanting to do yeah certain things that they want to become a bank right rather than at the minute they can't do yeah they put an update on the 5th of March revolute fifth of March saying that they don't have a banking license yet but they're working on it yeah they got the they got the EU one did they I think yes they've got an EU one but unless you okay moving on moving onic isn't it um gold reaches new alltime high who's that you did I take that uh because I was just interesting again coming off you take Ripple you took gold I know this is a Bitcoin podcast I know you have to seeit the world around you as well to then understand Premier League fixtures on there as well then well if yeah we there a few bitcoiners that Premier League players we can pull that conversation um but the the point of that was just similar to like you were talking about CPI and the inflation thing you've got um China there's an Arbitrage at the I don't know if that's been last weeks or whether that's been with the price of gold in China I think it is as opposed to price in gold in the western world it's been like a 20% premium or something it was a ridiculous premium um so there was an Arbitrage opportunity of things but there's there's all sorts going on with um the world I guess at the minute in terms of you know you've got the the Russia the Ukraine war you've got um the Israel side of things and there things playing out so why is gold going to alltime highs it's everything that's going going on around the world so people are moving into gold at the minute in some capacity it's always been this traditional Safe Haven isn't it yeah did you see uh Francis from bull bitcoin's tweet about buying a coffee with gold yeah I saw him say about his gold bar yeah I don't know if he was just a giant troll or hilarious yeah he said he he it wasn't the right weight the first time so he had to go home and shave a bit off so he's like a kind of troll but I think he actually did it um he had a picture of his little piece of gold it was quite funny it was quite funny I saw him about the gold bar but I didn't see more than yeah his little picture of a little tiny bit in a cup for for like a cou of C they accepted it yeah there you go I saw that picture yeah I saw that 0.5 g of gold he had a 1 g gold bar and cut roughly off one 12th pieces mhm the cashi had a milligram scale took me a few times to get the right amount one of the bits fell into the crack of the table these are just gold bug problems right when you try to buy coffee cuz it's in all time high my bitcoin's never fallen down the crack of the table gold is a fantastic medium yeah maybe you have maybe you have to explain why that's quite funny from the Bitcoin point of view in terms of Cu like like bitco is a gold 2.0 isn't it it works it's almost better than gold but it because it's divisible you can use it almost better than gold did you just say no I said it is better than gold I you can play that back later you put xrp stff thrown you all out you just all but so it's it's better than gold in terms of a lot of factors one of them is you can use it in small transactions which is and this is a problem like gold gold coins could never be used so I don't know if this tweet just a troll it could all be a lie just to highlight no of course there's no there's no not EXA I don't know he lives in weird places I've not no I've not read this tweet or anything but I know he's been so he's more for the medium of exchange of Bitcoin as well and spending Bitcoin and doing that and he goes and does that in all the places he goes to Puerto Rico and Costa Rica and all that sort of side where he's been so I assume it's taking the piss a to do that so he's sh that we use gold as a medium exchange for many like years in the past and look how bad it is and now we've got Bitcoin as a medium exchange and look how quick and easy this is so he's probably using that as the company yeah was 100% yeah yeah um I do like Francis it's good yeah funny good I think you put that better than I tried to put it thanks say that Sor so back to xrp yeah thr me off today right uh next one is uh binance and support for Bitcoin ordinals missed this what was the support for ordinal or did that nft Marketplace they had added the ordinals on there buy and sell and deposit yeah how long did that last then wasn't it was it a month or two I don't think it was that was it um we got a date I don't know if we got a did they give a reason set up something about streamlining products yeah that classic reason just me if it was making any sort of Revenue they wouldn't have done it since no one's using it there you go May 2023 they added support so just a year year so we didn't even know nobody's sced um okay but yeah then they've just got rid of it already obviously that's not good for um Bitcoin ordinal stuff and the fans there um but also I suppose there's there's two ways to look at that as well and that's not have an agenda we hate ordinals so let's slag it off completely I think binance as well ending that I agree probably got no volume so there's definitely a piece of that and the streamlining thing is a nice way of saying the SEC is squeezing the hell out of us we've got to scale back and cost and everything so it's probably a big part of that as well MH mhm and it just seems like bad news after bad news to binance recently isn't it uh don't what was did I say 5 years you won't be the company they are today that's my bet for the they had a good run no company is after five years the compan are today right you're going to have to he said they'd be dead in five years no no I said they be won't be the company they are today in five years was the eventual bet that's exactly true of every company ever as in they've going to be scaled down then should we say on the downward Trend they're going to they've got a slow death I think I'm sure no I'm sure you said they wouldn't be here I was saying that he said Oh They'll be so small they'll be irrelevant irant yeah so that's when did he say it I think said 5 years to I think so yeah okay great the great thing about these podcast we have the more recordings we don't go back there do Mike you will Mike play that clip Along on top of God what episode was that did I put a thing on saying in one of the pods saying about maybe 5 years I think bance will be gone and they'll slowly die out I do you think it will be a case of yeah that's goes pop or they shut it down sell the assets they're going to have to do something when you say they won't be here in 5 years you talking about bance us or binance general I'm talking about binance in general I think I think they're going to be if if they're here they're just going to be insignificant in the industry because they're just going to get squeezed so a they might still exist but in a lot smaller kind of scale they'll be insignificant is what I'm saying there yeah um right cool next one yeah okay uh Genesis uh purchased $2.1 billion wor of Bitcoin following the gbtc selloff yeah so the massive um is this a sweep in Daily out I don't think it is okay excited unless you think it is I had a bit of a sweeping one for this maybe I was just going to say yeah all the outflows coming from grayscale Recently have been mainly Genesis because they got approval to sell a certain amount of shares in there um then what I didn't realize they put out that they then bought back all that Bitcoin so I think they bought 32,000 Bitcoin was it um what was that which they're going to give back to credit as I assume um that was the The Sweep was that everyone thought that they were selling that's where the price had that di during that time perod um but now then it was like if they were selling and then having to buy that back straight away then surely the price doesn't move Nets itself so theoretically why did the price go down and it was probably sentiment from people thinking they're selling and the Traders trying to trade avely in time what going to trade yeah um but the the bit that was kind of thewe ins side of it but the other angle of it is still don't it's not been clarified how they bought it back and how they sold it so did they even sell it like did if they did like OTC style and they've said okay we've got two billion to sell but we need to buy two billion back it's just a database exercise between like an accounting exercise to say they've sold it and they bought it back and actually they already had the Bitcoin there and they just moved the Bitcoin so they never actually went onto the market and bought anything so which means that that time period there that $2 billion never even touched the market either side so it didn't it was still an outlow from grayscale but it potentially didn't actually touch the market so I don't I don't know I don't know how they did that in the background and what happened there if they've gone to OTC desk them OTC desks might have just said oh yeah we'll do this then and just flip it back take a little fee for that um so on paper it's correct but it's an accounting exercise more than actually putting it physically on the market I think they released a statement so I haven't read it or a report so and we couldn't see anything in volumes I mean public Ledger why would you not be able to see it what's a public Ledger just cuz bitcoin's a public Ledger yeah no as in if they put it on chain you'd be able to see wouldn't you if they did like a buy and a sell and it was all on chain then it would be visible wouldn't buy and sell on chain are you okay today but if if they CED if both of them CED in coinbase for example yeah and then they go they both CED in I think they do actually yeah but coinbase came out with a statement saying that they were pretty sure it's going to stay in the market so must be coinbase in charge so then oh it's coinbase and coinbase coinbase is OTC desk they don't have to necessarily they can just trade exactly I get it it doesn't go on chain anywhere it still just goes onto the market the buy and the sell side at coinbase but they would both have to be on coinbase to do that uh otherwise you would have to go you'd have to make the unchain movement would be like out of gray scales well be our coinbase yeah they have like specific addresses for gtf are they public gray scal on yeah so you would be able to see it if it happened like that if no you wouldn't be able to so You' be able to see okay Gray scales Bitcoin that you can see on chain has moved from 2,000 how many 32,000 Bitcoin have moved from there to this other address in the background they could have done an OTC trade and buying a sell there that you're never going to see anywhere I get that part you'll only see the 2,000 going out but you'd see that regardless of what route they did in the background okay you still see that 2,000 outflow from coinbase right 30 2000 outflow sorry keep okay and it might not necessarily be one chunk it could be like you'd figure out some of the point with that is just we we still don't know we don't that's interesting what we actually did there did they actually touch the market or did they just do an LC account in next half like what you you do question that what would you do if you've got a genu just it would be like a internal thing you would you wouldn't touch anything it's like if we had someone coming along and wanting to sell you know hundred million dollars worth of bitcoin got that Bitcoin and you had someone went to buy it you just you don't touch the market set price that you both agree I mean it's just that but I don't know if there's certain because Genesis are under strict rules at the moment what they can and can't do I'm not sure so so there's the that part obiously liquidation side and then there's the gray scal and ETF and regulat so what do they have to do they have to actually put it on the market or can they the only way you potentially maybe work out on the market is the dep the the volume during them times but quite hard to see that during the ETF Market time the volume just shoots up we don't know what what's what and what's theirs and what's not yeah so I was right um confus I was on I was right again sure not sure what you right about was right but turns out I was right we'll go with it turn all right come on uh next story Odell uh he tweeted that one of the big ETFs was going to donate to open source devs sailor told them if they they did he would crush them so they pulled out of the commitment before we get into this the old caps just makes it makes you think he he's drunk or something does he always tweet in all caps most of the time doesn't he well he's deleted his TW always all CS must be talk on his keyboard why does he do that I don't know get his point across shout all right mate um want shouting all the time I I I where's the source how does he where's this coming from it doesn't I like it so before get into slagging him off or anything I do like Odell oh yeah I think he's great but he's a nice guy and I think um he has always historically been quite a good voice in the industry in terms of talking common sense and and a sort of logical approach to things um he's very outspoken and he not afraid to say clearly um in caps but yeah this one obviously is a bit out of the blue and a bit of a a random unnecessary attack I don't know maybe he sees it as necessary for the better of the industry um and that's why he's doing it what truth there is there's no source to anything it's just here say this is the issue right as an industry that kind of is don't trust verify um a lot of people are just kind of taking Odell as a word um which I can see cuz bu a reputation in the industry that is trustworthy and is there no further mention of where he's got that I think van have denied it they two them have denied hav they bit wise and Van van and Fidelity don't they already donate to steps something do and I just understand who else is sa going to crush like Black Rock how I don't understand it's such weird language like to crush them how how would even happen and the only way you could crush them right would be selling all his Bitcoin to the price tanks and their ETF tanks he would never do wouldn't crush them yeah they just mop it up think about laughing um there there's a couple of angles I've got in my head of my opinion on certain things with this I go on spill so Odell I agree with his his sentiment of you don't um like slay Your Heroes isn't it I think in this industry especially don't have Heroes slay Heroes I've said that a number of times in the past mhm um there was that terrible tweet I think you shared last night which is just this guy that's this guy calling out basically all the big guys should even G us attention but yeah I don't want to show this but the things he's slagging him off is like it's ridiculous um but why's your name your name's not on there good see so so clever he can't even can't even piece me together yet I didn't see that L Dash J literally eats cats I missed that but yeah let uh the sorry where was we out there before that it was on yeah you should in this industry um Slayer Heroes yeah which I agree with agree with the sentiment and that and trying to shoot down sailor and sailor is becoming too much of a figurehead in the industry in some respects there's no reason to go and attack him though and slag him off in that sense if he has a good word from somebody that Something's Happened there I would believe in my head that maybe it's been you know there's been some comments around it and they've been maybe taken out of context in some respects and then Matt's ended up with something there and he's then pushing Tweeting or putting this out maybe sailor's right I that was that's my opinion on it I'm with sailor in you don't want ETFs donating exactly which is what we've already spoken about on the Pod so we want them to donate you want everyone to donate to help support um core protocol developers and the open source side however you don't want them to donate because Black Rock start donating Black Rock are going to control them devs effectively and it's they're going to try control and it's going to be for devs to say no if they're getting paid effectively by these guys they say no and then they're basically not getting paid they've got find another sponsor or they just do what Black Rock says so they've got to have real um tenacity and allic yeah like that there which I think a lot of them do right cuz to work on bitcoin Gore is a thankless task really eats cats he was just read you got trust that guy that's what it drives you to so I agree I think a lot of them do and I think a lot of them wouldn't um um a lot of them have been scraping by for years just for the passion of working on it right yeah um and there'll always be more people that will come along and do that and work on it so this tweet could be about you couldn't it apart from your threatening to crush crush I'll Crush Black Rock if they so be writing about you is what it is isn't it you know um no but we don't we've about we don't want them controlling Bitcoin C devs and you need them to be so maybe it was sailor comments around that like that actually he doesn't donate to them because he doesn't want to be seen as then potentially controlling them guys and directing them where they want to go for his benefit rather than the op open network I think um the ones that have donated so far that they've done it through Brink right so it's like one step removed from an actual developer which I think is good yeah so then Brink and then decide yeah you just think this is just Sailors made a little comment in line with what you're saying and cont and now it's sailor threaten to crush ETF I still don't know if he has made that comment either to ask sailor does anyone asked him yet anyway my message I think everyone is twe poting but I mean I don't even know it's worth asking no it's all kind of a lot of rubbish anyway hearsay for the most part and I think I somewhat as we said there kind of agree I don't really want the ETFs donating and potentially trying to take control at some point which will happen not they'll take control they'll try they'll try mhm and then you'll have to try and crush them same way as coinbase tries same way as all the other guys tried yeah all part of the the life cycles of Bitcoin okay uh pump here's announce token relations all right if you take this one as well this isn't a Bitcoin podcast anymore token relations will help connect blockchains with their communities developers token holders we don't need to talk about it it I really don't care it was it used to be Ste he used to be a Bitcoin OG and for years now he's just been doing crap like this he's not a Bitcoin OG I would say but yeah you're right in that sense sellout isn't he the point of he was just the Slayer Heroes one to follow on from the Sailor thing one that was the only reason I H what is the whole Slayer hero that as well I don't know just KN him ah head from just never have Heroes right always lay you down it must be part of a bigger saying it's not Bitcoin saying but just on that as well going back to the m Del one he's seen as you know a bit of that kind of figure within the industry as well so don't be afraid to like don't just trust what Matt says don't figure out yeah and I like Matt but yeah it's like he could be a hero though he he is to a lot of peoplea so yeah end up being that way um but pomp is exactly just a follow on from that he obviously has gone through the whole uh I mean how many things he's done and it's gone completely a mess obviously block five good on television he's still because the M don't understand and don't know that mainstream media get him on ask him about Bitcoin he's very good on television yeah yeah he is yeah he's well spoken well presented I think that's the part of the problem as well they take him they keep taking him on because they had him on from years ago and now he's been known as this person that will go on and do that um but he's now I mean he's been [ __ ] coining for years now it's not this isn't new um but this is just another one of them things that he's just he's looking for he's an opportunist uh he's just taking the opportunities that he's seeing coming but not for the greater good of Bitcoin or the network or anything like that for himself Sor we are helping blockchains better communicate with their developers it's incredible yeah it's incredible and I now talk to the blockchain it's just buzz word buzz word Buzz no that's the problem is this part I liked it's providing top metrics and more all in one place oh and more and more and he did his education platform as well didn't he which was like uh did he that with was it the Dylan thingy or was it was someone else I can't remember remember who that was with was it didn't he do a female only thing with he did that was a now wasn't that was yeah that was something else he's done a few where like the education education on bitcoin for all if you pay $1,500 for a month course whatever it was he was like what and yeah poor guys just getting trolled but but not he was he was on that like he was the biggest Shiller of a multitude sh of things now that have gone completely wrong in some ways and he continues to keep going um I'm not I don't mean to attack him in my opinion on there it's just that's that's what's happened that's history that's there's kind of a few going that way though isn't there in this industry they try and go I think there's a bit of a weird cycle where you end up like you go you come in is like make some money you trying to do shitcoin crypto trading stuff and then you kind of eventually come around to bitcoin only and then you write a book after The yeah after the Bitcoin side is not Bitcoin is slow and steady and it takes time and people are impatient so people then say oh well I want to make more money I want to do more I want to do something else and then they go off and then do things like this um so it's and this industry you know it's different for every everyone like to me Bitcoin is a better form of money but other people it's all about the technology so then they'll might go into the altcoins and that kind of thing because it progresses faster and there there's more R&D on the technology side quick break things yeah so it's like I don't think trying to scam people for example he's just see an opportunity to to help the scammers yeah yeah yeah I guess in some respect help the scammers communicate between them yeah that's true kind of yeah okay that's pump yeah uh this is a sweeper Scot one so uh Google searches for Bitcoin and crypto are clearly at bull market levels retailers here which is a tweet by Bitcoin archive the date is there Danny what's your problem with that the dat doesn't tell us anything it's incorrect look at that there's reply straighten there dat and it just gots no the minute I I think I must be Shadow baned you got one like I know I know you got a comment I don't know if you must be I wonder if Bitcoin archive hid the Tweet or I'm yeah Shadow Bandon somewhere we do always sweep this account so he's maybe started blocking yeah no I don't know because you can if you were hidden it would you wouldn't be visible there unless Mike's gone to the Tweet Mike's gone to my tweet I think no no no no this is just top but I do follow you so maybe because my data actually shows that's completely not true it's not my data Google Trends so if we go back up yeah what's the original tweets saying so the original tweet is basically saying we're in ball Market um far from Peak blow off top like sweep retail is here and all the hype meme coins Etc so he's here all based on just comparing crypto currency and Bitcoin keywords on Google Trends Google which actually there's no comp the comparison piece isn't necessarily a thing either don't matter which one you look at you don't to compare the two they've run in parallel for the most part um sorry mik can just go back up to the Chart I stay that um so he's saying bull market but he's only looking back to the 2021 time and seeing the bull market trend from there and he's saying retail is here retail is not here in the cycle at the minute we know that from our numbers we know that from the companies we talk to within the industry um we know that from the onchain analytics guys that put out the like glass node uh glass node node yeah um I think one of them's just been on pet mccor podcast and he talks about that as well and says retail's not here yet and you can tell that from onchain data so every other metric and even that metric actually does show us retail is not here yet as well which I'll come on to in a second but he's done it on such a small time scale that it's not been extended enough to see the actual retail movement side um so retail is not here um and this feels just more the op and positive it's just doing things we are angry about other Industries doing it's like getting specific dates for specific stats and putting out specific headlines to meet you kind of to get the follow all the followers that you're doing it's like the not clickbait but like you call like um uh click farming out Eng fing um engagement fing engagement yeah it's like it's written the outcome first and then figured out how we can get prove this kind of thing yeah um and trying to find that engagement farming tweet which is what this is doing and it gets the attention and that's part of what obviously his account is I'm not surey attack him either it's just what it is this but the red line is going up so we'll come back so this is what we'll come back to if you can ignore so if you scroll down to my chart my key which is not my chart by the way this is literally a snippet from Google Trends um I've done that over all time so you can see the cycles and see the trends so you can straight away see obviously the very first one back in the the sil Road days in the mount grck back in 2012 13 and there was a little bit of a spike and it come down you've then got the 2017 Spike and then you've got obviously the couple of years there L period then you've got the 21 21 Spike and you can see the fouryear Cycles effectively spiking each time so if you look where we are now in that that movement there if you look back to the previous one 2017 to the 2021 Spike period you're looking effectively at that just the beginning of the ball Market but it's only just beginning and this chart maybe is difficult as well to see how many years this is over there that big big spike on the 2021 one there is almost from January 2020 is it nearly to uh end of 21 I think or something about mid 21 so it's over like an 18mon period that big long Spike so the small Spike we're at now is kind of like that small Spike pre-2020 so the 2019 Spike in the previous cycle so we're literally at that which is when retail wasn't here retail didn't hit till in the last cycle till 20 uh it was end of 2020 wasn't it maybe um US December beginning of 2021 you're going to give it a like then Mike but don't bu please don't like it I like desperate for simp like no likes I get it okay you've expand You' expanded the time Horizon properly out and it doesn't show the same thing and Bitcoin archive went from 19 but even on his chart it still doesn't show that either it doesn't even make sense how do you know retails there from a search term on it's not the only factor to determine many retail buying is it and if you take metrics into account like from we see from signups we know comparers and we know numbers of things you see um obviously Twitter engagement for one is another metric you can potentially use we know from onchain analytics it's retail is not here it's like this isn't a thing it's it's old customers that still have a bit of an Insight on the industry and eye on the industry coming back and playing around buy up before yeah before things KCK off he does say they far from Peak yeah but he says retail is here on the next line I I it's just not true I assum yeah just like a throwaway line right which is then just okay building into the she then fuel Dan's fire yeah you almost have like the retail he hear thing as well from like your friends and family and stuff when they start messing you and start doing that you've we spoke about this ago or something and we started to see we have started to see that and we spoke about in the Pod saying like you know we've seen an uptick in our registration we've seen that in the initial price rise we but it's been kind of hovering around other than that it's it's gone flatlined a little bit again at a minute um so we've seen a little bit of an uptick but they're usually the ones that I've had an ey in the industry for years and they're just messaging back but still it's not hit that time where you're getting messages daily from people saying about it and wanting to buy and what should they do um we're not at that level yet which is when I would classify as retail is is here here again you should do a tweet when you think it's here put a tweet out ret is here yeah I'll do that cool just it's the not the I'm not trying to be negative and like that I'm trying to be realistic and real like that's not it's not here why we lying why we lying to ourselves that it's here if you maybe don't do it under over your personal account the sweeping one maybe you could do like a new sweeper account Bitcoin realistic archive and it's just every one of his every one of his tweets you just say actually because just starts with actually because he does do it a lot doesn't have the the hopium hit that you'd get from it and the sort of that side of things people want that and that's like what that is the engagement F of that is people want that positivity and want that positive outlook so they will engage and interact with that that wouldn't realist like the real world and the realistic size things have that the platform issue with Twitter isn't it that's some people are just sharing that life stuff yeah it's life it's not yeah no just them is life and there is a problem the other side of that is is it what in that case why is that a problem what's the problem there with we reff we reaffirming incorrect information we are reaffirming you like and retweet it we're reaffirming yeah you you're sharing that with other people with incorrect information say retailers here now if you take that step back and say actually you could spin this more as a positive thing not the way he's doing it but you spin it as a positive thing because actually what you're doing there is saying retail is here and the price is where it is actually then if blowoff Peak is is x amount percentage up if you think retail is not here for another 6 to9 months and the price continues to grind up the price will potentially be much much higher when retailers actually been and gone at blowoff Peak as opposed to blowoff Peak in three months time so there's a spin on it that it could be done very positively but done with the correct data um it's just that's a guess an easy way to do it the way okay not a fan of fake obviously that but appears no one's a fan of real news no no we've weirdly had this conversation with uh I won't say who but the recently with um the views on the YouTubes and their things and they don't want to go down the route of this click bait engagement farming side they want to give real information out but they know that they don't get the engagement and the views and things that they could if they went and sold the soul in some respect to engagement F but they want to do it legit and want to do it L which is I much rather that and think it's much more credible but it's a long SL demoralizing it's a long hard Slug it is a long hard slug um better quality followers I think from that but really as many on okay you this is where I think this is where we are with Bitcoin isn't it because we've never gone we stick to bitcoin covering we stick to what we doit half of that but yeah I wasn't talking about us in that s sense either I'm talking about other people and that I think they will get a better following loyal following by doing the quality I get it rather but I also I don't I wouldn't really have a bone to pick with Bitcoin archive for doing what they're doing no no it's his job effective doing that he can do it but I do I have the bone to pick in terms of that's fake information is being shared or information Spa in an incorrect manner so the data is not faked obviously it's correct numbers but it's spun in worded in the wrong way believe yeah um it could be done more accurate okay that's that's the end of the the agenda from Talking Points got a couple of things to mention what we going to do an educational thing we are Mike has got it are you want just just start from the start and go through or just pick a random one each week or why don't you just pick today whatever okay so this came off the back of didn't it Danny yeah someone messaged you saying basically wondering who our audiences for for the podcast because uh who's your all yeah because um we need to I guess we don't we target new people that we were're not there's a huge amount of assumed knowledge maybe from from our point of view now probably that people we should take it back to Bas lot about Bitcoin are involved we're talking about the news what's happening in the news which sometimes can be pical sometimes can be more in depth so yeah it's confusing we do talk about things outside of Bitcoin like we've done today but that hasn't affect effect and impact on it um so maybe we're not going to get into the basics of CPI but you know maybe we need to at some point I don't know um but with Bitcoin at least yeah we're going to go back to doing some basic segments so people can newbies can start learning basic stuff um yeah today's isn't out yet but this is yesterday's can we can we not use that one a good one I mean if you want to yeah go on then we just pick just try pick which Danny on which one I just thought we just said about that's completely not about Bitcoin I think that was a good one because that word gets flirted about in this podcast a lot it do I could I used all the time to my friends and they're like what are you talking about go go back we'll use that one let's contradict so Do's this website what's this website called B this website website F siiz Bitcoin little Bitcoin facts every day our own website very basic stuff just like an educational piece right yeah so you get emailed the Bitcoin fact is that yep you can sign up um it'll come to your inbox but it's a fact to day about Bitcoin broken down into small chunks of people can learn okay so today's one we're going to talk about about Bitcoin not about Bitcoin like I've just said right what is f currency so if you scroll down should that actually explain what F translates into what's it like should at the very top have you ever have you ever used this website think I signed visited this website I'm a very very busy person should read that out to people listening rather thanat about go I'll read out go fear currency is money issued by a government by a government Central Bank so by the way that I don't like the way that's written F currency is is money issued by a government Central Bank okay no I think yeah you just said it yeah you just set it back the same yeah no could that be no doesn't matter about this is the worst explainer of what all right CRA on then that's very put this podcast though isn't it so people in our industry we use feat as a terminology for money issued by a government Central Bank so pounds dollars Euros Etc they are Fiat currencies um fiat currency yeah the word feat it was not really I don't know if it was a thing before Bitcoin or whether it would just kind of came around because of that heard of it yeah a lot of people in the traditional Financial world didn't really understand what that was until um it came up in Bitcoin conversations um it be it'll be hard to find the history of it comes from the Latin word let it that was it let it be done it's like an all order thing so it's oh it's like I think it was free Bitcoin I think just not in the terms of let it be done oh can you take me to can you drive me here fat so we're just literally using that term just to differentiate between Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and the currencies that you know in everyday life in the world pounds dollar euro Etc well like you say we use it all the time now but before working here never heard it never used it it was just a car to me yeah um so that is like always get abused yeah that is like one word that is kind of a barrier to someone outside of the industry right even traditional Financial people don't use it is it is it just a a Bitcoin and trafi thing like it's not used for anything else except to explain the difference between I I don't I don't actually know where it comes from this is a terrible explanation CU we don't it comes from history history of the term I don't know I know well you could have money not back not back not issued by a government central bank right I could just create a money and issue it myself it wouldn't be wouldn't be leg be legal T yeah but I wouldn't be fear then at that point yeah I don't I don't know the definition is what we've kind of display keep it simple uh the I know from history people that have worked in banking for 20 years has then come into our industry and didn't know what Fe money was and they that wasn't a thing to them so it wasn't a term used um and I think even people outside of the finance world just in the general man on the street I don't think I've ever met one that knows theaters it's branded about a lot in our industry and all we're talking about really is just government issued monies the people are used to GBP dollar euro they're all fats yeah yeah simple explanation thanks Dave that was very just snip that bit up until out all the other please do not me trying to read it and not seeing the apostrophe okay right come back next week for another fun Bitcoin fact are we going to do that every week yep by not that that was terrible maybe tun slightly yeah yeah cool next topic and next question uh oh yeah I've got questions okay so this this comes from I was reading a lovely book about the history of legal tenders by the way in terms of where that's built up from but it's I won't go into it because it's just call those B it's slightly dry slightly the trust like you were talking about you could make your own you could make your own currency and while legal tenders became a thing because it it's all about trust really and actually putting a royal stamp on it is just a signifies trust and then it became about right who controls who ends up controlling it it's just a legacy control and offices and stuff and why the gold content became very thought you weren yeah all right no just I'm interested no it's okay we'll go into it off a off air uh okay so we got a couple of dear Daves um well wait for the from our new telegram Group which I will come back on to in a little bit not on that yet I know we're waiting for you Dave okay we're waiting for you um yeah thanks guys for these questions I said we would answer them if we got time so first one talks about the etn Nick said how Howell that is awful he wants us to talk about yeah I don't know what his angle I don't know what the angle is for that at the unfortunately so I don't to much not doing any editing of these questions you're just going to read them all going straight I think we should just yeah just go through them quickly okay why haven't we adopted Nostra hang on we didn't even comment on the etm one but oh you said you said you needed to I don't know why he's saying is it awful I don't know is it because there was a and then I wasn't going to read that out you don't self custody you don't um have real exposure to bit I don't know what the the angle is there but it's the same as effectively ETF there's slight technical differences as we've already touched on but um yeah I don't know if there's I don't really have much more to say well you talking about it's the same with the ETFs the your issue yeah which yeah um kind of oh we never got that was that was pretty pot yeah that's debate that we said we'd bring to the pod that's all we've given it is a sentence cuz you're too busy sweeping up a chart 20 minutes on a chart TI the Sailor one but it oh well okay let's move on right we'll cover with that um okay yeah why haven't we adopted Nostra is anyone on a I'm not on I joined it Odell is Odell clearly is I've used it shouting at people I I just don't bother with it you find Molly still then not actively I have an account I think yeah we talked about it in the past I don't know if it de centralized social network is the best use of Nostra um when people say Nostra they think of like this the Twitter alternative but it's actually just a a protocol or whatever yeah um just it's just an echo chamber ofit coin is there's no one I don't think there's anyone outside the Bitcoin industry which is which is fine I think I think M's right with that but that's fine go and do that which is all good and you can have good conversations but I think what we do as a company we're trying to bring in the man on the street in some respects and educate them so we're not going to reach them on Nostra either so our time and resource and energy is potentially better spent reaching outside of that um Bubble and Echo chamber um so that's why I'm not on EX at the time fair enough cool next question what's next from corner it has been quiet question mark yes we have been quiet but we're not not quiet externally maybe it has seem quiet but geez I'm I'm on my last legs I think it's been quiet from a lot of companies over this last sort of six to 12 months cuz it's just been it's just going background here here the flood of releases that we're about to unload on we we do have a few everyone I'm going to drown you in releases yeah your apologies we been quiet just just busy very very busy there's always a lot going on anyway there's stuff coming that's what I'm saying that's what I'm saying yeah there's stuff coming we we've been incredibly busy this year Haven we we've doubled the team size we've moved offices we've been working on products behind the scene um and yeah it's just just everything around that got multiple LIC regulations coming um yeah there's a lot of background work yeah uh yes so be prepared we'll be very loud soon we won't our are we we're not very good at announcements historically so I tell you about Market I don't do that anymore payments recurring lightning P the best one ever but okay some announcements coming up but they'll be lowkey I think our best one's been the ball card no the best one's been the recurring light p no the Bol card all right the B card we'll just disagree on that one from you can't disagree interaction and the views everything I can disagree You can disagree we get out free t-shirts no fact tell you otherwi where where's your Bol card t-shirts can't see maybe we should that comes on on yeah that comes on to this one which is any plans any plans for future coin Corner merch there we go let's release let's releas let's release the lightning recurring lightning t-shirt get it on the store yeah I mean we've always been hesitant haven't we for coin corner for coin Corner branded merch because I mean I don't wear other companies merch no like I wear Bitcoin stuff but I wouldn't wear like you wouldn't wear wear outside you wear HSBC t-shirt or you wouldn't wear like you know a hello fresh cap or something you know it's just not a thing you wear Brands so you wear like Nike and Adidas and like that sort of thing is merch though isn't but they they are brand you're wearing it for the brand other companies in any other industry you don't really wear their brands if you there a l i don't know if it's slightly different Gregs you're going to love this you s the Gregs on Gregs cloth are good they were they did it with Primark they would really they were selling them at like festivals and everything they've got Crocs they've got everything yeah um but that became a trend thing oh we can't I was about to say give away can't do that can we but um they're cool the Gregs Croc are they Greg Gregs Fest that just became a thing there was a trend popular but it but it's not a long-term thing is it it's just a f it's just like with anything it's getting your brand out there in somewhere we're not we we do the Bitcoin socks so we've always said like you know with the t-shirts the Caps things that we would try to do things that more people will use on a daily basis and daily life that's actually useful and it's not coin Corner branded all over it because people then generally it lot people want a coin Corner hoodie it's like because it's it's not just it's not you compared it to Banks and but it's not about that it's it's more about what it represents but but Bitcoin represents more oh yeah than coin Corner yeah so I would rather Bitcoin be what they're wearing than coin Corner because people will also know and Associate Bitcoin with something they might not have heard of coin Corner okay it also says something about you if you're a coin cor user rather than a coinbase user but all the people that are seeing that will but that's not what it's about sometimes people wear it for themselves right it's like the motorcycle M motorbike brands do it a lot do they not aren't they do caty stuff they have their bike and but you're Iden it's still that's like a Porsche Lamborghini and you wear the caps and stuff but you're still identifying yourself with that that Mana yeah rather than you're not walk around in a perso t-shirt big difference man back and if did you what did you just mentioned the Jazz yeah I'm just saying we got to look for our catalytic converters yeah me and Mikey would be wearing Honda Jaz matching not sold you can get your t-shirts we yeah so I mean I think but I think with our marketing like if you look at what we did for Oxford city as well Bitcoin always comes first you know all right but okay if you had enough people saying I'd love a hoodie how many would it have to take I mean how many would I get signed off by you cuz ultimately you're the one who pushes is back on well we're selling them anyway so it wouldn't be an issue think it's probably not it's you know we've got to build this site but don't G around we could add it to like the mount Sox but we'd have to be adding it and doing it through that way which is just it's it's time it's prep what we doing it for maybe I don't know maybe maybe it's something to explore we've got we've not got caps but Zach has one and only cap not I'm not a cap guy got did you make that he hand Stitch himself that's how much he loves k I know he hasn't made that himself and done that himself why has it um so maybe I don't know maybe we could maybe some to visit um we're not focused on that we're more focused on bitcoin I guess and helping drive that okay okay that ific questions there's one more lots of chats about 40% of mine is using coinbase uh personally it's probably big nothing but they use for compliance re coin Bas so that was CB doesn't it but that means the coin base from when a blocks mind and the the coinbase transaction is going to the same place which is actually coobo is it co coobo Vault yeah by the looks of it don't know too much about this um right yeah I'm going to do some research though maybe for next week but only thing people are saying there so 49% of the miners so all the new Bitcoin being mined is effectively all go into the same custodian is what they're saying which is this Cobo vault which is that a is that a worry people are just highlighting it you know is that a worry um the theoretically yes it's all centralized under one custodian and 49% it doesn't mean they have any control or power over the miners in any way no um that's a different conversation so it's not really in the same realm of most them they're all pools anyway so obviously there's individual miners pointing to the pools so yeah they can choose where they want to go um so it's not the 49% thing is just I feel like they've tried to associate that with the 51% which is not get people worri no it's not to bother with okay um well I think M and this is why we like ocean for example because they're helping to decentralize mining a bit more I think the more decentralized mining can be the better obviously I don't think there's a a counter point to that so and really this isn't a mining this what they're talking about with the cobal VA is not a mining issue it's a centralized custodian issue which you've got your bit goes and your fire blocks and then cob where and coinbase where you know ETFs are all same with ETFs yeah hold coin base uh which obviously then they're going to look to start Distributing I'm sure over time now um but I do wonder why they've decided on this one decided on Cobo I don't know is it just a better product than all the others for miners well I did wonder whether it says 49% is that like three mining pills there's like seven I think seven like that yeah there's quite a few so yeah I don't know maybe they just offered the best offering for them people and managed to pull them in as clients I don't know mhm um why the worst is why don't the mining pools dos why don't they their own infrastructure why don't they do that cuz it's theing pool like you've got to think they've got Tech savy enough people to be able to do that can't be that well that's the yeah one thing is like someone was this speculation or it like there some they're all white labeling one thing which is already integrated or that kind of thing okay which may be in mining yeah MH okay okay cool uh that's all the questions I think the runes protocol will come back to cuz we haven't read about that don't know anything I know this is launching on harving day is it apparently that's all I know okay should bring that one up in a couple weeks then when you guys are nine days right up nine days we'll have a read of it at some point okay cool was my having prediction bang on by the way yeah whose was so we made on the Pod I think I'm within hours M you record how from did I can get it I get within minutes of it I think I don't know pretty sure I think I might have got the right month someone definitely got the wrong I think Dan got the wrong month I'm within minutes I can't remember what it said yeah you got the wrong month didone say may someone might have said may feel like maybe I I hope he's got the wrong one no CU I said it was going to be sooner because I think me and you might have gone May and no he went March he went March I said 17th of April I would have gone earlier than it should have been yeah I don't think we went May anyway right okay couple of other things to quickly mention Sorry God sorry uh yeah so those questions came from our new bitcoin's telegram Group which people can join um just I mean Dave would be nice if you da was trying to join you had telegram thought he minutes the physical kind of I got the new tegam yeah um but yeah just a place to ask questions or suggest topics or continue the conversations that we're having on the podcast um myself Danny Zach Mikey and soon to be Dave in there uh so yeah come and join uh also uh this cheat code conference towards the end of this weekend toward towards the end of this week um so yeah we've got couple of guys from the team going to that so if you see them say hey and please don't say like that um and then yeah next week for any a of man people listening we've got um a Bitcoin Haring meetup on the Wednesday at the Len vanon Hotel on the bar we nearly nailed it then 2 days off it's going to be next Friday is at the actual har oh well we've got a we got special guest Jo Nakamoto joining us for it so is it no I thought it was really close I thought it was closer than that it's next Friday two days before Friday uh yeah so nine days away we only said that true I've said that load when's this Haring thing what you meant the actual next Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday I thought that was seven days two n days I thought it was different day a week today I can't go if it's a Wednesday but anyway Che just yeah 5 to 7 at the elen vanon hotel who accept Bitcoin so you can buy drinks food whatever with Bitcoin there hope to see you there cool cool thanks guys cool see you next week [Music] peace