MicroStrategy Sell Bitcoin For The First Time | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #70

Join Danny, Molly, Zakk, and Dave for this weeks ramblings. Topics this week include: Danny on "What Bitcoin Did?", Bitcoin volatility falls to 2.5 year low, Gemini, DCG, and Genesis, Spain announce €‎10 billion package to battle inflation, MicroStrategy sell for the first time in tax loss harvest, LukeDashjr PGP key compromised, BTC payments at more than 1,000 pharmacies across Ukraine (but not really), Danny sold his soul to Elon, and the CoinCorner 2022 recap. Our Merchant of the Month is Red Ruby Kate. For all your steak and beef needs head over to: https://www.redrubykate.co.uk/ A video version of this episode is also available on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTWlzh41ctfNgrPAWW9lyVw This episode is sponsored by: CoinCorner (https://www.coincorner.com) - A global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services.

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if you want that you can sell out for you we'll talk about it yeah we're live guys welcome back happy New Year Happy New Year to you happy New Year happy New Year everyone 2023 looking forward to it it's gonna be a good year gonna be a good year another quiet one on the horizon quiet yeah I think so far did you make it to midnight Dave nope nope I actually did did you I never usually stay up though and I think my wife was as fast asleep and I just realized it was past 12 o'clock so I was like I have to read write because like this tangent but I have to read with like a white screen on my phone and my book like you know I didn't like I haven't got a reading light yeah it like it's almost like a head coach actually yeah essentially it's quite I've got I've got a head torch at home I've got a head torch at home I just don't use it yeah but is it like a workplace no no it's just it's a little one it's like for walking yeah but they're a bit too those flashlight apps that turns your entire screen white instead of us no no because that's too bright I use uh use more batteries I use YouTube white screen because that is just it's dim enough where you can really oh my God given the views to the white screen YouTube video yeah but they have like 300 million views yeah yeah and it's because people like me they need a very dull latch to read uh whilst they're not trying to wake the wife he's fast asleep that's what I do wow I thought I thought that'd be quite a common thing absolutely not now no track on that start again that's just boring the agenda New Year I was gonna ask any New Year's resolutions oh I do have one actually yeah it's a bit out there um do you want to use emojis this year nice join me it's random yeah I've been doing that forever well that's a lie no if you look at the coin Corner chat I never put 100 people's birthday I just write happy birthday okay well I'm joining you then no emojis in 2023. I always thought hashtag because you're a miserable no it's just because it's just like what's the point then like you don't I wouldn't be able to navigate myself to an uh yeah I just that's just passed me by what are you gonna do then just write the Emoji version like yeah just basically copy me I'm not passionate if you want people to care about it that's a good resolution hopefully you've noticed maybe yeah that's cool and if I accidentally use one feel free to call me out okay all right yeah no that's a good resolution that's that's a manageable Chung up I think I'm I was thinking about myself no it's manageable it's manageable yeah unachievable Target it's a better Target to have so I'm gonna I think mine will probably be get the gym shoes on every day yeah yeah having read the having read the habits that minor habits not resolutions yeah exactly habits I mean yeah you want it's still a resolution I mean it's called Ross like have breakfast have lunch have dinner because I'm really bad about to get in three meals a day and so I'm like right that's something what happens yeah too far yeah nice yeah wow okay all inspired by atomic cabbage well honestly all these best book of last year yep that's it all about the habits cool Mikey anything no I completely nailed 22 so yeah you don't get better than 22. one of the worst years of History I think though what about you okay nothing just not for me no okay I just do whatever I need to do right just do I could think of loads for you we could suggest a lot okay Danny doesn't subscribe to the traditional calendar we all do no he works off his own time yeah it's true that's the first time I've been late it's the first time I've known you to be late you know the guy who's always late I'm not going to say anything I know it's busy in the morning anyone can lose track of time well I just didn't wake up there's no problem never had that on New Year Christmas I'm not setting all that yeah I'd slept through I must have turned I must have woke up turn it off and just come back to sleep wow first time I've he literally said to me yesterday I'm back roll on 2023 yeah bring on 2023. that's not a great start isn't it wow so I've never slept through so I'm half asleep now doing this podcast yeah cool well let's make it a good one though yeah the agenda practice just run down the agenda let's see what we got let's do this properly like we mentioned first bit of the agenda of the first podcast of 2023 is immediately shot down Molly says price and you're just like no no Run for the old agenda right we don't want to talk about SPF you can no done talking about him okay uh SEC deems ftta security that's him as well I don't know I will touch on that briefly okay Renee Aaron makes payment module allowing all vending machines to accept lightning payments that was cool that was pretty close we'll come back to that uh Spain announced a 10 billion package to battle inflation Bitcoin was my search cryptocurrency of 2022 beating out all Lloyd oh all of it all oh that's really hard to say oh alt is have you been drinking Molly just remind me to come back just remembered something carry on okay agenda right micro strategy sells Bitcoin for the first time oh it's gonna be interesting topic uh Luke Dash Jr had his pgp keys compromise it's probably not too much we can touch on that but we'll touch on it okay Bitcoin volatility Falls to a two and a half year low uh interesting ANC Pharmacy to enable Bitcoin payments at more than a thousand locations across Ukraine it's pure lies but carrier well we can give it a quick pause uh fiji's new Pro Bitcoin prime minister is considering a legal tender bill and Iran court orders released it's also Eliza I swear everyone's considering it well we know everyone's considerate don't we have background conversations but I think that's actually I don't know I've not read the detail on that one sorry an Iran's court or a release of mining equipment poorly prior priorly seized due to energy concerns this is a rough start to the year Well we haven't even we haven't touched on how to read the Gemini thing as well like the topics as well these are all these are all all right and then we've got some great Corner News okay good oh they are some good things it's quite hard over the holiday because everyone's been off still doing stuff in the Box big for yourself yeah I've been awful lot um I forgot actually forgot because after being on uh I had loads of questions that I had to bring I have but we've not put them on the agenda because I've just not been here I've got them all I could run through but it's almost an episode in itself so maybe we'll do that next week shall we the questions from the back of the Peter McCormick podcast that loads of people asking questions so I said we'd run through the questions on a podcast and explain everything to people or maybe you could do a separate episode so we'll do that maybe next week and we'll run through them because there is quite a lot to run through on it yeah this episode yeah there's another they're all quite good actually the questions we don't want it to be the Danny show yeah no it's for all of us to discuss this talk about the company and lightning how was the Peter McCormick podcast I thought it was very good episode yeah listening to it all the stuff we can't talk about or won't talk there was lots going Corner sections if you want to get to that oh can you talk about now let's let's go crazy let's go off the agenda or schedule right yeah like we always do let's do quickly so crazy uh yeah it was good yeah it was a nice spending a bit of time with Peter and Danny um great I think I prefer background news because we've seen the video but like who's in the root how many people are filming it because it look the quality of it is good like just one of the person just one other person so you've got producer there's Danny Peter you and one of the guy doing like the cameras and um checking on levels and it was at a studio yeah studio in London um quite cool little South so it's all the light professional lighting and it's like a set yeah um thanks yeah it's like a proper little set so there's like in you can rent like the different rooms um one of the rooms like we went into you've got um the bit where we're sat with the table and then there's another bit with a couch so you could record it on a couch two couches with a table and then a table at the side that you can throw it up and then there's different green screen things around the room and stuff so it kind of gives you a bit of a an optionality for lots of different and they don't have any audio problems about no actually you haven't said that if you listen back it might have cut it out there was Workman out literally outside the studio I started banging all of a sudden and we stopped halfways to be honest I've not seen I also thought you're gonna wear the the Oxford yeah sure that happened I was busy and did you take it no I forgot it I left my Oxford shirt I'm a Bedford hoodie so I had the Bedford hoodie to take and I was going to wear that for the episode with the Oxford shirt underneath and then when we start recording take Sam too hot and take the Bedford woman yeah so we sponsor Oxford City on the background Bitcoin logo I thought that would be really funny because obviously Peter's big Bedford man yeah um I unfortunately forgot to take them with me uh it was my problem because I was Panic packing to get to do and how long were you in the studio for recording um I was in the studio for quite a few hours because it was uh beforehand and after just chatting away and stuff but um the recording was probably about an hour and a half maybe okay the first one hour long episode was it yeah just over an hour I think okay okay nice um when you prep beforehand do you know what he's gonna ask no nothing no no no all right I would have thought like there was um weird topics that would like high level topics and we spoke like what you're trying to touch on and stuff but it was pretty much a a bit of a free reign episode I guess I think they do generally have topics and questions for the people a bit more specific um but I guess mine is more uh it was it ended up being around lightning and lightning adoption more so um but a lot of it was just you know let's just talk about whatever now I said an open broadcast me whatever you want and we'll just go with it and see what happens there's a lot of things in there like we spoke about the night before uh and even after that we could have covered in in the party but we just didn't get a chance or we forgot to bring it up because it just didn't come up um so yeah at some point like to go and discuss a lot of that stuff as well which is right um it's all around like just running a company in this industry as well you start to see the amount of information we're privy to on an online basis we know that as a team and what who we talk to and what happens um it's just crazy and yeah it's surreal sometimes but there's only sometimes it's hard how much you can actually disclose of that and so yeah but yeah it's so you're saying sometimes it's quite nice to share these things it seems like a nice guy anyway Peter doesn't it he was very nice yeah it was good um him Danny both nice both great um perhaps for me was hoping you'd balls it up but no it was good on such a problem a sweaty mess I did get something in all honestly I did get saved by chat oh I saw that yeah yeah that was that was good that was perfect time I know it was brilliant I was asking you about the technicals of lightning yeah that was like I I wasn't where the conversation was going I think it was like I don't know if that was set up to then go on to chat AI on purpose or it was just pure luck um but it was pure looking it's nice that you can be replaced by chat AI yeah at some point yeah yeah probably the best part podcast I haven't watched the video version good yeah I don't know and what's that thumbnail that thumbnail look like did they do something to it and there's just a picture of it literally yeah just took a picture on an iPhone that's like who's that guy then that was it you know what I mean they must have touched it up like Photoshop yeah like beautifying I did say because I might not I think the lighting yeah he just said just standard Danny just took a picture of me basically normally they have it's quite interesting they have a guy that'll come and do a professional picture um but the guy for whatever reason for you so no they didn't so for whatever reason they didn't it probably didn't for me and for um Dominic frisbee right um to me and him there at the same time um so he would have just had that same picture as well um but no it just then it just stood next to a green screen and just took a picture so the lighting it's just I mean it does your favors it's a good photo profile picture so shall I use that yeah that's a good one yeah nice yeah maybe I will yeah so anyway lots of nice dominance as well Dominic's interview is very good Dominic's good isn't it he's an interesting guy he's doing like some musical thing it was super interesting about the World War Two you'd find interesting I think he's an interesting guy I'll send to the one I think it was before just before you maybe one or two episodes with um Jamie Bartlett oh yeah with the missing crypto Queen updates I love that podcast have you ever listened no Dave you guys apparently yeah I've heard people raving in the office about what happens that's really good it's like a live investigation is that what it's like making a murderer but for eign oh yeah and yeah I do know about the part of the story though but yeah not the spoilers yeah don't devise it that's in UAE but in one of the other uh Emirates potentially someone other Emirates I think isn't it yeah it's on my heart and sunny oh yeah yeah anyway that's interesting very good nice comments varied um happy to be um allowed to be on and you've got quite a lot of views you could always be worried about it if you're if you're like you're on Pete McCormick can you get the lowest ever views yeah that would be annoying one yeah it's happened to someone pretty healthy mid-range yeah add a little look just to make sure yeah yeah it's not bad um yeah I could say humbled but I don't really use the word humbled but yeah too carried away I think I just presume you was just using some sort of Bot to make sure that there's enough views in there oh no I don't think the views I mean to be on the podcast oh okay in general yeah um just because it's like podcast I mean it's only cake in eight years but been around the industry for quite some time and one of the more um popular ones which is quite nice to be on so it was nice um to finally get on there and uh spend a little bit of time with them and yeah which is good so nice good job thanks again it is on the agenda yeah we do industry stuff first then finish off all right okay you have your agenda you've skipped down we have our own structure over this side of the party it's basically just more free flowing confused everything yeah great yeah Peter should be Peter and Danny should be hopefully coming to visit the element yeah did you see the Twitter all right as well I was talking to I was trying to persuade like say because do you like bikes it's like it he's not like really for it or against it as such but he's like yeah he does like bikes a little bit so he doesn't really know much about TT Danny didn't really know anything about it so I was telling him all about that and um yeah I think that would be probably a good time for them yeah it looks like it's all for enrolled um so yeah maybe it'll be done to be good that'd be cool a bit hit and miss though could be a washout what CT come on let's not say that I'm just saying it's a lot of pressure to put on that one event like as the Pinnacle of the island and then to just be canceled Paul Ross has just come back from mausing been skiing in mud oh yeah really no snow no snow no snow no we got together no there was if you went high enough and enough to another essentially a resort you can get it but I said it has an incline you can ski on anything yeah people were literally sliding downhills it's the hottest other winter over there I think not good actually any agenda well mausing wasn't on the agenda price price get into the price now it's 17 million probably not there's probably no one's made it this far already it's okay all right sixteen thousand dollars 840. I mean I say it's probably changes not it's been a stable coin first slightly back up it went down to 16-5 I think the last couple of days that leads on to one of the agenda points isn't it lowest volatility in two and a half years I'm just move on to that then sure yeah sure there you go yeah volatility is to enforced to a two and a half yellow I saw a cool little thing the other day about it was it uh was it over a month or a three month old it was less volatile than the pound to the dollar really yeah oh my God a little bit of an overtake at that point I missed the volatility that was because the pound to the dollar went well that was very volatile yeah um I still remember the day we found out Greg's was more volatile [Laughter] significantly it probably still is to be fair we should put a set of all volatility scale there should be some chart that says how volatile are things that aren't considered volatile or volatile do you want to get kids to do it first please we could get gift to do it I can give you I've got a Bitcoin volatility chart I've got a live chart of that I can give you I'll get him a chart of everything else and then we can give yeah and then we can get the chance we can just do some some nice shares because like yeah okay yeah yeah yeah okay right yeah we can Flash it up now it won't be ready but we'll get it for next week yeah that would be quite interesting oh yeah all right I think we always get these periods just a bit of background on that we always get these periods of like lack of volatility because of um price bear markets it settles down calms down and then when the price starts to move again then it obviously gets my volatile again and up and on the uptrend um and then on the downtrend again it's more volatile again but um it's like a chicken leg though the price moves because people are buying or selling but people buy it aren't buying a salad and then prices they stay static the only people are selling they use like your miners or people that necessarily needed and the people are buying at the regular so what's going to kick off the volatility um when the price starts to move back up again once supply and demand money once yeah no but Supply is halvings usually dictate that every four years the halving we're only 15 like 15 months we're like 13 14 months off the next time if the next three years of bullish finish the end of year prices isn't it really yeah it's following that same cycle so we should be in the green for this year next year following year but and then Cycles continue um and this um next basically 12 13 14 15 months are generally pretty slow and steady upward Trend historically I think if you look back at them it's also getting moving into more Diamond hands in terms of people that are getting it now just literally holding it which can stabilize the market hit once you hit bottom you hit all the people that want to panic sell and have Panic cell and everything else even with all the other we've got the Gemini and the dcg Genesis stuff that's ongoing enough did you like like the wink of us thing like you know put that open letter on Twitter out of there that's not them as personalities and everything to do that and call someone out like that but no but you've seen The Social Network yeah like the movie like no right Zuckerberg ignored them for ages and I was just thinking oh now they've got the same problem yeah people I was just thinking oh people just ignore the link of us twins that's what happens their communication skills are probably pretty poor yeah they just sending letters and emails and everyone's going okay when you put that sweet Mars Junction cover song on Mars Junction Molly check them out you never heard of Mars Junction what you've got some Googling have you heard of it okay I'm not the only one here well that's them in a rock band yeah yeah yeah one plays a guitar one sings I used to work somewhere on the island for a gaming company and the CEO was in a rock band and he was quite popular in his native country like he was known for being a Rockman I think yeah I think is that I know what's he called it cephalo um then I don't know if they're even around these days not a long time it's a fellow the Swedish exchange yeah the CEO is a rapper over there a famous rapper from Sweden I think what's the CEO of coincon and what's the musical instrument of choice would you go for the triangle everyone else has got rock stars that's quite cool yeah hey everybody needs the book yeah um but yeah no the Gemini Genesis thing that's um no it wasn't I I've missed all this I've actually not been so pay attention the winklevi calling out um the chord an open letter didn't need to um Barry silbert from who's the CEO founder of dcg digital currency group and Genesis uh Genesis trade-in mining what we're going to call it there's a couple of subsidiaries different names um but they owe 900 million dollars to um Gemini customers basically who went in the earn products or the interest products they've let it get to 900 million dollars before they've done anything about it they've learned out have you seen any of this stuff the funds have been locked up basically for 40 days this was a while ago this was like a month ago I'm still on annual leave technically so when just come in for this so when FTX went on so it all came from FDX FTX went pop right and um I think we might have talked about it on the part I think we have yeah yeah Genesis have we switched off then as well Genesis trading I think they were called they had some issues then because they had money locked up in FTX whatever that was and then basically they've lost loads of money so they're now effectively trying to fight bankruptcy which is owned by digital currency Group which is Barry yeah um and they've been trying to figure out for the last month how to not win to bankruptcy um which will cause knocking effects however Geminis earn products so they're interest products backed out 100 to uh Genesis trading and then Genesis trading were loaning that to F to Alameda or I don't really know where the trail goes um which means that was 900 million dollars is now gone so the customers of Gemini have lost 100 million dollars as it stands at the minute um however when they sign up to that product they are they opt in terms of conditions that say you know yeah they know the money's at risk and all this sort of stuff so Gemini theoretically done nothing wrong them customers could legally should I say done nothing wrong um them customers can uh effects will just lose all their money and Gemini can continue and customers just lost 900 million dollars theoretically and a lot of people are saying well why don't the Gemini twins uh just bail than 100 million dollars out they've got the funds we all know they've got the funds because they've told everyone how much Bitcoin they've gotten we know their addresses and A lot's up in um have they got hundred and is it 100 000 125 000 Bitcoin well they initially bought for the company those twins yeah they bought a load back in like 2013. just raise the questions of due diligence from Gemini recommending Genesis well they didn't they don't recommend it they just back out to it so they just used that so it was similar to products it's Gemini and it's called right okay so it's not just customers think it's Gemini but Gemini um nobody knows where it's gone um but the uh you're right in the due diligence they should have done we ourselves we got on a call with blockfi uh to I don't know if we've ever talked about this on the poll or not I don't know um but was it two years ago now just over two years ago now um and block five were looking to say well do we want to put our customer funds into um hold with them and we can earn interest on that and we've said obviously no we wouldn't do that without the customer's permission and then we said we jumped on a phone call went through the detail of saying like you know what's this look like how does this logistically work yeah um what happens I've never really said this obviously because obviously it's block fire we're a Running Company now the bankrupt and going through bankruptcy liquidation procedures so I guess it's okay to mention um but we questioned with them and said where do you lend this money to um where'd you learn this Bitcoin to who is it that's lending this Bitcoin and they couldn't tell us and they actually turned around and said it goes to um institutions and we said what institutions and they said we're not allowed to tell you I was like well why not and they couldn't answer our questions basically um so they literally we went it's about an hour ago with them wasn't it yeah but honestly it took us two minutes to go from there this is ridiculous yeah that sniff test has failed pretty early yeah so the age-old question where's the yield come from yeah so we kept digging and digging and asking and just saying like you know well you're not going to tell us where the institutions who these institutions are like we can't understand who where that demand is coming from to lend Bitcoin um and they couldn't tell us and they just wouldn't tell us so we said like thanks but no thanks and walked away from that but a lot of people like Gemini didn't and Gemini went off obviously and did the Genesis trading thing um so I think yeah from that side you're right the sniff test the due diligence Gemini should have done um yeah they're kind of like pushing all the blame onto Genesis and Genesis are holding you know a big chunk of the blame but you know they're not you've let your customers their products it's Gemini literally put all their eggs in that I don't know about Market or anything I mean the twins between about it yeah yeah it wasn't in partnership with it was their product yeah yeah so um and that's what we would have done similar if block fire alone into you know if you're learning almost like say peer-to-peer with a 100 um Bitcoin backed off 200 100 Bitcoin backed alone then you've got collateral and you've got something there but none of this was with any form of collateral in any way from and the same with block five there was never any collateral esque style things it was just yeah it was ridiculous yeah I think the customers have to be aware of the the risk profile when they do these earn things but a lot of people probably went into it quite blindly um in terms of oh you can earn a tiny bit on your Bitcoin customers don't understand oh they also had full trust in Geminis yeah they chill themselves as like the most regulated exchange and all that stuff so why wouldn't you trust it yeah and that has yeah fell through and I think Gemini have got some I don't want to say explaining because we all know what's happened but they've got some owning up to do a thing they could at least apologize to the customers and say they haven't at the minute they are just pointing like he has just pointing the finger and you can see on Twitter there's a lot of people commenting and replying to him saying like you know take some responsibility yourself you let them customers you've created those products like the customers have these interests of I think they're upside 11 at one point it's not ridiculous yeah um without ever asking where the yield came from which is correct and even if they did the answers they probably got was similar to ours the answers we got from block five which was institutes institutions alone it's like who are these institutions and what are they doing with that Bitcoin but they didn't care to ask um so and maybe background Gemini did have them conversations maybe there's always something in some way but if it sounds too good to be true 11 earn rate yeah it often is is so simple yeah it's just so silly like who would have to borrow money at 11 but you're borrowing Bitcoins at that point yeah what are you doing with that if you want to borrow that Bitcoin what are you doing with it yeah the only thing you can think is the borrowing because they know the Bitcoin price is going to go up and then they can no because you're playing back in Bitcoin I think so you've got to pay the same amount of bit going back this is the bit we went around didn't we when you think it's a lot logic of what is actually happening um it means somebody's trying to trade without Bitcoin to get more Bitcoin and then eventually pay the Bitcoin plus 11 backs it was but that means how have they made 11 in Bitcoin additional not in fear in Bitcoin where does that Bitcoin come from that means they've been traded so they've got London to people to gamble yeah so we're okay in a bullish period but as soon as yeah bearish the rug has been pulled on all of these things and actually like it validates what our decision two years ago that we were just like not confident in any of it no it all sounded a bit Shady so it was just like no way again this actually ties in very nicely with what I've said before about the conversations with privy to a lot of the time as a company like this was two years it was October 2020. would we've been doing people more of a favor we were more public on that information um so it's difficult yeah a lot of the time companies trying to put ndas in place so you can't say these things and you can't do anything um so then yeah you're stuck you can't say anything um but also I don't want to go out there and just start that's not something I just we do I don't want to go out there and just start abusing everybody publicly just because we might get more YouTube reviews so next episode I'll just get a list of all these things yeah yeah um yeah it's definitely interesting to watch that out of their character to do that publicly and which I think is interesting um and also bored of being boring yeah but no but they never have done that I know Zuckerberg I mean that was quite public all that no they didn't the court case yeah they didn't want that only that to be public though right but they're they're not the type of people to come out and actively attack people and do that that I think they've done that because they're backed into a corner it's out of character so the way they are so it must mean that they are properly in the shoot with us um and they are backed into a corner of they can't find any reasonable way to resolve it so their only option now is to publicly call them out and pressure them into it um which has probably been advised by the lawyers to do this they wouldn't do this off their own back I don't think them too yeah they don't seem that character do you remember that thing they did with Portnoy yeah I'm trying to explain Bitcoin I have no idea yeah you saw what they were like from them it's just it's terrible um but yeah definitely interesting to watch and see how it plays out cool cool next one uh it's been another 10 billion dollar euro package to battle inflation Spain's proposal but I presume but let's not even read them before you go to bed no but I presume they're pumping more money into the economy somehow a lot like ukr in terms of people's giving people fuel allowance this year UK gonna give everyone like nine people who qualify 900 quid but if you it kind of it's It's battling inflation by proposing more inflationary things that would in the long term create more inflation because essentially you're giving people 900 quid that they would spend on the heating bill I mean instead of spending on the heat bills now becomes a disposable income that they might use elsewhere which is an inflationary drive so by pumping more money into the economy isn't a quick and easy way short-term inflationary help because it helps people's pockets but long term it's just like printing money this might be a bit controversial but I'm not really seeing this whole cost of living crisis that people are you not know over there oh my God have you been to the supermarket recently I'd go into Tesco's and look at how much Lou roll is and cheese I know stuff like that but I went out like she is cheese is so expensive it's all those things that create some sort like that have like the take creating yeah absolutely I get that but like I'm okay maybe my time frame is off because it's been Christmas but restaurants are still heaving like people are still shopping like I'm not seeing yeah because you can't stop shopping you still need to buy shots that Christmas are going to be busy because you've got Christmas do you know do you know what you're this is going to take Habits Like Zach's right it's not here yet in Habits Like to get out of the habit of going out to restaurants and going and shopping all the time yeah like you'll see them with your habits book and you just change habits takes time yeah to change the habits when you have a zero in your bank account you can't yeah so it's got to get to that point before people are used to spend it yeah so I think that's definitely well I would say I think also we're on the alimanum probably in a more fortunate position than a lot of the UK um we're not as impacted about certain things with this always sometimes well yeah I think it's it's coming it's it's a slow impact thing but yeah honestly like that was in the supermarket yesterday and I could not believe some of the prices for stuff it was incredible you you your favorite takeaway appeal think of that and try and order from that now the price of that yeah I was moaning about this the other week I was shocked but this is the thing so I don't order them from them regularly enough like when I order them from them it's like a treat therefore order from spend whatever have you knocked it anywhere the price increases honestly no way no fuels come down over here like fuels spend money really that much yeah that hasn't come down over the last two years it's gone significantly because it absolutely absolutely peace yeah yeah after when Russia attacked Ukraine I'm paying significance significance in percentage terms pounds doesn't sound like enough but yeah you're hella freshman you're just kind of 10 20 Mikey anatolia's what's the percentage increase I I ordered the other week the cheese on the pizza I ordered a cheese and smart Pizza it is the freaking cheese two all winter details and a pizza you know cheese is the most stolen item in the world yeah you've been through as well I used to work at the co-op was this not from your dad yeah I immediately don't believe it but I witnessed it first time when I used to work at the court when I was at Uni people stole cheese all the time she wasn't a policeman just say something oh the cheese isn't three guys but like for that was like 10 years ago and people were stealing cheese then and it was always like oh hand her over and it was like a block of cheese the rush of stealing but it also yeah no it's the most valuable item in there isn't it so expensive easiest to steal as well can't steal a bottle of wine that easy one one pizza two kebabs I think Lord is always ridiculous for one person as well that wasn't just for me surprise me I do not yeah in itself is just yeah but Molly you share like one 10 inch pizza with your husband and your child and yeah and that's on our treat on a Friday how much do you think that would be uh I'll do that about 20 25 now I think it was 34 34. yeah years ago I think they just make up the prices sometimes though I've just added this up it's supposed to be 20 equivalent to charge me 27 or whatever it was 12 inch I think as well 12 inch cheese and smart pizza and then maybe this is why I don't know it's because I don't I don't understand how it was 34 quid or whatever I was just like because the menu I've got is from like five years six years ago so it's completely different so I don't know how much it should be but then you should get the comparable and just something like that yeah so Molly can see it it's more tangible I'll get them to bring a new menu next time I'll try and get a new menu it's on the website the prices yeah but their website they've got a new website and it's terrible can you see prices on Wayback machines which is years and years old so yeah that'll be interesting to compare that and we'll see so yeah that's when I first noticed it and that was a couple of weeks back and I was promoting to Zach and Matt about that wasn't it yeah so you've seen like just like digital products cope as well aren't you like streaming platforms and stuff they're all creeping yeah to be honest right okay that's one thing so my little boy got a Nintendo switch for Christmas and I was like oh it's all in the cloud the games are going to be half the price no it's like 50. the full price yeah like for a cloud game yeah you just download yeah yeah so I was like right birthday Christmas so he's got one game at the moment and we're not buying any more and that came with it because I refuse but that's that's why I did it sounds worse than you Dave she's not noticed in places [Laughter] yeah I don't know maybe it's just because I don't I feel like this is a controversial take maybe there is a cost of living crisis that I'm just able of yourself yeah I think it's on its way there's a huge cost of living yes the the I think it was someone from the bank of England said that the government has to make people feel poor to get out of this you are going to feel Paul the the end of free money is over we can't just keep issuing it so that's scary okay well I'm sorry for anybody I've offended no you'll feel that everyone will feel the pinch yeah we say they can't keep issuing it but the reality is Will them short-term politicians keep issuing it because they need to look good to to impress during the short period they're in that short period cycle creates but you don't just thinking people have had it too good for too long and I don't have to actually take responsibility and change their own habits like you can't just keep taking cars out and finance you can't have iPhones but then people can say well why not I've been doing that for 40 years so why Why Stop Now and that's the problem is the way the financial structures like this huge micro effects isn't that like the car industry in the UK If you if people stop buying new cars on finance and made it easy for people to do that yeah I'm not gonna affects are huge yeah in terms of employment in those areas yeah I think I'm like that old but I'm like I had to save up for my first car and yeah I saw the other day literally in Tesco yesterday an Audi RS with an rplay on it and I was just like who what hmm like Insurance must cost none of our listeners will know what on our plate is to begin with no yeah so in the other man you've got to have an hour play on for a year do you yeah that's ridiculous that is Young I don't trust someone with a knife and forkers imagine yourself at 16. an hour with people in it yeah yeah what your car isn't limited though mentally yeah there are speed limits of people ignore yeah unless you get a black box then how fast you're going but there's no speed cameras on the aliban so the only chance and there's like a trash and there's an unrestricted Road where you can go as fast yeah yeah 16 year old you respect those limits no that's my whole point no one's a sensitive there's a lacking a sensible 16 year olds in the world Molly I've seen I've also seen you drive more people crash their cars than 16 years that's definitely true yeah I had the crash rate for like 16 year olds is that because there's more driving it yeah because no one in the UK is driving at 16 because on the island I'm talking about so what's the stat sorry I don't know the start I just I remember looking up one day I was because I was my mum was asking about because I was when I was learning at the time she was wondering what the crash rate was for 16 year olds and I remember it was it was massively High compared to other age groups in the alma lower like the 70 plus range there's the more suddenly there is and that's why okay yeah nothing to a Bitcoin boy interesting yeah sorry yeah inflation says people feel poor you'll notice that soon cheese is expensive yeah that's the takeaway the takeaways literally rules okay um micro strategy sold Bitcoin for the first time that's genius that remains a net buyer it was a genius what does that mean there are no wash rules for um uh Commodities like so it's because bitcoin's not a security so you can buy and sell at the same day without having to get through a tax loophole and this is exactly what microstrategy did so they just took the capital gain loss banked it can use it for back data or future dated years and then bought more on the same day whereas if it was a security like shares there's 30 days and Same Day rules where you can't actually do that so it is a loophole that's currently Bitcoin fits nicely into which Michael Sayler said that and it's it's just tax strategy so they weren't selling for a purpose other than to uh it's actually a great use case all right any company that can is holding Bitcoin on the balance sheet yeah can utilize it it'll highlight that to a lot of big public companies yeah um interesting so I initially read that I was like oh no he's he's so sold and then yeah yeah it was a time of year and then actually he's bought more back on the same you bought like 5x more than the sold or something yeah so it was quite a big difference yeah well played Michael yeah he was just high on another use case of Bitcoin for people holding it just genius really isn't he starts and you put me over here you just called him by his first name yeah you might know the guy uh oh well you guys could you guys have met him and spoke to him yeah yeah no so you can probably Mike yeah and Corner guys he came in the room with quite kind of guys yeah that's cool yeah anyway all right well there we go Good Egg clever move I don't think he said yo actually yeah I can't remember it was like hey it was like hey but it was very like oh take him back it was a grand entrance it was a nice entrance yeah but how did you walk because I imagine it doesn't look loud I feel like he's quite small quite short is he yeah both I think he was maybe slightly taller than me yeah if someone walking room you can tell us at all yeah slightly taller than me I think yeah I can't remember to be honest properly okay cool I'll imagine next time okay uh yeah I usually didn't know which one we could talk about this one but Luke Dash Juniors pgp was compromised I think it's too early to talk about it yeah I think it's ongoing still so right that's cool I think there was that mean it's fine not until we know well he hasn't come out and confirmed anything officially and Twitter could have been compromised it just looks a bit Dodges he says it's probably compromised yeah right okay but he's still saying it's him tweeting so it's like that's a bit confusing so it's ongoing but it's been very vague maybe just having a New Year's minute breakdown well when you've got 10 kids he um he's had covert and he took like five times the recommended dose of some rat poison to help heal himself really yeah of some of rat poison uh yeah it's not I have a maximum but one of the others that's in rat poison they're using to treat Kobe he accidentally took like five or ten times the dose accidentally yeah yeah accidentally yeah yeah it was accidentally he's well he tweeted a week ago like he took it accidentally what should I do is he the guy that turns up to conferences in full Twitter yeah he's in a gas mask full gas mask not face mask like gasp like a traditional wall gas mask I mean that must be uncomfortable to wear for for a long time yeah yeah I imagine yeah all about opsack but yeah it's pretty sweaty in there though it's proportions of things done for them what has happened with this is is that what it's called quite ironic that a guy was that that's taking that many yeah proportions I think that I guess what most people are speculating on there is that because of the complexity of his precautions that's kind of caused it to happen a little bit I think to help put people's minds at ease it's not like bitcoin's been hacked or anything like that it's a it's a wallet dot that file um which is the your private key effectively that's on a Bitcoin core piece of software right um that has been compromised how why why whatever we don't know fully yet so then that's people are speculating all sorts of things however one thing that should give people Comfort um is like if you've got a cold card or a ledger or a trezor or something like that you're doing using that and as your cold storage you know Luke wasn't as far as I'm aware using anything like that and it's not that sort of level theft so it's kind of like if you're using that and it's called stored then I'm not saying don't worry but that's you're kind of okay in that respect so it's not something like it's gone like a crazy level uh hack here this is he called it cold um of what he was saying his heart and his cold has been compromised and stuff yeah but the reality is when it's when he says cold it's we still again frustrating about the whole thing because you need it we need those sort of details people about and he said he's still trying to Source a secure computer because without that like Danny's saying like the people could just be panicking about what they're yeah if their Cold Storage is strong enough yeah because we don't know what this guy's been using so it would be better motion for the guys like imagine being in that situation yeah his Pet's probably all over the place I think one one of the big things so from a security perspective I don't think for the general public there's anything to worry about or no Panic about it tonight so I think that just to get that point across yeah um but from a Bitcoin perspective I think it is pretty and people don't really realize maybe because they're also focused on the drama of everything but the reality is he's the longest serving Bitcoin core contributor um to Bitcoin in is he 11 years now I think just over he's been contributing to bitcoin course is he a good one though because like he's a controversion on Twitter according to Twitter like 13 years longevity he doesn't have your contributions to it yeah [Laughter] because he's been on the GitHub a while doesn't necessarily mean that no idea reviewed and it's well not just there is an active contribute for them and it has been for that at that time and he is one of the ones that knowledge knowledge wise he doesn't know a lot about the code base and stuff so if he if we lose him because he now thinks like he has no Bitcoin anymore so all the work he's doing is sometimes people may think in theory in their heads that they're doing that work to improve Bitcoin which improves the value which improves what they're holding and the value there so that's why he's doing it or whether he's doing it because Bitcoin is good for Humanity so I guess we'll see a little bit of that um of what level what happens here now yeah well he's got a wife and kids he's got to pay the bills so you're potentially has to go on that full-time job somewhere unless you can get sponsored to do Bitcoin core full-time properly um I'll be the next question so yeah it's that could be a bit of a down down side to this if we lose him as a contributor I mean and I'm sure he'll do a full write-up of what happened when he figures it out himself going into a job interviewing a gas mask it'd be very hard to interview him remotely yeah um anywhere in the world yeah but let's let's wait and see let's say it's hard to comment really at the minute but just don't go and feel bad for the guy yeah just to clarify it's not a Bitcoin issue or anything and it's not a cold storage issue I don't think as well it's more of a um a setup issue a self issue it obviously looks like it's been targeted yeah several instances in the last month with his servers were packed also so right a number of things um cool right we've got one more one more talking point then we'll do match the month and what do you kind of news all right so last one ANC Pharmacy to enable Bitcoin payments of more than a thousand locations across UK yeah let's just talk about this yeah it's a pure lie so next one I was there it's pure like it's binance pay isn't it uh it's binance pay that and finance pays a closed loop you have to pay with a binance pay wallet to pay on a binance pay PLS that's ridiculous so it's not Bitcoin payments at all Finance payments is all it is so all of that needs to stop it's not just pops up on the screen all good all good yeah we're good yeah good time so what's the headline that there accepting Bitcoin payments so that are accepting crypto will it says uh it just says b2c payments more than a thousand but that's this is the problem people don't know yeah it's Bitcoin magazine it's Bitcoin payments yeah but it's not Bitcoin but they potentially don't understand still what binance pay actually you can't go and pay with your uh Breeze wallet on that POS because it's it's got to go through binance the QR code you get you scan it it's a binance though if a Bitcoin media Outlet is is doing it and then a pleb is going to show up and try and pay which yeah it's like but unless I'm wrong here and binance have changed their model of how they do that potentially I'd have to read the article himself and see if it clarifies that but from my understanding of how binance pay works it's closed loop and that's not the way it works um which is frustrating and the more frustrating part is they're getting themselves pushed out there into all these Merchants out there and creating a monopoly in a lot of countries that um you know this is in Ukraine it's a country that has a literal ongoing War there right now and they're pushing into that which might be beneficial to help people but also is an opportunist opportunistic um approach I guess with binance because they might think okay Banks and everything in other countries around the world are struggling to deal with Ukraine and Ukraine residents so can they go in and just onboard all these Ukraine residents to effectively Bank them in cryptocurrency and it's an opportunity for them they'll be seen as potentially doing something good yeah the education needed to talk to these Merchants to tell them why it's not what they think is that they don't even know it's impossible yeah a thousand of them in chaos it needs to be a slow and steady build I think for a lot of this but the banners have been doing this in a lot of places like um Kazakhstan was it recently Kazakhstan there was loads of others around there as well not here's the other one they did it with the central bank I can't remember because open note are doing something with our Central Bank as well forgot the name of them um yeah but that should be uh police Bahrain Bahrain Bahrain yeah so Bahrain the memory bank that one um I mean you just named a country beginning with b yeah um so yeah Bahrain same sort of thing again binance have gone in doing the binance pay and it looks like they're using cryptolo but they're just using binance on the crate and especially in kazakhstan's I don't think there's any composition whatsoever there and they're just gonna go into Finance pay throughout the whole country and all the citizens use binance to be able to pay at these binance pay things but they're calling it crypto payments which is just selling Endeavor isn't it it's a marketing uh lie basically um you're using your crypto from within the binance account but you're not making an on-chain or a lightning transaction or any capacity you're just doing a database update of a number on balance of database but they're creating a monopoly within the country is the um the kind of seems to be their approach at the minute um go into all these countries that are have poor infrastructure and everything else and go and help out where actually these countries are the ones that you want to take like actual Bitcoin to um makes you wonder how many people are even using it I wouldn't have said any well minimal very difficult to find out at the minute I think with all that because again you can't see any on-chain data so you can't see if anything's happening um did you see these uh tweets slight tantrum but what did he tweet the other day that binance are profitable but barely I really thought it was interesting yeah I didn't see that man um it's kind of the whole missionary thing though isn't it I suppose if you don't you can't come out and say Finance are hugely profitable because that would be off the back of the users I suppose so it's like if that's not the case well I think he can lie though okay he's not where's it listed I wonder if he's because everyone at the minute is speculating whether they're actually bankrupt or it's just continuing similar to the FTX scenario um with BNB as well because they have their own token um so but everybody's honest on this honesty train at the moment aren't they but is he saying that because it makes it look like actually why would you lie about that to be honest but he's like he's saying that because they actually are bankrupt and that's the case I have no idea I'm speculating so don't listen to me on that at all that's the title of the episode [Laughter] um so we we just have no idea but I think that I'm I'm getting slowly frustrated with binance I think with the way they're approaching using binance Pay and hitting up these countries and creating effectively what will be uh monopolies and Regulatory um barriers as well because they'll work with the regulator to do this and and create potential monopolies in these countries um that everything is closed loop as well if they go and do it correctly and use Bitcoin or even if you're on these crypto cryptocurrency payments open crypto for instance yeah interrupt that's fine and I'm kind of okay with that for them doing that in these countries but for them to do it the way they're doing it's closed loop but they're making out like it's not it's very much against the ethos of the industry really but do you think that like you mentioned the regulator the regulator almost prefer I think closely don't know because there's something to go after and there's something to actually put it's a potential there's a couple of arguments that potentially it's a stepping stone potentially it keeps a closed loop and you know that from the the moat conversations and you create a moat around something and you can monetize it better so The Regulators may want that to be then monetized better for the company and for the government as well so um there's control monetization bigger opportunities but worse negative effects for the public is what that becomes they just become a bank in that country and everything else so it's yeah there's probably lots of detail we're not privy to and aware of um but on the surface in my view I'm seeing that as um going into these countries creating a monopoly in a closed loop um framework which is like Zach says they're the complete ethos it might be helpful for some of those things like Ukrainian Nationals in the short term but yeah yeah and that's what it's you know our binance do it we're never going to know our buyers going to do that out of the goodness of their heart to help these people in the short term knowing that that's not the right solution or are they going at it to make more news headlines to better the brands to make more money to monetize and close loop this these opportunities um like there's no reason for them to go and close loop it in Bahrain and in Kazakhstan but they are doing so why it's almost like they're getting themselves in there ready for the cbdc stuff so they'll just provide that they want to build it yeah yeah yeah so and now we're already seeing that in a couple of countries talked about so exactly that and it's a closed loop yeah uh controlled centralized digital currency do you think the man on the street is as worried about cbdc's as well as they should yeah as they should be no they don't know what they are yeah they don't know until it's too late but like every pleb and every Bitcoin is pretty much can see what's coming with the cbdc in terms of the monetary control that government would have evidence personal funds and how they spend and to me that's terrifying it's big brother it's nightfall all over but I don't think if I spoke to any of my family and said or cbdc's yeah you know scary they'll be like what are you like it's just it's one of those they don't yeah until it impacts them directly it might creep up on people without them realizing oh well yeah it could be and then it's too late by that point that's what worries me about cbdc's health and banks are fully aware of how a cbdc impacts them and they're oblivious or turning a blind eye or some of them are looking but not quite sure how to handle it I think in in some respects because the cbdc effectively cuts out Banks oh yeah you don't need retail Banks it's so yeah I'm I'm intrigued to see how all that plays out and how the banks fight back against it because the banks will have a push back again yeah well I think you're already seeing like governmental articles about getting rid of cash like oh yeah yeah the war on cash yeah there is a war on cash like in terms of dance which is ridiculous oh I had a situation the other day long story short I went to go and pay somewhere with a card and they said they don't take under 40 quid on a card and they have no cash a little bit Yeah so I've been with people that have had this situation so many times yeah there's a triple town that only takes cash yeah there's a lot of takeaways as well my local Chinese Takeaway cash only no delivery they've always been like that though haven't they Plus there's quite a few of them still here if you do know this yeah maybe they're right all along during covert I think we went to get some noodles I tried paying cash like oh we don't take cash anymore I was like well that's all I've got yeah wow literally that's all not to take cash it's crazy a lot of people a lot of places in the UK have gone to London yeah cashless yeah like without any proof that would be anything to do with spreading any sort of disease but this just let's get rid of cash off the back of Code it's a knee-jerk reaction yeah that's crazy yeah we're done with that as we move on okay Merchant of the month we've got a new one we've got a new one for this month I don't even know who this is I have no idea for everyone our Merchant of the month this month is red ruby key oh yeah have we got some meat no let's see right here so we don't have a meat or promo code yet but she's still our Merchant of the month right she's doing good things and if she sends us a couple of things like each week one of us can bring this is already let's get some supporters and then we can see what we can create with meat oh god oh yeah what sort of stuff does she do like steaks Burgers I forgot the list of products right she does topside top side joints it's just pack steak she does pack mints she just slow cooked packs she has roasting joints she does other Cuts making me hungry I'm sorry this is right on lunchtime as well should we as well explain who she is like the farm and everything have you got a bit about that okay cool right so Kate fell in love with the farming life 14 years ago and left busy Brighton to go and live in the Welsh Hills her and her partner Gwen Gwen Gwyn Gwyn very Welsh names alongside their three children farmed together and Center their days around the Sheep the cattle the dogs the horses and the odd chicken or duck okay introduced the traditional breed the red ruby Devon cattle onto the farm four years ago this breed are gentle Hardy animals and most importantly have the delicious marbled meat they're known for um [Laughter] ASMR is it yeah so yeah so that's kind of like a little bit about them um she does meat packs different packs you can buy that's just Phil at Stakes she does lots of other Cuts top side silver side brisket stewing steak braising steak everything you want really delicious 24-hour career anywhere in the UK and shipping is 15 pound in order and you'd have to be home to receive the meat you just put it in a safe space and has some little insulation packs and do a discount voucher um but yeah I've seen a lot of plot since we announced her was it maybe a month or two ago yeah it was back in early November was it maybe yeah a lot of plebs have been ordering from around this stuff that's good yeah we had a lot of orders for them actually yeah um bitcoiners that yes mesh well together read the website on their website red rubykay.co.uk why is that why did they why is that a relationship Bitcoin and me because it's is it all about this grass-fed I think yeah just a steak there I think a lot of way came from originally I thought it was to do with like the alpha male bitcoiner and like money steak Yeah sustained by himself and Bitcoin and steak and I don't know yeah um yeah I don't actually know where it came from no you can follow her on Twitter red ruby Kate or Instagram as well and she posts little pictures of the cows yeah that was a bit that was an interesting one with a picture of the cow and then you're gonna get that I think people are better people have lost that how it is I know I've lost the link between you know bringing some little band yeah the producer yeah the supermarkets take that away from you but um that's quite like the fact that a cute little face because are they a certain type of cat likes the red ruby cows cattle great meat cow so do they taste slime they are known for the delicious marbled meat all right are you gonna guess are you gonna get something yeah well let's get some and then see what we can cook off yeah cook off yeah I mean you I guess you know like serve it differently eat steak off a plate with no with no chips no garnish it's a taste test yeah we can cook me lunch this is a taste test how do you like your steak Dave oh right right yeah rare rare or slash blue yeah um might be rare but not I don't know I'm easy right Molly meet him medium solid okay that's okay yeah yeah I used to work somewhere and someone used to ask for it blue yeah what's the marbling thing about I don't really know mistakes when you cook it melts and it's a bit more marbling good okay because I always look for the mistakes without them is it the wagyu yeah yeah I'm so hungry now we'll get some water finishes oh yeah yeah I don't know fine let's find out yeah let's find out right so yeah she's on that show of the month awesome good motion yeah we'll hopefully have a code and product next week class cool yeah awesome I mean if we can organize a great Corner's visit to a farm yeah if the relationship you know not right now the trip across might be a bit Yeah Yeah a bit difficult I'd enjoy to visit I like visiting Farms [Laughter] used to go off and it was like you could peddle the animals but that's no longer around it's really cool yeah it's just interesting to see you know this is what you say yeah you probably like a lot of the Machinery yeah yeah absolutely right I was watching a document a mini documentary thing on the farming machineries and some of the you're watching a mini documentary about farming machine it was very hard yeah because I saw a bit where like one of the machines was um doing something to say like wrapping the the hay yeah to be honest I've seen those they're pretty cool and yeah and the more Advanced Machinery now what does all this stuff for like the Farms is incredible some of it was like well I'm just gonna apologize to any listeners still [Music] here's a prominent Bitcoin call developer okay he also does farming Tech so we I think his family on a farm and he's like [ __ ] self-driving truck you've told me about an Australia isn't it yeah well do you want like James Dyson is also working on farming no one cares about James Machinery to get yeah modernizing Machinery we're talking about fun Quaker Jason say the same thing so there's the scope for efficiency he's also talked about the UK being more self-sufficient in growing food we should all grow more food to ourselves I think it's hard I I probably try it we try to grow vegetables in the office once and they got infested with mites yeah spiders oh yeah anyway yeah right clinical news that's that's what we are click on the news it feels like it's about two hours yeah this is a long one yeah we've not we didn't do one last week did we even on the previous episode where I said we've got to be consistent we nearly tried to do one last week didn't we but we got way laid with so many things I was ready to do it there was too much going on I was ready to do but we wouldn't have been able to get I wasn't in the next day yeah let's put the videos up in time I just couldn't be asked to come in and we're struggling to get in and I did get in in the end anyway but but we're here it's okay okay so Danny on what Bitcoin did we already talked about that well done don't talk about again well done cool sorry Danny Danny sold his soul to Elon Musk oh my God yeah yeah so Danny's Danny's paid for Twitter blue got blue ticks wow so at least you two can finally get your blue checks I don't want money just give it up this is this is what's happening you also did it and did not tell any of us and I just saw it no no I bought it like two weeks before about a week before I took about just over a week to actually get just not a man if you would um so I realized what it was so because it was originally I might do that Meme you know that Elon did with the woman bending over and I'll put Danny's Twitter and watch him try and crawl out of this so originally there is a genuine reason we spoke about it on the podcast I'm pretty sure you said you'll never buy it how we asked tweets since the Twitter blue came in our tweets would be enthralled if not you've never had a bunion tweet um now we know you're lying um and we're talking about how they've been throttled because the sweater blue is taking up the priority in the list and I said the other I even spoke about on the pardon side um when I was scrolling through my feed all I was getting was Blue Tick people and then eventually I got to people that weren't didn't have blue ticks and it was like way way further down the feed um so we thought there was an impact so what I wanted to do was to get the blue tick and then try it I've not really tweeted much since I got the actually got the blue tick a week ago so just six pieces I want to try and do it and see how that impacts it and see what happens but we also realized you can do it for the company can't you um where you can get a company one and then employees because I think this is really this is a joke that's not it good that's where and circle thing is in progress like binance have got it but yeah it's in a rollout phase yeah we haven't got it no no we're not Finance so they're doing it to a certain certain amount of companies at the minute but the point is that employees can get a tag to say yeah you're actually an employee of this company which will help with um uh various uh social engineering attacks and things like is worthless I'd rather not have a Blue Tick I'd rather not pay but I forgot to pay to appear higher in fees and things to do that for the company for the industry to help get word out and things out but from a point of view of that Blue Tick protecting anyone anyone can buy blue tit now and they have done it so if you change the name while you've got Blue Tick your Bluetooth disappears until it's been manually approved again so they're trying to do that to catch people putting what happened initially was people with them faking all sorts of the stock price plummeted on what the stock was now oh because you saw that Tony Blair and George Bush interaction yeah it was absolutely terrible but hilarious elon's let that happen it was the Aquarius parlor okay um but the um that was uh you know we we have to test these things out and figure out what happens but the employee one is something well I didn't realize I could do it so I was playing around with it and I was like why couldn't because I kept saying to you didn't I was like I keep seeing Twitter blue and then it keeps disappearing I realize it's because I have my VPN on when I've got VPN okay it's there when I take it off and I'm in the Isle of Man it disappears that'll be what's happening yeah VPN on your phone yeah so you have a VPN button about is there and it's gone it might be if you're picking up a UK uh yeah which it can sometimes do um so you're getting UK us and there was another was it Canada or something like that that is Twitter Blues available so just VPN into the UK and you can get it and sort it out so you have you found or you've not tweeted enough to find out if what other features do you get after nothing all the editing the tweets absolutely they annoy me more than anything when you tweet it's like sits there and it has a little time and saying like for your Tweet to go out so once you click tweet oh you get those little things into Kansas and I'm like I've clicked tweet let me just go out like don't wanna come in handy one day yeah one day panic panic Council and I can edit for 30 minutes I think but I've never used that and the other stuff in there is just it's nothing it's they've tried to put things in there for just like value yeah the value you're paying which is just how much is it it's like eight a month 11 pounds for iOS to cover the 30 Apple fee wow oh scandalous yeah I would 11 pound a month happily cancel straight away if I wasn't if it wasn't pushing our tweets to the bottom of the list basically if it's probably your tweets I think well yeah that's could very well be true as well um but it does screw up Twitter it destroys what I think it's really bad that they're doing it still I still am on that tree okay you're gonna basically make paid stuff go to the top constantly and the unpaid so when you're saying it's freedom of speech platform all the poor people around the world and not going to be able to pay for eight pound a month to perhaps speak your mind or have access to things so all of a sudden it's just it's not freedom of speech it's complete opposite you're paying for put these same sort of voice but it's not equal anyways in terms of like there's a there's an algorithm in place anyway so like if you're like if you've got a very low followers and people are talking about freedom of speech and it will still be low on some yeah you can't create a Twitter account tweet for the first time yeah even though you think and everything else exactly content is really important you people need to hear it you couldn't get to the top event you could tweet with a hashtag say hashtag a Bitcoin and you would appear in the feed naturally in that feed now you can still click latest and I assume it show you in Timeline no I think it still filters and by Blue Tick first yeah that's what I think they're doing yeah that would be bad um which means that people in other countries that can't afford it and everything there's all sorts of issues around it still and clearly there was issues from the very beginning to canceled it and started again yeah yeah there's still things that have to iron out but they're doing it because they need the private company now they need to make money to survive um and it's a knee reaction I think to it was also a thing prior to Elon Twitter blue he's really not The Blue Team yeah yeah but nobody tips now as well haven't they for official Yeah official people so like blue ticks are paid and then like they should have left the blue ticks as the official because everyone knows it now you're having to change the mentality of it to a goaltic and not a blue tick and that nobody's not everybody in the world is gonna be paying attention and people are going to say yeah some waxing is going to end up with a blue tick are you going to get it there uh no for my 120 tweet a month well the company will be paying for mine so it's fine as long as you can justify with the data that's the thing that's what I would like to now we'll pass on to to our data data guys and analyze once the blue tickers in action yeah there's too many variables because a lot of your tweets would just be like yeah you don't tweet just like General stuff you're always tweeting something of importance like something buying whereas I'm just like breakfast yeah whatever yeah yeah it'd be interesting I'm gonna try out yes I hold my hands up I did sell out pay absolutely pay for Twitter blue um that's fine with a purpose with a reasonable yeah absolutely nothing I would say initiate you you're gonna have to company's gonna do it because it's going to send Australia if it's beneficial to have the blue tick from an impression perspective and get out there to more people then the company will I mean it makes sense I like I like the thing that now everybody's got a Blue Tick so it's not special yeah I don't want a blue Tech but you need it to keep in the feeds of people and to appear height but it's just not the case [Laughter] not as many people are going to see it which means that not as many people gonna lie can be tweeted which means it won't go out to as many people literally that's what they've done so just made my job you're gonna have to and everybody's gonna have to eventually and that's why they've done this to make the money but then if everybody get together it's back to normal yeah exactly yeah it's like Netflix actually it's almost I don't see any issue with that no but it's not there right now what's the mix of it it's weird the paying and the appearing higher in the algorithm yeah yeah that really annoys me um but if we have to do that temporarily Biz a lot of businesses will do it a lot of people will get social influencers will all do it I'm surprised like you YouTube's kind of gonna done a slightly different route isn't it because it's pushing YouTube premium by forcing normal YouTube so many unskippable adverts on everything you watch now so you get annoyed yeah I'm still getting tons that's what Spotify used to do when you weren't paying for Spotify Spotify used to be free but then they would you put a song on you liked or in a place here anymore they might have a free tip but then there's adverts in it and then it would also recommend a song that is so unlike the song you were listening to did it to me all the time yeah like a really great dance tune after I've just listened to some Mumford and Sons it was just like they didn't make it jarring although it's a different it's a different approach and it might be more successful even though I'm paying for blue I'm still getting adverts loads you're supposed to get rid of advice I don't think it no it's supposed to reduce them yeah it's supposed to reduce it okay okay um but what I've noticed again UK VPN if I'm in the alaman I don't get adverse yeah if I'm on a UK VPN I get tons of adverts and then with Twitter blue I'm still getting tons of adverts I kind of feel like it it should be no adverts yeah the better ways if you want to just get rid of adverts get an email on my VPN I know this is good because there's no adverbs they could be sponsored by an old VPN this episode yeah well you can get to it blue but then just use it on my VPN you can use UK to get the Twitter blue and then just go onto your VPN in the element but there isn't any vpns in the elements of time people to go do something that's not possible no you have to set up your own use your own virtual machine or whatever which you can do but you need to know more you've offered that I don't know but that's a perfect opportunity for somebody to create an Isle of my VPN so rather than pay eight quid a month for Twitter blue to get rid of the adverts you could actually fully get rid of the adverts for five quid a month on the Isle of my VPN business for someone though okay get that domain out of hand vpn.com and start putting UK adverts to alaman people um okay right the last thing on the list was How can there be anything left my big recap of 2022. oh geez I'll run through it really quick that's so last year um I feel like you've really destroyed it sorry are you just read another tweet I'm gonna do it right it's just gonna go through month by month I was going to do a better version this week is going to be thanks for coming in Molly but that's about time to do it to be fair Molly did this thanks Molly for it was that on New Year's Eve thanks woman wrote that thank you for putting that together because I said to you do you want to do it and you said to me yeah I'll do it and I waited it and waited and waited and I was like it's 10 to 12 10 to midnight no it was good I liked it I liked all of it I'm surprised how much we got done last year right well here we go January lightening her dresses March debut of the bulk card at advancing Bitcoin April stacking accounts May bulk card launches running very quickly through these well I know what I'm aware of the time well feel free to interject if you want right July Costa Coffee Hotel chocolate and Card Factory in Gibraltar we'll start Inception Bitcoin August Oxford City start accepting Bitcoin and we became a sponsor September we partner with C group to bring Bitcoin to the UAE also September reoccurring lightning payments okay no one's got any inputs you did have what I do have one import gone sorry this one we were there you got this wrong but yeah well November you said I've not said November yet no no but in the Tweet you got it wrong I didn't want to correct you but it will correct you now so it's recorded forever November you've put the El Salvador in November did you no but also if you're being that picky you should have realized that the lightning addresses were technically the very end of December yeah and I said they were January yeah [Laughter] there's your thumbnail yeah I'll do an accurate yeah correct one we all just swear at him great December bit not partnership also December pouch partnership yeah a great thread yeah thank you good summary thank you big year of announcement to be fair when you look back yeah even though it was a bare period bear year wasn't it really it was literally every month yeah let's just if Danny does another one that's just not like I'll retweet it yeah it's the best way I've got blue ticks at Walmart right that's awesome right nice one cool thank you guys welcome back yeah that was a lot New Year that was a lot yeah how long was that it was 123. we're still going wow right good thanks guys cheers back next week yes uh with these apologies everyone no one's gonna be listening at this point anyway but we will get it all the questions anyway all the questions I've had in from uh people after the other podcast I will get them answered next week and I'll we'll get I'll fire them across you Mikey so we've got a big list of them so next week tune in for the Danny show no no this is fun for everybody more questions follow them over yeah finding them in it's fruit a lot of the questions are the Q a I held off going back to the people individually because I thought actually these fit better for us guys to talk about because it's a lot about the company and how we are the way we're running the company and what we're doing and how things sit in the industry yeah it's quite a good idea to do a q a yeah yeah so any other questions yeah fire across be good cool okay cool thank you right Cheerio cheers missing the peace peace [Music] foreign