"Send Globally" with Bitcoin Lightning | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #68

Join Danny, Molly, Zakk, and Dave for this weeks ramblings. Topics this week include: CoinDesk's most influential people of 2022, investors getting back into Bitcoin at highest level in 2 years, Africa's first Bitcoin conference, Send Globally with Bitcoin Lightning, and our Spotify Wrapped. Use code "CCMDC10" for 10% off Bitcoin themed candles over at Essatoshi  - https://www.essatoshi.com (not sponsored) A video version of this episode is also available on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTWlzh41ctfNgrPAWW9lyVw This episode is sponsored by: CoinCorner (https://www.coincorner.com) - A global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services.

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worse for them take two take two I think for the first first time ever we actually are re-recording an intro very quickly yeah because Danny was being a diva diva not because of me because it's just teething problems can we tell why you're being such a diva like in terms of the podcast you've just done then why you might have the biggest city you go in the room it was just untidy it just tried to type you can't say what podcast you've done I just want to tidy up a little bit right okay it was easy enough fine well work it's work in progress we're getting there yeah these take some getting used to don't they um is it just me this last one yeah yeah cool I was gonna tell the audience where you've been what you've been up to yeah they've been ill most of them yeah I mean the first the first week I was Ill yeah thanks to everybody who reached our message thanks for that because that didn't get any messages to say I got a couple of messages from people asking if you're all right because you're real yeah absolutely nothing is that got nothing nothing silence oh oh that's the way I like it though you know [Applause] okay as long as you're okay you're okay right yeah it's just the reputation system exactly I was genuinely concerned about you because you've got the best immune system on this island like you never get sick yeah so for you to actually take a day off is serious I took the podcast stuff I was still in the market he was still in Motley yeah still slogging away that's brutal to be honest I did mock someone in the office for b l and taking time off and then I took time off so yeah well we'll be back now I'm back yeah yeah you see the other episodes are there so did I I've got feedback for them like contributions sorry about that no because I thought the the conversation about um was it living long and happy which I was not on that yeah too late you're like I wish Molly was here to talk about it I was like I am here oh I must have zoned out during that one I can't remember myself to be honest the one I wasn't in though you need me here to keep you in check yeah Danny's head can barely fit in this office David only says this because he has the big ego you mean anyway topics well I was gonna ask you a dog question no you're a dog question my dog what if you give him a treat won't eat or like a bone you won't immediately eat it or just start chewing it you run to the garden and buries it oh is that what you want to it's like it's like I'm gonna take it back often yes this is the thrilling content that people tune in no but there's dog talk isn't it if they're not hungry then yeah they'll go and hide it for later is that what yeah because you just see and he comes back with his old Mucky Mucky nose yeah where have you hidden it you're already hiding it from himself you ever watched him when they're burying it and they're using the nose yeah where people are Switched Off yeah all right fine all right we'll do a podcast on dogs dog experts yeah but yeah but I have no idea it's cute it is cute it is a comeback but he's trying to see him dick and you just think about me I'll find that in five seconds if I had to find out the effort at least a try yeah but I mean especially yeah what I'm saying is I'll find it anyway topics topics all right I was just seeing if it was just my crazy dog but it's it's all I think it's just a phase it's like the dog thing it's just a face right what we got it's not quantity this week high level because you're a bad thing yeah because Mikey's off and I had to do the agenda and I just pulled together five things but another big things big announcement oh one that will do you're gonna do now tell us what they are let's go high level come on okay uh industry news uh coin desks consensus magazines most influential people 2022. that's hilarious um investors are getting back into Bitcoin at highest levels in two years Africa's Bitcoin conference which needs leads nicely into the big announcement which is that we part ner where's your crappy drum roll I haven't got one where the bike poppers so this is waiting for this this announcement was supposed to go out on Thursday I was prepared where's your t-shirts where's your giveaways where's your backstory about yeah on the spot no but everyone in my announcement everyone knows is crappy announcements so world's worst thing what else have we got Spotify wrapped we had some some nice little facts from that which was nice so where do you want to start at the top all right price surprise no price prices usually worth the price on that yeah I just did it honestly I just I'm on this okay I'm not as great as my keeper there uh 17 000 and and nine dollars seventeen thousand and fourteen dollars wow well there we go producer Matt said what seventeen thousand uh literally by the time I printed this it changed it's not really it was about the same last week yeah it's got very boring very very important that's a stable coin Bitcoin yeah okay uh uh not so boring then coindesk's consensus magazine the most influential people um it was a definitive list of the biggest change makers in crypto blockchain and web three no bitcoiners were included yeah it was very controversial it was included CZ uh SBF metallic Nick Carter um Heather I can't pronounce the name Razzle Khan you know the two that ended up in jail oh God yeah thank you they were like a gangster couple they stole one thing it was like a piss tape well they're not serious no they know they can't legit put someone like that they said this is the whole news article is to annoy people so they talk about it yeah you could see you passed it within a minute and say right okay if you haven't got any news to report the marketing 101 is make people talk about it so you just put out something that is really disagreeable and this is what they've done so it's kind of work because everyone Bitcoin to it was like no way and here we are and here we are talking about it and like Corey from Swan hilarious yeah and he was like arguing with them to say this is just ridiculous who you've put on here but it is right and they were like who would you put on there and he was like no it's not my job to do that I think one of the things because did someone had said about Adam back and he's like oh well Adam's on it last year and it's like but that's not the point like because I think I replied saying you know that isn't the point if you're influential in that year you're influential whether you've been on it again and again and again year on year that means you're doing something very well because you're consistently influential so there even that comment from the calling this people saying that in itself shows one there's no clue what they're doing I guess yeah or they do have a clue yeah um but yeah it was just I think the whole thing was was ridiculous but they had like fundamentally right she snuck on it and stuff yeah as many people as possible but fundamentally they're gonna expect the trucks but it just shows their model is for people to talk about it retweet it share it as much as possible so if you think about how that their intentions are like of their news article is to do that now so it kind of warps all the Articles they put out and it just sets it in a different they're just searching for engagement yeah do you think that's what they have to do is so the the validity that you know all the trust in it it's just like oh yeah they're only searching really for retweets and comment on it and trying to stir up I don't know if anyone does any authentic ones at the minute for influence that influential people of the year and stuff I think coin Telegraph used to do one didn't they um but it wasn't quite that it was like more of your give your opinion for the year ahead it wasn't a voting thing you could vote for oh could you yeah you used to be able to vote for people oh we should do all right we should just do a little voting thing next week we should bring our our own influential person for the year all right picture of himself as well if you bring me that's okay oh yeah that's something to think about though that's a good one yeah if you want to actually highlight people that have had influence in our industry I agree let's do it let's because I saw it who's it that is it did he do something similar to say who like who was was he tweeted it to say about in like saying well come on show me your projects because these are the podcast doesn't count as a project yeah he's just a troll now we put the bolt card on and he didn't ever get back to you yeah he replied back and said yeah actually that's good oh did he yeah held his hands up and said yeah that's good fair play I've always liked it though um but yeah he's just a troll at the minute now it's just full control this is just what bugs me though at the moment like is it trolling just because he's like putting people he's a full control either because he's like putting people in checks no no so yesterday he tweeted out because I was at a big long thread with him um he was basically saying like uh basically there's other use cases other than Bitcoin for cryptocurrencies and all this sort of stuff so I just replied saying okay put privacy aside like Monero and stuff like that aside because that's the one that everyone always uses if you say what are the cryptocurrency has a use case everybody always goes to Monero because it's privacy angle so I said ignore that what else is there any replied stable coins and said okay yeah but you do stable coins on bitcoin what else is there what are the cryptocurrencies have anything and he eventually couldn't answer and then eventually he kept trying to change the subject and trying to move direction of what the conversation was eventually then said um smart contracts and he was like but why if you can do like you're just using a word and a buzzword you're not telling me which cryptocurrency you're just saying smart contracts and then he starts saying well you can use Smart contracts from Bitcoin to stablecoin to uh Monero or whatever it was now so you can like jump between across almost Atomic swap across chain um which again I said okay but if you've got Bitcoin to stablecoin with some sort Atomic swap plus Monero what do you need a smart contract platform like say for example ethereum why do you need that if that can always be done on them I know he's not he won't respond to that and he went off arguing with other people at that point about things so it was like he's putting stuff out there but if you back him into a corner and say well come on give us examples and it just because it is it I've seen him at some conferences and stuff he was a Bitcoin Maxi originally and now he wants to just attack it but is he could still be a maxi butt attack um him and Nick Carter and oh he was on the west Zach vowel what was called all three of them came and tried to attack me on that purely because I'm a Bitcoin Maxi and the Litecoin guy just go back and read it the Litecoin guy whoever the hell he is started so there's a Litecoin guy look at this Bitcoin Maxi and started abusing me I've done a video he was telling me why litecoin's better than big special video for you yeah like a one-to-one I don't know who the guy is but he's then just attacking me for and it's calling me a Bitcoin Max it's like you guys eyes are abusing like I did never said bitcoin's amazing I was simply asking Udi some questions yeah and the eyes get attacked from Left Right and center from these people that are claiming Bitcoin Max isn't bad it's just like come off it you're just contradicting yourselves I always just think ud's just like maybe just battling against Maxi mentality just that's what he's pretended but you know like we always talk about we like to see a contra argument if you can come up with one that's I like that a little bit about questions because I want to understand from his point of view which are the cryptocurrency because he keeps saying oh there's loads of good ones as well which one is and he didn't have an answer no stable coins and Monero it's nice that he said the ball cart was a a good initiative of 2022 because I think that's made some waves yeah the direction a lot of people you can kind of tell because it's had a lot of imitators so um being used in non-custodial capacity being used at Global chains Costa Coffee that was a really smooth Segway diffusion of Danny he was so good he was so wound up that was incredible it's not my first time [Laughter] it's frustrating that it's I'd like to have conversations constructive conversations with people with things like that but when it's just pure that I would I did that on purpose last night I asked you just to find out can he be constructed and give me some useful information that I can take away and learn from or is he just purely trying I did see your Tweet and I was waiting for his reply to see what he'd say it's pure trolling by the end of it and he couldn't answer the questions they just moved on and it's the um Illusions and magician trick where um you're distract in another Direction with different questions and different things beautiful anyway I wait until the Elon hopes the character limit to four thousand saw that yeah rants at each other all day oh I liked Kobe's reply to that of anyone that tweets more than the 200 and whatever it is it's just gonna block them but it's already I mean it used to be what 70. did it not it was 71 40 then it was 140 was it I think was it not 70 original I was very early Twitter didn't do anything with it well it's 140 originally and then it was on tops 200 and maybe it was four thousand is a big four thousand's ridiculous I mean I don't tweet really if I do yeah some tweets throughout that I don't know it's not a thread anymore so there's a blog post at that point isn't it yeah it's becoming a bit much maybe we'll see yeah see how it goes right um investors are getting back into Bitcoin at the highest level in two years on that one you today I just found it before yeah I know just to throw some coupons Mikey usually gives us this list in advance so we can have a quick look over here so what the number of addresses holding between 10 and a thousand Bitcoins has reached a record of High um after a massive decline that began in December 2020 these addresses have become have increased significantly throughout 2022 as Bitcoin has become progressively more affordable okay so yeah these progressively more affordable that's bad terminology I didn't write that I know yeah but that is very bad terminology because they're the same because the prices come down it's more affordable which is completely irrelevantage yeah yeah that's bad journalism I thought it was going to be about like VC investors no coming out just the prices price has gone down people have been buying is it just based off the that's based off the address increases yeah yeah so it's not actually they have no idea yeah that's that's not actually I have more addresses more into one Bitcoin addresses um okay have you got any good times have you I'll think of something all right uh Africa's first ever Bitcoin conference what about the candles I thought we usually do them in between industry and clinical news there's no idea column um I don't know what order you want to do it and they'll merge into our announcements where's the Comfort other conferences up here you've skipped it so it seemed like like there was a lot of good people there at that African conference wasn't there Jack was there that's incredible yeah it's incredibly small no it really did intimate which was and sometimes that's the best yeah yeah but nice to see that Africa is making some sort of moves which is good um segwaying into our announcement yep yeah drumroll uh Matt give us a drum roll he does play the drums ladies and gentlemen yeah I think you could almost tell with that as well yeah you could tell that you're just doing that that guy's experience where's your mic don't Mikey I regret that position want to join in but you can't cut here right announcement time coin corn Corner why why are you laughing I'm not good at the speaking I'm great at the written announcements it's just the fact you pre-faced it with announcement time and that's announcement time this is it this is a lifestyle have you got a little script you're going to save for this announcement no no I've literally just got wrote a friend so that I don't mess up the words okay because you know how hard that title is to write true all right Queen Corner partners with no no it does you know favors Molly the the name of the company I was trying to explain it to my brother-in-law last night and he was just like what and then I even said I think that means somewhere else in Nigeria I think they're just not used yeah it's like America though I don't think they do either no so I think yeah it's just it's a British thing but yeah yeah you realize it's an insult basically it's the word knob isn't it yeah and we're but in America I think that is just like a door handle yeah yeah so it's like open it up it's like a Gateway we're in England or yeah it's like yeah yeah look in the dictionary no I feel like you've really killed the stuff just to just start over and say yeah let's start over because announcing this on its own so yeah wait here so you can tell this is good all right you've missed the drumroll one more time one more time go for it all right clinical order partners with bit numb so immature everyone loves amateurs Molly says where am I even reading it it's just that are you seriously four paragraphs coin corn Corner the UK's leading Bitcoin exchange can't say UK we're not the UK immediately destroyed it yeah where's Mikey also we're not gonna say that no we can't say where the UK is cross-border transactions from UK and Europe to Africa and that's it Oh you mean you made such a big deal out of it now there we go I suppose so for people sorry there is there is some absolute disaster guys so effective what strike announced uh last week um we've been doing the same in the background working with some of the guys at bit now band working with some other companies as well that'll be uh coming soon um but the idea around that is just to make the remittance for lightning payments um or remains via lightning payments uh simpler than I guess what's currently out there yes we know you can send light into anywhere and you know it doesn't have to have Integrations with things but the integration part is the Fiat side of things so the on-ramp off ramp um so from our side you could have GBP or Euro and when you click the button it turns that into Bitcoin grabs an invoice from bitnob we send them the Bitcoin via lightning paying the invoice at the bitten upside they flip that straight away to their fiat currency depend on the country they're in and they'll ping that then out to um potentially it could just go straight into a bitnub account if the customer has one if they don't it could go on to a Nigerian bank account like an m-pesa account in Kenya um or a money mobile money account in Ghana for example foreign so the idea is that the cost the End customer in Africa doesn't actually need a bit knob account they can be remitted to um via effectively coin corner and then buy a bit knob and then into the traditional Legacy it is massive news isn't it I think I can downplay enough in terms of the global impact this could have if you if you think Nigeria alone is the UK's largest remittance market so the more people are sending to Nigeria in the UK than any other country and that goes the same for the whole of Europe is it lots of figures against it two point there was a combined value of 12 billion from the UK and Europe to Africa into the three so it's massive and and if you look at some of the competitors for this the traditional uh mechanisms to remit the Western Union or transferwise or many others the fees ranges into between 10 and 15 for the sale and and we're gonna pit an absolute fraction of that I mean absolutely tiny not even fees as well I think gladstein highlight this that um when you do like traditional remains it's very much locked into this kind of like fake FX rate yeah it's not the reasonable getting the actual like the actual on the ground Street FX rate so you can send like five pound and they're actually getting like eight pounds worth um because they're actually using it on the ground FX rate rather than this fake fixed Western Union FX right yeah I think so it's not just fees are actually it's not it's not a manipulated rate it's like a free market rate yeah we've been testing from our uh testing and that's not just to Africa it's the other jurisdictions that we're sending to as well which will be coming in the coming weeks um even seeing them they're we're seeing almost spot rate what you would see on sayexe.com and even after certain like fees spread style things within an fx transaction it may be up at about two percent was it Max so that's including the fees and the loss in the FX was about two percent yeah um for a customer sending back and we actually did experience exactly what you're saying there into one of the other countries not the African ones but another one when we tested that um we sent uh was it five pound to try and we ended up with five pound twenty at the other side worth of their local food um yeah during integration of this one and I actually thought like it was wrong at first because it was such a spark difference in there and what the recipient was receiving yeah that's smart isn't it so we've got more testing to do mind blowing the currencies and transactions and see what what we get each side and we'll I guess record and um monitor that to then be able to give us a bit of a better estimate of how much better this is than Western Union yeah so it's worth reiterating isn't it the end user doesn't have to have a coin Corner account um it's just literally they don't even know it's anything to do with the lightning Network delay it's just they've just received as they normally would from Western Union to their bank account yep but this is done on on the lightning rails which is just you know awesome I think one of the big things for me is that interoperability between companies where we've been able to like I think strikes said they've done this in a month haven't they the integration um not saying we did it faster but we did um and that wasn't my point um good point yeah yeah with strike I'm a big fan of Jack that wasn't of my my yeah start your own wall I was trying to figure out how I word this without it sounded like we beat into it we'll stop calling them out um but we did it in about two weeks was it something like that and then we've got some other ones as well that we've done and they did it yeah I was using them as examples who beat who's irrelevant okay we beat them but you know they announced this they did I like them um no so the the point of that is um I forgot now because I've lost my train of thought no okay yeah there we go yeah there we go so that the overall some summation at that point it's come back to me it's quiet now I can come back to me so the interoperability side of it we've been able to do that with one of the companies we've got another one of the companies that are going we've got another handful um we're gonna be interacting with and doing this it is still so the speed I've been able to do that is could we have opened up a a new company in Nigeria and set up and got the banking infrastructure in place and done all this within a two-week period we couldn't so um you know we might it might take us two years to really do that so we don't have to as a company now we can use remittance products all around the world via this by lightning and Via this route but we don't have to go and set up in all these countries around the world like transferwise like Western Union like MoneyGram they have to go and set up in these countries and have to have money in off-ramps and on-ramps in every part of the world that they want to operate in we just need to find another company like coincon I like themselves like strike in the US and we can do it to strike like a bit of in Africa and we can do it there we don't have to worry about all these jurisdictions we just worry about our side and and I guess our home territories should we call you um and that's our expertise and we can do it by that route why why it will always be cheaper as well yeah people if you think of a Western Union overhead or everyone else's overhead was the interoperable open network so rather than one big company like Western Union dominating lots of things from lots of different pieces of the world they'll be we may never be Western Union size but all of us put together us ourselves strike bit and open all the other guys coming or all them together create a Western Union effectively but on a more decentralized scale I like to think it was quite liberating on a national level if you're if you're an expat of these countries in living in the the UK you know you've earned your money you want to send it home like you've already been taxed on it there's no point in that you're having a hit of another 15 tax essentially to just to get it to your family all the funds at home but this is you know it's Freedom inducing isn't it really it's like well data launch as well Kenyan Independence Day and I can't believe Molly arranged that we were just like oh when are you launching Molly Williams let's wait for Kenyan Independence Day who knows certainly not a happy little accident the UK I presume Great Britain is it great oh no maybe France uh I don't know I just noticed okay from the 60s um I would say the UK or France and how's that I guess um oh no hopefully not in the UK because I was like oh here we are ironic isn't it um but yeah one of the other things is we have had to wire into bitmobs API and do an API integration however what we want to do and what we're going to be working on them forwards is creating more of an open standard that everybody can adhere to and everybody will be able to interact in the same ways that um other or lightning wallets can interact today by just standard lightning payments and they don't need to know who it's going to and where it's going from um and we'll be able to do that with all these companies without having to do a new API integration each time we'll just develop our side which will have that uh protocol in the middle should we call it um we already have a proposal for that and we're going to be sharing that with other industry participants over the coming weeks to try and create more of a standard there's many Industries right because this I think that might be unique to bitcoin because we speak Well you certainly do speak quite often to strike and like we're working with it but that interoperability is like it's not competitive is it it's more like no that's not saying before about the Western Union yeah rather than one of us trying trying to be Western Union and be the big boy and fight against MoneyGram and everything we're working together to be as a combination the Western Union because we're not um because we're sharing this network it's like we're all working together a nice element of Bitcoin that people kind of is that Community Vibe which you do see a lot on Twitter and there is to some degree there's certainly exchanges out there that don't want to be part of that Community oh yeah oh don't bring the hate and Company one drama you tweeted a couple days ago yeah you did one drama it's all about Unity for me because it was too nice it was just a conversation with two notes you're not gonna you're not gonna name names okay well every industry's got bad players but yeah but you're right it would be nice to have more that would be on board with being more of a united front and I think slowly they will all slowly become a lot of them are racing to be like the coinbase the binance the big guys are racing to just be big and just be everybody else and that is they are don't say anti-competitive but they are competitive um whereas yeah we want to work together how do we beat Visa none of us are going to do that by ourselves we have to do that together and that's what we're doing now with this and these are Western Union trans whatever you want to call it the traditional banking Swift payments whatever you want to call it whoever you want to say we're going to compete with we don't do that alone we do that with the rest of them can I just say I am lacking something I haven't got any friends in Ghana or Nigeria right now so please yeah yeah I just I need some someone to actually send to yeah I've put one out which was uh yeah who is that there is a Bitcoin organization how is it good call Lorraine Lorraine Jesus I think I tested the center Jack put out originally yeah that's it showed me where it was so it's like all right I need it was a Ghanaian number isn't it it's Kenya sorry Kenyan number so I was like I need can your number that's on Sundays so that's sent to Lorraine she's going to be getting yeah yeah I don't look with that Lorraine Bitcoin Foundation some big Bitcoin organization I think for helping education you might look for so we should try and get some contact with some Nigerian Charities and stuff and just change it from well I mean Lorraine's hogging issues with that well there's some different numbers yeah much yeah I mean they've all been great really nice people to work with yeah team yeah did you speak a lot to him during the integration process yeah yeah are they far ahead of us in terms of hours so is it similar to the one hour ahead well only one hour yeah okay um so yeah I think the other video we put out was a brief uh look at using lightning addresses for this as well which is going to play part of the interruptible piece that I was saying about how we're going to do it uh you can use a lightning rust now we've got a demo one which is in my video that you can send to and that automatically flips into I think it's Nigeria that one um and that will go straight into Nara into the Nigerian bank account so it's that lightning address so the bit knob account that that is attached to is automatically set up to as soon as the phones come into that lightning address automatically yeah we get to the point where we just need that so like no no I can't deal no phone number it's just that's what I was talking about before that I mean that's a great idea of mine when did I tell you about that it was now you just told me I feel like I didn't feel it feels like now I've told you about that a month ago we should do that we could go and do it now it's a good tip yeah that is classic yeah I think the uh lightning address we used was what was it the eagle yeah Nigerian sports team they're known as the Eagles aren't they they also might be known as the eagle almost uncertain about that but yeah it could be [Laughter] no I don't wanna what's your latest book now that I finished Atomic habits which everyone should read um it's a changed man the one I told you I also need to speak to your mother off pod uh what are you doing for put your punch bag you set up pause all right what's your routine your Fitness routine I can send it to you I'm just gonna it's quite intense it's half an hour of non-stop oh my God I put mine up I thought I put mine up but literally I'm a two minute punch punch guy oh no but the big point is that like this guy is perfect two minutes yeah I'm more of a high intensity girl is it oh yeah like one minute um little Jabs I'm probably as fast as you can go yeah probably a minute I have a rest but I'll do like four sets yeah I'll send you my review [Laughter] so you read this Atomic habits yeah building habits yeah is one of yours to stop interrupting because you just interrupted Danny immediately no no sorry okay like it's about how to make good habits easier to do and bad habits harder to do but but yeah yeah I have not even addressed that as a bad habit yeah good book though anyway what are we talking about what books oh yeah yeah the one I told you the infinite game okay I'm gonna write an article on that uh this week sometime yes I'm gonna write that um partly because uh I've mentioned that in a couple of other places at the minute and I want to try and explain to people what that is in terms of our industry okay yeah that does make sense I think it'll be quite quite oh did you get your own insightful um the internet one yes yes but not the you should do an answer I just didn't get around to uh yeah I could probably do that with the internet analogy as well because that was that was a good one two articles to write we'll put them down they'll go medium the next week yep we'll get London Molly's not your PA yes she is she just said yeah I know yeah all right yeah next time yeah but you wrote it down haven't you she's looking like I ain't got a pen what that's good yeah but anyway that was a good analogy I would remind me of that you should probably write an article on it I'll get two of them down and share that with everybody yeah anyway it's not good pod material to talk about this is the infinite game we've kind of already touched on them if I write an article on it maybe we can talk around that of how that relates to bitcoin more okay it should be good yeah all right let's finish on a happy on a high upbeat one yeah Merchant of the months two weeks off back for a minute two weeks off use codes oh it's the one that's not open at the minute what code do we use Freedom what uh no the other one no no not Freedom what's the other one code no not truth does it hope the code is Hope no the code it's probably one Dave bro just looking for the code or maybe we've already done them all we haven't have we yeah we have yeah it has been more than three weeks but Molly's not Molly I've missed two of them yeah yeah and then the first one we did no I wasn't oh you missed the first one yeah yeah Dave rips the first one I think yeah just opened it in Freedom no we did Freedom the other day I think that was the one last week was it I thought we did this you juggling the boxes what is yeah I've got this one oh really it smells so you've got to try and smell freedom while you're at home it smells almost soapy though that one's right poop that is a nice fragrance you've got oh this is yeah yeah lighting a candle so this so freedom is um guess what guess what's in it just interrupted isn't it I know because I've got one at home these habits Forest Lush Forest landscape and crisp Ocean Sea Breeze yeah you having that so we have a ranking system is there a code though I think there is a code there is a code yeah I just want to put make sure we're aware of the code absolutely true listeners you know some discount yeah okay one of them is really nice truth the code will appear on screen now unless Molly knows it can no if she's asking to continue what's the code what's the discount code the code is oh finally ccmd C10 ccmd C10 we probably need to put that up don't we yeah we put it in the show notes you've had the code all along you smell lovely you say code one more time he likes coding no I get that yeah hope I think yeah well I asked for the code she had it all along yeah I like that one yeah that's more like a it smells like a spa yeah you missed last week Dave's never had a massage would we go through that I've never had one either we're the same guy oh my God I have a massage every month I know it's my little treat Dave is refusing to get one no we have like that we learned that Ethan's used to work for a government organization they came around and gave him a 10 minute a massage at his desk yeah can we do that so I've written a letter complained to the government now they're wasting money I don't like people touching me I think it'd be quite interesting if we get like someone coming around and massaging round the route I'd refuse no I think I did that um invasive they're not gonna happen there you go okay well I still think you should you should try it like just by yourself it's very nice nope I get head massage absolutely interest me either yeah any other Bitcoin topics before we disappear oh go on them next week yes we should print no I mean all Christmas week yeah should we wear Christmas jumpers and we could get gifts for each other who's trying to get gifts we've got to do something as like a Christmas special so we're bringing our most influential we're going to bring our most influential person we gotta do something okay who's our end of the year sort of one isn't it yeah yeah like and they're almost like an award show who's our most yeah it says I want to shout out this person we'll send you some more categories yeah for this this year like the most influential this year maybe the best Bitcoin product this year like you know some podcasts listening to okay yeah yeah always we do like giving Mikey something because I have to be Bitcoin really because I really listen to any Bitcoin podcasts these things well that's an insult acceptance obviously no no I guess it could be any would be nice to be Bitcoin related I think okay okay then so well that'd be quite interesting I think yeah keep Bitcoin in there yeah anyway right come on right Spotify wrapped these are some good facts right I wanted to go so this is the brick Corners yes the data yes 17 countries we are listened in okay the top one is UK second us third Poland fourth Portugal oh a big Polish Foundation South Africa up the polls [Laughter] almost like our accents not sure about mine no maybe not yours I don't think the Americans can understand me most of the Americans we've spoken to don't understand I often sit on calls and just interpret what you're saying yeah mostly I'm just just ignoring sorry that was gibberish again yeah it was very intellectual what I said but they can't understand it so that was genius but all right we are the number one podcast for three fans three three three people we are their number one right in here it's quite impressive and they won't be in the office either I reckon I know with two of them okay Ninja guys or gals well you are actually gonna name them yeah I was gonna say yeah you just have to shout them out because I think I do I'm never gonna know okay money Ninja Ronaldo okay I that dude okay and I'm gonna say Nick Maxi chat Nick okay okay cool those would be my three okay I hope it is them thanks for them right with the top five podcasts for 33 fans are you gonna name them as well I don't know it's too much of a challenge yeah and top ten for 48 pounds nice it's pretty good not bad all right followers were up to 46 this year streams are up 34 and hours we put in up 82 hours because we actually recorded this year yeah if you think that's like an hour each I mean we're on a heck of a run for weeklies this is our longest run isn't it we've not missing I mean we've got Christmas coming up so we're gonna have a problem there consistency no I think we would do it we should still be able to do it no there's Outlet now so I'll be furious if we don't do this chairs and mics yeah properly so there we go it's getting very anxious when I saw the cost of these chairs these are the cheapest ones they were not they absolutely they weren't they weren't too bad though cool thank you right great work thank you Mark another brilliant podcast I'd rate that one below average but it's all about consistency yeah just thanks Mark please yeah foreign