Uber to Accept Bitcoin Soon? | Britcoiners by CoinCorner #98

Join Danny, Molly, Zakk, and Dave for industry-led opinions on important Bitcoin stories from the week. Topics this week include: Bitcoin Price, Worldcoin, Banc of California buys PacWest after it crashes, Bukele responds to article: "Inside the growing cult of Nayib Bukele", Fed raises rates by 25 bps as inflation hits 22 year high, garlic bread beats inflation, Mastercard demands shutdown of cannabis sales on its debit cards, Nigel Farage to make a website for the debanked, Britcoiners "Hate Mail", Brian Armstrong's "next step for crypto", Human Rights Foundation's Bitcoin bounties, Jason Lowery ordered to stop selling and talking about his book publicly, Uber CEO says they will soon start accepting Bitcoin payments. Britcoiners is a Bitcoin podcast by CoinCorner (https://www.coincorner.com) - a global leader in Bitcoin and Lightning services. #coincorner #britcoiners #bitcoin #bitcoinpodcast #bitcoinnews

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[Music] yo made this more Live Well the energy the energy and that's how you chose to do it with that yo right instantly better instantly Better World coin 44 billion dollar pack West Bank the Kelly responding here sorry cycle fed raising the race MasterCard shutting down sale of cannabis you stop getting the agenda then you're like I need it there's too much energy Brian Armstrong talking [ __ ] human rights Foundation announcing Bitcoin boundaries uh Jason Lowry and his book um defy projects not working Uber accepts in Bitcoin and coinbase denying the SEC told it to delist every single Bitcoin which shifting Capital we knew is largely was the opposite yesterday morning and then 24 hours later then I denying it cool interesting let's surprise price what is the prize 28 953 it's been dropped till this 29. she realized yeah dead plus this morning about two-ish oh just in time for my DCA weekly and month room boom boom boom well that's the time in the market Molly well done not intentional energy Dave energy right energy come on so while we focus on energy we're trying to be alive yes we've had a few comments that say we're a bit lower and one comment and so but we're British it's what British people are like yeah I think we are chilled out we're not we're not the hype deaf Americans are we that we could be no we could never meet okay yeah I don't know how you'd go around doing it hooping and hollering about an agenda hello okay well it just won't be authentic what are we doing it that way so we're very chill but only low energy aren't we yeah so accurate authentic like it or leave it guys this is Who We Are but obviously don't leave it like like it definitely like it they'll leave it yeah that's fine but don't leave the channel yeah cool cool world coin yeah this is a bit creepiest those videos are the cues that's scary but where are they all they're all in countries that are third world countries that people are struggling there's a bit you in America how was that what I'm not talking about that that's the one I'm not seeing no but they did well they're still huge huge amount of povert in America same for the same reason so it's it's still like so people are just assuming people are growing up together I think it was Louisiana somewhere which I assume yeah I don't know I don't know much about the economical nothing welfare of those particular States but Louisiana I think is one of the poorest states I'm guessing at Louisiana we'll keep him my kid dick me out yeah he's Australia I can't see any fears in America I saw a queue in America did you just no it might it might be for an iPhone that's the difference the audio shared with long queues in Japan which is quite surprising I feel yeah well you go that would be although they are more certainly no he's the other world what's tech savvy no it's not nope but like I suppose but it still doesn't mean that they've had a huge takeoff now economy is the process is taking too long because yeah there's a bottleneck there is yeah so we can improve well so what is the process do you get your eye scan here every token do you know why are people queuing you get free money are they they're getting away with it not being scary because they're giving it away rather than selling it maybe um I've wasn't actually listed on exchanges it will be but that'll be then just give it away if they're just giving it away are they getting around it that way does anyone seen did anyone see the doll con Tom Cruise film Minority Report where he literally walks down the street and his eyes are getting scanned and that he has to get his eyes removed for someone else's eyes to hide his identity that happens in the film this just reminds me of that I think you find it so creepy it's a bit um what'd you call it a futuristic isn't it a bit dystopian yeah very dystopian the UK I think is the is it the most monitored country in the world China there's most no there's most more security cameras I think in the UK it might be UK per person than in any other country I think might I might be able to fact checkers online controversial but you know they serve purpose sometimes yeah for good for good things if you get mugged or if somebody thinks your car in Tesco and you want you need to find out who did it yeah but you you relying on a surveillance State what happened to them being morally good China bread has more surveillance cameras per person than any other country except China yeah this was in 2019 there so yeah that's what I remember it from it was a few years back I remember reading it what a terrible Adler no exceptions which just makes an entire headline pointless but that's not in the UK to be number two Dear No but technology though at the end of the day as well it's it's got to be an advanced country with technology to have that capability to start with because UK is quite densely populated most areas don't know a little bit more dense than popular places so I don't know but we are here yeah I don't like getting like security cameras everywhere but I really don't think about it close I know maybe you just go about your day don't you Leanne yeah everyone else knows as well I'll do anything dodgy so I don't know Tesla's full of cameras isn't it yeah if I was to dig into that oh no your car would be recorded and what kind of find you do and I just started trying that little Tesla's gonna go past them just things ongoing Insurance claim can't talk about it comment on it right now agenda World coin if the littlest party improved his cuffs the Honda Jazz but I should move on from work on are we any opinions it's just it's just would any of us hear queue up and get your eyes scanned no no but the other day the other day I had to put my fingerprint on a on a document first time I've ever yeah didn't get a free token for that yeah the same if you like traveling to the states isn't it you have to give all your fingerprints up yeah kind of non-optional is it solving a ID issue that coins have got is there an issue that I think what the issue is but no well it's I think I guess in there it's instead of your private key yeah your eyes are your Arabic key in theory so um nobody could they could directly steal it binary report it can also Kill Bill we've all seen that yeah yeah this is just another vicious like subscribers and here was this old movie really good then yeah it's pretty good that I can name two films or they literally removed people's Arts yeah what about thingy as well uh is it facial off um the full face do I do the eyes office I choose yeah I transplant I'm not there I don't think they still exist do they they do they exist don't forget laser ISO oh but you existed I think you rub your eyes and your driving license is like uh organ donor thing I'd assume so so if you registered with your eyes if you're welcome and then had to have an eye transplant at some point you get the free token well if you didn't if that if you died yeah and your eyes got donated to somebody they don't have access to online if it's all about that world coin okay I'm changing my mind but you wouldn't you wouldn't be too bothered about that though the only time I would ever do it is the day before I get an eye transplant why they make it something so creepy yeah the old they're trying to make it cool and futuristic I think is what they've tried to do and it is but then it is like you say there's a creepy angle to that yeah I read somewhere that two million people had signed up to but does does iPhone and stuff not do something like this already where they scan to be like yeah face ID fingerprint that's what I said don't use any biometric anything but obviously the main thing is when you go through the airports and you get caught with fingers and eye scans there's all the UK airports nearly now I think I've I've really escaping can you um which you can't escape outside of that I would never use it if you go uh is it Co-op or Spar and they have no it's boots in town you go go to the self scam thing you have to look at a counter you've made in there yeah I was gonna say that I step out the way of it if you've then stolen something obviously they can go back and see yeah it's just it's just security isn't it more than anything they use the data form but they could actually profile you on who's buying what as they probably possibly could yeah because you could think if they're on us get the hold of that data they'd be like oh yeah actually these guys are buying this yeah something they would associate maybe you're closing why does this Trump keep going I don't think I'd say that but they would I mean there is no tonight boots will be using that information they'll probably just yeah it's going pretty similar to the Facebook stuff isn't it with the what they're called thingy analytica yeah Cambridge so it's the same with worldcoin do they do you have sign a waiver so they won't use any of the stated for anything I imagine in the terms they can do what the [ __ ] is wrong with them it's a scary part yeah because to do anything in life like you can't it's impossible to live off the grid why are you laughing because I was expecting some really like just some mega no to do anything like that it's like you know some hippy tricky stuff to do anything to function a normal life like you've got to have some sort of ID or anything you can't do you well friendly whiskey life yeah well I was watching people like documentaries that live off the grid in Appalachia and things like that they're all so happy just climbing certain trees what do you do for fun you've got any like didn't have electricity didn't have anything growing his own virgin he said oh just sometimes just climb trees and swing off them yeah yeah that's great that would be cool you can't really achieve that over there you know being a normal sort of um you know a nine to five I suppose in economical growth it's probably not had an office job in his life as he probably has grown up doing I don't know he may have some transferable skills yeah anyways World coin let's just avoid it um yeah I mean it's a to clarify what wilcoin is for people I don't know yeah you it's a new token so it is actually on ethereum I think as far as it works I think it's just a token I mean Theory I don't think it's actually itself as far as my understanding I read it but yeah but why bother doing your own thing you can just do erc20 and just because if ethereum World pops obviously but no none of them are asked yeah so it's been it got announced like years ago didn't I remember it was about a year ago I think and it's just launched now is it yeah it's just malicious weakels and trc20 I mean that yeah so it's on ethereum um so it's not even its own thing which is embarrassing itself then it's obviously scanning people's retinas for a wallet and some free coins let's get them on board um and I think I agree with you Dave it's for once it's uh I think it's a fad and it's a fad in places that they've specifically targeted like they're in vulnerable Kenya was it and what is it Kenya and somewhere else yeah they've targeted people that are in yeah more vulnerable States um and I'll be sued for that um so I think yeah I believe it'll probably pass and none of these people are generally use it I don't know how you use the surveyed the office and say who would get them if there's a world coin thing next door who would go and get their eyes scans and it was hard yeah no one with three of this coin if you want it yeah and see what it's I don't know how much it is yeah absolutely would no yeah the Gibb's really awesome um his orbs on the way I suppose so I was also just saying that I don't know how it works sorry I'm that's a silly coming up because it's the RC 20 token so it just worked with any other ethereum based drc20 based wallet I guess um but I meant have they actually has anyone seen a wallet have they done a world clone wallet that is intimacy or are they just hoping that people start using their other metamax metamask and things like that for I don't know I've not seen yeah I don't understand I just don't understand why not understand so your your eyes are supposed to be the keys is that like but that's in the RC 2012 yeah so yeah when you're sending it if you need an orb to sell your retina you mean how do you open your wallet with your eyes so is this yeah I scan just to get the free token yeah because if your phone can do it then why aren't you doing the ice cam with the firm why do you need the orb so that part I'm curious with yeah so yes there's World app which is the world coin wallet but if it's the rc20 token you can just put it in metamask for example and send it by that yeah unless they've tried to lock something further down so you have to use their wallet to do it or something maybe and they're just using the rc20 platform to do them 3.7 out of five stars how many downloads probably two million did you hear that news about threads where they got like one million plus downloads one more plus 3.7 stars out of 50k reviews one meals not bad probably paid for reviews you get more tokens leave a good review well they will they'll be telling people there and then I imagine to review it download it because when you go and get your ice gun they'll be on it who's who's behind it so I know someone okay he's a bit weird looking do you know I think I was looking at a picture from the day looks part of the lizard guy company the open AI stuff isn't it so originally he was uh did he fight he found did something else was it before open AI Loop customers done Loop he was also he was the CEO of Reddit for a period wasn't it as well um I've done nothing that went down too well um but yeah he did the open AI stuff and then obviously pivoted to this but I think he got his name from that all looped he did tell me they asked and all that is and then yeah open AI let's see off so he's done the AI and now doing an eye scanning cryptocurrency he sounds dangerous have you guys started speaking of AI not Bitcoin but if you guys tried out the new DJ function in Spotify no it is fantastic is it it's an AI DJ it just like it's like you listen to a radio station my key they're coming for you Mikey is a DJ as good as like here's one you you haven't listened to in a few years rolling back in the mountains I'm saying all your favorite artists and stuff what really Oh I thought of this movie it's just a mixer yesterday so good and I'll be great that's gonna kill radio maybe and this one's got the birthday girl I said yeah yeah like okay it can't be variant as well no but I think eventually they're gonna feed in like they could feed in a weather API and tell you the weather in between songs and or anything you're interested in they could kind of give you like news headlines radio DJ but they don't make original music and no it's on your songs here's what you might like based on YouTube so it's more like a radio station not yeah well not what you're doing in terms of no no no yeah I started to feel like I was personally coming after you yeah give it time every one of his career options just this AI Bots just chasing him down he'll get there and right should we uh let's remove them from worldcoin then so fads bad disappear fat scary fad scary first that day is held somewhere obviously still unsure how it actually is transacted with a few eyes or private keys and whatnot maybe we've got that completely wrong but other than that why the hell are you scaling your weapons yeah get some free money yeah crazy uh pack West bankrupt um uh 44 billion Bank pack West Bank up they crashed over 25 and then they were halted trading I think and then they've been acquired by Bank of California um again just another bank it's nobody's talking about it nobody cares you know um it's a 44 Billion Dollar Bank I just went bankrupt and nobody cares um that's another one to add to the list well so I think we're just going to push it well they've got better thanks because we don't care well they got failed out no one lost some money uh well the nice shareholders they got acquired but yeah Charles got screwed they got acquired by didn't get caught by a smaller Bank yeah um so it's a bit backwards um and I think a couple of people some other companies have bought their mortgages I think so okay B Morgan mortgages often um so yeah it's consolidation which is scary on nobody cares and these are just the new normal Now isn't it crazy cool um I've not read this one but Kelly responds to LA Times article and yeah I respond the growing Cult of El Salvador's name Kelly yeah I've not read the the uh the actual article but I read the tweet in which he responded to and he was he was cool on the mainstream media out saying that um but yeah basically the only reason I think it's so cool is because I'm a special word in there I killed it well this was a good story thanks cheers bike to the rescue everyone good oh yeah no because they're afraid of us yeah he said cult wise and mainstream media so afraid of us haven't you realized the ones acting more and more cultish of you guys or more as a cult are you guys yeah is this off the back where you put warnings out for American cities to for El Salvador to travel to be careful of San Diego and I was hilarious Chicago and stuff be careful with the lay and yeah yeah why not I know I don't like the World Cup the world's word Cults though it's kind of thrown around a bit you remember Bitcoin called no I hate it when people called Bitcoin um no I just I just think it's balls here but I really like him you don't see many presidents doing that a lot of people like him that only as well I think he's part of it so I don't know those videos of those prisons at the same time people on the general public are obviously like him and why they do that they must not have a problem with that happening because it's in their eyes I guess criminals ending up in them jails and doing that so why should them criminals have any Excellence to human rights it still doesn't know that sort of side of things but um the general public must you know very happy with that person it's not as black and white as that is no not just innocent people criminal but yeah or crimes like that when you've been in class as a criminals yeah yeah people had problems with the people Supreme with anyone with a bald head and a tattoo is he now he's going to jail that looks like yeah you don't want that look over there yeah so fashion choices was it a dangerous one two percent approval rating or something was it I can't want the it's pretty good it's ridiculous it's like that's the you're like you don't yeah but only if you believe those stats that's true I wouldn't that is true I wonder if he's gonna get back in next year well we've talked about that several times that will be interesting anyway funny trolling between politicians 92.92.9 I mean that's high that's going up sure yeah it's good he's trending upwards it's crazy yeah but like because there's loads of dictators that had huge approval rates did he did you leave them stats no that's why I don't believe that one buy that back here no that's what I'm saying it's it's just manipulation to date interested to know when I'm sure they'll tell you where them starts came from to be fair over a thousand people sample sizes are all only a thousand people it's a one half thousand one is the further down I wonder if they asked any of the guys in prison no I don't think so but they're not gonna imagine yeah um fed raisin uh rates again 25 bips it's been happening every single week we seem to be talking about this every time um well it stopped something they did pause it us paused it UK continued oh I think that's the U.S excused the US have now continued again um which is a 22-year high which is pretty pretty crazy um I read somewhere in the UK about um they were complaining because wages are keep going up as well so it kind of yeah you can't really get rid of inflation if people are just balancing the rate increases with wage increases because it's not really big but still spent yeah then there's like there's nothing nothing in the UK there's no Behavior change there it's just well it's a production increase that if you haven't got the source of production that you can incentivize to produce more and prices can't go down and you've still got a finite amount of them into people's you know salaries are just maintaining in line that's why we're in a bit of a deep dark hole but I'm not sure it's the same in the US thanks we're supposed to keeping this high energy Dave no that's getting dark hole what do you mean all right fine sat back yeah I was trying to think of something that I've seen recently I can't think of anything wow okay so depressing um yeah it looks like well now it looks like they're going to continue to raise the race Army for the next um few months until towards the end of the year maybe even start next year and then whether we see it coming down or not we'll see um but I mean that's what causing worse situations for banking uh worse situations for mortgages and house uh homeowners especially in the UK I know the US have there we went through that by sending me the whole locking for 30 years um on rates whereas we don't go down the UK um inflation is coming down slightly in the UK now then starts [Laughter] um isn't it coming down on like random things at noobs it's not random no it's a basket of things that doesn't really affect everyone that's the same way inflation was done on like digestive you know Immodium and stuff I'm like who who cares a lot of people buy Imodium well more people buy milk and bread but they're in there as well basket as a general plane so it's just everyone's going up I don't need them yeah but that's why it's just that's why the basket exists imagine if it was solely based on Imodium there was there was something the other day and I saw there was a Reddit post talking about this did you see the Tesco um receipt from the 19 1997 sunflower 1998 and it was a Tesco receipt that some guy had found in his one of his pockets it went quite viral on Reddit um yeah no way by the way really so they had the things on here and there was a rub off if you keep them in your wallet too long there was something I don't know why I kept claiming each fake to received from them somewhere that wasn't in his wallet there's something on there Mikey that people were saying is more expensive then than it is now and they were saying how has that actually be inflation it was scroll down let's just have a look which was nine pound Thirty I don't know that's that's from July sorry just stay still on the receipt so I can see the things just roll up slightly oh garlic bread that was it garlic bread garlic bread classic 99p yeah garlic bread whereas now everyone's saying what Tesco you can get them for like you know 70 something being 80 something it's like how's that beat how's garlic bread be inflation the means of production the supply of garlic Bread's easier than it was then yeah it wasn't as popular back then I guess was it wasn't as common it's like the whole Peter K yes garlic on bread in it so I suppose that's where maybe it's because it was funny so he used to blame it's a question yeah yeah his credit that the price of garlic bread has fallen so thank you Peter oh my God in the Lord to a legend um yeah anyway side Side Story MasterCard demand and shutdown of cannabis purchases on its debit debit cards that's not nice credit cards that's on its debit cards that's a bit wild isn't it you know debit card's different isn't it yeah they're policing what it's your middle yeah illegal in certain States it's that they're preventing illegal cannabis purchase why are they the judge on that don't even matter the reason was is there a reason on that one I don't know how is it like is it fraud rates from those through the roof or something I'll throw some to it being federally it was like under Federal level it was still illegal and it could come back to their muscle then uh okay uh okay so they've got Souls this will get a bit of risk management yeah are you making money from it and do you think you're fine that these guys typically get is gonna be easier business decision yeah because you know all these guys do when they do things illegal is get a slap on the wrist on a small phone but uh have you got anything about knowledge or forage no he's back he's got a new web he's got a website called uh close to council yeah quickly you would have posted on there and Charlie suddenly through to me yeah didn't see you I wouldn't step down because we're yeah in talks and get his account back everything he's just totally flipped the whole couple of the boys still I think maybe stepping down and now he's got this little website you can go on and tell us tell your stories about closing accounts our rules require our customers conduct lawful activity where they are licensed to use Our Brands the federal government considers cannabis sales legal so these purchases are not allowed on our systems I mean you can't really criticize MasterCard for that can you well these everyone I've done it it probably will they'll be next let's see but that's at which point Bitcoin that means it's cash and Bitcoin are you two options there for them or over there I suppose you've got maybe other I don't know PayPal probably won't even allowed anything about that Source scenario so yeah you probably got Bitcoin in cash I mean it's a massive opportunity for playing fixes that Bitcoin opportunity there um yeah that'd be interesting but I mean it's a bit of a silly one I know there's the US is slightly different to you getting it because at the federal level and then they've got the individual state level but if something's legal in that state then what's the problem I can't imagine the government would come back and slap MasterCard for something like that when the purchase was legal in the place where it was purchased but what if this person's from a state where it's illegal but they purchased it in a state that is illegal okay I don't know yeah so it doesn't make sense to me that it's like I can't ever imagine I know governments can be crazy nothing else but I can't imagine they'd ever come back and find MasterCard for something like that but if you were is this oldest America isn't it I suppose it doesn't affect the UK but if you wear it the Bitcoin exchange over there you should be speaking to these people say look yeah because you're right if MasterCard done it will be easy to do it because otherwise Visa would look like they're refusing I don't think they talk to each other about business decisions and rates we had this conversation yeah I'm joking yeah of course Visa will thank you just in case people didn't right not listen to that episode of dullness from your energy it's good a little bit more redneck mate yeah nope should talk about it I'm not changing from one guy choice because they're called what's it called him out I won't I won't read it no I'm not the one that says the low energy one others the one though no criticize that looking like a ZZ Top I think it was a compliment yeah with a low energy one and then this one we only read out criticisms that should be a new rule like his condiment signal comment NJ anything nice We're Not Gonna read it out we only like yeah um yeah so this this guy basically emailed into our support I like that it's taken for it to a whole different level as well then just leave a comment on YouTube actually emailed support um start off by saying Danny is the only person I didn't I identify with nice red flag immediately it makes me think this is Danny Lynn went on stage Dave and Zach yeah okay Bros well that's okay yeah okay bro like yeah they're okay bro okay Bros I mean I didn't mention so I just I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing I don't ever want to be forgotten Molly I don't think I've forgotten I just think I'm I mean kind of I'm assuming it's a male that so probably can't identify with me being female you should be okay bro it could be a new Cooper no we talk about earlier if you if you hate if you hate it they'll talk about you if you love they'll talk about you if you're just in the middle they don't talk about them okay so you just you're just in the middle just Bland yeah just vanilla okay I don't know that's comfortable Greg for the SAS they look for people like you blend in yeah the gray man yeah you guys have to embrace the redneck don't know what that means okay it's your Shadow side we all have it embrace the redneck embrace the redneck is a great time by the way we're not saying this is so this just made us no no yeah I'm embracing my redneck we want more feedback like this oh they're terribly drunk as well because that's honest feedback make some more entertaining um right so so now on WE embrace the redneck yeah so that was basically some it's a song There's a video of a guy embracing us in a redneck so I think you know it's just trucks and I mean they need to know what they need to know more about you I think because you know the most individual I've never met yeah maybe Zach needs to buy his personal stuff maybe nobody just needs to bring his personality onto his more energy is it yeah I'm alone low energy Cowboy okay um yeah so then they just started talking about some personal stuff and then came back a little bit later and groveled and apologized groveling back and then apologized if he offended anyone in the previous message um Danny sorry Dave and Zach's opinions are worthy of listening to and he does really like Clash over wouldn't watch it and eventually you Molly still you still understand him Molly um and then said yeah he likes our show otherwise he wouldn't watch it it's not quite are you being served Little Britain or Monty Python okay um but we have noticeable English humor and that is unmistakably good and then he finished off with peace which I thought I mean compliments yeah yeah well I'll take it I'll take it all so yeah if you had if you do guys if you guys do have feedback leave leave a comment or email support because working in this industry our skin is so thick anyway yeah you know so you could take it but I think just go and cry I would want that hay male to be constructive so you can change not even that in some ways personal I also yeah just serious feel something different it's like that Johnny Cash song I wouldn't want people just to be making it up just to try and abuse like it's like a roasting thing you know the Nine Inch Nails cool yeah I thought it was it's like the uh what's it called on Reddit yeah yeah maybe I'll absolutely like really good looking people like posing and saying roast me was that what that's yeah and the best ones were the ones that were like you could be abusing books it was it's Banner in it comedy yeah all right but yeah yeah so we've got to embrace redneck be more high energy more energy and Brace the redneck yeah okay cool I mean my new hashtag on Twitter hashtag embrace the redneck okay laughs what kind of dudes are redneck stuff for the miner we'll talk about that next week okay when we get somewhere with it should be finished it might be one Patrick it means like finish yeah when you've got to start Zach's started yeah Zach might finish I'm not sure about you I've got the minor yeah so I'll get this I'll get a minor to the office before you get your goals here I'll just order one today I'll go get it now um but yeah no that'd be cool that'll be a good one to talk about for people they'll bring it on demo it could do a live demo it'll be good live show and tell cool so next week yeah let's commit to it so yeah we'll show and channel next week next week we're busy week after yeah yeah next week it'll be me and Dave short I've got some ideas for that one happier yeah we'll have a chat okay nothing happened before I'm calling it now that won't be a party back next week uh rosenda Brian Armstrong I think so Brian Armstrong talking [ __ ] um so he tweeted the next step for crypto is to make payments instant and free globally The Next Step so what was the first step Brad what has he been what was the first step loads of money and steal people's money lists lots of [ __ ] pull the rug on people uh screw people over and then okay now let's go back to what he was going to be he's completed level one yeah he's now level two oh payment he's still saying crypto as well which is annoying he went back to him Bitcoin for a while didn't he didn't you did but then you know it's because of the SEC still because they've gone ah screw it we're gonna fight you in court false keep encryptor so he's gone you can see if you look back in you can see his Playbook he's so readable now um in everything he does which I appreciate it to some extent you're a public company a multi-billion dollar company you're going to be scrutinized for things you say in public so he's got to be careful and gotta think about what he says and Regulatory and everything so I do appreciate that however he is very readable um his next step for crypto to make payment system free globally is coinbase is Layer Two not lightning yeah it's coinbase his own what are they launched it didn't they it was a serious too it was I can't remember now yeah they launched it a while back we did talk about it on here and that's what I think they use in the video for the coffee they're buying or something yeah it's like they're saying come and use our latest like controlled by them and so so there's a bit financially you know like Finance yeah it's called base yeah surely coinbase amazing it's open source interoperable surely that everybody in the industry is going to want you I would think that's awesome principles isn't it yeah we'd all want to use our competitors I thought earlier too that they control and yeah that's why he's a completely shunning lightning and not even yeah talking about it it's because the brother aren't coming yeah I read that someone that's coming in he said a couple of months back the bow and don't integrated so his first lightning payment was to us hmm was it which was because Joe nakamot he did eventually yeah Jonah and it was actually it was quite absolutely a lightning address yeah Joe's lightning address uh eventually but it did come through eventually but yeah in the background we was trying to figure out what had gone on and we we found out yeah he'd sent it to he'd sent fire from coinbase so he sent an email to Joe's latinum address basically um because he didn't understand black create like his asses I don't know it's really talked about that publicly at the time I think we did didn't we did win yeah and then we did I thought we did Noob um so yeah he's this is I think I touched on this a couple of weeks back and saying about is is the business model and he's now [ __ ] going casinos come to a grinding hole because of the SEC and everything of what's going on there and they're gonna have to find a next business model and this is exactly what I was talking about he's going to Pivot at some point which is what he's doing now and say now crypto needs to be payments because now we've gone past the casino stage we need to find a new model that makes us some money come and use our layer too that we can control and make money on and it's for payments to buy a coffee in a shop I wonder how they're going to Market it likes the video um have you not seen the video I wonder what else they're going to do I mean it wouldn't just be that one yeah I've got enough money to chase yeah ever incentivize everything they've never done good marketing campaign not the really Converse the Vegas Globe that's what I'd do that's yeah that would be a bit oh that bad boy but what would you like always be a Bitcoin logo and then what actually yes oh yeah their own logo yeah that is awkward for coinbase isn't it the one truly identifiable thing is a Bitcoin logo and then they're like Layer Two here it's our [ __ ] coin nobody's using it and they're just going to try and force it on people again they're just going to do the same mistakes they've done over and over again in terms of that and it's it's all about money you know it could pay a bit make money if they're saying there that's what I'm saying it's all about the money no one's going to use it so for people's understanding as well it's like the Facebook thing Facebook have tried to create their own currency four times now I think it's you read back at the article I wrote when they tried to do uh what was it called Facebook's color uh is it labor when it tries to do that I've done the article and it highlights all the different attempts they've done I think people with the third attempt and is that the third attempt um and they did like they've tried it failed tried it failed and they keep doing it and coinbase are effectively been doing similar with Facebook did try to make it slightly decentralized with a Libra committee you know like PayPal it was a MasterCard were all involved with it and then they weren't they they had they were a effect looked like they had decision making it was the same as liquid at that point so I bought shrooms liquid where you've got your uh tan Federation is it no Federation Cadillac federations like things what's the terminology I forgot that terminology if I can't remember but they forgot because we had a call with block stream four four five yeah yeah well it was gonna be one of them but they were trying to charge to be one of them uh didn't quite get a grip of where we hoped um but coinbase is the same you know coinbase they jump on whatever hype can potentially make them short-term cash um and it's yeah nfts and D5 and everything else now is Layer Two for payments but not using what everybody else in the industry is going to use which is lighting and actually make use of it properly they're going to try and do their own which is in base I'd love to be a fly on the wall on these meetings when they make that decision be like oh the whole the whole industry is using this but let's make our simple different this is the whole thing of okay the board decision we're going to add lightning and that'll reduce fees uh make everything interoperable with other exchanges it will um basically create and remove the necessity or the argument for a lot of these tokens and coins they've added to their platform so it would make them lose value and people not care about them they would then lose revenue from them coins that are added which will all slowly die which would basically lose our business model and then if they're not making money on Lightning where are they making money because they're no longer making money on Lightning they're no longer making money on the casino they're making money what happens on your list on your public company it's not about the mission anymore no it's about surviving is what they're treating right now so now they need to figure out because their overheads are massive they've got a lot of stuff um they were hiring recently Mega salaries Max's yeah look at all the jobs they've got bought how many delayed off as well I don't forget they laid off like a thousand and the last years so they're just replacing it's a cleanup almost exercise Dave they've got 11 openings and then finance and accounts yeah I've sent you Siri yeah um but yeah did they've got to find a new business model now now it's cryptos for payments I mean actually it's not just for payments you use our base layer because it's the way better way to do it it's cheap and blah blah blah um because then I just feel a bit desperate that's what that happens well well look at the business model they've gone from originally it was just they were Bitcoin only initially as a company remember them and Brian actually tweeted about all coins and noise and uh distraction and don't want to get distracted with it then he added the old coins then he started getting bench Capital money then eventually they moved towards public the adult coins they did icos they did um d5s they did tokens they did well they've done everything nfts they did the whole nft Marketplace how's that doing this listing World coin soon it's it wouldn't surprise me um and then now they're doing their own layer twos and it's yeah a constant pivot business model they don't have a business model I think it's part of that they don't have a surround terminology they have a business model they made money they don't have a long-term business model that actually offers real value to people whatever the hypers and whatever money they can make short term they don't have a long-term value gambling on what was that one they listed because they were the first ones to list it and it went straight down didn't like ridiculous it was the current ICP uh internet computer protocol yeah it was something um ICP and they were the only ones solicitor I think because they've not got loads of internal warnings about um like almost the inside of trading they were doing on listing because other people were buying them pre-list that was actually listing them pump up and then just dropping them just pull up ICP uh on coin Market what they got the warning on ICP I think is it I don't feel the warning on this one but this one was you could see it was like inside a trade immediately straight away um just grew all time on the chart yeah you are calling them out on them look at that chart so that was when it listed on coinbase on the left that's only about two years ago now no actually two years it's gone from that on the left when they listed on coinbase to that it's just dead not doing a lot of volume at the moment and I I think at the time coinbase was the only exchange that listed it hmm okay so we don't like coinbase let's put our flag on that one screw coin basis okay do you think they're gonna last much longer like how can they if this is just their if they just pivot and so they're an organization full of clever people they can just keep it they don't sound very poor very very clever well they're clever in terms of short-term Revenue they're not clever in terms of long-term Vision um they're not they're not playing the infinite game well I know their infinite game just doesn't align with our infinite game very running game is Survive by the separate game they're playing Just Thrive yeah yeah that's probably better way to put it um coinbase is business model for me mid medium term to potentially long term is the a big part there'll be the ETFs so if these ETS go ahead they're the custodians release so be a system yeah yeah so they'll be the custodian they'll be making a lot of money on that and that'll be probably one of their big Revenue makers but I just think most of their volume would be Bitcoin anyway uh 36 is Bitcoin 36. uh what's all this [ __ ] like Casino what do you think about a long coin is 36 and then they've got like 300 other coins on there of the remainder so um as a person I want to spoke to an etoro guy and he was like their volume was 80 Bitcoin that was more of a bullish period um and they have their lists every share going uh yeah yeah that was yeah and they were just like I know it's made a big one yeah and that was like the initial bull market wasn't it was an Analytics uh which is going to be I think that's where people are attracted to go and get rich quick unfortunately for some of them coinbase we probably do too much advertising for coinbase if we can slag them up maybe we'll fall into the Trap then we should just not care about them and don't talk about them in a minute okay but they frustrate me when the Mana they operate which is detrimental to the industry which is then detrimentals I think that's what annoys me is it's a weird way to it's not weird way out to operate it's a unethical in my head um human rights Foundation somebody marks that one announces 20 Bitcoin Bounty yeah that was me I just thought it was interested in uh good human rights Foundation of put out 10 bounties I think I had a look at all those bounties see if you could do what an hour's literally like I don't understand anything that you've asked for a you know asked for there yeah uh I think it's just good Google her definition and Bounty no because they're all specific they're all like chocolate does it well that's good for you there was like there was like like really defined what they wanted people to Target on and what the Bounty was for and all of it was just like fairy Tech yeah I think it's interesting it's a different way of than just giving some like a certain individual a grant for a year it's kind of like you are very specified in kind of what improvements they want to see in in what areas and I just like the fact that anyone can give a go into Bitcoins if you hit a battle if you hit if you're successful because sometimes you might start building they realize you spend two months doing it and realize it can't be done that way and you have to start they've got some interesting ones which I'm interested to keep an eye on what people do the most interesting one is lightning addresses without running a web server on a self-custodial wallet we've already got that but we'd already done that anyway which we can't really talk about are we clearly Bitcoins we not in a self-custodial not no web server yeah lightning address yeah remember the conversation about any person popped up recently on my LinkedIn and that was the conversation which happened with them about how to do that in a manner so you don't need to um effectively do it so there is this workarounds yeah yeah yeah there is a few I know what you said yeah yeah I think that would be I don't know if that'd clarify or not I don't know if I'd get the bounty because I don't think it's possible I don't know um but key key sender is another way to be able to do it and make it possible but lightning address the protocol relies on https so you have to have some web service no so that's that's the bit I can't talk about a little bit though right we'll talk about after Maybe [Music] thank you [Music] this bleep is already too long let's just go well done guys like play elevator music over the top of that just submit our Clayton I told you that's how to do it um yeah things well in case people can literally not with your rights and they will have no idea what you're saying right we're back in now I do remember that I mean I wonder if that would qualify it would be it's a workaround yeah with uh something in the middle but yeah there is a service out there already offering that yeah yeah we found lights here so interesting anyway yeah cool some cool bounties there for any devs to go look at um I guess you could do actually over lightning um you can use the gossip layer to actually just communicate yeah yeah but all I'm saying I know we're gonna have to beep out again no no that's fine it's because of the client I've only read the three lines I I assume there's a spec for each Bounty but if no web server is required anywhere then I don't think you can use line and address because it requires hdtps to to run so you'd have to create a new kind of protocol would be the guys it needs DNS one yeah at the main control yeah to know that it's your wallet yeah which there is some kind of DNS on Lightning someone's playing around with there is here so you can potentially tie it into that so I'm gonna hope we put some sort of tech warning so I'll just let it Jack figure that one out okay I'll do it feed you after you see what I shared yesterday yeah he's not a fan of Arc now no it just seems kind of read that no Justin pivot uh uh Jason Lowry ordered to cease selling his book uh software so he's a four yeah whatever I'm not that interested um so he was uh US Government guys and he's in the what's it called it's The Space Cadets space force beg your pardon there's a space force like an army for space yes that's their outfit where do I sign up um this is where you find out you're too old for the space for just put uh Jason Larry exactly what his role is he's like a space force was a TV show kind of like I think that's a comedy one yeah that's a comedy one but this is this is real oh um so he's like he works with space friends a space force anyway so like U.S government so they've he did a book on um Bitcoin and white means for um Wars basically countries and actually using it as a weapon he always it was a crazy analogy wasn't it it was a little bit some people didn't really like it it was very controversial he just told him so wizard the US government of Cinema season this is uh to stop him so I think it's not necessarily to do with Bitcoin and a bit more conspiracy side I think the simpler answer is I think in his book he talks about um China invading Taiwan and his opinion that I think that they will or something like that okay so I assume that made him take it down for a stupid come even it's just his opinion he can have an opinion he's still an active member of the space for oh yeah yeah when he works for the US government you probably carried about it yeah no and didn't realize he's still working with space we're special not publicly in a book that's sold but nothing to me makes me want to buy a book more than a seasoned assist well on eBay how do I get a lot of that book pay twenty five thousand dollars 25k on eBay people are listing it for yeah and I've been sold for that yet it's won them sold for 500 I did it I think so yeah Cardi's goes to the father he's not making bank there is did he just say they told me to take it down to increase the price of his books and put them on eBay that's well I kind of thing doesn't really work for this this space force yeah because it's a space force even real that is inception level PR isn't it that is yeah well there's a lot of people saying that as well that is doing this just as he's done himself I really want to read that book quite controversial I think in a lot of it because using Bitcoins a weapon most people see Bitcoin is peaceful I guess that only um so it's just complete flip on what most bitcoiners talk about um bought coming from a US Government Army space cadet could do this probably is a massive someone on this face has anyone read like seen any Snippets of it how is it using as a weapon blog post once and I didn't understand it so right I moved on yeah okay and the analogy was just like way over mind I think his country is using it as Weapons against each other so I guess it's something that I guess I've not read his books I don't know the detail what goes into with it um but I think this is more about how you would use power as a weapon yes how countries would I guess I watched red knife yesterday you can't even use that yeah we need new knives in there that's terrible uh weaponizing like El Salvador for example going all in Bitcoin buying Bitcoin and you know in the future they're going to be at and you know they believe Bitcoin goes up in certain value then they're going to be a very wealthy potentially country which is their hope in their plan and at which point money is your weapon and money is always and you think about it money has been an incredible weapon over the years and used as as the dollar is and everything else is in in the past so you can kind of understand his angle in that sense um that money you're you're assuming that's his angle I'm pretty he's like he's just literally put words in his mouth yeah I'm not gonna do it I think he's got the the general using it to weaponize it against other jurisdictions other countries um so yeah anyway all right you just sorry we're just looking at his LinkedIn but you wouldn't think someone in this space force would you know be on LinkedIn would you yeah first thing I would do if I was in this place update your link is Jesus top me in the footage for outfits Facebook do you know you could have you seen those AI um cat cuts for LinkedIn it's like this I think it's like the software stuff but basically you can upload a photo of yourself and it'll AR you onto um like profile pitches LinkedIn you could do that mid-jin oh maybe it's the same thing I don't know oh okay but I'm just saying I saw a thing but people are using them for LinkedIn and they're crazy like smart outfits all sorts of stuff they would never normally wear okay do that space force accepted Molly he was a U.S National Defense fellow for two years there and then Bello is now a technology and Innovation officer did he ever start out as an accountant he can keep scrolling his first job was it blast and ballistics engineer yeah the guy's got the coolest job yeah okay cool CJ but yeah could all be lies though who knows um right should we try and get through the rest of these yeah there was a D5 thing but I'd gone past giving a crap like that let's move on Uber we'll start soon start accepting Bitcoin payments so is their news is it some sort of ESG threshold that Bitcoin has to break through I there was a comment around energy thing wasn't there um but uh I think no that was Tesla with the threshold I read it around uber as well I've never seen Uber service you didn't say a threshold back in February said when it becomes more environmentally friendly right no it's that now it must be here for apparently even though it's not really changed since now but you know all of a sudden BlackRock States is eco-friendly because they didn't ETF and everybody's on it so yeah I looked up the CEO he's mentioned Bitcoin quite a few times over the years so which I didn't realize but it was old news yeah they have been teasing it for years it was back in 2021 I think when they first started poking her it might have been earlier yeah but I know it was around the Tesla time I think there you go because there was comments it would be a very good one for lightning this could be like transaction out of the gate hasn't it so you know I say just go on chain I think it could change these days I think it would be good um my big thing for it more than the lightning thing is uh FX between the currencies because Uber you usually get when you're in another country well I think maybe in the US it might be slightly different and we met in your own different states or even in your own State sometimes but I think heavily when you go on holiday you'll go away somewhere you get a taxi renewable Uber over here do we um but we're in the UK I only use it when like Sam in the UK currency exchange rate to America well yeah with the UK it's not needed but we go to America we did it or Europe yeah why don't we have it over here yeah there's not probably enough demand for people to sit around waiting the taxis are ramping off instead yeah it's so expensive the taxis you know that means there's more of a market for Uber though does again if get behind the Jazz Uber up yeah why are you trying to get rid of me no job suggestions I just think your talents would be better elsewhere okay um but yeah and I think that would be uh a more powerful proposition for Uber because I don't know I'd be interested maybe to know that stats of how many people actually use Uber in their home country as opposed to use it in a foreign America is different I suppose isn't it there's Uber everywhere don't they because they'd be if you I suppose with Uber as well you've ever since paid within the app doesn't it yeah so you don't even need lightning you would top up your Uber wouldn't you in theater so you would just you could say a larger on chain transaction and it wouldn't convert and then you just think because I imagine that's probably what they'll approach it rather than you don't pay at the end of a journey with lightning or anything because it's all internal so there'll be no need to so I would I'm curious to how that approaches and what they do they are about to make profit for the first time ever this year apparently yeah there's a lot throughout that in there took some time just turn my Uber Facts so we beat him to making profit if you think about what they're how do they not make profit click on a beats Uber after making profit and you're asking me a question I don't know the answer to it's like Twitter and Facebook isn't it this looks like yeah the business model is not to make money until you're big enough to then start monetizing your customer base um that's been a play for a year I suppose advertisements it wasn't there wasn't advertising in their early days was that Uber would have had to have a bit cheaper than taxes and things to make it attractive and make a powerful proposition the margins down effect so the costs are all the drivers whatever the rate that the driver is what those takes a shower takes the rates yeah but they're only their event is the driver which uh which just necessarily a share of that Revenue right well they're overhead is how many staff do Uber have you'll see it's it is quite enough so it's all that because you've got the app you've got the league yeah they're doing all of these stuff on like their own vehicles and yeah you know cars and mapping technology globally they're a massive company I know I've read the book I forget which book it was it's about Airbnb a newborn yeah birth and how they did it and how aggressive they were in countries that didn't want them it's good walker um and it's the legalities and stuff like that you think how many like in California they got yeah she's like a friend in London yeah hugely your costs I suppose so you think that all of that time costs overheads anyway and 32 000 employees that just seems too many I yeah it does for what it is yeah so even though it'd be cool I think if Uber integrated I don't think there'd be it's got like mass volume overnight isn't it it's still got one you still gotta have people that want to pay over lightning yeah so that's why I'm saying with the FX so you get into the country if you've just got your card on file and you pay via the Uber app but then the FX is taken from visa and the bank and whoever else intermediaries got there whereas actually if it just gives you a lighting invoice yeah yeah we did it and when we last time I went to Dubai we got stung for a penned by taxi in the they gave us an absolute FX rate we just like God I was just lining it wouldn't exist 12 do you remember it was just like massive yeah yeah I said one of them was like 20 odd percent yeah it's crazy so yeah if you could use lightning properly not like top your account and with it and it converts it and then they'll use their own FX later on that would be beneficial but I think in my head what they will probably do is just add Bitcoin as a deposit method and it will auto flip that for say dollar and you'll hold them or your local currency maybe and you'll hold that until you then go and use it yeah I suppose it opens up I don't know if it's a bit gimmicky now or the whole thing with lightning back in the day was these mic streaming payments wasn't it and once they've kind of got it in it kind of opens up maybe ideas around that of but it's only title the driver you're paying is is Uber and you yeah perhaps so everything's a database strange we're on natural transaction so there's no need for it so I think it will have to just be a Top-Up or they start opening it up so there's an invoice and you can pay it from your wallet but then it's not as necessarily as seamless you've got to then go into your app and click and pay yeah yeah so I do you want it to be just as seamless yeah as it currently is yeah so it will be detrimental to the ux if you try to do it in a more open way I think it'd be difficult one for them to see how it actually becomes interested will it be Bitcoin only as well do you think I would think they'll I would have loads of other ones in the Bitcoin only with the SEC stuff going on we might get because they wouldn't want to risk well another random one on there to get slapped at some point they do like legal battles don't they Uber to be fair but probably don't worry they may only do it certain locations as well first they might not even do the us first yeah that's true yeah makes sense to in different ones are a bit more friendly um cool how long have we been going in my case I think about an hour and seven oh Lydia right let's get this last woman bloody hell um crank on the news new stuff again you've got new stuff uh the new last week weren't they yeah they're in the new one starting next weekend yeah just new staff really is the main use at the moment cool yeah yeah apart from that yep Dave's looking very confused figure nothing else new staff yourself um managing new staff there's nothing we can talk about yet because there's products and it's all the usual way for the big announcements eh yeah yeah new countries in new products soon people just have to accept we can't be bringing out news every single week these things take months to to build I think they've already accepted that with you yeah if we just look surprised that we have no news and I'm like no it's a big basketball rivalry building up in the office over basketball Friday aren't we big basketball rivalries yeah I think whose favorite to win that this is my team people can switch off now if you unless they might yeah it might seem I'm pretty confident yours is probably the worst team I've had a hand and no isn't you've never got a bad team there no but I think yours is yours is the average height of your team is about five foot so you're gonna stretch yeah she'll be the tall guy yeah um but I'm quite calm through that though because that's fine okay but you didn't need height in basketball my only concern is fact uh facts uh my only concern is we're on playing half court and two excuse me there's four teams he's five aside is it it's fourteenly changing because half the people they're not doing no they don't just rolling Subs but there's fat yeah I think we should only play like with four no there is four teams so two teams at a time and then you've got enough rest no I'm not saying about are you not listening to what I've said I at all there's only half call right there's five players there's too many people on them 10 people in half court trying to play all going to the same now but you're also say now are we not yeah yeah it's just gonna be crap yeah but once they turn over you go back to like halfway and then start again bodies are just in the way you can do a two on two in that size but that's how normal basketball is five and five isn't it yeah but that's on a full call yeah defending and attacking there's five on five but everyone goes to the defense and everyone goes through only at certain points certain times and that's if people can make it up and down in that time which they often does but one net that's what I'm saying yeah half course half court I thought you meant like two hours one minute long ways I don't even think so no no so you don't know people just stood around the things it'll work Dave come out it's really got one net for basketball two Nets is just too much so I think he's got to be three or four aside I think he probably will be anything literally on here that are in those teams yeah okay so I think it will end up it's fine but I think you've said let us know till Thursday and then he picked teams yesterday he did it he did just excited to get me he's excited yeah we can typically as well the picking teams is the most exciting bit randomized yeah we usually yeah because they're there yeah still a puck so we just silly guys all right cheers well you know the results next week [Music] thank you [Music]